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					                HOSTS 2010. The seventeenth edition.

              India’s first & largest hospitality tradeshow.

                             H&FS India Pvt Ltd

                         Contact: Pallavi Kashyap
          M +91 98203 02744 D 022 2447 5309 E

  1ST floor, Electricwala Cottage, 126/J, Cadel Road, Mahim (W), Mumbai 400 016
P 022 2447 2009/3009 F 022 2447 2824 E W
                        The Indian Hospitality Industry – An Overview

The current scenario:
   Existing hotel rooms in India: 202,963, source FHRAI
   Revenue of the Indian hotel industry FY 2007-08: Rs. 38,558 crores
   30% of this revenue i.e. Rs. 11,567.4 crore went back into the market in FY 2008-09 as
   operating expenses
   Number of hotels and restaurants in India:

          Hotel category                               No of hotels          No of rooms
          Five star deluxe/Five star                   165                   43,965
          Four star                                    134                   20,770
          Three star                                   505                   30,100
          Two star                                     495                   22,950
          One star                                     260                   10,900
          Heritage hotels                              70                    4,200
          Uncategorised hotels/Guest houses            7,078                 70,078
          Total                                        8,707                 202,963
          Restaurants                                  12,750

Projected investments years 2009-015
   Rooms being built across hotel categories: 114,000, source HVS
   Investment in rupees: Rs. 40,463.10 crores
What the future holds:

   Despite the global recession, inflation, terrorism and other factors, the overall
   outlook for the Indian hospitality market is optimistic and will remain so says HVS

   India remains the second fastest growing economy in the world and the economic
   growth of the country is at 7.1% of the GDP as declared by Mr. Pranab Mukherjee,
   Finance Minister, India.

   The Tourism Ministry, Government of India, has set a target of 10 million tourists to
   India by 2010
   The WTO (World Travel Organisation) predicts that India will receive 25 million
   tourists by year 2015
                                      H&FS HOSTS
                     India’s first and largest hospitality tradeshow

     HOSTS, India’s first and today’s largest hospitality tradeshow, since its inception
      in 1992, has made business sense to focused hospitality buyers and sellers
      offering a perfect environment for the whole industry to meet face-to-face and
                           develop real business opportunities.

      Despite all odds, HOSTS 2010 promises an even bigger presence to provide
     sourcing solutions to the over 100,000 hotel rooms that are projected to come up
                            in the country over the next few years.

Visitor Profile: Owners, Managing Directors, General Managers, Project Heads, Department
     Heads, Purchase Heads, Key Decision Makers from hotels, restaurants, resorts etc.
                  Exhibitor feedback on HOSTS 2009

“A true approach to ensure that the solutions providers get chance to present themselves to the
right audience and in the right spirit! ” Ajit Jadhav, Marketing Manager - India, American
Standard, USA

“It was a wonderful platform for us to showcase our product to customers of western and central
India who have been regularly patronizing HOSTS over so many years. In spite of various tough
market conditions from recession through truckers strike to fuel company strike, it was
commendable that the H&FS team put up a show of such high standards.”
Sumeet Saxena, General Manager, Aster Technologies Pvt Ltd, Delhi

“HOSTS 2009 has been a wonderful platform for us to showcase our products and the concept.
The show attracted the right target audience.”
Jayanthi S Ramlal, Vice President - India, Bagno Design, Dubai

“HOSTS has a gift that understands our business well enough and gives us a unique platform to
represent products. Due to the crowd magnet skills of HOSTS we have captured many leads
during the exhibition and have received good amount of potential inquiries.”
Ashish Arora, Sales & Marketing Director, Barbecue Pit, Mumbai

“HOSTS 2009 was a success, in spite of the market conditions the response was tremendous. A
very well organised show and good gathering. All top buyers were there.”
Anup Poddar, Director, Beepee Enterprise, Mumbai

“Important event for HORECA. Only business people are around at HOSTS.”
Hitendra Bhalaria, Managing Director, Bhalaria Metal Craft, Mumbai

“Very well organised show.”
Harish Wanchoo, Regional Sales Manager, EverStyle Trading LLC, Dubai

“In spite of petrol strike we had a good customer turnout at HOSTS 2009.”
 Amit Dikshit, Country Manager – India, Franke Coffee Systems, Switzerland

“We were certainly impressed by the arrangements and the quality of the tradeshow.”
Sandeep Bhatnagar, Marketing Manager-India, Grohe, Germany

“HOSTS 2009 was certainly a good experience for us. It gave an opportunity to interact with
most of our key clients at one place.” Sridharan V, CEO, Gympac Fitness Systems, Chennai

“Our experience has been good at HOSTS 2009. It is a well directed/focused fair. Also the post-
fair follow up from the organiser’s side for the database is appreciated.”
Mahesh G, National Sales Manager - India, Hamberger Industries, Germany

“HOST 2009 was a great show and well managed. It provided a preview of new business
opportunities.” Aadesh Sikchi, Business Head, IFB Industries Limited, Mumbai

“Despite the economic slowdown and the events in November 08 that shook the hospitality
fraternity, the response and participation in the show was very encouraging. Visitors to the show
were keen to understand and adapt to new technologies. We hope and believe that HOSTS will
be a bigger event in 2010.” Abhay Desai, Business Director - Hospitality and Healthcare
South Asia, JohnsonDiversey , USA

“We interacted with some of the country’s prominent hoteliers, architects and designers who
work on designing hotels and resorts.”
Anil Tyagi- Director, Asia & Middle East, Kährs, Sweden
                   Exhibitor feedback on HOSTS 2009

“I can say that the Exhibition has been useful for Kettal in the sense that it has allowed us to
show various potential customers that Kettal is serious about the Indian market.”
Philippe Weckselmann, Export Manager, Kettal SA, Spain

“HOSTS was just the right platform to announce Kohler’s strong foray into the hospitality sector.
The presence of all the stakeholders ensured quality interaction and feedback.”
Gaurav Malhotra. Manager – National Hospitality _ India, Kohler, USA

“HOSTS 2009 was an excellent show. It was very systematically and professionally organized.”
Ritu Mukherji, Marketing Manager - India, McCain Foods, USA

“HOST 2009 was a good success with quality visitors despite setbacks.”
Virendra Dutt, Director, Meiko (Asia) Techcentre Pvt Ltd, Germany

“Extraordinary impact on an ordinary budget. HOSTS 2009 was wonderful experience to
showcase new concepts in Horeca segment and to interact with buyers from Western region.”
R P Sharma, Director, Mesoware, USA

“ HOSTS 2009 gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our business-to-business wholesale
concept by engaging with some senior businessmen and executives from the industry.”
Ajay Singh, Customer Management Director - India, Metro Cash & Carry, Germany

“Very well organised, helps PCI brand to retain the Top-of-Mind in the hospitality sector.”
Sameer Surkund, Sr Mgr, Marketing, Pest Control (India), Mumbai

“The facilities and the entire event was organised with incredibly high standards which were on
par with international trade shows.” Girish Chawla, Sales Manager – Institutional Sales,
Proline Fitness, Cravatex Ltd

“Having traveled extensively, participating and attending hospitality shows all over the world, I am
truly amazed at the quality of organization experienced at the recently concluded HOSTS 2009.
The participants too were of international standards and the attendees serious business
professionals. Other shows in India must take a cue or two from the organizers of HOSTS 2009.”
Ranjan Salis, Director, Renarte Hospitality Supplies (LLC), Dubai

“HOSTS 2009 has provided us with a good opportunity to connect with prospects and create
visibility for our brand in the market.”
Sindhu M, Associate Manager-Marketing & Communication - India, SoftBrands , USA

“We have been participating for some years now. HOSTS has been most consistent in its value
offered for both buyers and sellers.” Keyur Bhatia, MD, UK Enterprises, Mumbai

“The whole event was wonderfully organised and all our needs were very promptly met. The
experience has opened many doors for us.” Zubin Mehta, MD, Uniforms Unlimited, Mumbai

“HOSTS 2009 had quality visitors rather than quantity and that is what I like about this show and
it’s organizers.” Manit Narang, Vice President – Business Development, Middle East,
Africa & SE Asia, VingCard Elsafe, Norway

“HOSTS 2009 was a great experience for us. Every year HOSTS comes out with new ideas.”
Roy Choudhury, Director, RIC Hospitality Equipments Pvt Ltd, Distributors of WMF Coffee
Machines, Germany

“HOSTS has been doing its great shows since the last many years at a galloping pace and
getting better year by year. HOSTS 2009 was really a very well organized show in every respect
and successful in getting quality visitors in spite of 26/11 tragedy”. Pintu Wahengbam,
Marketing Manager - India, Winterhalter, Germany
                                HOSTS 2010. The seventeenth edition.
                         India’s first and today’s largest hospitality tradeshow.

                                   Kitchen & Bakery Equipment Pavilion
                                        F&B Consumables Pavilion
                                            Tableware Pavilion

Exhibits include:

     Commercial Kitchen Equipment                    Commercial Bakery Equipment
     Refrigeration Equipment                         Fast Food Equipment
     Commercial Coffee Machines                      Kitchen & Bakery Tools
     Food Products                                   Non-alcoholic Beverages
     Bakery Ingredients                              Food & Bakery Packaging Products
     F&B Service Products                            Crockery, Cutlery & Glassware

Participation options:

 Type     Size              Cost in Rs      Badges       Tables    Chairs      Spots    5 amp plug
 A        04 sqm             36,000.00      2            1         2           2        1
 B        06 sqm             54,000.00      2            1         2           2        1
 C        08 sqm             72,000.00      4            2         4           4        1
 D        09 sqm             81,000.00      4            2         4           4        1
 F        12 sqm            108,000.00      4            2         4           4        2
 G        15 sqm            135,000.00      6            3         6           4        2
 H        16 sqm            144,000.00      8            4         8           6        3
 J        18 sqm            162,000.00      8            4         8           6        3
 K        20 sqm            180,000.00      8            4         8           6        3
 L        21 sqm            189,000.00      8            4         8           6        3
 M        24 sqm            216,000.00      8            4         8           8        4
 N        25 sqm            225,000.00      8            4         8           8        4
 R        30 sqm            270,000.00      10           5         10          10       5
 T        33 sqm            297,000.00      12           6         12          12       6
 U        35 sqm            315,000.00      12           6         12          12       6
 V        36 sqm            324,000.00      12           6         12          12       6
 W        40 sqm            360,000.00      12           6         12          12       6
 Y        50 sqm            450,000.00      14           8         14          14       6
 Z        60 sqm            540,000.00      14           8         14          14       6
 Cc       100 sqm           900,000.00      20           10        20          20       8
Add: Government Service Tax as Applicable
                                HOSTS 2010. The seventeenth edition.
                         India’s first and today’s largest hospitality tradeshow.

                                    Engineering & Technology Pavilion
                                           Hospitality IT Mall
                                                Eco Zone

Exhibits include:

      In-room Entertainment Products                  Entertainment Software, WiFi & IPTV
      Telecommunication Systems                       Hotel Networking Technologies
      Hotel Software                                  POS Systems
      Computer Hardware & Peripherals                 Hotel Security Systems
      Building Management Systems                     Digital Signages
      Air-conditioning & HVAC                         Water & Waste Management Systems
      Engineering Systems                             Energy Management Systems
      Health Club & Gym Equipment                     Amusement/Leisure Equipment
      Electrical Accessories                          Eco Friendly Process and Systems

Participation options:

 Type     Size              Cost in Rs      Badges       Tables     Chairs      Spots       5 amp plug
 A        04 sqm             36,000.00      2            1          2           2           1
 D        09 sqm             81,000.00      4            2          4           4           1
 F        12 sqm            108,000.00      4            2          4           4           2
 J        18 sqm            162,000.00      8            4          8           6           3
 K        20 sqm            180,000.00      8            4          8           6           3
 M        24 sqm            216,000.00      8            4          8           8           4
 R        30 sqm            270,000.00      10           5          10          10          5
 W        40 sqm            360,000.00      12           6          12          12          6
 Bb       80 sqm            720,000.00      14           Premium location, raw space
Add: Government Service Tax as Applicable
                                HOSTS 2010. The seventeenth edition.
                         India’s first and today’s largest hospitality tradeshow.

                                          Housekeeping Pavilion

Exhibits include:

     Commercial Cleaning Equipment                    Commercial Laundry Equipment
     Cleaning Solutions & Supplies                    Pest Management Products & Services
     Guest Amenities                                  Spa Consumables
     Bedding Systems                                  Bed & Bath Linen
     Uniforms                                         Eco Friendly Products

Participation options:

 Type     Size              Cost in Rs      Badges       Tables    Chairs      Spots        5 amp plug
 A        04 sqm             36,000.00      2            1         2           2            1
 C        08 sqm             72,000.00      4            2         4           4            1
 D        09 sqm             81,000.00      4            2         4           4            1
 E        10 sqm             91, 000.00     4            2         4           4            1
 F        12 sqm            108,000.00      4            2         4           4            2
 G        15 sqm            135,000.00      6            3         6           4            2
 J        18 sqm            162,000.00      8            4         8           6            3
 P        27 sqm            243,000.00      8            4         8           8            4
 R        30 sqm            270,000.00      10           5         10          10           5
 W        40 sqm            360,000.00      12           6         12          12           6
 Z        60 sqm            540,000.00      14           8         14          14           6
Add: Government Service Tax as Applicable
                              HOSTS 2010. The seventeenth edition.
                       India’s first and today’s largest hospitality tradeshow.

                                    Building & Interior Products Pavilion
                                          Hospitality Furniture Mart
                                              Mock-up Rooms

Exhibits include:

      Architectural Hardware                            Bathroom Products & Accessories
      Building Products & Materials                     Doors, Windows & Accessories
      Electrical Switches & Accessories                 Flooring, Tiles & Wall Tiles
      Fountains                                         Furnishings, Curtains & Upholstery
      Furniture & Fit-out Solutions                     Glass & Glass Products
      Lighting & Controls                               Paints, Wall Paper & Wall Coverings
      Pictures & Artifacts                              Wood & Allied Products
Participation options:

 Type     Size            Cost in Rs           Badges      Tables     Chairs     Spots    5 amp plug
 B        06 sqm            60,000.00          2           1          2          2        1
 F        12 sqm          120,000.00           4           2          4          4        2
 H        16 sqm          144,000.00           8           Raw space
 K        20 sqm          180,000.00           8           Raw space
 M        24 sqm          216,000.00           8           Raw space
 S        32 sqm          288,000.00           10          Raw space
 W        40 sqm          360,000.00           12          Raw space
 X        48 sqm          432,000.00           14          Raw space
 Aa       64 sqm          576,000.00           14          Raw space
 Dd       104 sqm         936,000.00           20          Raw space
 Room 28 sqm              300,000.00           10          Raw space
 Room 32 sqm              350,000.00           10          Raw space

Add: Rs. 1,000/- per sqm for built-up stalls
Add: Government Service Tax as Applicable

Participants in the Building & Interior Products Pavilion and Hospitality Furniture Mart have the
option of offering their products in the room mock-ups, for multiple visibility, at no extra cost
                                HOSTS 2010. The seventeenth edition.
                         India’s first and today’s largest hospitality tradeshow.

                                              Extra Requirements
Please submit latest by November 30, 2009, thereafter, subject to availability
Quoted rate valid for all four days of the show
Extra requirements will be provided only after receipt of 100% payment in advance

 Item description                                Rate/unit                Units               Total
 Chairs                                          400.00
 Counters                                        800.00
 Shelves - wooden                                500.00
 Shelves - glass                                 700.00
 Round table                                     800.00
 Lockable Cabinet                                1000.00
 Carpet                                          125/- per sqm
 Sofa – 1 x 3 seater + 2 x 1 seater              3,500.00
 Spot Light                                      300.00
 Metal Halide 150 volt                           1,200.00
 Power Socket - 5amp                             300.00
 Power Socket - 15 amp                           1,500.00
 All night power *                               10,000.00
 Single phase power 1-5 kV *                     10,000.00
 Triple phase power 1-5 kV *                     12,000.00
 Triple phase power 6-10 kV *                    25,000.00
 Potted plants                                   300.00
 LCD panel                                       On request
 Plasma panel                                    On request
 Total amound payable before tax

Add: Government Service Tax as Applicable

Any exhibitor found using more power than requisitioned for will be penalized to the amount of
Rs. 25,000.00 on-site and the power to that stall will be disconnected till the entire due penalty is paid, in cash
                                 HOSTS 2010. The seventeenth edition.
                          India’s first and today’s largest hospitality tradeshow.

                                          Exhibitor Booking Form

Yes, we would like to participate at HOSTS 2010
Company name:
Authorised representative’s name:
                              City                                   Pin
Phone:                             Mobile:                           Fax:
Name on the Facia:

As required by you, we hereby enclose a Cheque/Demand Draft no:
Dated:                        drawn on:                                                            Bank
in favour of “H&FS India Pvt Ltd”, payable in Mumbai, for the amount of Rs.
for booking of stall no:                               area:                in the:

  Kitchen & Bakery Equipment Pavilion F&B Consumables Pavilion Tableware Pavilion
  Engineering & Technology Pavilion, IT Mall, Eco Zone Housekeeping Pavilion
  Building & Interior Products Pavilion, Hospitality Furniture Mart Mock-up room
We agree to the rules & regulations relating to H&FS HOSTS as stipulated.
Place:                                                   Date:

Signature:                                               Company Seal:
Please note: All registration forms must be accompanied with company brochure. The Organisers reserve the
right to decide the appropriateness and the location of an exhibit.
Address all queries to:

H&FS India Pvt Ltd
1ST floor, Electricwala Cottage, 126/J, Cadel Road, Mahim (W), Mumbai 400 016
P 022 2447 3009/2009 F 022 2447 2824 E or
                                    Exhibitor Guidelines to HOSTS 2010

If you are planning to participate, decide with enough time in hand for planning and book your stall at the
earliest, after all, stall size and location matters. Make a timetable and work backwards taking all elements of
your participation into account. Early booking not only gets you a better rate but also gives you the opportunity
to plan for launching new products in such a platform.

                                            Access to HOSTS 2010

Exhibitors with the proper show credentials will be admitted to the venue during the following times:

Mock-up rooms: January 24, 2010, 8.00 am onwards
For raw space, exceeding 40 sqm: January 24, 2010, 8.00 am onwards
For all other stalls shell scheme or raw space: January 25, 2010, 8.00 am onwards

All exhibits must be set-up with surrounding aisles cleared latest by 2.00 am, Wednesday, January 27 to allow
for the installation of aisle carpet. In case stalls are not ready in time of show opening on
January 27, 11 am, exhibitors will be given a grace period of completing the stall in the evening of January 27
from 7 pm onwards till 12 midnight and no later than this

Show Days:
January 27-30, 2010, Wednesday to Saturday
Show Timings:
Exhibitors: 10 am to 8 pm
Visitors: 11 am to 7 pm
January 30, 2010: 7.00 pm onwards till 7.00 am, January 31, 2010

                                                Common areas

All aisle space belongs to HOSTS. No exhibit, advertising, sales or distribution of promotional materials will be
allowed outside the space booked by the exhibitor. Any demonstration or activity that results in the obstruction
of aisles or prevents ready access to neighboring exhibitors’ stalls shall be suspended for any period specified
HOSTS will provide daily cleaning of the hall aisle carpet and trash removal from the common areas during all
show dates. Exhibitors must ensure that the waste from their stalls is deposited on the aisle in front of their
stall before the close of show each day.
Stall Set-up/Dismantling Days:
If required, please arrange for your own security for day/s of stall set-up and dismantling as HOSTS does not
provide security on these day/s. However, during stall set-up, a Temporary Gate Pass must accompany
materials leaving the venue, even if it is the property of the exhibitor removing it. Temporary Gate Pass may be
obtained from the HOSTS office. The responsibility of security for each exhibit is that of the exhibitor.
During the Show:
During the show, entry into and out of the halls will be checked by security personnel. Exhibitors without proper
badges will not be allowed into the halls. Please be sure to register your staff in advance in order to obtain
Exhibitor Badges. No materials will be permitted to leave the venue during the show dates.
                                     Exhibitor Guidelines to HOSTS 2010

All signs must be located within the boundaries of the booked stall. Signs may not be attached to walls outside
an exhibitor’s space, nor may they be hung from the ceiling.
Clearing & Forwarding and Site Handling
For the sake of security, please avail services of the clearing & forwarding and site-handling agency appointed
by HOSTS, contact:
Siddhartha Logistics Co Pvt Ltd
Sushil 1 & 2, Plot no. 30, Tarun Bharti Society, Chakala, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 099, India
Phone: +91 (0) 22 2835 2310/2821 6406/2831 2343/2831 2344
Fax: +91 (0) 22 2821 6407
Sudhir Dhawan, Hand Phone: +91 98210 28175

                                         Stall Construction Guidelines

The HOSTS 2010 venue is a temporary air-conditioned hangar constructed at the Bandra Kurla Complex in
Mumbai. The structure has re-enforced wooden flooring supported by stilts from the bare ground.

Shell scheme:
All stalls in shell scheme are made of octonorm panels attached with aluminum brackets. Each panel
measures 2.5 mts-h x 1 mts-d. Exhibitors are permitted use these panels to paste promotional literature,
however, nailing or drilling holes in the panels is not permitted and will invite a penalty.
All stalls in shell scheme are provided with basic furniture and stall amenities as per the stall size and the floor
is covered with grey carpet.
Raw space:
Exhibitors will be given only a chalk marked area of the space booked and provided basic power i.e. 0.5kV per
3 sqm booked. Excess power required or other items such as furniture etc would have to be requisitioned from
HOSTS and will be charged for as per the rate sheet.
Stall height for raw space:
No exhibit should exceed the height of 15’
Construction of mezzanine:
All such stalls will not be provided the basic wooden flooring. The exhibitor will take support from the ground to
erect the mezzanine and provide for own flooring thereafter
Stall Designers
The following can be contacted for stall design, however, please note, HOSTS only recommends these
companies and is in no way responsible for their conduct. Liabilities, if any arising from the association of the
exhibitor with any of these companies is between the exhibitor and the company.
1.Tina Pathak, Raceme Design: +91 98211 78550
2. Umesh Karelia: +91 98212 10902/98212 11526
3. Nisha, Insta Exhibitions: +91 93221 39608/022 3240 4796
4. Kapil Bhiyani: +91 98209 55253
Exhibitors who require hostesses contact: Premier Marketing
Contact: Renuka Uchil, handphone +91 98202 14536
Contact: Prashant Uchil, handphone: +91 98202 41653
                                   Information that Exhibitors Can Use

   1. Please note, stalls are initially sold as per size and later numbered as per the pavilion. Hence stall
      numbers will change and the new number/s will be allocated along with the exhibitor invites
   2. Each exhibitor will be given invitations for key buyers that they wish to invite to the show. HOSTS is a
      serious business platform so exhibitors are advised to use discretion while inviting people and also
   3. Exhibitors inviting members of the media, press, celebrities etc would have to inform and extend the
      invite in the knowledge & conjunction of the H&FS India
   4. International participants can directly transfer funds towards HOSTS charges, our bank details:
       Pay the stall amount directly by transferring to HDFC Bank
       Swift Code: HDFC INBB
       Account No: 0085 2560 000 105
       Account Name: H&FS India Pvt Ltd
       Bank Name: HDFC Bank Ltd
       Address: Colaba Branch, Mumbai 400 039, India
                              Hotels in the proximity of HOSTS 2010 venue
Luxury Hotels                                           Budget Hotels

Grand Hyatt                                             Hotel Airport International
Off Western Express Highway                             Nehru Road, Vile Parle (E)
Santacruz (E), Mumbai 400 055, India                    Mumbai 400099, India
Phone: +91 22 6676 1234                                 Phone: +91 22 2618 2222
Fax: +91 22 6676 1235                                   Fax: +91 22 2618 3333
Email:                   Email:
Website:                     Website:

Sahara Star                                             Hotel Bawa International
Domestic Airport, Vile Parle (E)                        Nehru Road Extension, Near Domestic Airport
Mumbai 400 099, India                                   Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400 099, India
Phone: +91 22 3989 5000                                 Phone: +91 22 2611 3636/3771
Fax: +91 22 3989 5001                                   Fax: +91 22 2610 7096
Email:                      Email:
Website:                             Website:

Taj Lands End Mumbai                                    Regency Hotel
Bandstand, Bandra (West)                                29k, Vakola Junction, Santa Cruz (E)
Mumbai 400 050, India                                   Mumbai 400 055, India
Phone: 022 66681234                                     Phone: +91 22 6647 1000
Fax: 022 6699 4488                                      Fax: +91 22 6694 2000
Email:                    Email:
Website:                              Website:

The Trident                                             The Mirador Hotel
C-56, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex                     131 New Link Road, Chakala, Andheri (East)
Mumbai 400 098, India                                   Mumbai 400 099, India
Phone: +91 22 6672 7777                                 Phone: +91 22 6649 5000 Fax: +91 22 2826 9009
Fax: +91 22 6673 7800                                   Email:
Website:                          Website:
                                         HOSTS 2010. The seventeenth edition.
                                India’s first and today’s largest hospitality tradeshow.
                                                     Rules & Regulations
1. The Organisers reserve all rights regarding HOSTS 2010.
2. Hereinafter, ‘Exhibitor’ shall include all employees, staff & agents of any company, partnership firm or individual, to whom
      space has been allocated for the purpose of participating. The term ‘Organiser’ stands for The Management committee of H&FS
      India Pvt Ltd, the term ‘Venue’ stands for Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, India and the term ‘Tradeshow’ stands for
      HOSTS 2010.
3. An Exhibitor will indemnify the Organisers against any claim made against them in respect of damage to tradeshow premises
    and the Venue caused by the exhibitor.
4. Insurance of exhibits and property of the stall will be the responsibility of the individual exhibitor. The Organisers shall not be
    responsible in any way for personal injury to the Exhibitor or his invitees or licensees, however caused.
5. In case of the tradeshow being cancelled or postponed in whole or in part for causes beyond the Organisers’ control, the
    Organisers do not accept any consequential liability in any such eventuality.
6.      a. The Organisers reserve the right to modify the layouts of stall sites and gangways.
        b. The Organisers reserve the right to require Exhibitors to make such alterations to their stalls as the setting of exhibits as
           they reasonably feel necessary to maintain an acceptable standard of presentation or to avoid interference, with the
           displays of other exhibitors.
7. Exhibitors should not cause any permanent damage to the walls, panels and floors through use of nails, painting, self-adhesive
    tapes or any other such material. If any area of the Venue and the enclosures as informed by them is found damaged, the
    Exhibitor covering that area will be liable to pay for the damages.
8. No equipment can be operated which emits excessive noise or causes electrical interference or other annoyance.
9. Organisers expect Exhibitors to exercise discretion and show courtesy to fellow Exhibitors if using audiovisual presentations.
10. Payments of stall rental charges shall be 50% advance on booking and the balance latest by November 30, 2009.
11. Organisers have the right to cancel any reservation if the Exhibitor has not paid all the dues by November 30, 2009.
12. All cancellations will be accepted only if the same is brought to the Organiser’s notice within 7 days after the
    application of space, failing which the advance paid will stand forfeited.
13. Bookings made, if space available, after November 30, 2009 have to be accompanied with 100% payment.
14. Every Exhibitor shall occupy the full area booked by him failing which the Organisers reserve the right to use the space.
15. The Exhibitors may not assign, sub-let or grant licenses in respect of the whole or any part of the area booked. No cards,
    advertisements or printed matter of persons or firms who are not bonafide Exhibitors may be exhibited or distributed from any
    area except that an Exhibitor may distribute cards, advertisements or printed matter in respect of companies or firms which are
    associated with Exhibitors or the Exhibitors ultimate holding company
16. No banners etc. are allowed on the complex or in the vicinity unless their design, specs, installation & location has been
    approved by the Organisers. Any unauthorised display is liable to be removed without notice and a penalty levied.
17. Although a 24-hour security will be in operation throughout the duration of the tradeshow, exhibitors should take all possible
    precautions to minimise loss or damage to the equipment during tradeshow preparation/dismantling days and public hours
18. Exhibitors must bring in their exhibits one day prior to commencement of the tradeshow i.e. January 26, 2010.
19.     a. Exhibits must be removed from positions on stall by the night of the last day of the tradeshow i.e. January 30, 2010.
        b. Should an Exhibitor fail to vacate his area, space or premises by the time specified by the Organisers, such Exhibitors
           shall be liable for any charges or costs incurred by the Organisers as a result thereof.
20. No material/exhibits will be allowed to be taken out of the premises without valid exit permit from the Organisers.
21. The size of area is calculated to the nearest square metre and the cost is based on this size.
22. All on-site electrical installations must be carried out by the officially appointed electrical contractor before connecting to the
    mains supply. Exhibitors needing all night electrical operations and those who operate heavy-duty electrical equipment such as
    deep freezers ice, cubers & other industrial products will be levied extra charges as per the rate chart
23. If due to unavoidable circumstances, natural calamity, acts of terrorism, riots etc. the organisers are forced to postpone/cancel
    the tradeshow the exhibitor will not be entitled to refund or allowances of any kind.
24. The Organisers of the Tradeshow, Venue and those authorised by them respectively have the right to enter the Expo premises
    at any time to execute work, repairs and alterations and for other purposes.
25. Exhibitors inviting members of the media, press, celebrities etc would have to inform and extend the invite in the knowledge &
    conjunction of the Organisers only.
26. All the Exhibits are subject to a general lien in favour of the organisation for all sums, whether for unpaid rental or otherwise,
    due from an exhibitor to the Organisers.
27. Verbal agreements concerning any aspect of this contract or the exhibition are not valid unless confirmed in writing
28. Any dispute between the Organisers and Exhibitor is subject to the jurisdiction of the court of Mumbai only.

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