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									                                      NSF International
                           ®          The Leader in Providing Public Health
                                      Risk Management Services

 Products certified to U.S. and Canadian requirements by NSF demonstrate compliance to both Canadian
 and U.S. Plumbing Codes. NSF’s Mechanical Plumbing Program evaluates plumbing fixtures and fittings.
 NSF is also a recognized testing agency by IAPMO, ASSE, BOCA, SBCCI, and ICBO Evaluation Services.The
 U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act requires faucets to meet the lead requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 61.

 Why choose NSF International?
 • NSF is the premier, independent, third-party certifier of products affect-
   ing public health safety, fitness for use and environmental quality. In
   addition, NSF is the largest testing/certification organization of plumbing
   products in the world.
 • Internationally recognized Mark.
 • Competitive pricing and fast turn-around time.
 • Provides one-stop convenience for all your certification needs in the U.S.
   and Canada.
 • NSF is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
   and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC).
 • Customer secured, on-line access to accounts, testing status, forms, pay-
   ment history and more.

 What can NSF certification do for you and your
 • Allow use of the most recognized and most accepted Mark by all
   plumbing codes.
 • Provide quick access to enter new markets.
 • Witness testing programs are available.
                                                                                 NSF International
 • Reduce your liability by documenting compliance with California’s             The Public Health and Safety Company™
   Proposition 65.                                                               789 N. Dixboro Rd. • Ann Arbor, MI 48105 USA
 • NSF offers a Regulatory Assistance Hotline 1-877-867-3435.                    (734) 769-8010 • (800) NSF-MARK
                                                                                 (734) 769-0109 Fax
 • Ensure consumer confidence in your product and increase product
                                                                                 For more information on programs
 • Global exposure and access through convenient on-line product listings,       and services, contact:
   which are updated every 24 hours and may be searched by product type,         Craig Zechman or Jeremy Brown
   manufacturer name, material type, or plant location.                          Mechanical Plumbing Program
                                                                                 or visit:


                                                   C                    US

 NSF can test and certify any plumbing product. Examples are:   T H E N S F M A R K I S AC C E P T E D B Y A L L N O RT H
 • Air Admittance Valves      • Mixing Valves                   AMERICAN PLUMBING CODES
 • Air Gaps                   • Pipe                            Uniform Plumbing Code
 • Backflow Preventers        • Pressure Reducing Valves
 • Ball Valves                • Self-closing Valves             International Plumbing Code
 • Drain, Waste, Vent         • Shower Enclosures                 -SBCCI
   Components                 • Shower Heads
 • Drain Valves                                                   -BOCA
                              • Sinks
 • Dual Check Valves          • Supply Stops                      -ICBO
 • Faucets                    • Vacuum Breakers                 National Standard Plumbing Code
 • Fixed Flow Restrictors     • Water Closets
 • Fittings                   • Water Hammer Arresters          National Plumbing Code of Canada
 • Hand-held Showers          • Hydro Massage Baths             City of Los Angeles

 NSF tests to all plumbing standards:                           With more than 200 scientists, engineers, and profes-
 • AWWA                                                         sionals on staff with the experience and background needed to
                                                                assure proper compliance with
 • ASSE 10xx
                                                                the Standard, NSF offers you
 • ASME A112.18.x, A112.19.x, B16                               cost-effective and timely cus-
 • ASTM                                                         tomer service attention to pro-
 • ANSI Z124.x, A119.x                                          vide your business with the cer-
 • British Standards                                            tification you need most.
                                                                With world headquarters and
 • CSA45, CSA B64, CSA B125, CSA B137, CSA B181
                                                                state-of-the-art laboratories,
 • CABO/ANSI A117.1                                             located in Ann Arbor, MI, along
 • IAPMO PS, IGC                                                with our offices in Europe and
 • ISO                                                          the Far East, and our global part-
                                                                nerships, NSF is ready to work
                                                                with you to give you just the
 • NSF
                                                                market advantage you need.

                       For more information on programs and services visit:

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