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Remington Arms Corporation by joannecinc


                                                          Remington Arms Company, Inc.,          ammunition products, and
                                   Legacy Solutions
                                                          designs, produces and sells            distributes its products throughout
                                   19 October 2005        sporting goods products for the        the US and in over 55 foreign
                                                          hunting and shooting sport             countries.
                                                          markets, as well as military,
                                                          government and law enforcement

                                                          Remington is the only US
                                                          manufacturer of both firearms and

                                                          Solution at a glance...
                                                                  Client: Remington Arms Corporation
                                                               Industry: Firearm & Ammunition Manufacturing
                                                          Environment: Microsoft Windows NT/Microsoft SQL Server
                                     RFGen Case Studies

                                                               Solution: Warehouse Management/ RFDC/BATF Compliance
                                                                Devices: Intermec Antares 2425 Hand Helds
The DataMAX Software Group, Inc.

                                                          Solution Summary...
                                                          The Remington plants in Mayfield,      many instances in pallets.      The
                                                          KY and Little Rock, AR needed a        RFGen solution allows the accurate
                                                          management system to track             and efficient tracking capabilities
                                                          inventory receipts, movements,         necessary to comply with legal
                                                          queries, shipments and track the       requirements to their own unique
                                                          serial numbers within their            shipping processes. All of this was
                                                          database.                              accomplished by using RFGen’s
                                                                                                 easy to use, point-and-click
                                                          As an alternative to the more          development tool along with
                                                          traditional Warehouse Management       RFGen’s ODBC Data Mapping tool.
                                                          System, Remington’s needs were
                                                          met using DataMAX’s RFGen              In the end, the key consideration
                                                          Software suite.                        for selecting RFGen was that its
                                                                                                 technology was substantially more
                                                          In order to comply with the Bureau     intuitive, and demonstrably more
                                                          of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms       reliable than anything else
                                                          laws, Remington was mandated to        available on the market, while
                                                          track the shipment of every            DataMAX’s track record for on-
                                                          finished rifle and shotgun by serial   time, on-budget implementations
                                                          number, or face significant            helped to solidify the decision.
                                                          penalties and fines.
                                                                                                 RFGen allowed for the accurate
                                                          Remington’s tracking needs are         tracking that Remington needed,
                                                          unique in that they provide            which greatly reduced the potential
                                                          shipments individually, or             of being fined by the BATF.
                                                          packaged with other units, or in

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