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					      7528                         Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 29 / Monday, February 14, 2005 / Notices

      Department of Environmental                             SUMMARY: This document corrects a                      ACTION:   Notice of briefing.
      Protection, regarding the environmental                 notice appearing in the Federal Register
      impact of the proposed action. The State                on February 1, 2005 (70 FR 5233), that                 SUMMARY: On February 15, 2005, senior
      official had no comments.                               incorrectly listed H. B. Robinson Steam                staff will describe the current functions
                                                              Electric Plant, Unit No. 2 in addition to              and procedures of the Postal Rate
      Finding of No Significant Impact                                                                               Commission to executives of business
                                                              Brunswick Steam Electric Plant, Units 1
         On the basis of the environmental                    and 2 in the title, and garbled the                    mail users that utilize all classes of mail.
      assessment, the NRC concludes that the                  description of the amendments. This                    Members of the Commission will attend
      proposed action will not have a                         action is necessary to correct the                     and participate in discussion following
      significant effect on the quality of the                erroneous notice in its entirety.                      the presentation.
      human environment. Accordingly, the                     FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:                       DATES: February 15, 2005.
      NRC has determined not to prepare an                    Brenda L. Mozafari, Office of Nuclear                  ADDRESSES: Postal Rate Commission,
      environmental impact statement for the                  Reactor Regulation, U.S. Nuclear                       1333 H Street, NW., Suite 300,
      proposed action.                                        Regulatory Commission, Washington,                     Washington, DC 20268–0001.
         For further details with respect to the              DC 20555–0001; telephone (301) 415–                    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
      proposed action, see the licensee’s letter              2020, e-mail:                             Stephen L. Sharfman, General Counsel,
      dated November 5, 2004. Documents                       SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On page                     202–789–6818.
      may be examined, and/or copied for a                    5251, in the first column, the notice for                Dated: February 9, 2005.
      fee, at the NRC’s Public Document                       Carolina Power & Light Company is
      Room (PDR), located at One White Flint                                                                         Steven W. Williams,
                                                              changed in its entirety to read as
      North, 11555 Rockville Pike (first floor),                                                                     Secretary.
      Rockville, Maryland. Publicly available                                                                        [FR Doc. 05–2809 Filed 2–11–05; 8:45 am]
      records will be accessible electronically               Carolina Power & Light Company,                        BILLING CODE 7710–FW–M
      from the Agencywide Documents                           Docket Nos. 50–325 and 50–324,
      Access and Management System                            Brunswick Steam Electric Plant, Units 1
      (ADAMS) Public Electronic Reading                       and 2, Brunswick County, North                         SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE
      Room on the NRC Web site, http://                       Carolina                                               COMMISSION                        Date of application for amendments:                  [Release No. IC–26751; 812–12987]
      Persons who do not have access to                       December 19, 2003, as supplemented
      ADAMS or who encounter problems in                      January 14, 2004.                                      MBIA Global Funding, LLC; Notice of
      accessing the documents located in                        Brief Description of amendments: The                 Application
      ADAMS, should contact the NRC PDR                       amendments modify Technical
      Reference staff at 1–800–397–4209 or                    Specification requirements to adopt the                February 8, 2005.
      301–415–4737, or send an e-mail to                      provisions of Industry/Technical                       AGENCY:  Securities and Exchange (Note: As of the date of                   Specification Task Force (TSTF) change                 Commission (‘‘Commission’’).
      issuance of this letter, public access to               359, ‘‘Increase Flexibility in Mode                    ACTION: Notice of an application under
      ADAMS has been temporarily                              Restraints.’’                                          section 6(c) of the Investment Company
      suspended so that security reviews of                     Date of issuance: January 11, 2005.                  Act of 1940 (the ‘‘Act’’) for an
      publicly available documents may be                       Effective date: January 11, 2005.                    exemption from all provisions of the
      performed and potentially sensitive                       Amendment Nos.: 233 and 260.                         Act.
      information removed. Please check the                     Facility Operating License Nos. DPR–
      NRC Web site for updates on the                         71 and DPR–62: Amendments change                       SUMMARY OF APPLICATION:     MBIA Global
      resumption of ADAMS access.)                            the Technical Specifications.                          Funding, LLC (‘‘Applicant’’) requests an
                                                                Date of initial notice in Federal                    order that would permit it to sell debt
         Dated in Rockville, Maryland, this 8th day
                                                              Register: February 17, 2004 (69 FR                     securities and non-voting preferred
      of February 2005.
                                                              7519).                                                 stock and use the proceeds to finance
         For the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.                 The Commission’s related evaluation
      Darrell J. Roberts,
                                                                                                                     the business operations of its parent
                                                              of the amendments is contained in a                    company, MBIA Inc., (‘‘MBIA’’) and
      Chief, Section 2, Project Directorate I, Division       Safety Evaluation dated January 11,
      of Licensing Project Management, Office of
                                                                                                                     certain companies controlled by MBIA.
      Nuclear Reactor Regulation.                                                                                    FILING DATES: The application was filed
                                                                No significant hazards consideration
      [FR Doc. 05–2786 Filed 2–11–05; 8:45 am]                comments received: No.                                 on July 3, 2003, and amended on
      BILLING CODE 7590–01–P
                                                                                                                     November 2, 2004. Applicant has agreed
                                                                Dated in Rockville, Maryland, this 2nd day           to file an amendment during the notice
                                                              of February 2005.
                                                                                                                     period, the substance of which is
                                                                For the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.               reflected in this notice.
                                                              Ledyard B. Marsh,
      COMMISSION                                                                                                     HEARING OR NOTIFICATION OF HEARING: An
                                                              Director, Division of Licensing Project                order granting the requested relief will
      [Docket Nos. 50–325 and 50–324]                         Management, Office of Nuclear Reactor
                                                                                                                     be issued unless the Commission orders
                                                                                                                     a hearing. Interested persons may
      Carolina Power & Light Company;                         [FR Doc. 05–2787 Filed 2–11–05; 8:45 am]
                                                                                                                     request a hearing by writing to the
      Biweekly Notice; Applications and                       BILLING CODE 7590–01–P
                                                                                                                     Commission’s Secretary and serving
      Amendments to Facility Operating                                                                               applicant with a copy of the request,
      Licenses Involving No Significant                                                                              personally or by mail. Hearing requests
      Hazards Considerations; Correction                      POSTAL RATE COMMISSION                                 should be received by the Commission
      AGENCY: Nuclear Regulatory                                                                                     by 5:30 p.m. on March 7, 2005, and
                                                              Briefing on Commission Functions and
      Commission.                                                                                                    should be accompanied by proof of
                                                                                                                     service on applicant, in the form of an
      ACTION: Notice of Issuance; Correction.
                                                              AGENCY:     Postal Rate Commission.                    affidavit, or for lawyers, a certificate of

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