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									                                                Head office                   Factory
                                                S.C. MAREMOD S.A.             S.C. MAREMOD S.A
                                                Soimarestilor 23, sector 1    Calea Brasovului 39
                                                012235 Bucuresti – ROMANIA    601073 Onesti, jud. Bacau - Romania
                                                Tel. 004 021 206.62.73/74     Tel. 004 0234 319.880
                                                 Fax 004 021 206.62.75        Fax 004 0234 322.240
                                                E-mail: office@gematex.ro     E-mail: maremod@maremod.ro
                                                Web site: www.gematex.ro


The company MAREMOD is a German-Romanian Joint Venture held as a joint-stock company.
The main target of the company is the production of men and women’s trousers and men’s jackets.
Founded in 1997. It is located in a large and modern industrial building with the best equipment providing
the steam, compressed air vacuum, air conditioning, power.

Profile: clothing manufacturer;
Quality level: middle to high;
Personnel level: highly qualified;
Production capacity:
                        50 000 women’s and men’s trousers / month
                          5 000 men’s jackets / month


The factory is equipped with the most modern machinery delivered by well-known producers

       for preparation and cutting – Lectra – France, FK Group – Italy, Setec – Germany
       for crasing and fusing – Martin Group – Italy, Kannegiesser – Germany, System Brilka –
       for sewing – Durkopp Adler – Germany, Pegasus – Japan, Strobel – Germany, Juki – Japan
       for underpressing and finishing – Rotondi Group – Italy, Veit – Germany, Brisay – Germany
       for internal transport – System Schonenberger – Germany (for sewing lines and finishing)

The cutting room is equipped with fully automatic spreading machines and cutters ensuring the best
quality of cutting.
The sewing lines are organized for a high technology having in their structure special sewing machines,
sewing working stations and units. The equipment ensures a high quality of sewing and a high
The finishing is realized with modern pressing machines, many of them being automatic pressing units. A
modern technology with the best equipment for a high quality and productivity.

Internal and international transport of merchandise:

       Assured by spedition Gematex S.R.L. connected with MAREMOD S.A equipped with the newest
        MAN, Mercedes and Volvo machines with Jumbo carriers.

Trade marks:

        MAREMOD, manufacturer
        LA VIGGIO, brand


       In EU: prodigious houses of business from Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Belgium
       In Romania: METRO supermarket trading network
                        LA VIGGIO shops

Honors and awards for the prodigious activity of MAREMOD S.A:

       - Prizes for the Top of the Companies in Bucharest (The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of
                Bucharest Municipality)
       - Diplomas for The National top of private Companies (The National Council of private enterprises
                in Romania)
       - Registered in “WHO’S WHO in (European) commerce and industry” catalogue, 2005 edition


        MAREMOD S.A. is a member of:

       Romanian – German Chamber of Commerce and Industry
       Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania

We hope that this company profile has given you a first overlook of the company MAREMOD and we are
looking forward to answer your questions more in detail at any time. Please feel free to contact us.


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