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									                                                                  Early Dismissal: All early dismissals must take place before
College Grove Elementary School
                                                                  3:15 pm. After 3:15 pm students will go through normal
                                                                  dismissal procedures for that day. Please bring identification
Mission: Our mission is to inspire children to reach their
                                                                  as it is required before releasing students into your custody.
highest potential and empower them to become productive,
successful citizens.
                                                                  After School Hours: Students are encouraged to be
Vision: We, College Grove Elementary School, parents, and         responsible and gather all materials before they are
community will work together to promote success for all           dismissed for the day.
students now and in the future.
                                                                  Attendance: The Williamson County School system requires
Motto: Launch Into the World of Learning                          written parental or medical documentation for all absences.
                                                                  Please include the student’s name, teacher’s name, date of
Affirmation Pledge: I have incredible value and I choose to
                                                                  absence, reason for absence, and a parental signature on a
learn. I am responsible, respectful, and always give my best
effort.                                                           full sheet of paper to school. Please staple doctor notes to a
                                                                  full sheet of paper to ensure they are not misplaced. All notes
School Mascot: Rocket                                             are kept on file for the entire school year. Emails, faxes, and
                                                                  phone calls will not suffice in excusing an absence. Each time
School Colors: Blue and White                                     your child is absent or tardy you will receive an automated
                                                                  phone call from our school. Excessive unexcused absences,
School Hours: 8:35- 3:35                                          tardies, and/or early dismissals may result in a letter to
Arrival begins at 8:05 and dismissal begins at 3:30               parents, parent conference, contacting Department of
Half days conclude at 12:10                                       Children’s Services, and/or filing an unruly petition with the
                                                                  Juvenile Court System. Please review our detailed
Registration Requirements:                                        attendance policy in our comprehensive parent handbook for
*Legal (certified) birth certificate                              more information.
*Tennessee Immunization Certificate
*Physical (within the last 12 months)                             Non-Medical Absence Approval Form: For academic success
*Photo ID                                                         we encourage all students to be present each day; however,
*Two proofs of residency: utility bills, lease agreement,         if your child is going to be absent due to family
settlement statement, and/or property tax. Phone and cable        circumstances, trips, etc please ask the front office for an
bills will not be accepted.                                       absence approval form prior to being out of school. These
                                                                  forms will then be given to administration for approval based
Arrival: Our school doors open at 8:05 and classes begin at       on academic progress and attendance record.
8:35. All car riders enter the building through the main
entrance and should be dropped off by 8:25 to avoid being         Makeup Work: Students are allowed to have two school days
tardy. Please dismiss students from your car on the passenger     to make up work for each day absent. Communicate with
side for safety. Breakfast is served in the café beginning at     your child’s teacher to obtain work missed.
8:05 am each morning. Please use the café entrance.
                                                                  Transportation Changes: Due to safety regulations, only a
Dismissal: Afternoon dismissal begins at 3:30. Bus riders are     handwritten note received by the school before 12:00 pm
dismissed through the café’ doors. Car riders are dismissed       (noon) will result in a transportation change. If your child is a
through the main entrance. For car riders, please form two        bus rider and has a change in stop or needs to ride a different
lines and have your car rider tag hanging from your rear view     bus then a note needs to be sent from home and a bus pass
mirror. Upon arrival please place your car in park and stand      will be issued from the office. For the safety of all students,
beside your vehicle and wait for your children to be dismissed    emails, faxes, and phone calls will not be accepted to change
to you. If you or a designated person picking up your child       a child’s transportation. Please fill out the student
does not have the car rider tag, a license will be required for   information cards at the beginning of each school year as well
identification before children will be released into your         as classroom information sheets to inform your child’s
custody.                                                          teacher of his/her regular transportation schedule and those
                                                                  individuals permitted to pick up your child.
CUSTODIAL OR PRIMARY CARE PARENTS AND GUARDIANS:                    Lunch: We have a computerized account system in the café.
Both parents have equal access to their child and that child’s      All students have their own individual four digit ID number to
records unless you have provided us with a copy of a court          enter onto a keypad for each purchase. This ID number will
document signed by a judge and stamped “filed” with a court         remain the same for your child’s entire Williamson County
stating otherwise. Please provide us with any copies of court       School career. After each purchase, the money is taken out of
orders, martial dissolution agreements, parenting plans, or         their individual account held by the café. Parents have the
other legal documents which affect these situations.                option of sending in a check or cash daily, weekly, monthly, or
                                                                    paying online at: Carbonated drinks
Parent Volunteers: We encourage and welcome all                     and outside vendor lunches are not permitted.
volunteers and visitors in our building. If you plan on             Students: $ 2.50   Adults: $3.00    Adult Holiday Lunch: $5.00
volunteering in a classroom please refer to the WCS
volunteer procedures              Birthday Celebrations: To protect instructional time in the
and pre-arrange a time through your child’s teacher.                classroom, all birthday treats are to be given out at a time of
                                                                    the teacher’s discretion. Please ask the classroom teacher for
School Safety: College Grove adheres to the Williamson              allergy information before bringing in classroom treats.
County Crisis Intervention Plan and follows all school              Please note that candles, noise makers, and balloons are not
regulations. All visitors must enter the building through the       permitted at school.
front entrance, sign in through the office, and wear an ID
badge/visitor sticker. Other exterior doors will be locked at       Field Trips: Field trips will occur for each grade level
all times. All classroom volunteers must prearrange with the        throughout the school year. Classroom teachers will
teacher when visiting/volunteering in classrooms. As also           communicate the field trip information. Students must ride
explained in the transportation requirements, a handwritten         to and from the field trip site on the school bus. According to
note, with a parent/guardian signature, must be received            our WCS volunteer guidelines, all parent volunteers must be
before 12:00 p.m. (noon) in order to change a child’s               Level III Volunteer Status (finger printed) and are asked to
transportation for that day. This is for the safety of your         drive themselves to and from the field trip location. Siblings
children and ensuring all students go home correctly.               are not permitted to attend field trips.

Instructional Time Protected: Uninterrupted instructional           Toys, Electronic Devices, and Cell Phones: We are working
time in the classroom is crucial for an optimal learning            very diligently on keeping our school academically focused.
environment focused on student success and improvement.             Therefore, students are not allowed to bring toys, electronic
To help foster this for our students please check to make sure      games, i-pods, computers, cell phones, etc to school as these
your child has all materials needed for the school day prior to     can be a distraction to the learning experience. The only
arriving at school. If materials are brought to the school by       expectations to cell phones will be those pre-approved by the
an adult after the start of the school day, the front office will   principal for extenuating circumstances and these phones will
email the teacher that items are in the office, but please note     be kept in the front office for the school day. If students
teachers are focused on teaching and may not check email in         bring electronic devices/toys to school a teacher will
time. The office will only interrupt class by calling the teacher   confiscate it and keep it in their possession until a parent is
if the items brought to school are medically related and/or         available to personally pick it up and school consequences
involve the school nurse. In addition, please try and avoid         may occur.
early dismissals when possible.
                                                                    Fundraising: College Grove will have two main fundraisers for
Medication Policy: Our school medication procedures are             our 2011-2012 school year. Our Rocket Run coordinated by
consistent with the State of Tennessee Law TCA 49-5-415. All        the PTO will occur in October and our Cookie Dough
medications, prescription and non-prescription, must be             Fundraiser will occur in March. In addition, family nights are
brought into the nurse’s office by a parent or legal guardian.      scheduled throughout the year and all profits support our
An authorization form will need to be completed before              school directly.
medicine can be administered. Only our school nurse will
administer medications to students, unless other school             Lost and Found: Our lost and found is located in the front
personnel are designated.                                           office. If items are not claimed by the end of each grading
                                                                    period, we donate them to charity. Labeled items will be
                                                                    returned to the classroom teacher.
Student Dress Code: Student dress should be appropriate                    2011-2012 COLLEGE GROVE SCHOOL CALENDAR
and conducive to a positive learning environment. Student
dress should not be a distraction to their learning or the          August 9         Ice Cream Social 6-7:30pm
learning of others:                                                 August 11        First ½ day for students
* Tennis Shoes are required for physical education class            August 15        Kindergarten Parent Orientation 6pm
                                                                                       st    nd
                                                                    August 18        1 & 2 Grades Parent Orientation 6pm
* Shoes without backs (ex. flip flops) should not be worn to                              th
                                                                    August 19        3-5 Grades Parent Orientation 6 pm
  school for safety reasons
                                                                    August 22        First full day for all Kindergarten Students
* Hats are not to be worn inside school building (girls & boys)     August 22        “Tissues and Tears” Breakfast for K Parents 8:30 am
* Width of tank tops must be at least 2 inches                      September 2      Student ½ Day- Teacher Staff Dev.
* To accommodate all ages, shorts and skirts must reach the         September 5      Labor Day-No School
  length of finger tips, with arms by each side                     September 9      Progress Reports
* Midriffs should be covered at all times                           September 23     Parents’ Night Out
* Students may not wear makeup to school                                             (Details will come home about Parents’ Night Out)
                                                                    October 6        Fall Pictures
* Distracting hair colors are not permitted unless it is a school
                                                                    October 11       No School- Parent/Teacher Conf. 1-7pm
   spirit day
                                                                    October 19       Report Card First Nine Weeks
                                                                    October 21       Rocket Run Fundraiser- hosted by PTO
Communicating Academic Progress:                                    October 17-18    Fall Break-No School
Report Cards will be sent home every nine week period.              October 28       Fall Harvest Classroom Celebrations
Progress reports are sent home at the halfway point of              November 10      Picture Retakes
each nine week grading period.                                      November 14      Progress Reports
ParentConnection is an online grading system that allows            November         Lunch With a Loved One (Date TBD)
parents to view their child’s grades online. Please refer to        November 17      Bazaar and Chili Cook-Off hosted by PTO
                                                                    November 18      Student ½ Day- Teacher Staff Dev.
our school website for more information.
                                                                    Nov 21-25        Thanksgiving Holiday-No School
                                                                    December 5-9     Book Fair
School Age Child Care- SACC: We offer a before and after            December 8       Family Night @ Book Fair until 7:30 pm
school child care program. Our SACC morning care begins at          December 6-8     Constructed Response TCAP Assessment window
6:30 am. After school care is until 6:00 pm. For more                                for 3rd grade students
information please call Mallory Adams at 472-4327.                  December 19      Swap Meet (Times TBD)
                                                                    December 20      Student ½ Day-Winter Classroom Celebrations
CGES PTO: Our parent organization is actively looking for           Dec 21- Jan 4    Winter Holiday-No School
more volunteers to help within our school. Please contact           January 9        Report Cards Second Nine Weeks
                                                                    January 16       Martin Luther King Jr. Day-No School
Wendi Lamb at or Paige Cotton at                                                               th
                                                                    February 1       TCAP Writing Assessment for 5 Grade and visit the PTO website
                                                                    February 3       Progress Reports                                                     February 14      Valentines Day Classroom Celebrations
                                                                    February 17      Student ½ Day- Teacher Staff Dev.
PBIS: Our school has coordinated with Vanderbilt to                 February 20      No School- District Wide Staff Dev.
implement a Positive Behavior Intervention System as our            March 1          Spaghetti Supper/Silent Auction- hosted by PTO
core behavior guidelines. Information about this program and        March 9          No School- Teacher Staff Dev.
a behavior matrix of expectations will be sent home with            March 12         Report Card Third Nine Weeks
each child.                                                         March 30         Student ½ Day- Teacher Staff Dev.
                                                                    March 8-23       Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough Fundraiser
                                                                    April 2-6        Spring Break- No School
Awards Assemblies: We will have an awards assembly at the
                                                                    April 12         Spring Pictures
conclusion of each nine weeks. In order to surprise the             April 18         Progress Reports
students being honored we will email/mail invitations               April 27-May 2   TCAP Assessment Grades 3-5
                                                                    May 4            Rocket Jam DJ Party 6-7:30 pm (Scholar Dollar Admission)
Child Find: Williamson County wants to make sure that all           May 8            Field Day
children receive the help that they need to learn and grow. If      May 10           K-5 Talent Show & PTO Election- hosted by PTO
you know of a child that is in need of assistance and is            May 18           Fifth Grade Play @ 7 pm
developing slower than peers his or her age then please call        May 22           Swap Meet (Times TBD)
                                                                    May 22           5th Grade Promotion @ 6 pm
the Student Support Services of Williamson County Schools at
                                                                    May 23           Last ½ Day for Students
472-4130 to inform us of the child’s name and address.
                                                                                     Report Cards Fourth Nine Weeks

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