Application for an National Insurance Number Interview Instructions General 1 You may apply for a National Insurance Number if you fall into one of the categories below • Employed or • Actively se

					Application for an National Insurance Number Interview Instructions: General 1. You may apply for a National Insurance Number if you fall into one of the categories below: • Employed, or • Actively seeking work, or • Have a written offer of employment, or • Have previously worked in the UK 2. Please see the postcode list on the last page of this document for the contact details of the booking offices that are responsible for your postcode area. As a customer you can either have your interview in the office closest to your home or work postcode. 3. If your postcode is not listed this means that none of our London offices deals with your area. You will need to do the following: • Contact your local Jobcentre Plus office to find out where to go if you want to apply for a National Insurance Number. To find out your nearest jobcentreplus site, visit the lOfficeSearch.aspx website, input your postcode and do a search 4. You should receive an appointment within 10 working days of sending your application form. 5. If there is any time over the next three weeks that you will not be available please let us know in the dates not available section of the application form. We conduct interviews from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00 – 16:00.


6. Please check your email inbox on a daily basis, as we will email you the appointment letter and map. 7. We do not give out temporary National Insurance Numbers.
To Book a National Insurance Number Appointment

8. You need to complete the DCI 1E application form attached with all your personal details. You must answer all the questions on the application form. If any of the questions are not answered this may delay an appointment being booked for you. 9. In the identity documentation section of the application form, put “X” in the boxes against the documents you are able bring to the interview: 10. You must bring documents for the following: Identity documents such as Passport, ID Card, Home Office documents Proof of address such as Bank Statement, Utility Bill, Rental Agreement. If you live with a friend or relative then a letter from that person confirming you live with them and one of the above in their name. Proof of employment such as Contract, Employment letter and at least 2 payslips. Proof of self employment Proof of study 11. If you are here as a spouse of someone, you need to bring your spouse’s passport and your marriage certificate.
12. You must supply all the original documents, as photocopies will not be accepted.

13. Once you have completed the application form please email as a word document to Do not send the document as an email as we have problems opening these documents. 14. When emailing your completed application form enter the following in the subject heading: • COMPLETED NINO APPLICATION FORM

To Cancel and Rebook your Appointment

15. If you wish to cancel your appointment and arrange a new one please supply the following details on your email: • Your full name 2

• • • • •

Your Reference number Your date of birth Your appointment date and time The reason for the cancellation When you would like your new appointment

16. When emailing your request please enter the following in the subject heading:• CANCEL AND REBOOK NEW APPOINTMENT 17. If you have failed to attend your appointment you will need to complete a new application form to obtain a new appointment. This is because the interview sites destroy any application forms where the customer fails to attend the interview.
Useful Telephone Numbers

18. If you do not need to apply for a National Insurance Number, then the numbers below might be useful • If you want to or are claiming benefit contact your local Jobcentre Plus Office and they will arrange for the processing section to send over the necessary forms for a National Insurance Number interview to be booked If your National Insurance Number card is lost 0845 915 7006 Change of name e.g. Marriage 0845 302 1455 Change of address 0845 302 1487 You believe someone may be using your National Insurance Number card 0845 302 1455 Tax Credit Enquiries to Inland Revenue 0845 300 3900 Claim for back tax to Inland Revenue 0845 302 1455

• • • • • •

19. If you have already had your interview and would like to make an enquiry please wait approximately 6 weeks from your interview date and then telephone the number corresponding to your surname below: • • If your surname begins with A-K call 0845 641 ext 5060, 5061, 5058 If your surname begins with L-Z call 0845 641 ext 5029, 5030, 5034,5087

20. Thank you for contacting the National Insurance Number booking line.


21. Postcodes covered
SL3 SW6, SW10 0** TW3, TW4, TW5, TW6, TW7, TW8, TW13, TW14, UB1, UB2, UB5, UB6 W3, W4, W5, W6, W7, W12, W13, W14 0**, W14 8**, W14 9** E1, E2, E3, E5, E6, E7, E8, E9, E12, E13, E14, E15, E16, EC2, EC3, EC4 N1* and N4* & N16 (* London Borough of Hackney only) BR1 – BR7 CR0, CR2, CR5, CR7 – CR9 DA5 –DA8, DA14 – DA18 EC1 EN1 – EN10 HA0 – HA9 KT1 – KT14, KT16, KT22 N1 – N15, N17 – N22 NW1 – NW11 SE1 - SE28 SM1 – SM7 SW1 – SW5, SW7 – SW10 (not SW10 0##) SW11 - SW20 TN14 – TN16 TW1, TW2, TW9 – TW12, TW16, TW17 UB3 – UB11 W1, W2, W8, W9, W10, W11, W14 (not W14 8## & W14 9##) WC1, WC2 WD6, WD7 (PART) E4, E10, E11, E17, E18 IG1 – IG11 RM1 – RM14

Telephone and Email Address
0208 607 1736 / 1740 / 1772 / 1773 / 1774 / 1775 / 1776

0845 600 2342 / 2349 / 2447 / 2464 / 2532 / 2572 / 2606 / 3053

0845 6000 643

01708 814 470


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