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Girls – girls – girls …


									Press release

Girls – girls – girls …
NICI is searching for a best friend. The best friend of Minilina!

Altenkunstadt, 5th September 2011. Girls love dolls. Girls love plush. And
they love role-play. Reason enough for NICI to originate the new NICI
Wonderland line. For the first time ever, NICI will enter the wonderful world
of dolls. With a plush doll concept that will make girls' hearts leap for joy.

Minilina – the sweet girl doll from NICI Wonderland lives in a beautiful house with
her best friend, Little Bear, and is happily waiting to become the best friend of a
little girl very soon. Minilina is made of the high-quality plush so typical of NICI and
presents herself in the colours little girls are so fond of – pink and red. With this
adorable cuddly doll, little doll's child mothers can spend entire days playing. They
will have their hands full caring for their beloved doll-friend. In doing so, little girls
experience role-play at an early age which evidentially decisively supports the
development of the child's imagination.

September 2011 is the moving house date. Then Minilina will move into nurseries.
The entire line around NICI Wonderland will be available everywhere where NICI
is sold – in well-assorted gift and stationary shops, in toy stores, the internet, in
department stores and the over 30 NICI owned shops.

A Dolls' Kingdom on Earth

The main person from NICI Wonderland is Minilina – the cuddly, 30 cm tall plush
doll, whose hair and clothes are also made of plush. Besides the doll, high-quality,
soft plush accessories were also developed.

Of course Minilina needs to change her clothes from time to time. Especially when
she goes to visit a friend or when it's time for bed. In addition to an outfit made up
of a shirt and a pair of trousers, she also has a nightie and a sleep mask at her
disposal. All items of clothing were developed to be reversed. When Minilina
accompanies her friend on a journey, she comfortably sleeps in a plush carrier
and can be covered cosily with her changing blanket.

A star-shaped musical clock and the cushion set for the little girl and her favourite
doll guarantee sweet dreams. Minilina also calls a folding play house her own that
can be beautifully decorated with re-usable stickers over and over again.

Every girl needs a best friend! Minilina!

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About NICI

The NICI GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of plush and gift products for the entire family,
worldwide. Apart from famous brands such as Jolly Mäh and Wild Friends, NICI offers regular
seasonal product novelties, and a newly developed baby and infant toy line. Products under popular
licenses like Shaun the Sheep™ and Barbie™ complete the product portfolio. NICI was founded in
1986. The NICI GmbH is based in Altenkunstadt in Upper Franconia, Germany and currently employs
more than 400 members of staff, worldwide. The name NICI signifies highest quality, safety and
appealing designs. In Germany, the products of NICI are available in more than 3.000 shops, including
over 30 NICI owned shops, and are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide by our partners. More
information    is   available   under:     Follow     NICI    also   on    Facebook:

Press contact:
NICI GmbH – Langheimer Str. 94 – D-96264 Altenkunstadt, Germany
Ralph Steinert – Tel.: +49 (0) 9572 / 72 20 460 – Fax: +49 (0) 9572 / 72 20 469
Oliver Benthin – Tel.: +49 (0) 9572 / 72 20 465 – Fax: +49 (0) 9572 / 72 20 469

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