; It's time for Ramona's Country Christmas
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It's time for Ramona's Country Christmas


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									                                                      Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                  Business and Community News
    Inside               DECEMBER 2004                                                                     Volume 19, No. 12
Installation dinner
              — Page 3   It’s time for Ramona’s
Retirement options
for small-business       Country Christmas
owners                      Caroling, crafts, gift shop-        The giant 40-foot Commu-
            — Page 4     ping opportunities, food and        nity Christmas Tree of Lights
                         music, Santa—and, of course,        will be surrounded by 12
Ambassadors Corner       the lighting of the giant           smaller fresh trees, donated by
         — Page 5        Community Christmas Tree will       Curtis Albright of Albertsons
                         be features of the Chamber’s        and decorated by local school
Calendar of Events
                         10th annual Ramona Country          children. Chamber members
                         Christmas event Dec. 11, from       can help by offering to sponsor
        — Pages 6-7
                         4 to 8 p.m. All the fun will        one of the student-decorated
                         take place in the vacant lot on     trees or by signing on as an
Labor Law Seminar        the north side of Main Street,      event sponsor. Volunteers and
offered in SD            between D’Carlos and Ramona         donated prizes also are needed. A little lion and his Mom got a big
             — Page 8    National Bank.                         To volunteer, call Jeff       kick out of the Merchants’ Trick-or-
                            Event chair Jeff Ruland          Ruland (Sears) at 788-8080 or Treat On Main Street while making
                                                                                              this stop at the Chamber office for
Governor signs host      (Sears), said caroling, specialty   Jo Fox (Prudential California    some goodies. See page 3 for more
of new laws              prize drawings and rides for the    Realty) at (760) 803-8306. For photos.
                         kids will be included, and Santa    sponsorship information, call                    Photo by Jennifer Jenkin
            — Page 9
                         and his helpers will meet with      Charlotte Jensen (Charlotte’s-   Melissa Schmidt (Independent
                         kids, courtesy of Ramona            in-the-Country Antiques) at      Avon Representative) at (760)
                         National Bank.                      788-2784. To donate prizes, call 695-7412.
Information Corner
           — Page 11
                                                        Congratulations to our executive officers for 2005: president, Jeff Ruland
      Mixer                                          (Sears); first vice president, Bill Jenkin (Farmers Insurance and Ramona
                                                     Vintners Cellars); second vice president, Jo Fox (Prudential California
                                                     Realty); secretary, Sharon Davis (Sharon Davis Interior Design); and
   In lieu of the                                    treasurer, Vince Franano (Main Street Auto Center). To all the candidates,
 December and                                        new members and executive officers, I extend my sincere appreciation to you
                                                     for your continued dedication to our Chamber of Commerce. What a team
 January mixers:                                     we have for 2005!
                                                         We will miss outgoing board members Randy Waitman (RAE Automo-
                                                     tive) and his expertise in chairing the country fair, George Romero (Land-
   December 11:                                      mark National Bank) and his hard work in chairing the golf tournament,
Country Christmas              Karen Clendenen       Scott Field (Farmers Insurance) and his dedication to the rodeo and our
Tree Lighting Event                                  organizational committee, and Josepha Hegan (Visual Communication
                              Letter                 Design), who has co-chaired our art tour. They have been superb leaders in
                                                     our community, and I am truly grateful for their service and dedication.
    January 14:               from the                   Dan Vengler is chairing the Citizen of the Year Award Committee…if
                                                     you know of an outstanding Ramona citizen and would like to nominate him
Installation Dinner
                              President                                                                  Continued on page 3
                                                                      Notes from Your Executive Director
Ramona Chamber of Commerce
960 Main Street
Ramona, California 92065
Telephone: (760) 789-1311
                                                                      I think I was in a state of denial and hoping a miracle would happen, but the denial is
Fax: (760) 789-1317
                                                                  reality, and the miracle didn’t happen. Josepha Hegan of Visual Communications Design, a
E-mail: info@ramonachamber.com
                                                                  Chamber director for three years has resigned. Josepha is in the process of building her
Web site: ramonachamber.com
                                                                  business, and she has told us that at this time in her life, she needs to dedicate all of her
Mission Statement                                                 energy to doing just that. So typical of Josepha, she gave us her resignation right before the
                                                                  elections. She did this knowing there were eight people running and seven positions open.
The mission of the Ramona Chamber of
                                                                  She felt her decision and timing was right because this way, all eight candidates would be
Commerce is to develop and maintain a
climate for viable economic growth, to
                                                                  winners. Josepha has promised she will continue to spearhead the Ramona Artists Open
promote loyalty to, and networking for local                      Studio Tour that she and Judy Nachazel, San Vicente Valley News, have done such a
businesses and to demonstrate an outstand-                        wonderful job since its inception.
ing leadership role in our community.                                                                             ***
                                                                      The Chamber would like to thank Andrew Smith of Art About Africa for taking time
Officers                                                          from his busy schedule to hang an aerial photograph of Ramona in our front lobby. I’m sure
President ................................ Karen Clendenen        many of you will remember this as the photo that was hanging for years at McDonald’s. Past
                  Century 21-San Vicente, 787-3210                Chamber director Stan Fiddelke donated the picture to the Chamber, and thanks to Andrew,
1st Vice President ................... Chuck DeMund               it is now prominently displayed. This photo was taken in the 70s and has quite a history.
                       DeMund Foundation, 788-1011                Stop by and stroll down memory lane. We also thank Joe Johnson of Pepper Creek Equine
2nd Vice President ............................ Bill Jenkin       Center for donating a saddle that will be used as decor in front of the Chamber office.
 Farmers Ins., Ramona Vintners Cellars, 788-1181                                                                  ***
Secretary ........................................ Sharon Davis       Remember, the November mixer was the last one of the year. Our Ramona Country
          Sharon Davis Interior Design, 788-2509
                                                                  Christmas and the January Installation Dinner will take the place of those two mixers. Our
                                                                  next mixer won’t be until February, when we will once again have our Rollover Jackpot ready
Treasurer ................................... Patrick Meskell
                                                                  to be claimed—if you are a Chamber member and your card is drawn, AND you are at the
                                    Edward Jones, 787-1113
Directors                                                                                                         ***
Scott Field ........... Farmer’s Insurance, 789-0664                  We still need some mixer hosts for next year. If you are interested in hosting a mixer or
Jo Fox ..... Prudential California Realty, 803-8306               co-hosting one, call Jo Fox, Prudential California Realty, at (760) 803-8306 for more
George Romero .......................... (858) 947-2318           information.
                                Landmark National Bank                                                            ***
Jeff Ruland ................................. Sears, 788-8080         Ramona Diagnostic Medical Services recently hosted a ribbon cutting that was extremely
Daniel Vengler ...................................... 789-1155    well attended. Several local residents have been very instrumental in getting this facility up
                                                                  and running. One such person is Cindy Hasz. Cindy and I were chatting about the new
                                    Daniel’s Liquor & Deli
                                                                  office, and she mentioned she would love to have local artists display their work in the
Randy Waitman ..... RAE Automotive, 788-4912
                                                                  waiting room. If you are interested in displaying your talents, call Cindy at 789-6118.
Bryan Woods ....... Ramona Pharmacy, 789-0180                         ***
                                                                      Our love to Wayne Channon (City Barber Shop), who recently lost his mother, and to Jo
                                                                  Fox (Prudential California Realty) on the loss of her sister.
Staff                                                                 I personally would like to thank each and every Chamber member for being so instrumen-
Sharon Uran ........................... Executive Director        tal in the successful year we have had. With your continued support and encouragement,
Dolores Garcia ............................ Office Manager        2005 is going to be the best ever! We will continue to work for you and with you. My goal
                                                                  for membership for 2005 is 400, and the only way we will achieve that is with your help, so
Advertising                                                       let’s roll up our sleeves together and get busy on membership.
                                                                      I would also like to wish each and every one of you a very wonderful holiday season and
     The Ramona Business and Community
News is published monthly by the Ramona
                                                                  the most wonderful New Year you will ever experience.
Chamber of Commerce.
     Membership includes a monthly newslet-
ter. To advertise in the newsletter, or to submit
an article, please call the Chamber office at 789-
1311. First priority goes to Chamber business
and member information. Meeting listings are
on a space-available basis. Deadline for all
copy and advertising is the 5th of the preced-
ing month. Inserts for the newsletter are due at
the Chamber office by the 20th of the preced-
ing month, with a check for $55 for each set of

      Postmaster, send address changes to Ramona Cham-
ber of Commerce, 960 Main St., Ramona, CA 92065. Peri-            Ambassadors and other members of the
odical postage paid at Ramona, CA 92065 USPS-004701.              Ramona Chamber of Commerce joined
                 Production:                                      Charles Fraley (with scissors) and his team
                                                                  as he cut the ribbon to officially open the       Chamber Ambassadors and friends help
    Walker Communications & Media Services
                                                                  Ramona Medical Diagnostic Services                Donna Naish (holding scissors) celebrate the
           Printing: Manzanita Press
                                                                  Center.                                           grand opening of Donna’s Antiques &
                                                                                        Photos by Jennifer Jenkin   Decorative Arts, 780 Main. St.

Chamber dinner promises                                                        Who, What & When
salutes, laughs and information                                                                   CHAMBER EVENTS
   The Chamber’s annual Installation Dinner will be held at the
                                                                               Ramona Country Christmas ..................... Dec. 11
San Vicente Inn on Jan. 14. Gregory J. Smith, San Diego County                 Chair: Jeff Ruland (Sears)
assessor/recorder/county clerk, will be the guest speaker for the              Info: 788-8080
evening. Installation chair Sharon Davis (Sharon Davis Interior
Design) says, “Greg has a outstanding sense of humor that will                 Installation Dinner ................................... Jan. 14
keep us all laughing.” In addition to the 2005 Chamber Board of                Chair: Sharon Davis
Directors, the Chamber will announce the Citizen of the Year and               (Sharon Davis Interior Design)
                                                                               Info: 788-2509
present other awards of recognition.
   Anyone interested in working on the event or wanting a Citizen              Citizen of the Year .................................. Jan. 14
of the Year nomination form should call the Chamber office at                  Chair: Dan Vengler
789-1311. For information on Citizen of the Year, contact Dan                  (Daniel’s Liquor & Daniel’s West)
Vengler (Daniel’s Liquor & Deli and Daniel’s West), at 789-1155                Info: 789-1155
or Sharon Uran in the Chamber office at 789-1311. Nomination
deadline is Dec. 29. Dinner invitations will be mailed to Chamber                             GENERAL COMMITTEES
members Dec. 13. Please RSVP early.
                                                                                              Nominating Committee
                                                                                           Chair: Scott Field — 789-0664
                                                                                                (Farmers Insurance)

                                                                                         Citizen of the Year — 789-1155
                                                                                       Chair: Dan Vengler (Daniel’s Liquor)

                                                                                      Monthly Mixers — (760) 803-8306
                                                                                   Chair: Jo Fox (Prudential California Realty)

                                                                                         Ambassadors — (760) 271-3090
                                                                                              Chair: Jennifer Jenkin
                                                                                        (Pamo Valley Vineyards & Winery)

                                                                                President, from page one
                                                                               or her, the forms are available in the Chamber
                                                                                   Our Christmas Tree Lighting Committee,
                                            Photos by Jennifer Jenkin and
                                            Carol Kinney/Ramona Home Journal   chaired by Jeff Ruland and Sharon Davis, has
                                                                               worked very hard…so come and enjoy on the
                                                                               evening of Dec. 11. Several thousand people
                                                                               attend the event, and it just keeps getting
                                                                               bigger and better.
                                                                                  Take some time to look at our Chamber’s
                                                                               web site. Jennifer Jenkin (Pamo Valley
                                                                               Vineyards & Winery) has been very busy
                                                                               upgrading its format, including pictures,
                                                                               expanded information and your business
                                                                               phone numbers. If you have any changes for
                                                                               your business information, please provide the
                                                                               Chamber office with an update.
Thousands of youngsters filled the sidewalks up and down Main Street for
                                                                                   This year is soon to close, and my term as
the annual Chamber-sponsored Merchant Trick-or-Treat on Main last
month. Top left, costumed kids line up at the Chamber office. Top right,       your president is almost over. It has indeed
Dan Vengler (Daniel’s Markets) treats a young visitor. Above left,             been a privilege and my pleasure to serve you.
Countrywide Home Loans was a popular place. Above right, Prudential            Thank you for all your support in making our
and Albertsons provided the goodies for visitors to the Chamber office.        Chamber one of the best in the county.
At the table are, from left, Jose and Dawn Ortega (Top Notch Compu-
                                                                                                               Karen Clendenen
ters), Veronica Clark and Janalee St. Clair (Prudenial California Realty).

                                                             DECEMBER 2004 — RAMONA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                                          3
                                                                       Own a small business?
                                                                       Consider these retirement plans

By Patrick Meskell                     If you have no employees:       larger contributions than         regardless of how much your
    When you own a small               If your business has no         possible with the SEP or the      employees contribute.
business, you’re absorbed in        employees except your spouse,      owner-only 401(k).                   • Safe Harbor 401(k) with
the “here and now.” But you         you may want to choose from           If you have employees:         Age Enhanced Profit Sharing -
still must think about life after   among these plans:                    If you have employees, you     Your business can make
your working years - so you’ll         • SEP IRA-With a SEP            may want to consider one of       additional profit-sharing
need to put a good retirement       IRA, you can contribute up to      these plans:                      contributions to a Safe Harbor
plan in place.                      25% of your compensation              • SIMPLE IRA-A SIMPLE          401(k) plan. If you are older
    Fortunately, you can choose     into the plan, up to a maxi-       IRA is easy to set up and         than most of your employees,
from a variety of quality           mum of $41,000.                    inexpensive to administer. In     you can structure your plan so
retirement plans. These plans          • Owner-only 401(k) - If        2005, you and each of your        that the contributions going to
typically offer three key           you have an “owner-only            employees can contribute up       your account, and to those of
features:                           401(k),’’ you can put up to 25     to $10,000 to a SIMPLE IRA        your key employees, are much
    • Tax-deferred earnings-        percent of your compensation       (or $12,500 if age 50 or over).   higher than the percentage
When you invest in a “tax-          plus $14,000 (in 2005). If         Your business is generally        going to most employees.
qualified” retirement plan,         you’re 50 or older, you can add    required to match both your          Pick the plan that fits
you’ll pay no taxes on your         an additional $4,000 in            and your employees’ contribu-        Before choosing a retire-
earnings until you start taking     “catch-up” contributions           tions, dollar for dollar, up to   ment plan for your business,
withdrawals.                        (However, you can’t contrib-       three percent of their salary,    meet with your tax advisor
    • Pre-tax contributions-You     ute more than $41,000 per          unless you decide to put in       and your investment represen-
generally put in “pre-tax”          year if you’re under age 50, or    two percent of each eligible      tative. Take the time to
dollars to your retirement          $44,000 annually if you’re 50      employee’s compensation.          choose the plan that fits your
plan, so your contributions         or older). Owner-only 401(k)          • Safe Harbor 401(k)-A         individual needs.
may lower your adjusted gross       plans also can permit larger       Safe Harbor 401(k) offers the        This article is for informa-
income.                             contributions if your spouse       same features of a traditional    tional purposes only. Patrick
    • Variety of investment         works for the business.            401(k), but the amount you        Meskell is the Edward Jones
options-You can fund your              • Owner-only Defined            can defer from your salary is     investment representative in
retirement plan with an array       Benefit-This plan may be           not limited to whether your       Ramona. His office is located
of investments: stocks, bonds,      appropriate for you if you earn    employees contribute or not.      at 1425 Main St., 787-1113.
government securities and           more than $100,000 annually        You, as the business owner,                      ***
more.                               from your business, you are        benefit because you can              Patrick Meskell is the Edward
    Now, let’s look at some         over age 40, you can commit        contribute up to the annual       Jones investment representative
common small-business               to contribute for at least three   maximum ($14,000 in 2005 or       in Ramona. His office is located
retirement plans:                   years, and you desire much         $18,000 if you’re 50 or older),   at 1425 Main St., 787-1113.

    Ambassadors                                December Member Spotlight:
                                                  Horse owners throughout Ramona depend on The Livery, a local fixture since
      Corner                                   1985 and a Chamber member since 1987. Don Wyant and Kathy Zerbe were the
                                               original owners, and Steve Perry has owned it since 1995.
                                                  In the mid 80s, the store carried feed, tack, and animal health supplies. By
                                               expanding the retail space, The Livery now offers everything for the horse owner,
By Jennifer Jenkin
                                               from feed, to tack, animal health, clothing and gifts, to ranch supplies such as
Ambassadors Chair                              fencing equipment and water troughs. The Livery is a Premier Purina Gold
        Ambassadors Elected                    Dealer.
        to Board of Directors                     The staff is a mixed bunch, with some employees specializing in English and
   In a bad news/good news situation, the      others in the Western disciplines. “We’re all horse people, and we have a nice
                                               diverse group,” says manager Cheryl Wegner. “We all lean towards natural
Chamber will lose two awesome Ambassa-
                                               horsemanship avenues, and we’re always striving to learn more.”
dors at the start of next year: Charlotte         The Livery is known for quality products, service and knowledge, and it
Jensen (Charlotte’s-in-the Country             sponsors and supports local equestrian events. Visit The Livery at 2537 Main
Antiques) and Patricia Hansen (Ramona          Street, at www.thelivery.net or call 789-5582.
Sentinel). However, they will not be lost
for long because they have been elected to
the Chamber’s new Board of Directors!
The Chamber thanks Patricia and Char-
lotte for all their efforts and hard work
                                                           Chamber Notes
                                             Citizen of the Year
during their role as ambassadors. Both
                                             Citizen of the Year nomination forms are available in the Chamber office.
women will be an asset to the Board of
                                             Nominations are due Dec. 29, and the award will be presented during the
                                             annual Installation Dinner on Jan. 14. You do not need to be a Chamber
     Ambassador’s Gear Up                    member to make a nomination, and the nominee does not have to be a Cham-
for Christmas Tree Lighting Event            ber member.
    There’s a lot of energy and people
wanting to volunteer for the 10th annual     Getting the Word Out
Ramona Country Christmas Tree Lighting       Frequently, we are asked why we don’t know about an event or other things that
Event this year. The Ambassadors will be     are happening in Ramona. The answer to that question is simple. If we are not
hosting the food booth, serving meals of     told about it, how can we know? As a Chamber member, if your group or
hotdogs or hamburgers with chips and a       organization or company is having an event or something special going on,
drink at a nominal cost. Stacy Bablewski     please let us know. We are happy to display posters or flyers in the Chamber
(Faux Designs by Stacy) has volunteered      office, list it on the website in “Upcoming Events” or in the newsletter in the
to chair this portion of the event and has   Community News Corner. All you have to do is come by the office or give us a
done an outstanding job so far. Her          call, and we will see what we can do.
committee to help with the food booth
consists of approximately 10 to 15 people!   Help Us Help You
It’s not a small job considering they will   Please keep the Chamber informed about any changes to your business or email
be serving an expected 2,000 plates of       address or your phone or fax numbers. Fax those updates to us at 789-1317.
food to more than 4,000 people. Bring        Also, please contact the Chamber if you would like your business to be listed
                     Continued on page 11    under additional categories on our website: ramonachamber.com.

                                                          DECEMBER 2004 — RAMONA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                               5
                                           Labor Law Seminar to be held in SD

         Information You Can Use
                                           The California Chamber                employment law and human                       ees.
                                        of Commerce will host a                  resource management.                              Cost for the seminar is
                                        2005 Labor Law Training                     Another speaker will be                     $170, and continental
                                        Seminar in San Diego on                  Susan Kemp, senior labor law                   breakfast and handout
                                        Jan. 21, from 8:30 a.m. to               counsel, and Helpline                          materials are included in the
                                        noon.                                    consultant for the California                  registration fee. All seminars
                                           The seminar will cover                Chamber. Susan wrote and                       require prepayment for
                                        new California legislation               edited several chamber                         registration because seating is
                                        effective January 1, 2005, as            publications on topics such as                 limited. Parking is not
                                        well as important 2004 case              employee handbooks, sexual                     included in registration fee.
                                        law that employers should                harassment investigations,                     For San Diego location and
                                        know about. The seminar                  family and medical leave, and                  to register, call (800) 331-
                                        will cover many new                      exempt/non-exempt employ-                      8877.
                                        employment laws that will
                                        affect businesses as well as
                                        changes in laws and
                                        regulations, and update on
                                                                                 Labor Law Helpline offered
                                        significant employment law                  Labor laws can be confusing for California companies, but
                                        decisions in federal and                 the California Chamber’s easy-to-use Labor Law Helpline
                                        state courts.                            service provides explanations and clarifications of laws con-
                                           Paul Schechter, employ-               fronting California employers, without all the legal jargon.
                                        ment law counsel for the                    Current Members: Advisor and Preferred members can call
                                        California Chamber, will be              or e-mail the chamber’s experienced advisors with labor law
                                        presenting the seminar. Paul             questions. Log in to HRCalifornia.com in order to access the
                                        has served as an employee                special Helpline toll-free number and have your member
                                        and human resources                      number ready. If you are not a member and want to use the
                                        executive and has special-               Helpline right away, you can call (800) 649-4921 or visit
                                        ized in employment and                   www.hercalifornia.com/helpline/ and follow the directions.
                                        labor relations law. He is a                The Helpline service is staffed by highly qualified labor law
                                        frequent lecturer and                    professionals with years of experience in helping California
                                        seminar instructor and the               employers. It is available to answer members’ questions
                                        author of the 2004 Califor-              Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
                                        nia Labor Law Digest and                    On the web site, members also can review frequently asked
                                        Labor Law Extra. He also                 questions to try to find answers regarding common labor law
                                        writes many articles on                  topics and situations.
                                                                          Tis the season..to shop                       We thank our
    Looking for Gifts?                                                        for holiday trees
    Your Chamber encourages members to contact fellow members                   and wreaths                          long-time members!
    when seeking goods and services. This month, we invite you to     The following Chamber members offer          We salute these longtime members of the Ramona Chamber
    contact these members when you are looking for special gifts:     Christmas trees, wreaths and poinsettias:    of Commerce, with 17-21 years of membership:
                                                                                                                                     Unyeway—21 years
                                                                      Albertsons—Cut trees, Poinsettias                    Guy B. Woodward Museum—19 years
    Art About Africa                 Ramona Florist & Gifts
                                                                      1459 Main St., 789-0023                                       Darrell Beck—18 years
    621 Main Street, 788-4669        1668 Main Street, #E, 789-1852
                                                                                                                                 City Barber Shop—18 years
                                                                      Boy Scout Troop 768—Wreaths                               Dr. James Hill, DDS—18 years
    BackPorch Treasures              Ramona Pharmacy                  Contact: Dawn Perfect, 788-1983                       Ramona Disposal Service—18 years
    789-2545                         677 Main Street, 789-0180                                                                     Joan Snelling—18 years
                                                                      L&J Growing Grounds—Live trees                           Star B Buffalo Ranch—18 years
                                                                      3306 Carnation Ave., 788-5485                              Wells Fargo Bank—18 years
    Double Z Enterprises             Treasures Christian Store
    Gordon Zick, 789-0315            649 Main Street, 788-0254                                                                   Bank of America—17 years
                                                                      Mountain Valley Ranch—Cut trees,                  Busybee Preschool/Daycare Center—17 years
                                                                      Wreaths, Poinsettias                                     D’Carlos Restaurant—17 years
    Gillespie’s Sun Valley Florist                                    842 Highway 78, 788-8703                      Economizers Purchasing Service/EPS Lumber—17 years
    758 Main Street, 789-3054                                                                                                    Manzanita Press—17 years
                                                                      Stater Bros. Market—Cut trees, Poinsettias        Ransom Bros. Lumber & Supply Co.—17 years
                                                                      1674 Main St., 789-9915                            The Livery Feed & Ranch Supply—17 years

Governor signs host of employment laws                                                                                            CONTACT LIST
                                                                                                                                  U.S. Senators
                                                                                                                                  Barbara Boxer
Bill #    Subject         Summary                                                                                                 600 B Street, Suite 2240
                                                                                                                                  San Diego, CA 92101
AB2208    Benefits        Requires all insurance companies, including all health plans, to provide coverage to the                (619) 239-3884 phone
                                                                                                                                  (619) 239-5719 fax
                          registered domestic partner of an employee, subscriber, insured, or policyholder, equal to the          Senator@boxer.senate.gov
                          coverage it provides to the spouse of those persons.
                                                                                                                                  Dianne Feinstein
                                                                                                                                  750 B Street, Suite 1030
                          An insurer may require proof of registered domestic partnership status or termination of that
                                                                                                                                  San Diego, CA 92101
                          status only if it also requests verification of marital status and notification of dissolution of the   (619) 231-9712 phone
                          marriage from the employee or subscriber whose spouse is provided coverage,                             (619) 231-1108 fax
                          The bill affects all insurance policies issued, amended, delivered, or renewed in this state on         U.S. Representative
                          or after January 1, 2005, and all group health service plans and group health insurance                 Randy “Duke” Cunningham
                          policies issued, amended, delivered, or renewed on or after January 2, 2005.                            50th District
                                                                                                                                  613 West Valley Parkway, Ste. 320
                                                                                                                                  Escondido, CA 92025
AB254     Benefits        Currently, any health care service plan contract or disability insurance policy subject to COBRA        (760) 737-8438 phone
                          or Cal-COBRA is required to offer extended health coverage to former employees and their                (760) 737-9132 fax
                          spouses where the employee was at least 60 years old when employment terminated. This bill
                          would limit this offer to employees meeting eligibility requirements prior to January 1, 2005.          California State Senators
                                                                                                                                  Dennis Hollingsworth
                                                                                                                                  36th District
AB1825    Harassment      Employers with 50 or more employees must provide 2 hours of training and education to all               1870 Cordell Ct., Suite 107
                          supervisory employees within one year of January 1, 2005. An employer is exempt if it has               El Cajon, CA 92020
                          provided sexual harassment training and education to employees after January 1, 2003.                   (619) 596-3136 phone
                                                                                                                                  (619) 596-3140 fax
                          Effective January 1. 2006, each employer must provide sexual harassment training and                    senator.hollingsworth@sen.ca.gov
                          education to each supervisory employee once every 2 years.
                                                                                                                                  Jim Battin, 37th District
                                                                                                                                  15708 Pomerado Rd., Ste. N-107
SB 1809   Penalties       Significant changes to the 2003 “Sue Your Boss law. AB1845      Unemployment Insurance                  Poway, CA 92064
                          Extends employment retraining benefits for eligible individuals receiving unemployment                  (858) 675-8211 phone
                          compensation until January 1, 2010.                                                                     (858) 675-8262 fax

AB2690    Wages           All workers employed on public works must be paid not less than the general prevailing rate,            California Assembly
                          except for public works projects of $1,000 or less. This bill exempts a volunteer, a volunteer          Jay La Suer, 77th District
                                                                                                                                  5360 Jackson Dr., Suite 102
                          coordinator, or members of the California Conservation Corps or certified Community                     La Mesa, CA 91941
                          Conservation Corps and goes into effect immediately. The exemption applies retroactively to             (619) 465-7723 phone
                          work concluded on or after January 1, 2002, and continues until January 1, 2009, unless a               (619) 465-7765 fax
                          subsequent law modifies that date.
                                                                                                                                  SD County Board of Supervisors
AB1840    Workers’ Comp   Provides for $250,000 in death benefits to the estate of a deceased police officer who has no           County Administration Center
                                                                                                                                  1600 Pacific Highway
                          total dependents and no partial dependents for injuries occurring on or after January 1, 2003,
                                                                                                                                  San Diego, CA 92101
                          but prior to January 1, 2004.                                                                           (619) 531-5700 phone
                                                                                                                                  (619) 557-4025 fax
AB2219    Workers’ Comp   Extends indefinitely the authority of a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant to provide
                                                                                                                                  Dianne Jacob, District 2
                          workers’ compensation medical treatment, prepare the doctor’s first report and authorize up to          County Administration Center
                          3 days off work if working under the supervision of a physician.                                        1600 Pacific Highway
                                                                                                                                  San Diego, CA 92101
                                                                                                                                  (619) 531- 5522 phone
AB2866    Workers’ Comp   Requires the Department of Insurance to post on its Internet site information for each person,          (619) 696-7253 fax
                          association or business convicted of an insurance fraud violation involving workers’                    dianne.jacob@sdcounty.ca.gov
                          compensation insurance, services, or benefits. The information is to remain posted for a period
                                                                                                                                  San Diego City Council
                          of five years from the date of conviction or until the department is notified in writing by the         Council Offices
                          person that the conviction has been reversed or expunged.                                               202 C Street
                                                                                                                                  San Diego, CA 92101
SB899     Workers’ Comp   Significant amendments to workers’ comp system.                                                         Mayor Dick Murphy
                                                                                                                                  (619) 236-6330 phone
                                                         Source: Caloifornia Chamber of Commerce HRCalifornia.com website         (619) 236-7228 fax

                                                                              DECEMBER 2004 — RAMONA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                                           9
 Letter from the President, continued
 Dos Picos Ranch                               Rubios                                            (888) 461-7233 or (858) 722-7616
 Patti Rutledge                                Michael Nutting                                   info@thewaterscreen.com
 15826 Marmac Drive, Ramona                    1664 Main St., #A • 788-9004                      www.the waterscreen.com
 789-3613                                      mike5845@cox.net                                     Varson Exterior Fire Protection installs
 Dos Picos Ranch offers riding lessons and     Rubios is a fresh Mexican grill restaurant,       an automated exterior fire protection
 horse training, as well as pony parties and   specializing in fish tacos. It is open from       system called The Water Screen, which
 the ranch for party rentals by groups,        10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.                   provides protection from wildfires.
 schools and businesses.
                                               The San Diego Union-Tribune                       Webster Financial
 Indulgence Tanning, Nails & Boutique          Patti Anderson, Community Relations Mgr,          Jenni Groff
 Heidi Charette                                North & East County                               16327 Scarbery Road, Ramona
 638 Main St. • 789-4303                       800 W. Valley Parkway, Suite 114, Esc.            (760) 518-3680 • Groffsc@cox.net
 This month-old business offers tanning        (619) 299-3131                                    jenni-groff.myhomeloansite.com
 and nail services and a women’s boutique.     www.signonsandiego.com                               Jenni Groff is the area representative
                                               patti.anderson@uniontrib.com                      for Webster Financial, a mortgage
 Cindy Price, E. A.                               The San Diego Union-Tribune is the             brokerage. She has lived in Ramona for
 16716 Georgias Way, Ramona                    county’s largest-circulation daily. The Union-    the past 10 years, and she also is a Notary
 788-6944 • cindypriceea@cox.net               Tribune also publishes Enlace, a weekly           signing agent.
 Cindy, who specializes in bookkeeping         Spanish-language news publication and
 and tax services and audit representation,    operates SignOnSanDiego.com.
 has 16 years of experience. She offers
 electronic filing and other e-services and    Varson Exterior Fire Protection
 does training for women entering this         Patrick Gilson and Emilio Vargas
 field. She has flexible hours to meet her     13553 Poway Road, #337, Poway
 clients’ needs.

                  New members introduced at the Chamber’s Fifties’
                   Mixer in September were, standing, from left: Gina
               Seashore, life coach; Celia Shanahan, 850 Main Street
                  Salon; Eric Lopez, Main Street Church; Mike Magic,
            Coldwell Banker; Chuck DeMund, Ramona Rotary Club;
                  Jeff Uran, Eartheggs; Pam and Pat Meier, Suddenly
            Slender Shape; Sally Westbrook and Kitty Toth, Diversified
                       Title & Escrow; and kneeling: Sharon Landacre,
              Discovery Toys. Our apologies for not getting this photo
                                                         in last month.
           Photo courtesy of Ramona Home Journal

                                                                                                Hurricane & Poway
                                                                                                Fence Company
                                                                               WOOD • CHAIN LINK • DOG RUNS • CORRALS
                                                                                        — FREE ESTIMATES —

                                                                          209 10TH STREET (HWY 78)
                                                                          P.O. BOX 1636                           RAMONA (760) 789-4142
                                                                          RAMONA, CA 92065                           FAX (760) 788-1537

                               Christmas services                  11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the         donations will be accepted to
                                  St. Mary’s-in-the-Valley         VFW parking lot at 2247 Kelly       help defray the cost. For more
                               Episcopal Church has several        St. Donors will receive a blood     information, including time for
                               holiday events and services: Dec.   donor t-shirt and a choice of a     the dinner, contact the church
                               5, 5 p.m., The “O” Antiphon         hamburger or a hotdog lunch,        or RDOutreach@sbcglobal.net.
Community Information Corner
                               Service; Dec. 19, 10:30 a.m.,       courtesy of the VFW.
                                                                                                       Farmers’ Market
                               The Annual Greening of the          Christmas dinner-reception
                               Church (decorating event); Dec.                                            A farmers’ market is open
                               24, 5 p.m., The Children’s             Ramona Disaster Outreach         every Wednesday, from 4 to 7
                               Christmas Pageant; Dec. 24, 10      and St. Mary’s-in-the-Valley        p.m., at Sun Valley Charter
                               p.m., half hour of Christmas        Church will host a Christmas        School at 2102 Main St. Pro-
                               hymns and carols with Jose          dinner-reception Dec. 19 at at      ceeds from this certified farmers’
                               Smith, harpist; Dec. 24, 10:30      the church. Community mem-          market and crafts fair benefit the
                               p.m. A Festival Service for         bers and fire survivors are         charter high school. Growers,
                               Christmas.                          invited to help decorate the        crafters, artists and food vendors
                                                                   church, starting at 10:30 a.m.,     are invited to reserve space by
                               Singers, ringers needed             and to enjoy a dinner. No           calling 788-8008.
                                  Immaculate Heart of Mary         church service is planned, just
                               Church needs singers for “Les-      the traditional “Greening of the      Some items reprinted from
                               sons and Carols,” to be per-        Church.” Volunteers are needed      Ramona Sentinel and San Vicente
                               formed at 5 p.m. Dec. 19.           to work at the dinner, and          Valley News.
                               Rehearsals are Wednesdays at 8
                               p.m. at the church, 537 E St.
                               Singers and bell players also are
                               needed for Midnight Mass at
                                                                   Ambassadors’ Corner
                               11:30 p.m. Dec. 24. Rehearsals
                               are Thursdays at 8 p.m. at the      Continued from page five            The executive committee elected
                               church. For more information,       your families, friends and hungry   to start term-of-office Jan. 1 is
                               call Dr. Marc Peterka at 789-       appetites to the Christmas Tree     made up of Jennifer Krempp
                               0583, Ext. 11, or email             Lighting Event Saturday, Dec.       (Countrywide Home Loans
                               mpeterka@parishmail.com.            11, in the vacant lot between       Ramona), vice-chair: Leticia
                                                                   D’Carlos and Ramona National        MacPherson (Bank of America),
                               Live nativity pageant               Bank from 4 to 8 p.m.               treasurer; and Russ Ann Zazas
                                  Immaculate Heart of Mary                         ***                 (Mary Kay & Zazas Enterprise &
                               Church will offer its annual live           New Ambassador              Leasing), new member coordina-
                               outdoor nativity pageant on Dec.          Executive Committee           tor, with the support of Stacy
                               5 at the church at 537 E St.           Jeanne Wood (Jeanne Wood         Bablewski (Faux Designs by
                               Music begins at 5:30 p.m., with     Photography) will be the            Stacy). The secretary’s post is
                               the pageant at 6 p.m.               Ambassador chair as of Jan. 1.      still open.

                               Blood drive                               Check out the Ambassadors on the web site at
                                 The Red Cross Bloodmobile             ramonachamber.com/chamber/ambassadors.php4
                               will be in Ramona Dec. 18 from

                                                                                                         Karen McKenzie

                                                                                                                       1443 Main St.
                                                                                                                   Ramona, CA 92065

                                                                    DECEMBER 2004 — RAMONA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                       11
    San Vicente Inn & Golf Club     Ramona Chamber of Commerce,
hosted our November mixer, and      Charlene Foote/Prudential
because of the recent national      California Realty, Countrywide
election, everyone was invited to   Home Loans, Expansion
attend dressed as their favorite    Products Company, Indulgence
president. Kathleen Kennedy was     Tanning, Jewelry World, Karen
the deejay for the event, dressed   Clendenen/Century 21, Ramona
in her most colorful “Uncle         Disposal, Ramona Florist,
Sam” outfit, of course.             Ramona Vintners Cellars, Sears       Above, Sharon Davis and Kathleen
    Sharon Davis, a member of       Ramona, Sharon Davis Interior        Kennedy, Below Angie Morlan and
our Board of Directors and          Design, Silhouette Studio for        Bonnie Beach of the San Vicente Inn &
                                                                         Golf Club, with Chamber president
principal in Sharon Davis           Women, Squeekee Squeegee,
                                                                         Karen Clendenen.
Interior Design, took home a gift   The Promenade Club, Union                                    Photos courtesy of
certificate for $50, donated by     Bank of California, Velocity                   San Vicente Valley News (above)
our hosts, when she was declared    Paintball, Ramona Awards and                        and Ramona Home Journal
the “best dressed’ for the event.   San Vicente Inn & Golf Club.
She came dressed as “President         There will be no mixer in
Hillary 2008.”                      December or January. Instead,
    We even had a Rollover          the Chamber will host the
Jackpot winner. Lisa DeFloria of    Ramona Country Christmas Tree
Economizers Purchasing Service/     Lighting event on Dec. 11 and
EPS Lumber was there to claim       will hold its annual Installation
$491.50. We’ll start with a new     Dinner and Awards on Jan. 14.
jackpot in February, and if you
are a Chamber member and                                                        New Chamber members
there for the event your name is                                                introduced at the mixer were,
drawn, you can claim it, too.                                                   from left: Patrick Gilson and
    We thank the San Vicente                                                    Emilio Vargas, Varson Exterior
Inn & Golf Club for once again                                                  Fire Protection; Gayle and Heidi
putting out an abundance of                                                     Charette, Indulgence Tanning,
                                                                                Nails & Boutique; Donna Naish,
delicious items, including sushi,
                                                                                Donna’s Antiques & Decorative
vegetable trays, egg rolls,                                                     Arts; Dolores Garcia of the
chocolate delights and roast beef                                               Chamber office; Gary Crotts,
sliced to order.                                                                Enterprise Rent-A-Car; Patti
    We also thank those who         Rutledge, Dos Picos Ranch, Travis Linder, Enterprise Rent-A-Car; and Jenni
donated door prizes for the         Groff, Webster Financial.
evening: Art About Africa,                                                                 Photo by Jennifer Jenkin

                                                             to Ramona
            Daniels #2                                        Propane
                                                            and Realize ...

                                                                  BIG SAVINGS!
                                                                                                                      Chamber of Commerce

                                                                                                                      Ramona, CA 92065
                                                                         (760) 788-6262
                                                                                                                      960 Main Street

                                                                        Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8am - 5pm

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