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									Ten Unhealthy Dog Food Additives to Beware

Dog nutrition has become increasingly more important for many conscientious dog owners,
but there are still many people who are uniformed or mislead by the make-up of popular dog
food brands. The ingredients of dog food remain a mystery, with most of us not really
wanting to know the truth about the lack of dog supplements or dog vitamins in the meal our
beloved pet is feasting on. Some so-called health dog foods may claim to provide dog
supplements or dog vitamins, but these are mixed in with such poor ingredients, they can
hardly be recommended over organic dog food, natural dog food, or homemade dog food to
maintain good dog nutrition or support good dog health.

Just as it’s important to read the labels on the food you bring into your kitchen, the same goes
for your pet’s food to ensure they receive the right dog nutrition and dog vitamins they need
to maintain proper dog health. When it comes to providing the right dog health, many brands
claim to be organic dog food or natural dog food, but the details on their label will make you
think otherwise. In order to properly read the labels on most commercial health dog food
packages, you need to know the inside scoop on what is actually meant by terms like “meat
and bone meal,” and “poultry by-products.”

Here is your guide to decoding ten of the worst commercial dog food ingredients.

- Wheat: Wheat is the number one allergy in dogs and because of its high carbohydrate
content, is a contributing factor in canine obesity. Label may refer to wheat flour, wheat germ,
wheat mill run, middlings or mid. Many natural dog food and organic dog food formulas can
now be found without wheat in them.

- Corn: Corn is the number two allergy in dogs and another source of heavy carbohydrates
because of its high sugar content. While corn can be a source of certain dog nutrients, the
corn used in commercial dog food contains the entire corn plant, including the root to the
stems making it a less than desirable dog supplement.

- Soy: The number three allergy-provoking food for dogs, soybean meal or soy flour, is a
highly processed form of soybeans that are void of the essential dog nutrients, dog vitamins,
fats, antioxidants and minerals naturally found in the soybean.

- Brewer’s Rice: Refers to rice sections that have been discarded from the rice kernel.
Brewer’s rice is broken shells of rice that lack dog nutrients and dog vitamins and have been
discarded. They are either going to get swept off from the floor and tossed into the garbage or
added into the dog food mixer.

- Egg Product: While whole eggs can be a nutritious dog supplement, “egg product” refers to
egg shells, eggs that have gone rancid or those that have spoiled.

- Digest: Referred to as “poultry digest” or “meat digest,” this term actually refers to roadkill
animals and euthanized pets.

- By-Product Meal: In reference to meat, poultry, or beef, by-products refers to any part of
the animal other than the muscle tissue. By-product refers to the head, feet or feathers parts
of the animal.

- Cellulose: This pulp left over from fibrous plants is just another name for sawdust with no
dog nutrition benefits.

- Ethoxyquin: This deadly preservative is banned for use in human foods but is commonly
added in commercial dog foods with no regard for dog health.
- Preservatives: Additives like BHA are meant to prolong the shelf-life of the dog food or
improve the food’s appearance, but they offer no nutritional value to your dog’s food and may
actually be harmful for dog health.

If you regularly purchase commercial dog food for your beloved pet, here are out top picks for
brands that produce quality, healthy and nutritious organic dog food or natural dog food to
support proper dog health for your special friend.
Planet Organics

Homemade dog food is also another health dog food option for many owners. Like organic
dog food or natural dog food, homemade dog food can provide your pet with the proper
nutrients and vitamins they need without the dangerous additives. Click here to read more
about PetMix and the dog nutrition benefits of making your own homemade dog food.

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