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    LOCATION…                      The exchange rate
Situated in Tropical               is attractive when
      Paradise                       converting into
                                   Australian Dollars
                                                                  Cairns is a clean,
                                                                   safe & friendly

                                        Carefully selected
     Students can enjoy
                                       teaching staff who
    outdoor activities all
           year                      ensure students have
                                      a wonderful cultural
                                            exchange                   6
                                                              Accessible and well
                                                                served by public
                                                               transport, yet, our
                                                             families are willing to
                                                             drive students to and
                                                                  from school

                                          There’s easy
         It’s close to all
                                            access to
        major sporting &
       recreation centres
          to enjoy the
                                           agencies &
                                                              The people in
                                                             Cairns enjoy a
                                                             relaxed way of
          Wonderful, caring homestay
        families who make students feel
                part of the family
About the City of Cairns…                                About GEOS Cairns College of English…

                                                         The Cairns College of English is located in the centre
                                                         of Cairns. The college is:
                                                          Located in a modern air-conditioned building
                                                          Close to the Esplanade and the harbour
                                                          The major bus stops are directly in front of the
                                                          Located in the heart of the central shopping area
                                                             close to newsagencies, banks, cafes, hostels,
                                                             food outlets, doctors, dentists, supermarkets,
                                                             cinemas and gyms
                                                          Five minute walk from the Regional Art Gallery
                                                             and the Cairns Historical Museum
Located in beautiful Far North Queensland, Cairns
offers a unique blend of excitement and relaxation.
With a small population, Cairns is a safe, thriving,
cosmopolitan city with an efficient public transport
system and an International Airport.

The People…
The people in Cairns are friendly and they show
respect for everyone. They are genuinely interested
in people from all countries and they enjoy a relaxed

Cairns has a tropical climate with a temperature of
25˚c all year round. The winter is warm with low
rainfall and summer has hotter temperatures with
higher rainfall.

Transport…                                               Cairns College of English and GEOS…
The city centre is located about 10 kilometres from      Cairns College of English is part of a network of
the airport. Because Cairns is small, it means that it   GEOS colleges in the Oceania Region (Australia,
is easy for students to find their way around. Most      South Africa, Singapore and New Zealand). All of
students travel to school by bicycle, with their         the colleges offer professional, accredited courses in
Homestay families or by bus.                             modern, well-equipped facilities.       They are all
                                                         designed to provide a balanced blend of academic
Attractions…                                             programs and a taste of local culture.
From the Great Barrier Reef and the World Heritage
listed rainforests, the region extends to the diverse    Superlink…
attractions of the Atherton Tableland and the scenic     Superlink is a unique FREE AIRFARE program
beauty of the Bellenden Ker Ranges. Further south        offered by GEOS Oceania. Superlink gives students
is the awe-inspiring beauty of Mission Beach. The        the opportunity to study in more than one Australian
long white beaches north of Cairns link the Port         City. To qualify for this program, students must
Douglas area and extend north into the Daintree          book twenty weeks of study in advance and must
and Cape Tribulation, leading the Cape York              spend a minimum of ten weeks in each college. The
Peninsula wilderness.                                    airfare between the two cities is free!
Facilities…                                           General English Full-time…
 Light, clean classrooms with air-conditioning        Starts every Monday and taught in two five-
 Library                                               week modules
 Self-Access area with resources for private study    25 hours of tuition per week (including two
 10 new computers with FREE Internet Facilities        hours of Australian studies)
 Recreation room with microwaves, fridges and         Students can study between 1 and 50 weeks
   cooking equipment                                   Six levels of English from beginner to advanced
 Kitchens on each floor for student use               Placement test on the first day to determine
                                                       Range of syllabus types and resources adapted
                                                        to meet the student’s specific needs
                                                       Morning classes with a core teacher – emphasis
                                                        on communication and language
                                                       Afternoon classes focus on reading, listening,
                                                        writing and speaking
                                                       Computer Assisted Language Learning Lessons
                                                       Textbooks are given to students on loan, free of

                                                      General English Part-time…
                                                       Starts every Monday and taught in two five-
                                                        week modules
                                                       15 hours of tuition per week
                                                       Students can study up to 12 weeks
                                                       Six levels of English from beginner to advanced
Five Key Features…
                                                       Placement test on the first day to determine
 A wide variety of English courses
 CCE international atmosphere with the students
                                                       Range of syllabus types and resources adapted
   from over 15 countries
                                                        to meet the student’s specific needs
 Great facilities and expert, friendly staff
                                                       Classes are from 9:00am – 12:30pm
 Student support from counsellors
                                                       Classes with a core teacher – emphasis on
 Friendly airport greeting and caring Homestay
                                                        communication and language
                                                       Computer Assisted Language Learning Lessons
                                                       Textbooks are given to students on loan, free of
Staff at GEOS cairns…                                   charge

Manager:                    Mr. Ueli Stauffer
Office Manager:             Ms. Toni Fulton
Registrar:                  Ms. Ann Molloy
Japanese Counsellor:        Ms. Yuko Oguchi
Academic Coordinator:       Ms. Abby Gray
Study Tour Coordinator:     Ms. Rebecca Giacomi
Homestay Coordinator:       Ms. Ann Molloy

English Plus…
The program at Cairns College of English included
TOEIC Preparation, Business English, Conversation
Class, Cambridge Exam Preparation, Working
Holiday Programs and sport. These components
may be offered full-time or part-time, subject to
student demand.                                       Cambridge Exam Preparation…
                                                      These 12-week courses prepare students for the
                                                      internationally recognised Cambridge Exams held in
June and December each year. We also have a             Working Holiday Program…
special 10-week First Certificate course which          This course is for students with:
prepares students for the examination in March.          A Working Holiday Visa
The examination fee is not included in the costs and     An Intermediate level of English
all textbooks are supplied FREE to keep.
                                                        The Working Holiday Program is a five-week course
We recognise that it can be difficult for students or   that prepares students to find work in Queensland.
agents to accurately determine a proficiency level,     In the first week students learn about living
so we have devised a pre-entry test for each of the     independently in Cairns and in the second week
preparation courses. This pre-entry test should be      they prepare their curriculum vitae. Then they learn
completed at least 6-8 weeks prior to the course        where and how to look for work in week three. In
date. Please ask us to fax you a copy.                  weeks four and five the students take classes in
                                                        practical job search strategies – applying for a job
                                                        and preparing for interviews.

                                                        Further Studies Pathways…
                                                        Once students have completed their English
                                                        studies at the Cairns College of English they
                                                        have many further study options. Cairns College
                                                        of English can provide the English and academic
                                                        skills that can lead to a degree or diploma at
                                                        universities throughout Australia.

                                                        English for Young People…
                                                        This course is for younger students, between 8 and
                                                        15 years of age, who would like to study English
English for Business Purposes…                          during their school holidays.
This program is designed as an elective (2:30pm –
3:30pm) for students who wish to improve their          The students study the core English components;
skills and develop confidence using English for         reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, plus
effective communication in a business situation.        they fun activities. Only teachers with experience
                                                        teaching young people run this course, and they do
The skills taught include reading news stories and      it with lots of energy. The classes have an
articles, letters, memos, faxes, reports, diagrams      Australian theme and include excursions, so there is
and so on, writing (letter, faxes, memos, and           no chance of students getting bored!
reports), speaking on the telephone, social
language, meetings, giving talks and presentations,     Tropical Safari Club…
and listening on the telephone to social language,      This program is designed as a holiday package that
and to business related seminars and presentations.     combines part-time English studies with a
                                                        comprehensive recreational program. It is designed
TOEIC Preparation and Test…                             to meet the needs of students who have limited
This TOEIC course was accredited in 1999 to meet        time in Australia by combining English Study with
the increasing demand from students at the college      excursions to a wide variety of Reef, Rainforest and
for TOEIC exam skill development. It is offered as      Outback destinations. Students will be allocated to
an elective 2.30pm – 3.30pm, Monday to Thursday.        an Intensive English class according to their English
The aim is to prepare students who have an              proficiency level.
intermediate or higher level of English for the TOEIC    15 hours tuition per week
examination. The program is designed to suit             Course length 1-4 weeks
individual students needs across a range of English      Choice of Full Day trips each week
                                                        Reef Safari Club…
Students can sit for the TOEIC test at GEOS Cairns.     This program is also designed as a holiday package
We also provide books and practice tests to assist      and combines English studies with a 5 day PADI
students.                                               Learn to Dive SCUBA diving course and two full day
excursions to popular tourist destinations. Like the     Work Experience…
Tropical Safari it caters for students with limited       Cairns College of English offers assistance with
time in Australia. The students will be allocated to a     work experience placement for students
class according to their English proficiency               studying for a minimum of 4 weeks in our
level.                                                     Intensive English program
 15 hours tuition per week                               It is VOLUNTARY work experience (i.e. students
 Course Length 2-4 weeks                                  do not get paid or earn a minimal amount only)
 5 Day Padi Dive Course                                  Work experience would normally be for 1 - 4
 Choice of activities each week                           weeks (full or part-time), but some
                                                           longer placements are available;

                                                         We have previously arranged work experience for
                                                         students in the following
                                                         - Hospitality
                                                         - Travel and Tourism
                                                         - Journalism / Photography
                                                         - Host Farms
                                                         - Child Care
                                                         - Aged Care

                                                         Class Numbers…
                                                          In accordance with Australian standards (NEAS)
                                                            classes can have a maximum of 15 students to a
                                                            class. However, the average number is usually
                                                            12 – 14 students.
Friday Afternoon Activities…                              Cambridge Exam Courses have a maximum of
Each Friday afternoon, students can participate in a        15 students per class.
variety of different activities. The students can go
to the movies, visit museums, do Yoga, practice
Meditation, go Latin Dancing, play Ten Pin Bowling,
Golf, Bird Watching, BBQ’s, Snooker, visit the Flying
Doctor Service or do some exam preparation or
private study in the library. The activities are
advertised on the student notice board each week
so that students can select one. The teachers
accompany the students on these activities.

                                                         Student Nationalities…
                                                         Students from over 15 different countries study at
                                                         the Cairns College of English. We try to have a good
                                                         mix of nationalities in our classroom and also try to
                                                         limit the number of the same nationality in each
                                                         class. Although constantly changing, on average
                                                         our top six nationalities are 35% Japanese, 15%
                                                         Korean, 20% Swiss, 10% European and 5%
                                                         Brazilian. Students of other nationalities include
                                                         French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Hungarian,
Taiwanese, Russian, Chillian, Polish, Italian, Czech
and Slovakian.

Homestay is a unique opportunity to learn about the
Australian way of life and to make international
friendships for life.     The college’s Homestay
Coordinator arranges quality Homestay with friendly
Australian host families.     People in Cairns are
renowned for their friendliness and relaxed lifestyle.
Here in Cairns, students generally find that public
transport to and from school is faster and cheaper
than in other cities. In general Homestay families
live within 10 – 30 minutes from the college.

On the enrolment form students are asked
questions about their Homestay requirements. It is
very important that these are accurate. These help
us to find the best family for the student. Full
details of the Homestay family are sent to students
before they arrive. The weekly fee includes a
furnished bedroom with bed, desk, chair and light,
two meals during the week and three meals on
weekends. Other costs are the responsibility of the

Other accommodation is available close to the
College and the City Centre. There are hostels,
student residence at James Cook University, share
accommodation and apartments. If you would like
more accommodation details, please contact us.
                            Quick Reference Guide…

      City          Small, beautiful city positioned between the Great Barrier Reef & the
  Information         Rainforest, 2 World Heritage listed areas!
                    2000 kilometers of natural beauty, countless tropical islands & white sandy
                    Spectacular SCUBA Diving conditions
                    Population of about 130,000
                    It is a clean & safe city with friendly people
                    Warm climate all year round
School Location    CCE is conveniently located in the city centre
                    Bus stop in front of the College
                    Close to shops, restaurants, banks, the post office & entertainment venues
     School         4 floors of building
  Information          * Level 1 – Reception, Computer Room, Library, Common & Recreation
                   Room with kitchen facilities
                       * Level 2 – Classrooms, Offices
                    Level 3 – Classrooms
                    Level 4 - Classrooms
                    14 classrooms, Fully air-conditioned
   Student          Free Internet / Email
   Facilities       Self-Access Library
                    Computer Room
                    Student study areas
                    Listening posts
                    Common & recreation rooms with kitchen facilities
      Staff        Total staff around 16
                        - 6 Administration Staff
                        - 10 Teachers
  Counsellors       Academic & welfare counselling is available
   Students        CCE can cater for a maximum of 220 students
                   Normally, our student numbers are around 120 - 150 at any one time.
  Nationalities    We have students from Japan, Korea, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain,
                   Germany, Brazil, Colombia, China, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Argentina,
                   Taiwan, Hungary, Chile, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia.
    Courses         General English Full-time (runs all year)
                    General English Part-time (runs all year)
                    Tropical Safari (runs all year)
                    Reef Safari (runs all year)
                    Cambridge Examination Courses (offered 3 times a year)
                    TOEIC/IELTS Examination Preparation Courses (afternoon TOEIC elective
                      offered all year)
                    Working Holiday Course (offered several times per year)
                    Business English (afternoon elective offered all year)
                    Conversation Class (afternoon elective offered all year)
Course Structure   Intensive English / Cambridge = 25 hours per week (5 hours per day)
                   General English Part-time = 15 hours per week (3 hours per day)
 School Hours      Intensive English = Monday-Friday, 9.00 am - 3.30pm (includes 2 breaks, totaling 1.5
                   Part-time = Monday-Friday, 9.00 am - 12.30pm        (includes 1 break for 30 ins)
     Levels        6 levels of English: Beginner to Advanced
   Class Size      Maximum 15 per class. Class sizes vary depending on the course and the
                   Average number of students per class: 12 - 14
Airport Pick-Up     Homestay family or school staff greets students at Cairns airport and
    Service           takes them directly to accommodation.
                    Homestay family member/school staff always holds a blue CCE sign with
                      student’s name for easy identification
                    Emergency airport transfer contact number is (61 7) 4053 5000 or 0404
                      256 337 – Ann Molloy Homestay Coordinator.
   Homestay         $170 per week, payable to CCE.
Accommodation       Half-board (no lunch) weekdays, full board on weekends.
                    Usually 1 to 2 students per family in single rooms, being of different
                    Some homestay families live within walking or cycling distance to our
                    Other students travel by bus, up to 35 minutes. All buses stop in front of
                      the College
   First Day       Welcome & Orientation
    at CCE         - College information; map of Cairns city; information on Cairns public
                       transport/ Bus passes; medical insurance for student visa holders; how
                       to open a bank account; location of post office, banks & shops;
                       information about living with an Australian host family & living in Cairns;
                       information on Safari Club, weekend sightseeing trips and Tour
                       bookings; information on work permits /opportunities; important
                       telephone numbers
                   - Level testing & placement into class
                   - Tour of College
   Activities       Friday Afternoon
                      Full-time students choose from Australian Studies, Safari Club Activity or
                      Private study in the library, supervised by a teacher

                    Safari Club Activities during the week (Optional)
                     Regular activities on offer, such as tennis or other sports, evenings out at
                     a local restaurant or pub, etc.

                    Safari Club Weekend Activities (Optional)
                    - Large selection of weekend activities regularly offered. For example:
                    Great Barrier Reef Trip, Diving, Whitewater Rafting, Hot Air Ballooning,
                      Horseriding, Weekend trips to the Rainforest, Cape Tribulation or the
                      Tablelands, etc.
Public Transport   A weekly bus pass costs between $21 to $36, depending on the number of
     Costs         zones travelled.
 Cost of Living    Lunch costs around $5 - $7 per day + public transport fares if required (see
    Climate        Cairns has a warm climate with lots of sunshine!
                     * Summer (November - April):       Day 31°c Night 24°c
                     * Winter (May - October):          Day 26°c Night 18°c

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