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LE T TE R TO S TAk E H OL dER S .............................. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

H O S P I R A’ S V I S I O N, VA L u ES A Nd C OMMI T MENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

CO M PA Ny P R O F I L E A Nd PH I L O SO PH y ............. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

O u R P R O d uC T S ............................................. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

TIM E L I NE - O uR R I C H H I STO R y ...................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

CO M MI T M E NT TO C u STOMER S ......................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

CO M MI T M E NT TO E MPL Oy EES ......................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

CO M MI T M E NT TO C OMMu NI T I ES .................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

CO M MI T M E NT TO C OMPL I A NC E A Nd Pu B L I C POLICy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

CO M MI T M E NT TO E N VI R O NMENTA L R ESPONSI BILITy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

Posted December 2008
since Hospira’s launch as an independent company in 2004, we have focused our decisions,
resources and strategies on growing our business in support of our vision of advancing
WellnesstM through the right people and right products. our acquisition of Mayne Pharma
limited in 2007 represented a defining moment in this journey. in doing so, we significantly
expanded our specialty pharmaceuticals business, more than doubled our presence
internationally, and welcomed new colleagues and ideas to Hospira. essentially, integrating
Mayne into our broader organization enhanced our ability to meet our stated commitments
to our key stakeholders -- customers, employees, shareholders and communities -- on an
increasingly global scale.
the combined strength of Hospira and Mayne established us as the worldwide leader in
specialty generic injectables with no. 1 positions in the United states, europe and australia.
to support our growing footprint, we also implemented a new operational structure that
fosters a stronger global perspective and promotes greater connections with our
healthcare customers -- Hospira’s primary stakeholder -- and key geographic markets
across the globe.
it is these connections that serve as the ongoing platform for Hospira to provide
innovative products and services for our customers, and will also result in us continuing
to live up to our commitment to another important stakeholder -- our shareholders.
to learn more about how Hospira is advancing our financial goals, please refer to the
current Hospira annual report.
as Hospira has evolved into a global organization, we have strengthened our ability to
work well internally and focus on innovation to meet the needs of our stakeholders. in the
last year and a half, we created the Hospira innovation Center to develop the processes,
culture and change necessary to promote functional and geographic collaboration, and
accelerate innovation across our company.
taking full advantage of the worldwide Hospira infrastructure, our employees take a smart
approach to sharing resources, talents and ideas across teams and continents, stressing
that each employee plays a vital and unique role in meeting the needs of our stakeholders.
With our employees as the backbone of our organization, we have strengthened our
culture, continued to provide innovative products and services to our customers, delivered
solid results for our shareholders and positively impacted our communities in myriad ways.
While enjoying the updates and stakeholder stories in this Hospira Global Citizenship report,
you will not only learn about the considerable progress we have made in living up to our
commitments, you will also find that we have enhanced our already strong foundation,
ensuring that Hospira remains a good corporate citizen for years to come.
best regards,

Christopher b. begley
Chairman and Chief executive officer

                                                                                                 H o sPi r a G lo b a l C i t i z e n s Hi P r e P o r t – 1
our Vision
advancing Wellness™...through the right people and the right products.

our Values
Hospira’s key values are based on the current strengths of our people, business and products,
as well as the type of company Hospira aspires to be. We will achieve our vision and deliver
on our commitment through:
· integrity – We build respect and trust in our company, products and employees by setting
  high standards and acting on our values.
· ownership/accountability – our employees are the heart and soul of our company. our
  employees are counted on to advance the company’s performance by meeting their
  commitments and keeping their promises.
· speed – our employees are empowered and expected to act quickly and decisively while
  making informed decisions and ethical judgments.
· entrepreneurial spirit – We respect and encourage visionary thinking by embracing
  people who are passionate champions of creative ideas and who are willing to persevere
  on behalf of innovation.

our Commitment
Hospira has an unwavering commitment to:
· our customers, delivering on our promise by serving their needs with integrity and trust.
· our employees, by embracing diversity of thought and cultural perspective, and fostering
  an environment of empowerment, fairness and respect.
· our shareholders, by safeguarding their investment and providing a fair return.
· our communities, acknowledging our social responsibility through active citizenship
  and thoughtful giving.
CO M PANy P R O F I L E A Nd PHI L OSOPHy                                                                  CORPORATE GOV ER N A N C E
With more than 70 years of excellence serving our stakeholders, Hospira’s vision of                        Hospira is managed under the direction
advancing Wellness™... through the right people and the right products guides us. the                      of its board of directors. the board of
“right people” -- our 14,000+ employees -- are a talented group of entrepreneurial individuals,            directors has established four committees:
committed to working under the highest standards of integrity. the “right products“ -- our                 an audit committee, a compensation
selection of injectable pharmaceuticals and medical devices -- together form a portfolio                   committee, a governance and public
that helps improve the productivity, safety and efficacy of patient care.                                  policy committee, and a science and
                                                                                                           technology committee.
our legacy continued with the 2007 acquisition of Mayne Pharma limited. this resulted in
Hospira becoming the world leader in specialty generic injectable pharmaceuticals and in
an expansion of our product offering and manufacturing footprint.                                          AudIT COMMITTEE
                                                                                                           the audit committee is composed
Hospira has manufacturing facilities across the globe: austin, texas; boulder, Colo.;
                                                                                                           solely of directors who are independent
buffalo, n.Y.; Clayton, n.C.; Finisklin, sligo, ireland; la aurora, Costa rica; liscate, italy;
                                                                                                           and financially literate, as required by
McPherson, Kan.; Morgan Hill, Calif.; Mulgrave, Victoria, australia; north Chicago, ill.;
                                                                                                           the new York stock exchange and the
rocky Mount, n.C.; salisbury, south australia, australia; san Cristobal, Dominican republic;
                                                                                                           securities exchange act of 1934. at
and Wasserburg, Germany.
                                                                                                           least one member of the committee
the company is headquartered in lake Forest, ill. -- home to the regional leadership team                  must have accounting or related
for the americas. leadership for the europe, Middle east and africa (eMea) region is based                 financial management expertise. the
in leamington spa, United Kingdom. the asia-Pacific (aPaC) regional management team                        functions of this committee include:
is in Melbourne, australia.
                                                                                                           · meeting periodically with Hospira
H O S P I R A AC R O S S T HE G L O B E                                                                      management, internal auditors and
                                                                                                             independent auditors regarding the
                                                                                                             company’s internal controls,
                                                                                                             accounting and financial reporting;
                                                                                                           · appointing and evaluating the
                                                                                                             independent auditors;
                                                                                                           · reviewing and discussing Hospira’s
                                                                                                             financial statements and earnings
                                                                                                             press releases with management and
                                                                                                             independent auditors; and
                                                                                                           · establishing procedures for the receipt,
                                                                                                             retention and treatment of complaints
                                                                                                             received by the company regarding
                                                                                                             accounting matters, and the confidential,
           THE AMERICAS                         EuROPE/MIddLE EAST/AFRICA                ASIA PACIFIC
         EMPLOyEES = 11,900                         EMPLOyEES = 1,000                  EMPLOyEES = 1,300     anonymous submission by Hospira
                                                                                                             employees of concerns regarding
H O S P I R A 2 0 07 S AL E S $3 .4 B I L L I ON*                                                            questionable accounting matters.
                                                                                                           both the independent auditors and
sales by region                                               sales by Product Focus                       the internal auditors regularly meet
                                                                                                           privately with the audit committee
                          EMEA                                                                             and have unrestricted access to the
                           16%                                              GLOBAL
                                                                                                           audit committee.

           THE AMERICAS                                            GLOBAL
               77%                                             PHARMACEuTICALS

* includes 11 months of Mayne Pharma limited.                                                                          H o sPi r a G lo b a l C i t i z e n s Hi P r e P o r t – 3
       C O M P E N S AT I O N C O MMITTEE             Ou R PROduCTS
       the compensation committee is                  Hospira is a global specialty pharmaceutical and medication delivery company, backed by
       composed solely of independent directors       proven leadership and a more than 70-year track record of producing high-quality products.
       who are not Hospira employees. the             Hospira provides a breadth of solutions that help improve the productivity, safety and
       functions of this committee include:           efficacy of patient care. our products are used by hospitals, alternate site clinics, home
       · reviewing and determining the                healthcare providers and long-term care facilities.
         executive officers’ compensation;
       · reviewing and, as it deems
         appropriate, recommending to the
         board of directors, policies, practices
         and procedures relating to the
         compensation of Hospira’s officers,
         other managerial employees and               G L OB A L PHARMACEuTICALS
         non-employee directors and the
                                                      Hospira offers one of the broadest portfolios of generic injectable products, many in multiple
         establishment and administration
                                                      dosages or delivery formats. Product areas include oncology, cardiovascular, anesthesia,
         of Hospira’s employee benefit
                                                      anti-infectives, analgesics, emergency and other therapeutic segments.
         plans; and
                                                      specialty injectables will continue to be a large growth opportunity for Hospira. in addition,
       · exercising authority under Hospira’s
                                                      Hospira’s biogenerics program positions the company to be an early participant in the
         employee equity incentive plan and
                                                      emerging and growing biogenerics market. Furthermore, the acquisition of Mayne Pharma
         management incentive plans.
                                                      limited in 2007 doubles Hospira’s international presence, positioning the company as
                                                      the global market leader for generic injectable pharmaceuticals. it also expands Hospira’s
                                                      oncology product offering.
                                                      one 2 one® is Hospira’s contract manufacturing business that utilizes our drug delivery,
                                                      formulation, filling and finishing expertise to produce injectable products on behalf of
                                                      other companies. one 2 one’s customers include some of the world’s largest proprietary
                                                      pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

                                                      G L OB A L dEV ICES
                                                      Hospira’s position in Global Devices is primarily supported by our strong Medication
                                                      Management systems business.
                                                      Medication Management systems include infusion pumps and related disposable sets
                                                      and software, which play a critical role in improving patient safety as well as enhancing
                                                      quality of care and clinician workflow. Hospira’s global installed base includes more than
                                                      400,000 pumps.
                                                      integral to our Medication Management systems offering is Hospira Mednet®, a drug-dose
                                                      safety software that helps reduce medication errors by working to improve the intravenous
                                                      medication process. Hospira’s integrated medication management systems portfolio offers
                                                      wireless, networking and several cross-platform interfacing capabilities to increase hospital
                                                      utility, cost-effectiveness and interoperability with hospital information technology.

4 – H o sPir a G l o b a l C it iz ens H iP r ePort
TIM E L I NE                                                                                     GOVERNANCE ANd P uB L I C
                                                                                                 POLICy COMMITTE E
1930s                                            2000s
                                                 · introduction of Hospira Mednet drug           the governance and public policy
· Discovery and launch of Pentothal®
                                                   library safety software                       committee is composed solely of
  (sodium thiopental) Ciii, one of the
                                                                                                 independent directors. the functions
  most widely used induction anesthetics         · Completion of industry-leading patient
                                                                                                 of the committee include:
  in the world                                     safety effort to affix unit-of-use bar
                                                   codes to all of our more than 1,000           · developing the general criteria for
                                                   hospital injectable pharmaceuticals             selecting members of the board of
· introduction of the first fully disposable
                                                   and i.V. solutions                              directors and assisting the board in
  intravenous (i.V.) administration set
                                                                                                   identifying and attracting qualified
                                                 · launch of Hospira as independent
· introduction of new protein solution for                                                         candidates;
                                                   company, publicly traded on the new
  i.V. feeding
                                                   York stock exchange (nYse) under ticker       · recommending to the board of
1970s                                              symbol ‘HsP’                                    directors the nominees for election
· Discovery and launch of the company’s                                                            as directors and considering Hospira’s
                                                 · introduction of wireless Hospira Mednet
  first electronic drug delivery pump                                                              director qualification criteria;
                                                   drug library safety software
· introduction of the company’s first flexible                                                   · recommending to the board of
                                                 · launch of Hospira Foundation as the
  i.V. container, decreasing the use of glass                                                      directors persons to be elected as
                                                   philanthropic arm of Hospira, inc.
  in the hospital                                                                                  executive officers;
                                                 · launch of lifeCare PCa® infusion system
1980s                                                                                            · reviewing and assessing the adequacy
· Discovery and launch of the world’s first      · introduction of VisiV® next-generation          of Hospira’s corporate governance
  patient-controlled analgesia (PCa) device        container, the first significantly advanced     guidelines;
                                                   i.V. bag in 30 years
· acquisition of high-tech critical care                                                         · providing general oversight of
  monitoring systems                             · acquisition of bresaGen biotechnology           Hospira’s compliance programs,
                                                   company                                         policies and procedures; and
· introduction of the aDD-Vantage® drug
  delivery system, helping decrease phar-        · launch of symbiq® next-generation             · providing general oversight of Hospira’s
  macy preparation time and delivery time          infusion system                                 political and charitable activities.
  to patient
                                                 · signing of strategic agreements
1990s                                              with stada and bioceuticals for a             SCIENCE ANd
· expansion of generic acute-care                  biosimilar product                            TECHNOLOGy COM M IT T E E
  injectables portfolio, helping to reduce the                                                   the science and technology committee
                                                 · launch of isecure™ proprietary syringe
  high cost of proprietary pharmaceuticals                                                       provides general oversight of Hospira’s
                                                 · acquisition of Mayne Pharma limited           research and development and
· introduction of premixed solutions
                                                 · launch of retacrit® (epoetin zeta),           technology initiatives.
· introduction of prefilled syringes to help
                                                   Hospira’s first biosimilar                    For more information about governance,
  reduce the potential for medication
  errors and increase convenience                                                                please visit the investor relations
                                                                                                 section of
· introduction of needleless products to
  improve healthcare worker safety

                                                                                                             H o sPi r a G lo b a l C i t i z e n s Hi P r e P o r t – 5

Posted December 2008
across the globe, hospitals and other healthcare institutions are faced with the task
of caring for patients in an environment of escalating costs, shortages of caregivers and
increasing administrative loads. Despite the realities of this challenging medical environment,
healthcare providers remain steadfast in their focus to offer safe and high-quality patient
care. it is because of this that Hospira is dedicated to offering our customers products and
services that improve the cost, safety and productivity of patient care.
Hospira markets innovative injectable pharmaceutical and medical device solutions to
healthcare providers worldwide. our generic injectable pharmaceutical products help
drive millions of dollars out of the healthcare system. in fact, Hospira is the world’s leading
provider of generic specialty injectable pharmaceuticals, the medications used most
frequently in hospitals.
as the innovator of the world’s first patient-controlled analgesia (PCa) infusion device,
Hospira is a pioneer in offering medication management solutions that help increase the
safety of medication administration. With more recent product introductions, such as Hospira
Mednet safety software and symbiq -- which represents a technological advancement in
infusion device development -- Hospira has focused on making the medication administration
process safer and easier for clinicians to positively impact their productivity.
another groundbreaking Hospira product, the VisiV container, helps hospitals address
safety and reduce waste. VisiV was designed to prevent needlesticks and requires no
overwrap -- decreasing the environmental impact. For hospitals seeking alternatives
to containers containing DeHP [di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate] or PVC (polyvinyl chloride),
VisiV is made from PVC- and DeHP-free materials that provide the thermal stability,
moisture-barrier properties and inertness required for i.V. medications.

our two primary businesses -- specialty injectable pharmaceuticals and medication management
systems or MMs -- are primed to not only help Hospira continue to meet our financial
goals, but also to ensure we provide a steady stream of innovative products to our customers.
in 2007, we launched several new specialty injectable pharmaceuticals, including four
compounds from our r&D pipeline. We also introduced 22 compounds already in our
specialty injectables portfolio into additional countries around the world.
We continue to grow our specialty injectable pipeline, which contained 43 molecules at
the end of 2007. in addition, we are evolving specialty injectables into areas that present
considerable opportunities for growth.
our MMs portfolio is evolving too. We’ve transformed our MMs portfolio into an innovative,
software-based business and have expanded this business with new pump platforms such as
symbiq. We are also pursuing additional enhancements for Hospira Mednet and partnering
with hospital information systems providers so that their systems can interface and
share data seamlessly -- adding a further level of safety and efficiency to the medication
administration process. Global expansion is another area of focus for Hospira and we’re
seeing customer interest in some of our newer MMs technologies outside the United states.
Hospira’s total r&D investment in 2007 was $201.2 million, representing a 24.5 percent
increase from 2006.
                                                      ENT R A N CE INTO BIOGENERICS
                                                      at the end of 2007, Hospira received european Union marketing authorization for its
                                                      biosimilar retacrit, which treats anemia associated with chronic renal failure and
                                                      chemotherapy. With the approval, Hospira became the first north american company
                                                      permitted to sell a biogeneric in europe, and launched the product in several e.U.
                                                      countries in 2008.
                                                      Hospira’s entrance into biogenerics -- often referred to as biosimilars, generic biologics,
                                                      follow-on biologics or follow-on proteins -- is a natural extension of our leading
                                                      generic injectable pharmaceuticals business. biogenerics are “generic” versions of
                                                      biopharmaceuticals. they represent an important longer-term growth driver in the generic
                                                      injectable space, as a wave of patent expirations over the next several years will open the
                                                      proprietary biopharmaceuticals market to competition. the availability of biogenerics can
       P E TE R M AC C AL L uM                        help provide safe, effective patient care while helping to reduce global healthcare costs.
                                                      retacrit is just the first step for Hospira in biogenerics. at the end of 2007, we were actively
       Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre                  developing four other biogenerics, and had acquired australian-based bresaGen to enhance
       (Peter Mac), one of australia’s leading        the company’s protein and peptide manufacturing and cell development capabilities.
       cancer research and treatment facilities,
       integrated the country’s first wireless        the work is far from over. Hospira pushed hard in 2007 to pass legislation in the United
       intravenous (i.V.) drug administration         states that would enable the FDa to create an abbreviated regulatory pathway for safe,
       safety software, Hospira Mednet, into its      pure and effective biogenerics. Unfortunately, such a pathway still does not exist, and bio-
       information technology (it) network in         generics are not available in the United states. With U.s. sales of biologics estimated to reach
       2007. this implementation also marked          $90 billion by 2010, the high prices of the drugs make them an increasing burden for
       the first installation of Hospira Mednet       corporate health plans and Medicare.1 establishment of a regulatory pathway for generic
       safety software outside of north america.      versions is more important than ever.

       Hospira Mednet enables Peter Mac               in september 2007, in his keynote address at the Generic Pharmaceutical association’s
       to update i.V. pump software and               (GPha) annual Policy Conference, Hospira chairman and Ceo Christopher begley said
       data over their wireless network.              he expects biogenerics will save the federal government and society billions of dollars.
       the software also monitors drug                We remain committed to taking a leading role in coming years to make these powerful
       administration by using a central              biopharmaceutical drugs available to U.s. patients at more affordable prices.
       database of i.V. medications to remotely
       update 150 infusion pumps around
       the hospital with the latest safety
       parameters on a per-drug basis.

                                                          Mullally, Veronica, “status of biosimilars in U.s. Could soon Change.” Genetic engineering & biotechnology news, 12 Dec. 2008

8 – H o sPir a G l o b a l C it iz ens H iP r ePort
ST. JOSEPH’S HOSPITAL                         A.L. LEE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL                   ST. THOMAS’ HOSP ITA L
HEALTH CENTER                                 in an effort to lessen its environmental     Hospira gained an important business
Hospital administrators at st. Joseph’s       footprint, a.l. lee Memorial Hospital in     opportunity with the acquisition of
Hospital Health Center, a 431-bed             Fulton, n.Y., became the first hospital      Mayne Pharma, a strong market presence
hospital serving central new York, spent      in the state to fully convert to Hospira’s   in the area of oncology. since then,
nearly two years researching and testing      VisiV containers for intravenous (i.V.)      Hospira has worked vigorously to explore
medication management systems to find         medications and solutions. the switch,       opportunities to license proprietary
the one that could not only improve           which took place in July 2007, helped        products that align with our therapeutic
patient safety, but also work across a        reduce the institution’s annual plastic      portfolios. this is especially true in the
variety of functional areas.                  waste by more than a ton.                    europe, Middle east and africa (eMea)
                                                                                           region, where oncology is a primary focus
at the end of the search and after 200+       lee Memorial chose VisiV because it
                                                                                           for our company.
staff members had tested the system,          has no plastic overwrap, resulting in
st. Joseph’s became the first hospital        40 percent to 70 percent less waste          Due to the enormous cost of oncolytics,
in the northeast region of the United         than other flexible i.V. containers. Most    oncology products provide another
states to implement symbiq, Hospira’s         hospital patients receive some form          opportunity for Hospira to take money
newest infusion pump. the institution         of i.V. therapy, and approximately 500       out of the healthcare system. by being
chose symbiq because of its advanced          million i.V. containers are used in the      first to market with a generic oxaliplatin
safety features, such as built-in Hospira     United states each year. if every hospital   -- a chemotherapy drug used to treat
Mednet safety software and an easy-to-        in the country followed lee Memorial’s       colorectal cancer -- Hospira helped
navigate lCD screen with large fonts and      example, about 20 million pounds of i.V.     st. thomas’ Hospital in london save
color prompts that provide caregivers an      container overwrap could be eliminated       £456,866, or $642,262, in 2007.
at-a-glance view of medication status.        from waste streams annually.                 st thomas’ Hospital is a part of Guy’s
                                                                                           & st thomas’ national Health service
st. Joseph’s clinicians especially            lee Memorial also preferred VisiV
                                                                                           Foundation trust -- providing health
appreciated the customizable drug             because it’s clear and easy to see
                                                                                           care freely or under charitable auspices
library feature of Hospira Mednet, which      through, unlike other i.V. bags that are
                                                                                           since the 12th century. its goal is to be
stores up to 16,000 drug-dosing limits.       typically more opaque and tougher for
                                                                                           one of the very best cancer care centers
this safeguard helps ensure patient           caregivers to read and monitor. Hospira
                                                                                           in the world.
medication is not under- or over-delivered.   developed the bag with an improved
at the end of 2007, st. Joseph’s had          ergonomic design, with features that
implemented 585 symbiq infusion               help protect against accidental
pumps into 25 clinical units.                 needle-stick injuries and provide
                                              medications more rapidly. lee Memorial
                                              expects VisiV to help enhance the quality
                                              and safety of care for its patients.

                                                                                                       H o sPi r a G lo b a l C i t i z e n s Hi P r e P o r t – 9

Posted December 2008
o U r W o r K e n V i ro n M e n t
Hospira strives to provide employees in every role, function and location with a positive
work environment in which they feel valued for their individual contributions and can
impact the company’s success.
integrity is the most important of Hospira’s four core values, and the culture supports this
value with honest and frequent communication to employees. Hospira encourages an
open door policy, which provides a forum for all employees to bring ideas, issues and
concerns forward. this policy offers employees regular visibility to Hospira’s senior leadership
and, in turn, provides management with a unique and honest view of the workplace.
Hospira uses many communications vehicles to keep employees informed, including
employee newsletters, an annual employee kick-off meeting and manager’s messages. on
a quarterly basis, all employees are also invited to attend “Hospira Huddles.” Huddles are
live meetings led by members of management at all Hospira locations and via conference
calls to field-based employees. after short remarks highlighting the company’s most recent
quarterly results and other relevant and timely topics, employees have a forum in which
to ask questions directly to the presenter. “Huddles” have been so successful that many
of our senior leaders have adopted their own ways to connect with employees by hosting
town hall meetings, small group breakfasts and lunches. in fact, the accessibility of our
senior leadership team is often identified by newcomers to Hospira as a refreshing change
to prior job experiences.
       CA RI NG F O R OT H E RS                        EMB R A CING dIV ERSITy ANd CuLTuRAL PERSPECTIV ES
       Dr. Paula bokesch, medical director,            Hospira has adopted policies that clearly express our commitment to employees by creating
       Global Medical affairs, has made a              an environment where all individuals are treated fairly, with respect and consideration for
       difference in the lives of many individuals     their diverse thoughts and cultural perspectives.
       with the help of ameriCares, a leading
                                                       to assist the company in this effort, Hospira formed the Diversity and inclusion action
       humanitarian aid organization and one
                                                       team (Diat). the Diat is a cross-functional team focused on driving superior business
       of Hospira’s primary partners for product
                                                       results through the power of Hospira’s global diversity and inclusion initiatives. it facilitates
       donations. she volunteers her time to
                                                       an environment for Hospira’s business resource Groups to flourish and assists the business
       numerous causes to provide medical
                                                       in identifying appropriate measures of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
       care for those in underprivileged and
       underserved areas. in 2007, she arranged        to date, Hospira has launched five business resource groups: Work Flex innovation network
       for Hospira to donate medical supplies          (Win), Hospira’s Chinese resource network (HCrn), Hospira’s african american network
       for her trip to el salvador.                    (Haan), Hospira’s Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (Glbt) network, and Hospira
                                                       Women’s network (HWn).
                                                       the Win continues to expand its reach and is overseeing the roll out of a training
                                                       program for all managers that lays out the business case for work/life flexibility and
                                                       educates managers about the variety of alternatives available.
                                                       at the same time, HCrn has made significant progress to partner with leaders in
                                                       Hospira’s aPaC region, to regularly articulate career development opportunities to this
                                                       employee audience.
                                                       the Hospira Glbt network was pleased in 2007 to once again announce that Hospira
                                                       was recognized by the Human rights Campaign Foundation, the educational arm of the
                                                       largest advocacy group for Glbt americans, in its Corporate equality index and best Places
                                                       to Work survey as “one of the best Places to Work for Glbt equality.”
                                                       since its launch, the HWn has focused its efforts on introducing employees to its charter
                                                       of creating a work environment that provides Hospira women with opportunities to optimize
                                                       their personal levels of success. several events including networking, book clubs, and
                                                       lunch-and-learn meetings have already attracted more than 420 participants.
                                                       the overall measurement of Hospira’s success to build a diverse work environment that
                                                       reflects the composition of a global company can be measured by our progress: in 2007,
                                                       we increased minority and female representation in seven of eight job level categories.

12 – H o sPi r a G l o b al C it iz ens H iP r ePort
Hospira’s employees are the driving force behind our success and all the company will
accomplish in the future. that’s why ongoing education and development opportunities
are available for employees preparing to embark on new roles, as well as those who simply
want to advance their skills in their current positions.
Hospira offers a robust tuition reimbursement benefit that is highly valued by our employee
base. eligible employees are reimbursed for participation in qualified undergraduate and
graduate school programs. in 2007, Hospira funded more than $1 million in tuition costs
for our employees who attended more than 370 different institutions.
our commitment to ongoing training remains significant. in 2007, on-the-job training
exceeded 198,000 hours and impacted more than 4,400 employees.
in 2007, Hospira made preparations to initiate a number of expatriate assignments to
enhance the ability of employees to thrive in a global company with a strong international
presence. the intent of the program is to provide development opportunities that will
clearly prepare future leaders for the global challenges they will face.
Hospira’s most extensive initiative in the area of employee development was launched
with the introduction of talent Management. talent Management allows Hospira to
focus more than ever on a leadership culture that drives performance. it includes four
components that work together.
· Hospira Leadership Standards – a behavioral “roadmap” of performance requirements
  created to define “success” at Hospira, drive our business strategy and reinforce our
  guiding principles
· Performance Management – a vehicle for improving alignment between individual and
  company goals, enhancing performance feedback and clarifying performance expectations
· Talent Reviews – a series of formal meetings that will help drive decisions to identify,
  rotate, develop and reward top performers and transition under-performers
· Hospira Management and Leadership Academy – a two-track program offering education
  for emerging leaders -- individuals new to supervising staff -- and for more senior
  developing leaders. each track is a five-day, intense, curriculum-rich learning opportunity
  for the participants focused on building strong, growth-oriented leaders able to reinforce
  a culture aligned with our values. since the program’s launch, Hospira has proudly
  sponsored more than 260 participants.
Hospira’s senior leaders were the first to participate in talent Management activities, and
they are accountable for creating a performance-driven culture that reflects formalized
leadership standards aligned with the company’s vision, values and commitment.

                                                                                                H o sPi r a G lo b al C i t i z e n s Hi P r e P o r t – 1 3
                                                        HEA LT H ANd WELLNESS AWARENESS
                                                        in the United states, the rising cost of healthcare has consistently been an issue of concern.
                                                        as a leader in the healthcare industry, Hospira chose to take a proactive approach in 2006
                                                        by introducing Consumer Driven Healthcare Plans (CDHPs) to our employees.
                                                        in 2007, we continued the transition to CDHP plans. the purpose is simple and reflects
                                                        Hospira’s value of ownership and accountability. the CDHP model allows Hospira’s
                                                        employees to be better educated, savvy consumers of healthcare services, which, in turn,
                                                        helps maintain accessibility and affordability of healthcare for everyone. Hospira continues
                                                        to fund approximately 84 percent of U.s. employees’ total healthcare costs, with employees
                                                        covering the remaining 16 percent. in addition, when we introduced CDHPs, we placed a
                                                        stronger focus on preventive care exams by funding at 100 percent all age-based screenings,
                                                        immunizations and flu shots, as recommended by the U.s. Healthcare task Force.
       TA k E C H AR GE O F yOu R
       H E A LT H ANd W E L L NESS                      employee wellness continues to be a consistent theme at Hospira, as we continue to drive
                                                        awareness of medical condition management services that our health plan offers, as well
       building on the momentum created by
                                                        as provide incentive credits to employees for completing preventive exams and other
       Hospira’s take Charge of Your Health
                                                        health-related activities.
       and Wellness initiative, a volunteer
       committee made up of employees from              through the “take Charge of Your Health and Wellness” initiative, Hospira aims to help
       Hospira’s supply Chain team conducted            employees stay healthy. it is an ongoing effort to provide employees with information
       an event designed to help encourage each         about how to make informed healthcare decisions and manage rising costs. throughout
       other and their colleagues to fulfill their      the year, employees receive information via e-mail, the intranet and manager-employee
       new Year’s resolutions to lose weight.           communication and are invited to attend events and participate in contests that promote
                                                        health and wellness.
       the group called the event the biggest
       loser contest and invited interested             in 2007, Hospira was honored with the gold-level aHa start! Fit-Friendly Company
       employees from their location to                 designation, which recognizes employers who go above and beyond when it comes to their
       participate. More than 20 teams (84              employees’ health.
       people) signed up for the contest, which
       ran from January to april 2007. When
       all was said and done, participants lost a
       total of 602.7 pounds!

14 – H o sPi r a G l o b a l C it iz ens H iP r ePort
TRA N S I T I O NAL P R O G R A MS                                                              WOR kPLACE ANd
                                                                                                LEAdERSHIP ACCOL A dE S
the ongoing need to optimize Hospira operations around the globe has resulted in
decisions to expand operations in some areas, and undergo plant closures and reductions         Corporate
in other facilities. these decisions are never taken lightly. Hospira has maintained a strong
                                                                                                Human rights Campaign named Hospira
commitment to provide as much notice as possible to all impacted employees. During
                                                                                                to its Corporate equality index, for the
these times, Hospira has provided transitional pay and benefits to our employees as they
                                                                                                second time in 2007, as one of the best
anticipate their next career opportunities. in addition, Hospira has funded significant
                                                                                                Places to Work.
outplacement services that include job market readiness training, résumé and interview
workshops, and career networking programs.
Hospira offers supplemental pay and benefits to employees who are either training or
serving active duty in support of the current War on terror. this helps bridge the gap
between military pay and benefits and Hospira compensation.

M A kIN G W O R k F uN
Creating an environment in which employees feel valued includes an element of fun.              Chairman and Ceo Chris begley was
at Hospira, the Fun squad is a team of volunteers charged with the simple task of               recognized as the “2007 U.s. Medical
“making work fun.” in 2007, the team organized a number of events throughout the year,          Device Ceo of the Year,” at the 2007
including the Fitness Challenge. this company-wide contest, created in the spirit of            Frost & sullivan “excellence in Medical
personal health and wellness, encourages and rewards employees for “points” they earn           Devices” awards.
based on the time they spend exercising.
another company-wide event held in 2007 was the advancing Wellness World Cup.
to support a global mindset, each Hospira location was assigned to one of the groups
participating in the World Cup soccer tournament. the employees in the group from
which the winning soccer team came were eligible for a drawing to be selected for the
grand prize -- a trip to the United states to visit Hospira’s headquarters.

                                                                                                Montréal, Quebec, Canada
                                                                                                Hewitt and Queen’s University named
                                                                                                Hospira as one of the top 20 best
                                                                                                small and medium businesses to work
                                                                                                for in Canada.

                                                                                                            H o sPi r a G lo b a l C i t i z e n s Hi P r e P o r t – 1 5

Posted December 2008
Hospira mobilizes our collective resources around three major philanthropic initiatives:
Advancing Wellness, Hospira Employee Engagement and Community Investments.
From Hospira’s launch in 2004 through the end of 2007, our company, the Hospira
Foundation and Hospira employees have given more than $40 million in monetary
and product donations to support the global community.

our company’s philanthropic arm is the Hospira Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation
focused on improving health and wellness in communities we touch. the work of the
Foundation reinforces our ongoing commitment and continuous outreach to the
communities where our employees live and work.
the Foundation offers support and partnerships to national and regional charitable
organizations that promote health and wellness activities associated with our core
expertise, business objectives and competencies. as part of this initiative, we also donate
our products to support humanitarian relief efforts.
recent partners and beneficiaries of product donations and grants include:
       employees at Hospira’s Philippines site
       in Pasig City, Metro Manila, founded
       the Hospira Philippines Choir in 2006.
       the choir brings entertainment through
       song to fellow employees during
       company activities and cheer and joy
       to patients in government hospitals
       during holiday seasons.
       in December 2007, through the generosity
       of Hospira employees, the choir collected
       employee donations of kiddie bags,
       goodies and children’s books to share
       with the patients of Pasig City General
       Hospital. Prior to the gift-giving, the
       choir serenaded the patients, and one of
       the hospital’s physicians, Dr. noel Cruz,
       further entertained them with a story-
       telling session using his self-authored
       children’s book.
       it was a very fulfilling activity for the
       choir members and the entire Philippines
       team -- a fitting start and small step
       that they hope to replicate in the years
       to come.

       Montréal, Quebec, Canada
       received special recognition from bon
       Dieu dans la rue, an organization that
       supports homeless children, for financial
       and volunteer support provided by
       Hospira employees.

1 8 – H o sPi r a G l o b al C it iz ens H iP r ePort
through the Hospira employee Giving Campaign, workplace blood drives, ongoing
volunteerism and other programs, we recognize the tremendous value our employees
provide to community causes and issues of interest. through the Hospira Foundation,
we also promote volunteerism to our U.s. employees through a partnership with
VolunteerMatch, a leader in the non-profit world dedicated to helping everyone find
a great place to volunteer.

the Hospira Foundation provides support and leadership through contributions to,
participation in and sponsorships of select community causes and organizations that are
important to our company, employees and the vitality of the communities where Hospira
operates. Community investment grants emphasize health and wellness-related               MAk ING A dIFFEREN C E
opportunities that advance our vision.                                                    Hospira employees in McPherson, Kan.
                                                                                          participated in “brush-Up Mac,” a
                                                                                          community effort to help disadvantaged
                                                                                          residents maintain their houses. the
                                                                                          team of 47 employees dedicated more
                                                                                          than 450 hours of time and effort to
                                                                                          improve this house in a short three-day
                                                                                          period. the homeowner was extremely
                                                                                          pleased with the results and thankful
                                                                                          for the help.

                                                                                          BRIGHTENING uP
                                                                                          employees from lake Forest, ill.,
                                                                                          demonstrated their commitment to the
                                                                                          community by brightening up Greenwood
                                                                                          elementary school in Waukegan, ill.
                                                                                          During a day-long event, volunteers
                                                                                          scraped and re-painted the school
                                                                                          building and painted a hopscotch
                                                                                          game and a U.s. map on the parking lot.

                                                                                                    H o sPi r a G lo b al C i t i z e n s Hi P r e P o r t – 1 9
                                                        THE AM E RI CA S

                                                        Advancing Wellness                         Hospira Employee Engagement
                                                        Relief from the San diego Wildfires        Hospira Employee Giving Campaign

                                                        the Hospira Foundation responded to        Hospira supports the causes that are most
                                                        the october 2007 wildfires in san Diego,   important to our employees through the
                                                        Calif., by contributing to Direct relief   Hospira employee Giving Campaign, which
                                                        international’s relief programs to aid     emphasizes employee choice through
                                                        affected areas.                            multiple giving and donation options. the
                                                                                                   Hospira Foundation matches employee
                                                                                                   donations by adding 50 percent to their
                                                        Re-building After Tropical Storm Noel      contribution. the campaign benefits six
                                                                                                   featured charities -- american Cancer
                                                        the Hospira Foundation provided
                                                                                                   society, american Heart association,
                                                        assistance to the Dominican republic’s
                                                                                                   United Way, Community Health Charities,
                                                        clean-up and re-building process after
                                                                                                   earth share and Global impact -- along
                                                        tropical storm noel in october 2007
                                                                                                   with more than 1,000 additional
                                                        through a grant to the american
                                                                                                   employee-selected charities, schools and
                                                        red Cross.
                                                                                                   hospitals across the United states. in
                                                                                                   2007, employees and the Hospira
                                                        Costa Rica’s “Tower of Hope”               Foundation pledged approximately
                                                                                                   $1.2 million to causes of personal
                                                        the Hospira Foundation funded a grant      interest to Hospira employees.
                                                        for the Children’s Hospital Costa rica
                                                        Foundation in 2007. the donation was for
                                                        the “tower of Hope” program, providing     Community Investments
                                                        children with more space and services at
                                                                                                   united States Community Involvement
                                                        the hospital.
                                                                                                   in the United states, Hospira sites and
                                                                                                   the Hospira Foundation supported many
                                                                                                   great causes throughout 2007. From
                                                                                                   funding family nutrition programs at
                                                                                                   nearby hospitals, to advancing health
                                                                                                   career training at local colleges and
                                                                                                   sponsoring wellness programs through
                                                                                                   area organizations, Hospira’s U.s. sites
                                                                                                   positively impacted their communities.

2 0 – H o sPi r a G l o b al C it iz ens H iP r ePort
                                                                E ME A & A PA C

Advancing Wellness                               Advancing Wellness                                      Advancing Wellness
“Operation Provide Hope” in Belarus,             Supporting Health Clinics in Africa                     Cyclone Sidr Relief
Europe, and kyrgyzstan, Asia
                                                 through ameriCares, Hospira donated                     through ameriCares, Hospira donated i.V.
through CitiHope international, the              products to health facilities and medical               solutions for victims of Cyclone sidr in
Hospira Foundation donated product               clinics throughout Darfur, sudan, serving               bangladesh, asia, in november 2007.
to the U.s. state Department’s                   more than 400,000 sudanese living in
“operation Provide Hope” program,                nearby relief camps. in 2007 alone, Hospira
providing humanitarian medical aid               assisted approximately 400 medical missions
to belarus and Kyrgyzstan. Hospira’s             across the globe through product donations
donation of vancomycin, a powerful               to ameriCares.
antibiotic, helped save a two year old’s
life in november 2007.

                                                                                                         bangladesh warehouse.
                                                                                                         – Photograph provided by AmeriCares

                                                                                                         Earthquake and Tsunami Relief in
                                                                                                         Indonesia, Asia
                                                                                                         in september 2007, an earthquake,
                                                                                                         followed by a small tsunami, affected
                                                                                                         approximately 60,000 people in
two-year-old zainap and her mother preparing
                                                                                                         sumatra, indonesia. through Heart to
to leave the hospital after zainap was treated
with vancomycin.                                                                                         Heart international, Hospira donated
– Photograph provided by CitiHope                                                                        products to assist disaster victims.

                                                 Darfur relief camp –Photograph provided by AmeriCares

                                                                                                         Adult Oncology and Clinical
                                                                                                         Pharmacology Program
                                                 Partnering with Project HOPE and
                                                 the u.S. Navy                                           in 2007, the Hospira Foundation granted
                                                                                                         funds to continue a research collaboration
                                                 the Hospira Foundation awarded a
                                                                                                         with the Mater research Foundation in
                                                 grant to Project HoPe in support of
                                                                                                         brisbane, australia. the project’s purpose
                                                 its 2007-2008 Global Humanitarian
                                                                                                         is to develop improved methods for the
                                                 assistance Program, which included
                                                                                                         individualization of chemotherapy.
                                                 several U.s. navy Volunteer Missions to
                                                 West africa. the grant helped send volunteer
                                                 physicians, nurses and ancillary health
                                                 professionals to the ship-based operations.

                                                                                                                          H o sPi r a G lo b a l C i t i z e n s Hi P r e P o r t – 21

Posted December 2008
Given the important products and services we provide to healthcare professionals and
patients around the world, the need for integrity and accountability -- two of our core
values -- is apparent. because peoples’ lives depend upon our actions and our decisions,
Hospira safeguards our core value of integrity by consistently and resolutely focusing on
ethical behavior in our interactions with key stakeholders and by holding our employees,
agents and contractors accountable for their actions.

the office of ethics and Compliance (the oeC) is specifically charged with developing
and implementing a strong and effective ethics and compliance program that advances
Hospira’s vision, values and commitment and reduces the company’s ethical and compliance
risks. the oeC ensures Hospira’s programs conform to the U.s. Federal sentencing Guidelines
for organizations issued by the U.s. sentencing Commission, an independent agency in the
judicial branch of the U.s. government. these guidelines define the characteristics of
effective ethics and compliance programs and serve as the foundation for well-constructed
and administered programs across all industries.
                                                        C O dE OF BuSINESS CONduCT
                                                        the oeC is responsible for building awareness of and compliance with Hospira’s Code
                                                        of business Conduct and relevant policies and procedures. the Code serves as a guide and
                                                        ethical compass in support of Hospira’s vision, values and commitment. like a compass,
                                                        the code has eight points -- referred to as the eight Principles of integrity -- that set
                                                        Hospira’s course. the Code reflects the foundation for the trust between Hospira and
                                                        our stakeholders.
                                                        available in nine languages, the Code applies to all officers, employees, contractors and
                                                        agents of Hospira and subsidiaries worldwide. it also applies to all businesses Hospira
                                                        owns or in which Hospira holds a majority interest. the Code helps ensure Hospira
                                                        employees understand what is expected of them, and it is a resource for answers to ethical
                                                        questions. We provide training on the Code to all new employees and contractors and
                                                        offer refresher courses on an annual basis. in 2007, all of Hospira’s new employees who
                                                        joined the company as a result of the Mayne acquisition received training on the Code.
                                                        to view the Code of business Conduct in its entirety, please visit

                                                        ETHICS ANd C OMPLIANCE HELPLINE
                                                        Hospira also has a global ethics and compliance helpline where employees, contractors
                                                        and others, can report -- via telephone or internet -- any concerns or questions about the
                                                        Code or other matters. the oeC maintains a case management system which is used to
                                                        document, track and report data on matters reported to or reviewed by the oeC. this data is
                                                        routinely reviewed by Hospira’s management team and the board of director’s Governance
                                                        and Public Policy Committee.

                                                        ETHICA L INTERACTIONS WITH Cu STOMERS ANd COMPETITORS
                                                        since our inception, Hospira has focused on holding our company’s leadership and
                                                        employees alike to a comprehensive set of standards and policies to ensure that our
                                                        interactions with customers, suppliers and competitors are appropriate. Key company
                                                        requirements include, but are not limited to, global policies on antitrust, anti-boycott,
                                                        anti-bribery and procedures for interactions with healthcare professionals.
                                                        training, monitoring, auditing and meeting with cross-functional teams to review reports
                                                        and share knowledge about new laws and developments are some of the activities that
                                                        occur to ensure compliance with these requirements.
                                                        For example, the oeC has trained all U.s. commercial employees on the company’s
                                                        Procedures for interactions with Healthcare Professionals to ensure compliance with
                                                        federal anti-kickback laws and related state laws. the oeC also has issued an anti-bribery
                                                        policy and initiated anti-bribery training for our employees whose responsibilities reach
                                                        beyond the United states.

2 4 – H o sPi r a G l o b al C it iz ens H iP r ePort
S u P P L I E R C O d E O F C ONdu C T
Hospira’s suppliers play a vital role in fulfilling our value of integrity to stakeholders.
our suppliers represent organizations whose products and services are integral to our
daily work -- from Hospira’s raw material providers that make components used to
manufacture our products, to computer software companies, to businesses that offer
us consulting services. Hospira’s supplier Code of Conduct establishes expectations for
business conducted between Hospira suppliers and employees and provides suppliers with
information regarding business and ethical issues.
it is essential that Hospira suppliers meet our requirements, and adhere to the legal
and regulatory requirements for product quality and safety and for the workplace, including
environmental, health and safety platforms; to recognize human rights and employee
diversity; and to demonstrate commitment to equal opportunity employment.
Hospira employees are committed to conducting business in a legal and ethical manner
with integrity and professionalism. by ensuring that our suppliers understand our business
and support our philosophy, we can help them better anticipate our needs and support our
vision of advancing Wellness.

We believe that ethical science and technology are essential to our vision, values and
commitment. to that end, Hospira has a bioethics policy approved by the senior
management team. the oeC convenes a multi-disciplinary committee to review and
provide oversight on bioethics matters in accordance with this policy.
the policy guides our activities in accordance with applicable regulations, laws and directives.
We do not engage in any research, development, production or commercialization of any
chemical compounds or medical technology for which the known or predictable risks
outweigh the benefits to society and patients.
When considering pre-clinical and medical research and applications of research, Hospira
will conduct animal research and medical research involving human subjects in a
compassionate and respectful manner and will adhere to all applicable informed
consent and privacy requirements.
Hospira conducts r&D, medical affairs and manufacturing activities in accordance with
the World Health organization (WHo) and international Conference of Harmonization
(iCH) standards.

                                                                                                   H o sPi r a G lo b al C i t i z e n s Hi P r e P o r t – 2 5
                                                        G L OB A L QuALITy

                                                        HEL PI NG ENSuRE QuALITy ACROSS THE BuSINESS
                                                        the safety, quality and efficacy of Hospira’s devices and pharmaceuticals is backed by
                                                        the strength of our Global Quality and regulatory team. the team is responsible for
                                                        quality oversight throughout the product lifecycle, including development, purchasing,
                                                        manufacturing, distribution and post-marketing surveillance.
                                                        Government regulations and manufacturing standards constantly evolve, and Global Quality
                                                        works closely with all manufacturing facilities and distribution centers to ensure Hospira
                                                        meets the company’s responsibilities. Hospira relies on people at all levels and areas of our
                                                        business to make informed decisions affecting product quality. that’s why Global Quality and
                                                        regulatory developed and administers Hospira’s Quality system -- to manage and
                                                        ensure compliance with customer requirements, Hospira’s Code of business Conduct,
                                                        global standards and regulations.

                                                        EMPL OyEE-dRIV EN QuALITy
                                                        supporting the safety and efficacy of our products requires continuous improvement. it
                                                        starts at the top with Hospira senior management’s ongoing commitment to working
                                                        with Global Quality to develop, maintain and improve the Quality system. at the site
                                                        level, local management representatives ensure Quality system requirements are met
                                                        and maintained. Management, together with the Global Quality and regulatory team,
                                                        conducts reviews according to established procedures and with sufficient frequency to
                                                        ensure Hospira satisfies the requirements of applicable regulations and policies.
                                                        individual employees also play a critical role in driving quality at Hospira. they are
                                                        informed about, and accountable for, the reliability of Hospira’s services and products,
                                                        from product manufacturing through distribution and post-market surveillance. Global
                                                        Quality helps Hospira personnel and contract manufacturers by providing training to
                                                        facilitate education about the Quality system and current regulatory requirements.
                                                        Hospira’s Quality/regulatory personnel receive the necessary training to perform their
                                                        assigned functions, and the responsibilities and qualifications of personnel are defined
                                                        and recorded.

2 6 – H o sPi r a G l o b al C it iz ens H iP r ePort
When it comes to documentation, Hospira’s Quality system uses a corporate documentation
structure that ensures employees comply with Hospira’s standards and that products
conform to established requirements, laws and regulations. the documentation system
establishes an effective framework of two-way communication between management
and employees.
the structure of the documentation system consists of a series of controlled documents
that include the Quality Manual, corporate-level policies and procedures, standard operating
procedures, Quality records, Quality plans and product specifications. these documents
ensure that processes are effectively planned, implemented and controlled.
to promote the ongoing improvement of products, services and processes, Global Quality
uses trending assessments, management reviews and Corrective action and Preventative
action (CaPa) programs. assessments of Hospira’s global facilities and support functions
are conducted at planned intervals to verify that the Quality system is in compliance with
established requirements and to determine its effectiveness.

today, the Quality team is becoming increasingly proactive and prevention-oriented.
Hospira’s customers include hospitals, home-care settings, wholesalers/distributors,
government agencies, pharmacies, doctors’ offices and many others. the Quality team is
focused on continually learning how we can improve our products by understanding
the experiences and needs of our diverse customer base. the use of bar coding and the
introduction of Hospira Mednet are examples of the Quality team’s commitment to meeting
customer needs.
as part of our ongoing commitment to quality, the company’s Global supplier Quality
team is tasked with certifying suppliers and ensuring that they provide materials and
services that meet our specifications and standards. the supplier quality program at Hospira
oversees suppliers that provide raw materials used to manufacture pharmaceutical and
device products and third-parties that supply finished products distributed under the
Hospira name.
Hospira collects, monitors, analyzes and trends data from many sources including
customer complaints, auditing, and process and product monitoring. there are many
active projects utilizing many investigative and process improvement tools. ongoing
programs, such as six sigma, lean Processing, Value stream Mapping and Kaizen events,
are employed to provide assurance and continued capability of processes and controls
to demonstrate product conformance and to support early detection of potential issues.

                                                                                               H o sPi r a G lo b al C i t i z e n s Hi P r e P o r t – 2 7
                                                        G OVER NMENT AFFAIRS
                                                        Many legislative issues affect Hospira’s business. in fact, the company monitors more
                                                        than 2,000 pieces of U.s., state, federal and global legislation. the company’s Government
                                                        affairs team represents Hospira’s interests to government officials, lawmakers and policy-
                                                        makers who can advance and/or protect patient access to Hospira products worldwide.
                                                        Hospira’s Government affairs function was chartered in 2006. in 2007, Hospira opened a
                                                        new office in Washington, D.C., to position the function in an ideal location to establish
                                                        and develop relationships with U.s. legislators.

                                                        HOSPI RA EMPLOyEE POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE (PAC)
                                                        because healthcare in the United states is heavily regulated, fair and balanced laws and
                                                        regulations are in the consumer’s best interest. one effective way of ensuring this is
                                                        through our employee PaC. in 2007, in accordance with the Federal election Campaign
                                                        act, Hospira launched the Hospira employee PaC, llC, a voluntary, non-partisan,
                                                        employee-funded organization. the Hospira employee PaC supports U.s. political candidates
                                                        and elected officials who advance a favorable position on issues critical to Hospira and
                                                        our employees, as well as elected officials who assist the company with developing legislation
                                                        and regulations that could impact Hospira’s business and future.

                                                        MA J O R ISSuES AddRESSEd IN 2007:
                                                        Government affairs receives direction from Hospira’s internal Public Policy steering Committee,
                                                        which defines the priorities and positions on legislative and policy issues affecting the
                                                        company’s business. in 2007, Hospira’s top three public policy priorities were:

                                                        1 . B I O GENERICS
                                                        lobbying for legislation to establish a regulatory pathway for the U.s. Food and Drug
                                                        administration (FDa) to approve biogenerics was a major focus for Government affairs in
                                                        2007. biogenerics are generic versions of currently marketed biopharmaceuticals. in the
                                                        United states, there is currently no regulatory pathway for their approval.
                                                        by the end of 2007, the U.s. senate Health, education, labor and Pensions (HelP) Committee
                                                        passed legislation to create the approval pathway. the House energy and Commerce
                                                        Committee had publicly committed to advancing biogenerics legislation. as legislation
                                                        still has not passed by Congress, discussions regarding a biogenerics pathway are ongoing.
                                                        Hospira continues to advocate for legislation with key coalition partners at the Center for
                                                        a Competitive Pharmaceutical Marketplace (CCPM), a coalition of consumers, payers,
                                                        employers and generic drug manufacturers advocating for biogenerics and access to
                                                        generic drugs; and the Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturers association (GPha), an
                                                        association representing the interests of manufacturers, distributors and suppliers in the
                                                        generic pharmaceuticals industry.

2 8 – H o sPi r a G l o b al C it iz ens H iP r ePort
2. d Ru G P E d I GR E E
in 2006, California passed legislation requiring all prescription drugs sold in the state
to contain a manufacturer-initiated electronic pedigree serialized at the lowest unit of
sale by Jan. 1, 2009. Drug pedigrees provide the tracking data of a drug’s route from the
manufacturer to the customer, assuring that the product has not been diverted in an
unlawful manner.
the California board of Pharmacy (boP) has responsibility for enforcing the pedigree law
and has the authority to delay the implementation date of the law to January 1, 2011.
in 2007, Hospira worked with GPha to delay the implementation date until 2011 to help
ensure industry-readiness for the law. in addition, through membership in GPha, Hospira
advocated for the passage of the Dorgan amendment as part of the FDa amendments act
of 2007. if it had passed, the Dorgan amendment would have created a national drug
pedigree requirement at the lot level preempting the California law.

3. F d A uS E R F E E S
Generic Drugs: in 2007, the FDa’s office of Generic Drugs opened negotiations with the
generic drug industry to establish manufacturer user fees for generic drug applications.
Hospira, along with other members of GPha, participated in those negotiations, which
are ongoing.
Medical Devices: throughout 2007, Hospira worked with advaMed, the world’s largest
medical technology association, on updates to the FDa’s user fees for medical device
applications as part of the Medical Device User Fee act of 2007 (MDUFa iii). the passage
of the medical device user fees will allow the FDa to reasonably increase its fees in
accordance with the expectations and metrics outlined for the FDa to achieve in support
of the industry.

Hospira reports lobbying expenditures to the U.s. Congress in accordance with the
lobbying Disclosure act of 1995. in 2007, Hospira spent $411,000 in lobbying expenses
toward advancing the company’s legislative priorities. reports outlining Hospira’s lobbying
expenses can be viewed here: Hospira’s lobbying
costs include the salaries and benefits for all employees registered to lobby the U.s.
government; use of lobbying consultants; support for lobbying contacts such as planning
activities and research; support staff; and the portion of trade association fees associated
with federal lobbying.

                                                                                               H o sPi r a G lo b al C i t i z e n s Hi P r e P o r t – 2 9

Posted December 2008
in support of our vision, values and commitment, Hospira has pledged to nurture a
sound workplace and global environment. Hospira adheres to an environmental, health
and safety management system (eHs Ms) that integrates eHs considerations into our
business decisions.
the eHs performance metrics discussed herein are driven by the eHs Ms framework for
setting goals, incorporating stakeholder input and continuously improving using the
“Plan, Do, Check, act” model. adherence to the management system is verified during
internal eHs audits, with input from external experts.

this report provides eHs information for the full-year 2007, the most current data available
at the posting of the report and the year in which we acquired Mayne Pharma limited.
the next update of the citizenship report will highlight full-year 2008 information.
Health safety and environmental regulations vary from country to country. the data
in this section has been gathered from our various operations and is accurate to the best
of our knowledge. Where referenced, “operations” refers to Hospira manufacturing
locations worldwide.
the metrics and targets proposed in 2005, the year we established the Hospira eHs
baseline, for safety data have not changed. restatement of the baseline, and combined
legacy Hospira and Mayne safety metrics, are in the process of being completed and will
be reflected in the next reporting cycle.
as the environmental metrics and targets Hospira proposed in 2005 were for manufacturing
locations, these targets have been restated to include Mayne manufacturing operations.
the results of this restatement are reflected in the environmental data graphs and table 1
on page 33. the 2007 environmental metrics also include former Mayne operations.
                             SAFETy TARGETS*

                             osHa injury/illness rate                             SAFETy METRICS:
                             U.s./Costa rica/Dominican republic
                                                                                  2005 Through 2010 Safety Targets
                             1.4                                                  · 10 percent reduction in the U.S. work-related injury/illness rate
  Per 200,000 Hours Worked

                             1.2                                                    our 2007 osHa-recordable injury/illness rate was 1.1 incidents per 200,000 hours
                             1                                                      worked. We are targeting to reduce our injury/illness rate by an average of 2 percent per
                                                                                    year from the 2005 rate of 1.67.
                             0.4                                                  · 10 percent reduction in lost-day/restricted-day/transferred-day cases
                             0.2                                                    in 2007, Hospira employees collectively were away from work at a rate of 0.71 cases per
                                        ‘05    ‘06      ‘07   ‘08   ‘09    ‘10      200,000 hours worked. our goal is to reduce these cases by an average of 2 percent per
                                                                                    year from the 2005 rate of 1.1.
                                   targets    actual
                                                                                  · 10 percent reduction in vehicle accidents per million miles driven in the United States
                                                                                    in 2007, the sales force posted an accident rate of 5.9 accidents per million miles driven.
                             lost-Day/restricted-Day/transferred-Day rate           our target is to reduce the number of vehicle accidents by an average of 2 percent per
                             U.s./Costa rica/Dominican republic                     year from the 2005 rate of 6.6.
                                                                                  · 80 percent of Hospira facilities achieving OSHA VPP Star status or equivalent
  Per 200,000 Hours Worked

                                                                                    Hospira has embraced a holistic eHs management system, of which a significant portion
                                                                                    is based on the osHa Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). the VPP initiative focuses
                                                                                    on five key areas: management commitment, employee involvement, worksite analysis,
                                                                                    hazard prevention and control, and training. in 2005, Hospira established a goal for 80
                             0.2                                                    percent of Hospira facilities to achieve the osHa VPP star status or equivalent by 2010.
                                        ‘05   ‘06      ‘07    ‘08    ‘09    ‘10
                                                                                    Hospira sites outside of the United states are pursuing the oHsas 18001 certification
                                                                                    (deemed equivalent to the VPP model and more applicable to non-U.s. locations).
                                   targets    actual
                                                                                  since inception, Hospira has implemented a number of safety programs that have nurtured a
                                                                                  culture of safety throughout the company. Most notably we have embraced the osHa VPP
                                                                                  approach at all of our U.s. manufacturing locations. as a result, we have met our 2010
                             U.s. sales Fleet accident rates
                                                                                  safety targets sooner than expected. Hospira is evaluating whether the targets should be
                                                                                  adjusted prior to the original 2010 deadline.
  Accidents/Million Miles

                                        ‘05   ‘06       ‘07   ‘08   ‘09    ‘10

                                   targets    actual

                             *excludes Mayne Pharma

3 2 – H o sPi r a G l o b al C it iz ens H iP r ePort
                                                                                                                                                 ENVIRONMENTAL TARGETS

E N VIRO NM E NTAL MET R I C S                                                                                                                   Water Use
on an annual basis, Hospira collects data from manufacturing locations for a number                                                              340
of environmental parameters. the metrics are collected from manufacturing operations                                                             335

                                                                                                                          Gallons/$1,000 Sales
worldwide. the environmental metrics are then normalized to the annual Hospira sales                                                             325
figure and compared to the environmental targets. normalizing environmental metrics                                                              315
by annual sales is a common method to ensure that the data accounts for changes in a                                                             310
company’s business over time.                                                                                                                    300
energy reported in table 1 is the total energy used, both direct and indirect.                                                                             ‘05        ‘07           ‘08           ‘09           ‘10
                                                                                                                                                       actual     targets

TA BLE 1 : E NV I R O NMENTA L MET R I C S dATA FOR yEARS 2005 ANd 2007                                                                          Process air emissions
H O S P I R A M ANuF AC T u R I NG OPER AT I O NS                                                                                                .30
                                                     2005 baseline                       2007            Percent Change

                                                                                                                          Pounds/$1,000 Sales
 Water Use (gallons)                                 1,178,228,332                       1,066,151,443   (10)                                    .15

 Process air emissions (lbs.)                        996,313                             614,002         (38)                                    .10

 Hazardous Waste * (lbs.)                            4,428,963                           3,465,422       (22)                                    .05
 non-Hazardous Waste * (lbs.)                        19,842,700                          17,481,336      (12)
                                                                                                                                                           ‘05        ‘07           ‘08           ‘09         ‘10
 total energy Use (M btU)                            2,953,293,000                       2,830,466,845   (4)                                           actual     targets

      indirect energy Use 2                          1,940,313,000                       1,958,683,000                                           Hazardous Waste
      Direct energy Use        3
                                                     1,012,980,000                       871,783,845
 * Disposed of (excludes recycling)
     indirect energy is energy we purchase from other sources (i.e., electricity and steam).                                                     1.0
     Direct energy is the on-site production of energy in the form of fuel combustion.
                                                                                                                          Pounds/$1,000 Sales



                                                                                                                                                           ‘05       ‘07           ‘08            ‘09         ‘10
                                                                                                                                                       actual     targets

                                                                                                                                                 non-Hazardous Waste

                                                                                                                          Pounds/$1,000 Sales




                                                                                                                                                           ‘05       ‘07           ‘08            ‘09         ‘10
                                                                                                                                                       actual     targets

                                                                                                                          BTu/$1,000 Sales

                                                                                                                                                           ‘05        ‘07           ‘08           ‘09         ‘10
                                                                                                                                                       actual    targets

                                                                                                                                                                 H o sPi r a G lo b al C i t i z e n s Hi P r e P o r t – 3 3
                                                        2005 Through 2010 Environmental Targets
                                                        · 5 percent reduction in packaging materials
                                                          reducing the packaging materials of Hospira’s products presents a unique challenge due
                                                          to the important role of packaging in the distribution and protection of medical products.
                                                          once a product is used, the packaging becomes waste. the Hospira packaging reduction
                                                          team leads the company’s efforts in this area. in 2007, more than 525,000 pounds of
                                                          packaging weight reductions were achieved through product-packaging redesign efforts.
                                                          Hospira is on track to achieve the 2010 reduction target.
                                                        The following targets are normalized to sales
                                                        · 5 percent reduction in water usage
                                                          Hospira plants that manufacture injectable pharmaceuticals and solutions use millions
       TH E G R E E N T E AM                              of gallons of water each year for inclusion in products and sterilization processes. our
       asia Pacific                                       goal is to conserve this valuable resource through increased efficiencies across our
                                                          manufacturing processes. total water used represents the amount of water supplied to
       the goal of the ‘Green team’ at Hospira’s
                                                          facilities by the local municipality, international counterpart, or an on-site source such
       Mulgrave, australia, site is to:
                                                          as a local well or surface-water source.
       · encourage resource conservation to
                                                        · 10 percent reduction in process air emissions
         benefit our employees as well as the
                                                          Process air emissions are primarily discharges of volatile organic compounds or other
                                                          regulated air contaminants that are produced or used in the manufacture of products.
       · explore reductions to Mulgrave’s                 these do not include fuel combustion emissions, such as those from boilers and
         current consumable resource use;                 electrical generators.
       · educate employees on the ways                  · 10 percent reduction in hazardous waste
         consumable resources can be conserved;           to be consistent with the Global reporting initiative (Gri), the definition of the hazardous
                                                          waste category is defined by national legislation at the point of generation. Hospira
       · promote the ‘thinking green’ philosophy
                                                          continues to track separately special handling wastes, defined as wastes whose disposal
         to the wider Hospira community; and
                                                          is regulated by other programs (such as infectious waste, waste oil, electronics disposal, etc.).
       · issue recommendations and actions
                                                        · 10 percent reduction in non-hazardous waste
         of the ‘Green team.’
                                                          non-hazardous waste is solid waste such as cafeteria waste, general rubbish and paper
                                                          that cannot be recycled. solid waste does not require any special disposal authorization
                                                          and is normally sent to the landfill.
                                                        · 5 percent energy reduction
                                                          Hospira is taking steps to help ensure that our operations become even more efficient,
                                                          which will result in reductions in our energy use. We expect to see reductions in our
                                                          energy profile as we work toward our 2010 goals.
                                                        Due to site-level initiatives to reduce resource use and waste generation, and efficiencies
                                                        realized through the company’s manufacturing optimization plans, we have met environmental
                                                        targets (with the exception of energy reductions) sooner than expected. We are evaluating
                                                        whether the targets should be adjusted prior to the original 2010 deadline.

3 4 – H o sPi r a G l o b al C it iz ens H iP r ePort
GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH & SAFETy (GEHS)                                                    GREEN TEAM PROG R A M S
ORGANIZATIONAL STRuCTuRE                                                                       Paper Recycling
the GeHs team operates on several different levels. a GeHs executive Committee comprising      the Mulgrave site recycled 40 tons of
cross-functional, senior-level management advises the director of GeHs. the GeHs staff         paper and cardboard in 2007. according
provides corporate oversight for Hospira facilities worldwide. the department sets             to figures provided by the Victorian
eHs policies and drives the corporation to successfully manage risk and protect our            Conservation Foundation, this equates
stakeholders on eHs-related matters.                                                           to saving:
Most manufacturing sites have a dedicated staff of eHs professionals who manage                · 520 trees
day-to-day safety programs. the GeHs department directly supports sites with a size
                                                                                               · 100 barrels of oil
or scope that does not necessitate an on-site eHs professional. the director of GeHs
annually updates our board of directors.                                                       · 164,000 kilowatts of electricity
                                                                                               · 160 cubic meters of landfill
                                                                                               · 1,271,200 liters of water
a notice of Violation (noV) may be issued by an environmental governing body after
                                                                                                 (0.5 olympic-sized pool)
a self-reported breach of permit conditions or following an environmental audit of a
facility program.
Hospira had one noV in 2007. the noV was issued for a Hospira warehouse location that          REC yCLING PROGR A M
registered as a hazardous waste generator. the source of the violation was related to          (MT. WAV ERLEy)
labeling waste containers, not closing boxes storing light bulbs, and preparing and
                                                                                               the efforts of Mulgrave’s sister facility
distributing an emergency response plan. all conditions were immediately corrected.
                                                                                               in Mt. Waverley to encourage recycling
                                                                                               have been met with great enthusiasm.
A u d I T P R O GR AM
                                                                                               the quantity of recycled materials at
each Hospira manufacturing facility and distribution center is audited on a regular basis      the manufacturing plant increases
for compliance with eHs policies and procedures. all facilities undergo a comprehensive        week by week. the site staff is also
review at least once every three years. Hospira uses a combination of internal and external    developing guidance materials to help
auditors. Following the audits, eHs works with the sites to develop any necessary corrective   ensure printers are used more effec-
action plans and new programs.                                                                 tively to reduce paper usage.

Hospira facilities recycled more than 17 million pounds of materials in 2007. each facility
establishes its own recycling program based on local capabilities. Materials that are
recycled include: aluminum metal, ferrous metals, rubber, plastics, glass, toner cartridges,
batteries, circuit boards, plastic foam, wood pallets, cardboard and paper. Computers are
returned to the manufacturer for recycling when they become obsolete.

in 2007, Hospira expanded our hybrid vehicle pilot program to replace all automobiles
and sport utility vehicles in the U.s. sales fleet with hybrids. the first phase began in
fall 2007 with delivery of vehicles beginning in 2008. We anticipate providing the
energy-related data from U.s. sales fleet activities in the next reporting cycle.
the Hospira sales organization in Canada also added hybrids to the leased vehicle fleet
options in 2007.

                                                                                                             H o sPi r a G lo b al C i t i z e n s Hi P r e P o r t – 3 5

           G RE E N T E AM P R O GR A MS                    L AT Ex-FREE PROduCTS
           steam recycling/Upgrading Program                according to the american latex allergy association, a growing number of the general
           one aim of this project is to recover and        population and up to 17 percent of healthcare workers are allergic to natural rubber
           recycle the clean hot waste water that           latex. With patient and caregiver safety in mind, Hospira offers a broad range of latex-free
           is not currently captured at the Mulgrave        products. isoprene, a synthetic rubber with the functional properties of latex but with no
           site. the hot water recovered will be            risk of allergic reactions in latex-sensitive individuals, is used in many Hospira products.
           recycled back to the main site boiler,           Hospira’s portfolio features a variety of latex-free sets, catheters, i.V. containers and
           saving water, energy and money. this             other products. For a complete listing of latex-free products, please refer to the Hospira
           will likely eliminate a significant amount       product catalog.
           of heat from our liquid waste stream,
                                                            B R OMI NATEd FLAME RETARdANTS REPLACEMENT
           allowing additional cold liquid wastes to
           then be recycled without compromising            brominated flame retardants (bFr) are synthetic chemicals typically used to reduce
           Mulgrave’s ability to comply with                product flammability in electronics and other products. in alignment with current U.s.
           maximum temperature limits applicable            and european Union (eU) requirements for bFr replacement, Hospira began to phase
           to wastewater.                                   out the use of bFrs in our products in 2002. all of Hospira’s new products comply with
                                                            current U.s. and eU requirements for bFr replacement. Hospira also meets regulations
           the main greenhouse contributions
                                                            barring further manufacture of new products containing these flame retardants.
           from the Mulgrave site are through gas
           consumption. the site’s engineering
                                                            u SE OF MERCuRy
           team is in the process of upgrading the
           existing steam system, as steam leaks in         all Hospira products are mercury-free. Due to the nature of Hospira’s manufacturing
           the system increase gas consumption.             processes, mercury does not play a significant role in our manufacturing operations. in
           the team is also exploring options to            general, the company strives to minimize the use of mercury in our processes and facilities.
           upgrade reticulation piping and improve
           the combustion of the gas.                       C A R B O N EMISSIONS/GHG
                                                            as a result of the growing awareness of the potential environmental impact of global
                                                            climate change, companies have begun disclosing how they are addressing risks and
                                                            opportunities related to this important topic. the relationship between climate change
                                                            and carbon emissions is likely to be debated for years to come. However, it is prudent for
                                                            organizations such as Hospira to measure and assess the magnitude of the company’s
                                                            carbon emissions to evaluate business possibilities and risks related to energy availability
                                                            and regulatory requirements. Hospira began contributing to the Carbon Disclosure Project
                                                            (CDP) public reporting database in 2005. the CDP is a voluntary carbon emission reporting
                                                            system. the CDP site is used by more than 3,000 of the world’s largest companies, and
                                                            in the last eight years CDP has become the standard for carbon disclosure methodology
                                                            and process.

    3 6 – H o sPi r a G l o b al C it iz ens H iP r ePort

                                                         2005                       2006                       2007 (not yet submitted)
    (Direct GhG emissions)                               48,700                     49,505                     46,904
    (Metric tons of Co2)4
    (indirect GhG emissions)                             na                         234,589                    243,293
    (Metric tons of Co2)        5

the differences in year-to-year GhG emissions values are primarily due to the acquisition
and divestitures of manufacturing plants. Hospira began collecting GhG emission data for
activities other than manufacturing in 2006. However, since this type of data collection
is relatively new, it will not be reported until several years of data have been collected to
ensure data uniformity and consistency.                                                                                                                    ENV IRONMENTAL, HE A LT H
                                                                                                                                                           ANd SAFETy ACCOLA dE S
RE G u L ATO R y R E Q uIR EMENT S FO R G HG R EPO R TING                                                                                                  Corporate
several countries where Hospira has manufacturing locations have created, or are in                                                                        Hospira representatives and executives
the process of creating regulatory requirements for GHG reporting and/or reductions,                                                                       from ingalls Hospital in Harvey, ill.,
such as the eU, australia, and areas of the United states.                                                                                                 planted a tree at the hospital entrance
the eU has a regulatory program requiring reporting, and the capping of GhG emissions                                                                      in honor of the hospital’s conversion
among large sources. While Hospira has manufacturing facilities located in the eU, current                                                                 to the VisiV® intravenous container to
reporting and cap thresholds do not require the company to report or reduce emissions.                                                                     symbolize commitment to environmental
                                                                                                                                                           sustainability and advanced patient and
australia recently began implementing the national Greenhouse and energy reporting                                                                         caregiver safety.
system (nGers). Hospira may be required to report into the system based on current
energy use reporting limits.
the Western Climate initiative (WCi) is a collaboration launched in 2007 by the governors
of arizona, California, new Mexico, oregon and Washington to develop regional strategies
to address climate change. the WCi is identifying, evaluating and implementing collective
and cooperative ways to reduce GHGs in the region. the WCi is concentrating on the
large industrial and power-generating industries that contribute significantly more
GHGs than other industries. Hospira does have a manufacturing site in California, as well
as sales and service organizations operating in WCi states.

Hospira continuously assesses product sustainability topics and trends. the company
                                                                                                                                                           Pleasant Prairie, Wis.
is currently monitoring a number of sustainability issues including, but not limited to,
the use of hazardous substances (roHs) in products, the assessment of persistent,                                                                          the national Private truck Council
bioaccumulative toxins (Pbt compounds in products), and the european Community                                                                             presented Hospira with 2007 Fleet of
regulation on the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical                                                                      the Year awards in two categories
substances (reaCH).                                                                                                                                        -- over-the-road-operation and local
                                                                                                                                                           operation -- in recognition of the lowest
                                                                                                                                                           ratio of accidents per million miles driven.
                                                                                                                                                           rocky Mount, n.C.
                                                                                                                                                           the north Carolina Division of
    Direct GhG/Co2 equivalent emissions are for fuel combustion carbon content only (not the other 5 main GhG), and are based on factors of 161.4 lbs.     occupational safety and Health (nCosH)

    Co2/million btU for fuel oil, and 117 lbs. Co2/million btU for natural gas.
                                                                                                                                                           presented Hospira with the silver award
    indirect GhG/Co2 equivalent emissions for electrical use is are calculated using a conversion factor of 1.37 lbs./KW, the typical value given by the
    U.s. environmental Protection agency.                                                                                                                  for outstanding safety performance.

                                                                                                                                                                       H o sPi r a G lo b al C i t i z e n s Hi P r e P o r t – 3 7
       Hospira, inc.
  275 north Field Drive
lake Forest, illinois 60045

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