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									The University of Hong Kong

                                                                                Version 1/2009
                                                                               August 31, 2009

    To: All Wardens & Masters of Student Residential Halls
        (See attached Distribution List)

                             Ref. Evacuation with a Disability
           The Safety Office has developed instructions and guidelines for the evacuation of
    staff and students with a disability. Please refer to the attached Safety Matters dated

           I am aware that some students during the recent week's activities are suffering
    from different extent of disability which may pose difficulties and problems in negotiating
    his/her escape travel through the staircase in an emergency.

           Could I request your assistance to ascertain whether or not such a situation exists
    in your Hall and bring the prevalent arrangement to the attention of all Students/Tutors
    and Manager.

           Thank you.

                                                     Rheo Lam
                                                     Assistant Director of Safety

    c.c.   All Hall Managers (See c.c. Distribution List)
           Dr. Albert Chau - CEDARS
(Distribution List)

     To: Dr Katherine Chen, Warden, Morrison Hall
         Prof. Raymond T.F. Cheung, Warden, Lee Hysan Hall
         Dr. R.T.Y. Chung, Warden, R.C. Lee Hall
         Fr. Rev. J.C. Coghlan S.J., Warden, Ricci Hall
         Dr. Max Hui-Bon-Hoa, Warden, Simon K.Y. Lee Hall
         Mr. Simon H.Y. Lo, Warden, Lee Shau Kee Hall
         Mr. Sam Chu, Warden, Swire Hall
         Dr. Cheung Chi Wai, Warden, University Hall
         Dr. Eric Chong, Master, St. John’s College
         Dr. K.C. Cheung, Warden, Wei Lun Hall
         Dr. Suyan Pan, Warden, Lady Ho Tung Hall
         Dr. F.C. Leung, Warden, Starr Hall
         Dr. Ben Young, Warden, Suen Chi Sun Hall

(c.c.Distribution List )
          Prof. K.M. Cheng, Master, Robert Black College
          Dr. Jennifer X.L. Gao, Acting Master, Graduate House
          Professor Tse Hung Fat, Master, Madam S.H. Ho Residence for Medical Students
          Ms. Christina Lo, Manager, Morrison Hall, Suen Chi Sun Hall & Lee Shau Kee
          Ms. Elane Chow, Manager, Lee Hysan Hall, R.C. Lee Hall & Wei Lun Hall
          Mr. Stephen Chan, Manager, Madam S.H. Ho Residence for Medical Students.
          Mr. A.Y.B. Leung, Manager, Simon K.Y. Lee Hall & Swire Hall
          Mr. Mok Kwai Kei, Hall Steward, University Hall
          Ms. Scarlette W.S. Cheung, Manager, Lady Ho Tung Hall & Starr Hall
          Mr. Dick Chow, Manager, Graduate House
          Ms. Mable Tang, Assistant Master, Robert Black College
          Mr. Alan Ng, Manager of Student Flats, CEDARS
          Dr. H.J. Pam, Warden, Duchess of Kent Hall
          Dr. John Lian M.G., Warden, Hornell Hall
          Dr. Michael Chau, Warden, Lee Chi Hung Hall
The University of Hong Kong

                                                                                Version 1/2008
                                                                              November 7, 2008

                       Ref. Pregnant & Disabled Staff Evacuation
            Pregnant colleagues or students, disabled staff or those who have a foreseeable
    difficulty to negotiate their escape journey by staircase in an emergency may wish to
    take note of the possible evacuation arrangements in the event of an evacuation.

            Smoke lobbies (typically featured by two self-closing doors before reaching the
    stair) of highrise buildings are designed and constructed to have a fire resistance period
    of at least half an hour and can resist the action of fire and smoke for half an hour. It is
    a safe place for temporary refuge with suitable prior arrangements.

           People who are not able to negotiate the evacuation journey or who believe it will
    cause less risk by not evacuating could inform the Fire Warden of the floor of their
    decision to take temporary refuge at the smoke lobby. This arrangement must be made
    with the agreement that a designated person will keep the Fire Officer of the Fire Brigade
    immediately informed on its arrival. The Fire Brigade will be able to initiate appropriate
    evacuation or rescue measures upon notification.           This arrangement has the
    endorsement of the Fire Brigade. A direct discussion in advance with the Department
    Fire Warden is essential and proves to be useful.

          Concerns or enquiries regarding evacuation can be addressed to me at

                                                    Rheo Lam
                                                    Assistant Director of Safety

    Distribution:   List C & Intranet

    c.c.   All Fire Wardens

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