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Volume 16, Number 3                                                                                                             November 2006
                                                                       A free newsletter for the retirees of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District

First GC President, Jack Hansen, Remembered, Celebrated
Retirees who were employed at
Grossmont College during Jack
Hansen’s tenure as president (1961-66)
gathered at Barbara and Lee Roper’s
home on July 29 to honor their first
college president. Jack Hansen
passed away earlier this year (see July
2006 Grapevine). It was a potluck
with a variety of homemade dishes
and plenty of cold beer and wine to
complement it. Most of the activity
took place out on the spacious back       From L to R: Don Anderson, Larry Coons, Ray Resler
                                          and Erv Metzgar
veranda of Roper’s large, gorgeous
Spanish style home where cool
breezes moderated the warm July day.
     Retirees attending this event
included Don Anderson, Judy Barkley,                                                                        Jackie Hall and Larry Coons
Mary Ann Beverly, Alan Campbell,
Larry Coons, Jackie Hall, Tom Hepp,
Bob Holden, Millie McAuley, Erv
Metzgar, Ken Nobilette, Ray Resler,
Lee Roper, Tom Scanlan and Bob and
Virginia Steinbach. Most were             Ken Nobilette and Alan Campbell
accompanied by their spouses. Many
of those attending were charter
employees who recounted anecdotes
of life in the early years before the
college had it’s own campus. A
section of the Monte Vista High
School campus and a few temporary                                                                           Larry Coons, Tom Hepp and Bob Holden
buildings provided classrooms for GC
students for the first three years.
There was great camaraderie in those
early years because of the smallness
of the staff and the many challenges
they had to overcome. The current
                                           Mary Ann Beverly and Bob Steinbach
GC campus opened in 1964. From
that date the enrollment and staff
expanded rapidly, but the memories of
those first years were strong and
recalled with considerable nostalgia
by those present at this very special
celebration.                                                                                                         Rosemarie Scanlan and Lee Roper
     Special thanks to Millie McAuley
for planning and organizing the event
and to all who brought food and
beverages. Very special thanks to
Barbara and Lee Roper for hosting                                                                                     (All photos except the first one
this event at their lovely home. Ts       Alan Campbell and Judy Barkley                                              were taken by Millie McAuley)
 Page 2                                                                                                        GCCCD Grapevine

Editor’s                                                   Another fault I have in these discussions   but our input is crucial to finding the
Comments                                             is failing to mention my non-prescription         correct solution.
by Bob Steinbach                                     health products. I think I fear being thought
                                                                                                       (The idea for this commentary came from
                                                     of as foolish by the medical establishment.
                                                                                                       David Horowitz’ column in the September
I’ve been in the hospital                            As I mentioned above, even an innocuous
                                                                                                       2006 Costco Connection.)
twice since May of this                              multi-vitamin can be significant.
year, the first time to remove an infected                 Be proactive, use all three avenues
hip prosthesis and the second time to                open to us to avoid negative interactions.         Important Notice: Update
remove a temporary and install a new                 First, let your doctor know what health
one. After each operation, I was put on              products you take and ask if there may be          for 2006 Retiree Directory
Warfarin (generic Coumadin) to thin my               interactions. Second, do the same with
                                                                                                        If you wished to be included in the 2006
blood for four weeks. The pharmacist                 your pharmacist. And third, as painful as          Retiree Directory which was mailed out to
watched twice weekly blood tests and                 it may be, read the fine print that comes          retirees this August, but were not included,
had trouble stabilizing the dose. I was              with all health products, especially note          just send the information you wish other
aware of limiting green leafy vegetables             interactions and the side effects that might       retirees to know (e.g., your name, address,
in my diet and the pharmacist finally                require medical intervention.                      telephone, e-mail, spouse’s name, etc.) to
zeroed in on my multi-vitamin. “How                        Drug interaction is not the only concern.    The Grapevine at 8800 Grossmont
many units of vitamin K does the label               Physicians must be aware of all of our             College Drive, El Cajon, CA 92020, or by
show?” Too many, so I stopped the multi-             health products before any medical                 e-mail to We will
vitamin and everything smoothed out.                 procedure. Vitamin E, aspirin and anti-            publish this information in the next
     As senior citizens, we pop more                 inflammatories tend to thin our blood and          Grapevine.
pills and potent liquids than we used to,            no one would choose to enter surgery with
not only prescribed medication, but also             blood that is slow to coagulate. We need           Hang on to your 2004 Retiree Directory
over-the-counter (OTC) remedies, food                to bring up the issue of health products in        because some folks in that directory didn’t
supplements that are found in supermarkets           any discussion of possible medical procedures.     respond to Michelle’s request for info and
and health food stores, tobacco and alcohol.               The bottom line? We need to know             were left out of the 2006 directory. The
                                                                                                        following retiree information was added
I’m going to refer to all of these things            the medications, OTC, nutritional
                                                                                                        after the August 2006 publication:
as health products (not necessarily                  supplements and recreational drugs
healthy products).                                   (alcohol, tobacco, etc.) we are taking and         Mel Amov: 6647 Green Gables Ave. SD
     Interaction between health products             the strengths and frequency thereof. When          92119 Diana
is never good and can present serious                we are looking at a change in medication           Jim & Zella Barr: (928) 214-6363
consequences. Any unexpected alteration              we must notify our physician and                   Bill & Margit Bornhorst, 562-947-3279
of an anticipated medical outcome                    pharmacist about our current list of health        16389 Las Cumbres Drive, Whittier, CA
makes our doctor’s job more difficult.               products and ask about possible interactions       90603
Too often we are passive at the doctor’s             between any of the products. In addition,          John Burdick:
office. The doctor is looking at symptoms            it is just as important to provide that list
and suggests a medication; we want to                of health products to your physician in the        Gay Cox: (619) 466-4269
be well, so we are eager to begin the                face of any medical procedure. Finally, we         Jo Ann Dutton: (541)-367-7779
remedy. A pharmacist often only asks,                should also be aware of potential side             Linda Kay Hartig: (512) 756-7830
“Have you taken this drug before?” to                effects of a new medication and know
                                                                                                        Juanita Q. Hernandez: (619) 669-1677
which we might answer yes, failing to                how to respond.
realize that the mix of health products                    Our doctor and pharmacist are                Elaine Hussong: (619) 420-8547
we are taking is different this time.                important in the equation of good health,          Shirley Jones: (619) 582-8073

                                                                                                        Lois Knowlton: (619) 466-3094
 The Grapevine is a free newspaper for retirees of Cuyamaca and Grossmont Colleges, published three
 times yearly. The GCCCD Grapevine is also available on the Grossmont College web site at               John Maley: (707) 279-1176, PO Box 1818                                                      Lakeport, CA 95453
 Editor: Tom Scanlan         Co-Editor: Bob Steinbach
                                                                                                        Clark Mires: (619) 589-0147
 Photography: John Dixon     Desktop Production and Layout: Sirkka Huovila
                                                                                                        Ken Nobilette: (858) 755-2778
 To submit news items, articles or photographs of interest to GCCCD retirees, mail them to:             Ray Resler: (629) 441-0260 191 Lake View
           The Grapevine                                                                                Lane, El Cajon, CA 92021
           Grossmont College                            or email to:                          
           8800 Grossmont College Drive       
                                                                                                        Joyce Sake: (619) 462-7253
           El Cajon, CA 92020
 The Grapevine is published in November, March, and July. Deadline for submission is the 10th of the    Gordy Shields (619) 444-6425 1955
 month before publication.                                                                              Willis Rd. El Cajon, CA 92020 Olwyn
 Page 3                                                                                             GCCCD Grapevine

President’s Annual Barbecue Well Attended
The Grossmont College                attending included: Mel Amov,
president’s barbecue, hosted by      Don Anderson, Jed Ashley, Judy
Interim President Dean Colli,        Barkley, Will Cummings, George
attracted a large and enthusiastic   Dillon, Art Fitzner, Bill Gillespie,
group of staff, faculty and          Bill Givens, Dave Glismann,
retirees. The annual event took      George Hernandez, Bob Holden,
place just east of the campus        Jack Holleran, Marie James, Larry
LRC building on August 14.           Langley, Millie McAuley, Joe
The weather was sunny and            McMenamin, Ken Nobilette,
clear, and only a bit too warm       Shannon O’Dunn, Joanne
until you found some shade           Prescott, Tom Scanlan, Gordy
under the large tents provided.      Shields, Jim Sumich and Jim            Facing, left to right: John Burdick, Chuck Park, Gordy
There was more than enough           Symington.                             Shields and George Dillon
barbecued chicken, beans,                 If it’s been a while since
tortillas, salad, cake and bottled   you’ve attended one, or if you
water available. The musical         never have, these annual
group, Footloose, provided sonic     barbecues provide an informal and
entertainment for the diners, as     congenial opportunity to see old
well as a challenge, at times, for   friends and possibly make some
those trying to converse.            new ones. It’s also an opportunity
     A good number of retirees       for retirees to see how much the
attended, including a few that I     campus has changed. My
hadn’t seen in quite a while         apologies to any retirees attending
(e.g., John Burdick and Bruce        who I neglected to mention. Ts
Barnett). Other retirees                                                    Dave Glismann foreground, note the long line in

    Electronic (PDF) Version of Grapevine                                                Free Firewood for
    Please consider receiving the GCCCD Grapevine                                        Retirees
    electronically instead of a mailed, paper copy. There are                            One of our retirees, Peter Bradley, has a
    benefits to the electronic (.pdf version). The application,                          large supply of cut and split firewood on
    Adobe Acrobat Reader, downloadable free at                                           his property in Descanso which he is                                 offering to any retirees who are willing
    displays on your computer the same format as the printed                             to haul away what they need. All he
    copy, is printable if you’d like a paper copy, and has a                             asks in return is a check made out to
    number of options such as magnifying print and pictures                              the USO (a deductible contribution). If
    that are not available with a printed copy.                                          you are interested,
                                                                                         contact Peter Bradley at
        Please call requests for electronic only issues of
                                                                                         23324 Viejas Grade
    Grapevine to Debra Lyttle at 619-644-7959, or e-mail your                            Road, Descanso,
    request to This will remove your                             California 91916,
    name from the Grapevine (paper copy) mailing list. And                               phone: (619) 445-5988.
    thanks for your help!
Page 4                                                                                                  GCCCD Grapevine

                                                                                                             Joanne Silva took a summer
Driftwood                                                 Gene Murray leads an active
                                                                                                             trip to the Olympic Peninsula
by Bob Steinbach                                          life at home and in the
                                                          community. In prior years he                       (Port Townsend) for a week
Snippets of gossip                                        and his wife marched in the                        with her oldest daughter, Cathy,
that have been                                            Bonitafest parade down Bonita                      who lives in Kirkland, WA, and
burnished by friends                           Road, but this year they helped organize         her sister-in-law who lives in Fair Oaks,
and washed up on                               the various units of the parade. He says,        CA. She keeps busy with church
the Grapevine desk.                            “It’s always a lot of fun. Even when             activities, Tai Chi and is reading to two
                                               everything goes wrong.”                          first-grade classes once a week as a
                                                    After retirement he built a workshop        Rolling Reader. She also tutors a first-
If you send out printed letters with your
                                               in the back of his property to house             grader at Rolando Elementary School.
Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza cards,
please consider including Tom or me in         woodworking tools and build things for
                                               church and family. Currently, he is working                 Walt Yuhl lost a grandson,
your mailing. I’d like to include [edited]
                                               on some furniture for his great granddaughter.              Army Sgt. Joseph Perry, to a
news in the March 07 issue of the
                                                    Another project is a never-quite-                      sniper bullet on October 2
Grapevine, and your fellow retirees
                                               finished model train layout that entertains                 during his second tour in Iraq.
would enjoy learning of your activities.
                                               his grandchildren, including an adopted                     Sgt. Perry had earlier won a
                                               girl from Russia and soon a boy from             bronze star with valor for heroism and a
             Bill Carden writes: “Pala
                                               Guatemala.                                       purple heart. He was inspired by the
             and I are living at Ocean Hills
                                                    He battles the many, many rose              events of 9/11 to serve his country. He had
             Country Club, a retirement
                                               bushes in his back yard without gloves,          planned to marry his fiancée next year
             community in Oceanside,
                                               but the lovely blooms make the scratches         when his enlistment was up.
             which offers a multitude of
activities. I don’t play tennis anymore,       worthwhile.
and I sure miss it, but I’ve confined my
competitive spirit to bocce ball and           Digital Driftwood: Pictures from Retirees
billiards! I get around our large
community on my trusty “yellow Bird”
golf cart. (See Digital Driftwood)
     I’ve had two heart attacks, knee
surgery and have an implanted
defibrillator/pacemaker that keeps me
going. Last year, to celebrate our 55th
wedding anniversary, Pala and I took a
Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona to                                                                        Ray Resler sitting on Suez
Istanbul, enjoying the Greek Islands and                                                                      Canal lock next to the Nile
                                               2nd Tuesday Breakfast, August 8, Clockwise from left,          River
Turkey’s interesting land.”                    Marie James, Bob Steinbach, Bill Givens, Pat Higgins,
                                               Joanne Prescott, Ray Resler, Marilyn Marshall, Don Anderson,
            George Dillon writes: “Since       Bob Holden, Stan Flandi, Millie McAuley, Gordon Jackson,
            I retired from Grossmont           and Mary Ann Beverly (apologies to Joe McMenamin, out of
            College, I have been               picture on
                                               lower right)
            volunteering at Grossmont
            Hospital for the past 23 years
working in the pharmacy where I have
accumulated a record number of years of
volunteer service and over 15,500 hours
of free labor. My wife of 60 years
passed away four years ago from
complications of Alzheimer’s. The new
addition of Grossmont Hospital has
three critical care nursing stations. One
of the areas is named as the George and
                                                                                    Bill Carden and his favorite          Ray Resler with
Margaret Dillon Nurses’ Station. I will                                                                                   his daughter
be turning 86 years of age and work                                                                                       Michelle at
three 8-hour days a week. I have no            Bill Tester sends this photo and says, “You know it’s                      Cheops Pyramid
intentions of retiring.”                       hot in Montana when...”
Page 5                                                                                        GCCCD Grapevine

Retirees Write                                                     From Paul             School here in San Diego 50 years ago.
                                                                   Jacques:              I am busier now as a retiree than I was
                                                                   “Since retirement I   when I was a full-time instructor. The
                      From Bob Holden:                             co-directed a         difference is that I’m doing what I like
                      You all no doubt                             Mediterranean         to do rather that what I felt I had to
                      remember the 1989                            Cruise with Dr.       do.”
                      Grossmont College                            Alberto Benzi. My
                      graduation ceremony                          job was to be in                            From Michele
                      when Bob Holden        charge of tours in Portugal and Spain                             Nelson:
                      received his           while he handled tours in Italy and                               Bob and I have
                      Associate in Arts      Greece. I also have spent time traveling                          been trying to see
degree in history after twenty-seven years   through Europe with my companion,                                 the more strenuous
of study. You may not know that he           Margo Parks. On one occasion we spent                             parts of the world
continued with the history program at        two weeks in Hamburg, Germany where                               as we watch with
San Diego State University, and received     we stayed with a friend.                                          ever-increasing
a Master of Arts degree in history with a         “I also have attended classes at       speed, our diminished stamina and/or
specialization in Latin America in 1995.     Laval University in Quebec, Canada,         ability to get around easily. We spent a
     He finally made it to South America     where I took an intensive French course.    month in India on a “Road Scholar”
in May with a nineteen-day tour with         Upon returning to San Diego, I              study tour; we are off to Egypt and
Overseas Adventure Travel entitled “Real     continued with my studies of French and     Jordan in September. We did Rome and
Affordable Peru,” visiting the city of       have now reached the advanced               southern Italy plus Sicily last fall taking
Lima for two days. the Amazon River          conversational level thanks to my           a month to really tour every Greek and
region for four days, the Lake Titicaca      colleague and excellent teacher Muriel      Roman site. In between, we visit our
region for four days (including one day in   Vitaglione.                                 kids, Erin and her family in Davis, CA
                                                  “When not traveling and studying       (Emily 9 and Jeremy 6) and Eric in
Bolivia), and Cuzco and the Sacred
                                             French and playing guitar with two          Summit, NJ (Henry 4 and Eliot 2) or
Valley of the Incas for nine days.
                                             fellow musicians Johannes Bruestle and      they come visit us. I LOVE THE
     During his visit to the spectacular
                                             John Vitaglione, I have been busy           NANA role!!!!
Inca ruins at Machu Picchu, he climbed
                                             painting, selling and exhibiting my              We are, well, very involved with
the steep five hundred-year-old stone
                                             paintings. My latest exhibition was with    the Unitarian Church in North County
steps to the top of Wayan Picchu, one
                                             a group of New Mexico artists at the        and their social justice movement. For a
thousand feet above the ruins, using his     National Hispanic Cultural Center in        number of years, I tutored ESL students,
two new titanium knees and right hip         Albuquerque, New Mexico.                    but am no longer involved in that.
installed in late 2004. Thanks to                 “I also have the distinct honor of          I am running for my third term [on
conditioning acquired through senior         having brought together all the             the Palomar Board of Trustees]
citizen exercise classes at Grossmont        descendants of my pioneer ancestors         unopposed. Palomar is going out for
College taught by Gay Cox, and water         who settled in Colorado and New             $665 million bond to revamp and
aerobics classes taken at Cuyamaca           Mexico in the late 1600s. … After my        remodel a 60-year-old campus. Bob
College and at the local YMCA, he            research and travels through many           Deegan, a student services leader from
suffered no ill effects from the climb.      isolated mountain villages in New           Orange County, is doing a very fine job
However, his “Too Sexy to be 70” t-shirt     Mexico and Southern Colorado, I was         healing a mistrustful campus, changing
attracted kisses from three young women      able to put together an extensive family    the climate to one of mutual trust and
on the hike down the mountain, as well       tree which inspired some members to         shifting the culture to one of inclusion
as a kiss at breakfast in Cuzco the next     organize a family reunion. … At one         and team work with other institutions
morning from an attractive Massachusetts     point in my research travels in Mexico, I   and the community instead of isolation.
police lieutenant.                           was welcomed back by a group of             He is the right person for the job and
     For information on OAT tours, call      historians in Zacatecas, Mexico, after a    his “students first” filter for every
1-800-955-1925.                              400-year absence. It felt like a time       decision is a refreshing change. The
                                             warp. It truly gave me goose bumps and      strong faculty, with 32 new hires in the
                                             tingled my spine.                           last 2 years is bringing in some really
                                                  “For recreation, I play golf every     committed young people. Once again, I
                                             week with friends with whom I
                                             graduated from Saint Augustine High         Retirees Write, cont. on p. 6
Page 6                                                                                              GCCCD Grapevine

                                               world. We enjoyed fine buffets aboard the     This weird little country should be only
Retirees Write, cont. from p. 5                50-foot wide, 250-foot long ship —            about 10 miles wide as that’s about the
                                               dancing at night, swimming pool on the        average width of the Nile-fed green areas
am loving being involved in my role as         top deck. No one seems to have any fear       where date palms, cane and corn fields
trustee!!! Three years ago, I would never      of touring Egypt — every Egyptological        abound. Cotton is grown in the delta.
have believed I would run for another          stop was very crowded. Temperatures           Cairo is a huge, smoggy, bustling city
term. But the opening session last week        hovered around 100 each day. Our list         where thousands of poor live in a huge
was truly upbeat, optimistic and very          included Aswan Dam, Aswan City and            cemetery. There is a lovely mosque,
exciting. If equalization passes the Senate    Abu Simbel, which faces east so it was a      similar to Hagia Sophia in Istanbul —
this week and heralds the end to program       “sunrise service.”                            both are musts on your to-visit lists.
based funding, it will be a BANNER                  “We floated down the Nile for four            “I’d be happy to share travel
YEAR for all of us.                            days with stops at Karnak and Luxor for       company info if anyone wants it.
      I served on an accreditation team        Valley of the Queens and Valley of the        Michelle and I were very pleased, made
with Linda Salter, her last hurrah, and she    Kings. Then back to Cairo to visit the        about 20 warm, intelligent friends aboard
intended to be completely gone from CC.        unbelievably huge pyramids, the lovely        the ship. Study-up first for 5000 years of
No Rent-a-pres for her!!!                      sphinx, and their wonderful museum with       history. New artifacts and ruins are being
      I feel blessed and grateful.             much of Tut’s relics. Cheops’ Pyramid at      discovered almost daily.
Grossmont was, and I am certain still is, a    481 feet was the tallest structure in the     (Two of Ray’s photos from the trip may be
wonderful place to have worked. I am           world for 3700 years. Long flight home,       found in Digital Driftwood. If you’d like
proud of what we all accomplished              but the entire trip was worth it.             to see more of Ray’s photos, contact him
together and am proud to have been a part           “No one needs have any trepidation       at for a link to his
of it. Certainly, what I learned from          about going to Egypt. People are very         gallery on the web.)
everyone helps me appreciate Palomar           friendly as their main industry is tourism.
and what is now happening there. I am
amazed that I can still find end-of-year
reports about programs and students
exciting, but I love it.

                      From Ray Resler:                  Gordy Shields – Hall of Famer
                      Ray Resler and his
                      daughter traveled to                                             Gordy Shields, who retired in 1979 from
                      Paris and Egypt in                                               the Counseling Department, was
                      September:                                                       inducted on October 10 into the
                      “Unfortunately Mary                                              Huntsman World Senior Games Hall of
                      Ann Beverly had to                                               Fame in St George, Utah. He was one of
                      cancel as she had an                                             the athletes chosen to be in the inaugural
auto accident two weeks before our                                                     class celebrating the 20th anniversary of
                                                                                       the Games.
departure date, broke her arm and got a
                                                                                             “I’ve been attending the Games for
slight whiplash as a drunk driver had
                                                                                       18 years,” he said. “When I started, there
demolished her dear little red Jag. She
spent four days in Scripps Mercy and is
still recovering four weeks later. My
lovely daughter Michelle, who just turned                age 50+ from 52 countries competing
40 and is an executive in a local                        in 22 sports. To be chosen was a real
pharmacy company, and I continued with                   honor.”
the plan: four days in Paris then 10 in                      Induction ceremonies included a
Egypt.                                                   banquet, presentation by the governor
      “We drank good French wine (I like                 of Utah at the opening ceremonies,
California’s better), covered all the                    and a beautiful commemorative
touristy highlights in Paris, then flew four             crystal set.
hours to Cairo. A two-hour flight to                         Gordy is a young 88 years old!
Aswan brought us to our large tourist boat
with about 100 others from all over the
Page 7                                                                                                 GCCCD Grapevine

Obituaries                                          Retired Grossmont College president        of which were used in his classes.
                                               Ivan Jones said, “She was my secretary,              Lee and his family were friends with
Remember me when I am gone away,               my friend, and my boss for ten years. She       many other faculty but he was especially
Gone far away into the silent land;
When you can no more hold me by the hand,      was Mrs. Grossmont and had the friendship       close to three. He and Barbara socialized
Nor I half turn to go, yet turning stay.       and respect of the total college – something    regularly with and shared gourmet dinners
         – Christina Rossetti, 1879            rare for a president’s right hand considering   for many years with the families of faculty
                                               what, on occasion, had to be done with          members Tom Scanlan, Don Scouller and
                     Maxine (Mickey)           tough love to keep things running. The          Don Shannon. This same group co-owned
                                               world has lost a winner, and I, for one,        a cabin in Mt. Laguna during their earlier
                                               will always remember her and be better          years where their growing children enjoyed
                                               for knowing her.”                               summer hiking and the winter snow with
                      Mickey Bushong
                                                                                               each other. For many years they all
                      died on July 16, 2006,
                      at the Community
                                                                    Lee Roper                  celebrated the arrival of each New Year at
                                                                                               Don Shannon’s home, seated together in
                      Convalescent Hospital
                                                                     Donald Lee Roper          his steaming Jacuzzi with a glass of
                      of La Mesa, where
                                                                     died of acute             champagne. The families also took numerous
she had been a resident for a number of
                                                                     leukemia on August        memorable trips together to parts of Great
years. She was born on September 14,
                                                                     29, 2006, at his home     Britain, Mexico and Central America.
1927, in the small town of West Point,
                                                                     in Kensington with all         Lee loved to travel. He and his wife
Iowa. She had served as Secretary to the
                                                                     of his family present.    Barbara often participated in home
President from 1968 at Grossmont College
                                               He is survived by his wife, Barbara,            exchange programs. They traveled
when Erv Metzgar was president, to her
                                               daughter Cindy Martinez, son Christopher,       regularly to Oaxaca, one of his favorite
retirement on July 30, 1990, as secretary
                                               and two grandchildren, all of whom live         places. He loved to walk, check out new
to president Ivan Jones.
                                               in San Diego. Lee was born August 11,           places, and spend much of his time
     Her husband, Deral, died in January,
                                               1929, in Hillsboro, Illinois. Lee served in     observing human behavior.
2000. She is survived by her daughter,
                                               the Army during the Korean War and                   Lee always returned from these trips
Margaret Murray, sister Rosemary Menke
                                               afterwards earned his bachelor’s and            with gifts for his family and friends. He
Liegler, brother Delbert Menke, three
                                               master’s degree in behavioral sciences at       enjoyed giving gifts on every possible
grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
                                               Southern Illinois University. He met his        occasion and sometimes even left them
     Marsha Raybourn, Instructional
                                               future wife, one of his students, Barbara,      surreptitiously at a friend’s home, to be
Operations Supervisor, who first met
                                               while teaching there.                           discovered later. He was a quiet, warm and
Mickey in 1973, recalls, “Her greatest
                                                    Lee was a charter member of                generous person to all who knew him, and
gifts to the college, I strongly believe,
                                               Grossmont College. He was hired in 1961         he will be dearly missed. ts
were her loyalty to the campus shown
through her dedication to maintaining          and taught cultural anthropology, psychology
history through newspaper articles, her        and sociology. He became the founding                               Jerry Humpert
ethical and confidential manner, her           chairman of the Behavioral Sciences
organizational skills, and her dedication      department, helped design his department                             Dr. Jerry Humpert died
to filing! She was professional in her         classrooms for the current Grossmont                                 on October 3 after a
dress, her daily work, and her interactions    College campus, and hired additional                                 long bout with cancer
with others. She knew as much as anyone        department members during those early                                at the age of 62. He
about what was happening at the campus         years as enrollment expanded. He and his                             was born in Haupstadt,
at any given time. She kept a tight gate       wife Barbara also initiated the custom of                            a small town in Indiana
at the president’s door unless she knew it     bringing cookies and other edibles to the       on December 8, 1943. He is survived by his
was appropriate for drop-in visitors.”         board room “goody table” just before the        wife, Sherryl, his two daughters Marci
     Erv Metzgar said it was hard to think     Christmas holidays. Several years after he      Lecture and Kari Parker, their husbands,
of Mickey as a secretary. He thought of        retired, he suggested that retirees meet        and two grandchildren.
her more as a professional colleague           informally for breakfast once a month at            Jerry earned a doctorate degree in
because she was so knowledgeable and           local restaurants. This custom survives as      Community College Administration from
efficient. Her filing system was               the ‘Second Tuesday Breakfast Club’ for         the University of Southern California. He
outstanding; she could put her hands on        any retiree who wishes to attend.               was originally hired as Director of
anything, at anytime. He remembers that             He joined four colleagues early in his     Admissions & Records at Grossmont
she presented him a special box of files       career to initiate the journal, “Community      College from CSU Bakersfield in 1978.
of his own when he retired. He also            College Social Science Quarterly.” He           Four years later, Dr. Humpert was named
recalls that no one ever complained about      published several books during his tenure,      Dean of Counseling.
Mickey. She treated everyone with              including W.A.S.P. on a Pin, The Proud
                                               Maasai, and Re-Discovering America, all               Obituaries , cont. on the last page
courtesy and a a professional attitude.
  GCCCD Grapevine
8800 Grossmont College Drive
     El Cajon, CA 92020

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Obituaries, cont. from p. 7
     In 1984, Jerry joined the faculty at         administrators, and a counselor highly                 record of their needs. His services to
Cuyamaca College, and served as                   sought-after by students.                              students ably assisted the college’s
Counselor and Articulation Officer until               While this information describes                  reputation as a student-oriented learning
his retirement in 2002. He was a key              some of Jerry’s noteworthy professional                center. Throughout his career, Jerry’s
figure during Cuyamaca’s formative                services to the district, it does not scratch          number one priority, always, was to his
years, serving in many leadership                 the surface of his personal contributions.             family. His loss cannot be filled, because
positions, including Academic Senate              His willingness to be involved with the                people like Jerry are so rare.
President, Co-Chair of the Curriculum             lives of individuals at the deepest levels             (most of this text is written by long-time
Committee, and Chair of the Accreditation         served as a magnet which drew people to                friend and colleague of Jerry, Dr. Paul
Self-Study Committee. He was a mentor             him. He wanted to know the successes in                Boatner, Counselor, Cuyamaca College)
to countless faculty, staff, and                  people’s lives, but also kept a mental

         Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College Governing Board Members: Richard Alexander, Timothy L. Caruthers, D.C., Bill Garrett, Deanna Weeks •
         Student Members: Cathy Keyes, Pat Ardilla • Chancellor: Omero Suarez, Ph.D. • Grossmont College Interim President: Dean Colli, Ed.D. • Cuyamaca
         College President: Geraldine Perri, Ph.D.

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