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									Unit 12

                    Before you read

  Listen to these music extracts and decide which
  style they belong to.
      Extracts No.             Music Style
            1                           classical music
            2                                pop
            3                                folk
            4                            rock-’n’- roll
NOTE: Click on the number of the music extracts to see the key.
indisispensable (a) /ɪndɪ'spensəbl / = essential
  someone or something that is indispensable is so
  important or useful that it is impossible to manage
  without them.
indispensable to
  Ex: This book is indispensable to anyone interested in
  space exploration.
indispensable for/in (doing) something
  Ex: Music plays an indispensable part in human life.

 instrument /'instrəmənt/ (n) = musical instrument
   an object used for producing music, such as a piano or
   Ex: He is learning an instrument.

Piano Violin         Saxophone Trumpet Guitar

emotion /ɪ'məʊʆən/ (n) a strong feeling such as love or
 Ex: My mother was overcome with emotion and burst
 into tears.

emotional /ɪ'məʊʆənəl/ (a) relating to your feelings or
 how you control them
 Ex: the physical and emotional state of the patient
Stimulate /'stɪmjuleɪt/ (v) to encourage sone by making
  them excited about and interested in sth
  Ex: Her interest in art was stimulated by her father.
stimulate somebody to do something
  Ex: An inspiring teacher can stimulate students to
Stimulation /stɪmjuleɪ'ʆən/ (n) when sth causes sone or sth
  to become more active or enthusiastic
  Ex: While she was at home looking after her children,
  she felt deprived of intellectual stimulation.
Compose /kəm'pəʊz/ (v) to write a piece of music
 Ex: Barrington has composed the music for a new
 production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.

Composer /kəm'pəʊzə/ (n) someone who writes music
  Ex: Mozart is one of the best-known composers of
 classical music.

Composition (n) the process or skill of writing music:
  Ex: At music school I studied piano and composition.
Symphony /'sɪmfəni / (v) a long piece of music usually
 in four parts, written for an orchestra
 Ex: Bruckner's Fifth Symphony

Emerge /ɪ'mɜ:dʒ/ (v) to begin to be known or noticed
 a religious sect that emerged in the 1830s
emerge as
 Ex: Local government has recently emerged as a major

The Seattle Symphony        Beethoven - Symphony No.5

Beat (n) the main rhythm that a piece of music or a poem
 Ex: a song with a beat you can dance to

Tune (n) a series of musical notes that are played or sung
 and are nice to listen to
 Ex: They sang perfectly in tune.
     Greg's bass guitar was out of tune.

Transmit /trænz'mɪt/ (v) to send or pass something from
   one person, place or thing to another
transmit something (from sb/sth) to sb/sth
   Ex: Mathematical knowledge is transmitted from
   teacher to student.

Oral /'ɔ:rəl/ (a) spoken; not written
  Ex: an oral agreement/exam
          Answer the following questions

1. Who are the listeners of classical music?
2. What is the key different between classical music and
   romantic music?
3. Why is pop music so popular with many people?
4. Why does a folk song usually have several versions?
5. When was rock-’n’-roll born?
6. How successful was Elvis Presley with rock-’n’-roll?
7. Where does rock come from?
8. What is the key musical instrument that rock is played on?
       Fill in the gaps with the missing information
 Music Type                 Description                    Example
Classical       For a (1)_____ audience; dependent       Symphony
                more on formal appeal                    No.40
Fold            Transmitted orally, (2)_____composers,      (3)_____
                has several versions
Pop             Nonclassical type of music, emerging in Papa by Paul
                (4)_____; short songs with a strong beat Alka
                and simple tunes (5)_____
Rock-’n’-roll   Developed from (6)_____ music in the     (8)_____by the
                (7)_____                                 “King of
Rock            Developed in the 1960s from (9)_____, Satisfaction by
                strong beat, based on a solo voice and (10)_____
                electric guitars
            Fill in the gaps with the missing information
  Music                   Description                 Example
Classical    For a (1) learned and serious         Symphony
             audience; dependent more on           No.40
             formal appeal
Fold         Transmitted orally, (2) unknown       (3) Auld
             composers, has several versions       Lang Syne
Pop          Nonclassical type of music,           Papa by Paul
             emerging in (4) the early             Alka
             1900s; short songs with a strong
             beat and simple tunes (5) easy
             to remember
Rock-        Developed from (6) jazz and           (8)
’n’-roll     country music in the (7) 1950s        Heartbreak
                                                   Hotel by the

“Music plays an indispensable part in human
life.” Do you agree? How important to our
lives do you think music is? Discuss with
your friends to find out the roles of music in
     Work in pairs. Ask you partner to get
      information to complete the table.

                        You        Your friend
Types of music
Reasons for listening
Favorite songs
When listen to music
       the end !
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