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        Corey Adler
    The Next Big Thing!

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         Career Path: Page 3

    Goal and Action Plans: Page 4

      Evidence of skills: Page 5

     Evidence of Talent: Page 6

     Evidence of Interests: Page 7

                                  Career Path

For my career I would like to be a Lawyer. I have good verbal skills, and can
debate well. I think I could defend people, and help protect their rights, and that is
what a lawyer does.

Another career path I would choose is to be a judge, because I am fair. I am good
at finding out who has done something wrong, or if they haven’t done something

                      Goals and Action Plan

My goals are to get into post secondary education, and become a
Lawyer, and follow in my dad’s footsteps. My action plan is to do well
in school, so I get a good education then I will become a lawyer. Once
that is done I’ll join my dad’s law firm. What once was Adler Law
Office will now be “Adler and Son Law Office”

This poster shows me winning first place from all the kindergarten
entries in Calgary for the citywide “Turn Off The Violence Poster
Contest”, an initiative of Mayor Duerr’s task force on Community

Evidence of Skills

My some skills include playing guitar, volleyball, biking and rock climbing.

Over the summer I was recruited into a School of Rock band. In the
band there was a singer, drummer, bass, and two guitars, myself as one.
On occasional weekends, we would have concerts for our family, friends
and the community.

In grade 7, I played on the volleyball team for CJA. We only lost two
games in the season.

In the summers, I like to take 30-minute bike rides around Fish Creek
Park with my family and friends.

This year, every Thursday, Thursday I take rock-climbing lessons with
my friend Jeff Freedman.

                          Evidence of Talent

I am talented at computers, computer gaming, and guitar.

I am talented at computers because I know how to make a hack.

I am good at computer gaming because that is how I spend my spare
time, and I do well in game play against other players.

As for guitar, I am able to play over 40 songs.

                                   Evidences of Interest

I am interested in dogs, music, law, hockey and Bar Mitzvahs.

I have a bison cocker spaniel dog named Toffee. His picture is below. When I see
other dogs I like to know what breed they are.

I like to listen to music and I also like to play music on my electric guitar.

I am interested in law because I want to become a lawyer.

I am interested with Bar Mitzvahs because I have had one and my friends are having
theirs soon.

I am interested in hockey. I have a Flames shirt with all the Calgary Flames autographs. I also go
to several hockey games during the sea


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