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									                                                                                                          Corporate Profile
                                              Leading you to the
                                             Future with superior             FutureTech Systems, Inc is a fast-growing provider of imaging, back file conversion
                                            solutions and services   and networking services with a specific focus on front-end document capture and back-end
                                                                     information/content management applications.

                                                                                FutureTech Systems, Inc, based out of Hasbrouck Heights, NJ has been in business
                                                                     since 1991 and is focused on providing our customers with solutions and the technology exper-
                                  Building a                         tise that will address their business challenges. In addition to our senior management team,
                               Productive Office                     who have an average of over 20 years industry experience, our team of certified product spe-
                                                                     cialists, sales and business development personnel add value through our coverage model, ac-
                                  Solutions                          count relationships and technical skill sets.

                                                                               The core values of the company emphasize on understanding customer needs as the
                                                                     first and foremost priority. Analyzing the customer needs and coming out with a solution bereft
                                                                     of any product bias is the aim of every professional working in the company. All sales and
                                                                     technical personnel are trained and certified on all the solutions we implement and support. For
                                                                     specialized services that we are not experienced at, external consultants/partners are engaged,
                                                                     thereby, making sure that our customers only get the best service and value when working with

                                                                               We have identified business issues related to processing of documents in various in-
                                                                     dustries and formed strategic relationships with leading software vendors in various aspects of

                                                                     We pride ourselves on the development of strong industry relationships and have attained the
                                                                     following vendor recognitions:

                                                                      • Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider
                                                                      • Docuware Document Management Solution Provider

                                                                                                                    •   Datacap Data Capture Partner
                                                                                                                    •   ReadSoft Data Capture Partner
                                                                                                                    •   Dell Channel Partner
FutureTech Systems, Inc.                                                                                            •   Softheon E-business Solution Provider
                                                                                                                    •   Fujitsu One Capture Alliance Partner
                                                                                                                    •   Canon Authorized Scanner Reseller
                                                                                                                    •   CA Channel Partner
     440 Route 17 North                                                                                             •   Minolta Office Systems
           Suite 8
 Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604
                               FutureTech Systems, Inc.
    Phone: 201-727-9370
     Fax: 201-727-9375
  Email:    Tel: 201-727-9370
                                                                                                          •   VPN, and Remote Telecommute Services           Business solutions. We also conduct informa-
                                                   Document and Content Management Solution:              •   On-Site Consultants & Engineers                tion seminars to introduce new technologies
                                                            The FutureTech’s e-Business Solutions and                                                        or provide guest speakers as an enhancement
                                                   FutureTech’s Transactional Content Management          Web Services:                                      to one of your own.
                                                   platform is about; Transforming paper and elec-        Implementation of Web Servers, firewall sys-
                                                   tronic data ("unstructured business content") into     tems, dedicated lines to the Internet, and cre-    Commitment to Excellence:
                                                   highly structured, information-rich Content; Resolv-   ate a full range of Intranet business applica-               We pride ourselves on the quality of
                                                   ing exceptions thru Internet-based Collaboration and   tions as well as creating corporate Internet/      service and value we provide to our custom-
                                                   making them easily digestible by ERP, CRM, and         Intranet websites. Internet and E-Commerce         ers. Our sales consultants and technicians are
                                                   HRIS systems; Taking your business to the Web          Development- Design and implementation of          all seasoned professionals - certified as ex-
                                                   while providing unparalleled security, and; Yielding   client/server & web enabled business applica-      perts in their areas. Our partnership with the
                                                   Rapid ROI and tremendously profitable results.         tions, systems analysis, consultation and cus-     leading manufacturers ensures the highest
                                                                                                          tom program maintenance.                           quality of products and services available to
                                                   Document Imaging Conversion Services:                                                                     you. The ability to effectively manage your
                                                            FutureTech is continually engaged in con-     7x24 Hour Support:                                 internal and external business information is
                                                   version projects ranging from small numbers of                                        Network support     fundamental to your success and growth, part-
                                                   documents to millions of documents, and is ready to                         that is available 365 days    nering with FutureTech Systems gives you
A Full Range of Services:                          bring this experience to your projects. We convert                          a year for critical systems   the tools you need to achieve your corporate
         In addition to providing support ser-     all common media types:                                                     support. Professional         potential.
vices for and through our vendor partners and                                                                                  support is available for a
implementing new network infrastructures and               •    Letter/Legal Sized paper                                       variety of manufacturers
Document Management Solutions, FutureTech                  •    Microfilm                                                      and we offer custom ser-
Systems provides a full range of enhanced net-             •    Microfiche                                                     vice plans including:
work services and Document Management So-                  •    Large format engineering Drawings                                        Critical Server
lutions.                                                   •    35mm aperture cards                       Support (hot swap-hot spare), Maintenance
                                                           •    Books                                     Contracts, Server Contracts, Block Time
These include Automated Data Capture from                  •    Photographs                               Agreements, On-site and Depot Warranty Ser-
Paper files, Invoices, and Forms. Systems De-              •    Large format color                        vice, Time and Materials Contracts, and Ap-
sign, Business-planning Services, Back file data                                                          plications Phone Support.
                                                           •    Slides
conversion services, data migration services,                                                             Dedicated professionals strategically located
                                                           •    PDF conversion
programming services and Business process                                                                 to provide quick on-site network and system
planning and Disaster Recovery planning ser-                                                              support.
                                                   Network Integration:
vices. We have the right combination of tech-
                                                            Design and implementation of both local
nology and services for your business, and can
                                                   and wide area network infrastructure, global mes-
provide the most up-to-date technology and reli-                                                          Employee Outsourcing:
                                                   saging systems, and network management.
able solutions for all your computing needs in                                                                      Place one of our consultants at your
the following areas:                                                                                      company to ensure the quickest possible re-
                                                   •   Windows 2000,Novell NetWare & UNIX                 sponse to your needs. This person would be a
                                                       Server Integration                                 "virtual employee" of your company without                       FutureTech Systems, Inc.
Dedicated Sales Representative:
          FutureTech Systems is a single point     •   Wide Area Communications                           the extra expense.
of contact for all your business needs. A dedi-    •   Dial-in/Dial-out/Fax Communications Servers
cated account representative will handle most      •   SQL Database Servers                               Customized Training:
issues and will remain a resource within Fu-       •   Network Infrastructure Design, Installation &               Design and implementation of a cus-                          440 Route 17 North
tureTech Systems when additional technical             Support                                            tomized on-site training program for such ap-                               Suite 8
                                                                                                                                                                            Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604
sales, installation requirements, or support is-   •   Internet/Intranets: Connectivity, Design, and E-   plications as Microsoft Products, Docuware
sues arise.                                            Mail Integration                                   Document Management and Softheon E-                                  Phone: 201-727-9370
                                                                                                                                                                                Fax: 201-727-9375

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