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Car Rental _ Limousine Program


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									                         Car Rental & Limousine Program
American Express has partnered with some of the industry’s top car rental and limousine companies to create a
preferred program for ground transportation. Whether you prefer Hertz, Avis, National, Alamo, Budget or
Enterprise for car rentals, you can be sure all of their programs offer special rate programs that present excellent
value to our business travel customers.

For business travelers who require more specialized service, limousine companies including Carey International
and DavEl, offer travelers special rates on chauffeured car and limousine services. All our partners offer
competitive rates, superior service and maintain operations around the world to serve our customers globally.

 CAR RENTAL HIGHLIGHTS                                        LIMOUSINE HIGHLIGHTS

 SAVINGS                                                      EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS
 Our partners offer special rates with unlimited              Reservationists are trained to handle every stage of
 mileage, year-round promotions, value-added                  the event transportation process, large or small,
 discount, free upgrade coupons when available and            from preliminary planning to reservations including
 memberships in preferred rental programs.                    traveler communication and on-site coordination.

 Car rental partners offer special programs for small-        Luxury chauffeured sedans, stretch limousines and
 and middle-market businesses that do not have their          vans are available 24 hours a day, seven days a
 own negotiated car contracts.                                week worldwide.

 VALUE ADDED SERVICES                                         DEDICATED TOLL-FREE NUMBERS
 Depending on the car rental provider, your travelers         The limousine companies provide travelers with a
 will enjoy added amenities including double upgrades         dedicated American Express toll free reservation
 and free satellite radio service.                            number.

  HIGHLIGHTS: Unlimited mileage rates • Preferred rental program memberships
  • Value-added discounts • Upgrade coupons • Global service

                                                                          FOR INFORMATION, CONTACT:
                                                                      Vista Travel Inc. / American Express
                                                                                            800 Inman Ave.
                                                                                           Colonia NJ 07067
                                                                                     (800) 227-1300 ext 118

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