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									                             Summer 2009

                             City of Santa Clara


Creating Community through People, Parks and Programs!

                             City Web Address: www.santaclaraca.gov
                                                                                                                                                                         PARKS & RECREATION DEPARTMENT
                                                                                                                                                                                         City Hall
                                                                                                                                                                                    1500 Warburton Ave.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Santa Clara, CA 95050
                                                                                                                                                                                 Telephone: (408) 615-2260
                                                                                                                                                                                Class & Activity Information:
                                                                                                                                                                                      (408) 615-3140
                                                                                                                                                                                 Programs are co-sponsored by
                                                                                                                                                                                Santa Clara Unified School District
                                                                                                                                                                           COMMUNITY RECREATION CENTER (CRC)
                                                                                                                                                                             Located in Central Park, 969 Kiely Blvd.
                                                                                                                                                                                          Office hours:
                                                                                                                                                                                   Monday through Thursday,
                                                                                                                                                                                      8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                Saturday, 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Closed on Sunday.

INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                                                                                                                        Santa Clara City residents or resident groups
Aerobics ...................................................................... 24   Roberta Jones Junior Theatre ......................................... 8            may reserve on a space available basis
Aquatics .................................................................17-19      Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club .................................... 40              for receptions and parties. All reservations
                                                                                                                                                                         are accepted in person at the CRC, up to 4
Arts - Adults, Teens, & Children ................................9-10                Santa Clara Senior Center ......................................38-39
                                                                                                                                                                         months in advance, for the Santa Clara park
Camps at a Glance ........................................................ 4         Skate Park ................................................................... 37   buildings and picnic facilities at Central
Camp Destinations .................................................34-35             Soccer Camps ............................................................. 32       Park. No reservations by phone. Call (408)
Co-Sponsored Clubs.................................................... 44            Special Events ............................................................... 7    615-3140 for information. Located on Transit
Dance - Adults, Teens, & Children ..........................14-16                    Special Interest - Adults, Teens, & Children ............10-13                      Lines 58 and 81.
Dance Camps .............................................................. 17        Sports - Adults, Teens, & Children ..........................25-27
Day Camps - Lick Mill & Maywood Park ...................... 31                       Sports Camps - YAC .................................................... 33                 SANTA CLARA CITY COUNCIL
Fine Arts Camp Extraordinaire! .................................... 32               Sports Leagues - Adults .............................................. 23                     Patricia M. Mahan, Mayor
Fitness-Adults, Teens .............................................23-24             Teen Breakaway........................................................... 36              Dominic J. Caserta, Will Kennedy
Friends of Santa Clara Parks & Recreation................... 12                      Teen Center ................................................................. 36           Joe Kornder, Jamie L. Matthews
Gymnastics ............................................................20-22         Tennis .....................................................................28-29            Jamie McLeod, Kevin Moore
Library Services........................................................... 28       Therapeutic Recreation Services.............................42-43                         Jennifer Sparacino, City Manager
Open Ceramics Studio ................................................... 9           Upcoming Recreation Schedule ................................... 35                  James Teixeira, Director of Parks & Recreation
Parent & Child Activities .............................................. 30          Walter E. Schmidt Youth Activity Center ....................... 37
Parks & Facilities ....................................................45-47         Youth Organizations ..................................................... 44          PARKS & RECREATION COMMISSION
Preschool Adventures in Learning ................................ 41                                                                                                              Chuck Seymour, Chairperson
                                                                                                                                                                                    Lio Francisco, Julie Frazier
                                                                                                                                                                                  Raymond Gamma, Steve Lee
PHONE DIRECTORY                                                                                                                                                                   Jerry Marsalli, Cynthia Owens

Adult Education Center ...........................(408) 423-3500                     Reed Street Dog Park (Hotline)................(408) 615-3144
                                                                                                                                                                              SENIOR ADVISORY COMMISSION
Central Park Library ................................(408) 615-2900                  Roberta Jones Junior Theatre ..................(408) 615-3161                              Edward L. Murphy, Chairperson
Chamber of Commerce ...........................(408) 244-8244                        Santa Clara Convention Center ...............(408) 748-7000                                 Dwight Collins, Anne Creighton
City Hall - General Information ...............(408) 615-2200                        Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club ...............(408) 980-9515                              Patrick Driscoll, Frank E. Kadlecek
Community Recreation Center ................(408) 615-3140                           Santa Clara Senior Center ......................(408) 615-3170                            Foster Steven Lopes, Alice Pivacek
Community Services ...............................(408) 615-2490                     Santa Clara Tennis Center ......................(408) 247-0178
George F. Haines International                                                       Santa Clara Unified School District .........(408) 423-2000                                    BOARD OF EDUCATION
    Swim Center .....................................(408) 243-7727                  Skate Park ..............................................(408) 615-3191                            Pat Flot, President
Mary Gomez Pool ....................................(408) 243-5583                   Teen Center ............................................(408) 615-3740                            Ina K. Bendis, M.D.
Mission City Memorial Park (Cemetery) ..(408) 615-3790                               Triton Museum of Art ..............................(408) 247-3754                            Don Bordenave, Jim Canova
Mission Library Family Reading Center ...(408) 615-2964                              Walter E. Schmidt Youth Activity Center .(408) 615-3760                                     Elise DeYoung, Albert Gonzalez
Montague Swim Center...........................(408) 988-3202                        Warburton Swim Center ..........................(408) 241-6465                                    Andrew Ratermann
Parks & Recreation Department ..............(408) 615-2260                                                                                                                        Steve Stavis, Superintendent

 April 15 (Wed.)                            Recreation Activities Guide mailed to City of Santa Clara Residents and online.
                                            Guide is available online at: www.santaclaraca.gov
                                            Click on “Activities & Classes” under the Tell Me About heading.

 April 16 (Thu.)                            Recreation Activities Guide available at City facilities: Community Recreation Center (CRC), Teen Center (TC), Walter E.
                                            Schmidt Youth Activity Center (YAC), City Hall, and City Libraries
 April 29 (Wed.)                            Resident Online Registration begins at 12:01 a.m. on April 29.
                                            Provides instant registration and confirmation from your computer.
                                                      online.activecommunities.com/santaclara to register or waitlist for courses.
                                               (Available 24 hours a day.)


                                            Resident Automated Phone Registration begins at 12:01 a.m. on April 29.
                                            Provides instant registration; confirmation mailed within 3 business days and viewable online anytime.

 (408) 261-5250

                                            Resident Mail-In Registration deadline is April 29.
                                            Processing begins at 8:00 a.m. on April 29. Packets selected randomly and processed as time permits; confirmation
                                            mailed as they are processed.
                                                                                                           before April 29. Registration packets will be selected
 Accepted at:                                  randomly for processing and completed as time permits.
 Community Recreation Center (CRC)
 969 Kiely Blvd., Santa Clara                  liability release (see pages 5 & 6).

 May 19 (Tue.)                              Resident Walk-in Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. at the CRC; 9:00 a.m. at the TC and YAC.
                                            Registration is first-come, first-served.

                                               Walter E. Schmidt Youth Activity Center during regular business hours.
 May 20 (Wed.)                              Non-Resident Registration begins.
                                            Non-resident registration will be accepted online or by automated phone starting at 12:01 a.m. In person registration begins
                                            at 8:00 a.m. at the CRC and 9:00 a.m. at the TC and YAC. See above for Online Registration address and Automated Phone

                                            Community Recreation Center to obtain these numbers in advance of using the system.
 For more information:                      Community Recreation Center (CRC)         Teen Center (TC)                               Walter E. Schmidt
                                            969 Kiely Blvd., Santa Clara              2446 Cabrillo Ave., Santa Clara                Youth Activity Center (YAC)
                                            (408) 615-3140                            (408) 615-3740                                 2450 Cabrillo Ave., Santa Clara
                                            Mon.-Thu. 8:00 am-8:00 pm                 Mon.-Fri. 9:00 am-6:30 pm                      (408) 615-3760
                                            Friday     8:00 am-5:00 pm                Sat & Sun closed                               Mon.-Thu. 9:00 am-8:00 pm
                                            Saturday 9:00 am-12:00 pm                                                                Friday      9:00 am-5:30 pm
                                            Sunday     closed                                                                        Saturday 9:00 am-12:30 pm
                                                                                                                                     Sunday      closed
If you require TDD assistance, please contact our office through the California Relay Service 1(800) 735-2922.

Proof of Residency – Current proof of Santa Clara residency or Santa Clara Unified                Course Withdrawals/Transfers/Refunds –
School District status is required to register as a resident. Acceptable proof: pre-printed
check, valid driver’s license, utility bill, or SCUSD report card.                                approval if less than 7 days before start of class.
Age – Registrants must provide their birth date and be the correct age by the first day           Credit Balances/Refunds – Account balances may be used toward future registrations,
of program. Proof of age may be required and must be provided upon request.                       or may be refunded by phoning the CRC, TC, or YAC (restrictions may apply).
Barcode and PIN numbers – Online and phone registration requires a barcode and                    Course Enrollment – Register early! Registration is not accepted at class. Courses not
PIN number. Call the CRC, TC, or YAC in advance of registration dates if you do not               reaching their minimum enrollment will be cancelled. If you are enrolled in a class and
already have this information. Your e-mail address can now be added to your account,              decide not to attend, please contact the CRC at least 7 days in advance. This will allow
allowing you to retrieve your families’ barcodes and PIN anytime online. Santa Clara              people on the waiting list to be called.
residents must show proof of residency to receive these numbers in advance of using
the system.                                                                                       Class Attendance – Attendance is limited to individuals enrolled in the program.
                                                                                                  Participants may not make up classes which they have missed; fees cannot be pro-
Course Cancellations – Refunds will be granted if a course is cancelled by the Parks              rated for classes missed.
& Recreation Department.
                                                                                                  Waiting Lists – Waitlists are created for filled classes. If a space becomes available,
                                                                                                  persons will be contacted by phone. You may place yourself on a waitlist for a filled
The City of Santa Clara Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to photograph
                                                                                                  class online or by phone with your client barcode and PIN at (408) 261-5250, or call
                                                                                                  the CRC, TC, or YAC for assistance.

Bowers Park - 2582 Cabrillo Ave., Santa Clara                                                     Mission City Center for Performing Arts - 3250 Monroe St., Santa Clara
Buchser Middle School - 1111 Bellomy St., Santa Clara                                             Montague Swim Center - 3750 De La Cruz Blvd., Santa Clara
California Sports Center - 336 Race St., San Jose                                                 Moonlite Lanes - 2780 El Camino Real, Santa Clara
Community Recreation Center (CRC) - 969 Kiely Blvd., Santa Clara                                  Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club (SCGTC) - 5155 Stars & Stripes Dr., Santa Clara
George F. Haines International Swim Center (ISC) - 2625 Patricia Dr., Santa Clara                 Santa Clara Senior Center - 1303 Fremont St., Santa Clara
Gymnastics Center - 3445 Benton St., Santa Clara                                                  Santa Clara Tennis Center - 2625 Hayward Dr., Santa Clara
Henry Schmidt Park (H. Schmidt Park) - 555 Los Padres Blvd., Santa Clara                          Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park - 5049 Centennial Blvd., Santa Clara
Ice Center of Cupertino - 10123 No. Wolfe Rd., Cupertino                                          Skate Park - 2440 Cabrillo Ave., Santa Clara
JKR NC Okaigan Dojo - 10441 Bandley Dr., Cupertino                                                Teen Center - 2446 Cabrillo Ave., Santa Clara
Lick Mill Park - 4750 Lick Mill Blvd., Santa Clara                                                Walter E. Schmidt Youth Activity Center (YAC) - 2450 Cabrillo Ave., Santa Clara
Live Oak Park - 4025 Rivermark Pkwy., Santa Clara                                                 Warburton Swim Center - 2250 Royal Dr., Santa Clara
Mary Gomez Park & Pool - 651 Bucher Ave., Santa Clara                                             Westwood Oaks Park - 460 La Herran Dr., Santa Clara
Maywood Park - 3330 Pruneridge Ave., Santa Clara                                                  Wilcox High School - 3250 Monroe St., Santa Clara
Millikin School - 2720 Sonoma Place, Santa Clara

The chart below provides general information only. See page listed for specific dates, times and camp descriptions.

                                                                    6/15-      6/22-      6/29-         7/6-      7/13-      7/20-      7/27-                8/10-      8/17-
               Camp Name/Location                         Age                                                                                     8/3-8/7                          Page
                                                                    6/19       6/26        7/2          7/10      7/17       7/24       7/31                 8/14       8/21
Creative Artistic Theatrical Showcase (C.A.T.S.),        8-15                   ◆             ◆          ◆          ◆         ◆          ◆                                           8

Dance Camps-CRC                                          3-12                                                                 ◆                     ◆         ◆                     17

                                                         8-12                   ◆             ◆          ◆          ◆         ◆          ◆          ◆                               32

Just4Kicks Soccer Camps-YAC & Soccer Park                5-13        ◆                                                        ◆                                          ◆          32
Lick Mill Tiny Timbers, Day Camp & Extended
Camp-Lick Mill Park
                                                         5-10                   ◆             ◆          ◆          ◆         ◆          ◆          ◆         ◆                     31
Maywood Tiny Timbers, Day Camp & Extended
Camp-Maywood Park
                                                         5-10                   ◆             ◆          ◆          ◆         ◆          ◆          ◆         ◆                     31

Sports Camps & Extended Camp-YAC                         5-13                   ◆             ◆          ◆          ◆         ◆          ◆          ◆         ◆                     33

Summer Gymnastics Camp-Gymnastics Center                 6-14        ◆          ◆             ◆                     ◆         ◆          ◆          ◆         ◆                     20

Teen Breakaway Week-Teen Center                          11-15                  ◆             ◆          ◆          ◆         ◆          ◆          ◆         ◆                     36

Youth Tennis Mini-Camp-Tennis Center                     9-14        ◆                                                                                                   ◆          28

REGISTRATION FORM                                                                                                                   City of Santa Clara Parks & Recreation Department

  For Mail-In Registration:             (Accepted through April 29.)                                                                 Residential Status: (check one)
     Complete this registration form and sign liability release on the other side.
     Make payment for the full amount due:                                                                                              Santa Clara City annexed area
                                                                                                                                        Santa Clara Unified School District
     Provide proof of residency:                                                                                                        Non-resident
     Pre-printed check, current utility bill, copy of valid driver’s license, or current Santa Clara Unified school report card.               Submit registration packets to:
     Families may submit registrations in the same envelope if they wish to be processed together; send a separate                          Registration, Community Recreation Center
     registration form and proof of residency for each family.                                                                               969 Kiely Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95051
                                                                                                                                            Registration questions: (408) 615-3140

Parent/Adult Contact (Main Account Holder) Information:
Name ___________________________________________ _____________________________________________ New Account? Yes____ No____
       Last                                         First
Address ____________________________________________________ City _________________________________ State_____ Zip ____________

Home No. (_____) ________________________ Work No. (_____) ___________________________ Cell No. (_____) ___________________________
Provide your email address (for Online Registration access or program updates)________________________________________________________________
Local Emergency Contact: Name _____________________________________________ _______________________________________________
                               Last                                            First
Home No. (_____) ________________________ Work No. (_____) ___________________________ Cell No. (_____) ___________________________

            PARTICIPANT’S                                                                                                         COURSE/ACTIVITY NUMBERS
          FIRST & LAST NAME                     BIRTHDATE                   COURSE/ACTIVITY NAME                       1st Choice        2nd Choice        3rd Choice             FEE

 Example: Kate Mc Clellan                     11/11/00            Sunday Yoga                                            11861             11862             11863            00 00

                         YOU CAN PAY WITH A CREDIT CARD                                                                                 Add postage/envelope fee
                                                                                                                                                  for MAIL-IN or                        50
 I hereby authorize the use of my       AMEX         Discover        Master Card         Visa                                       HAND-DELIVERY REGISTRATION
 Print your name as it appears on card: __________________________________________                                                                             Subtotal
 Credit Card No. ____________________________________ Expiration date __________                                                     Deduct Current Credit Balance
 Signature ____________________________________________________________                                                                                Total Fees Due
                                                                                                                     Complete liability release on other side of this page.
Please indicate any special needs or instructions that the instructor or staff should be aware of below.


      Financial grants available to qualifying City of Santa Clara residents age 18 and under through “Friends of Santa Clara Parks & Recreation.”
In consideration of the acceptance by the City of the application for entry into the classes or activities listed on the Registration Form on the reverse side of this Agreement and entry

property damage which I may have, or which may hereafter accrue to me as a result of my participation in said classes or activities. This release Agreement is intended to discharge
in advance the City of Santa Clara, its City Council, officers, agents, and employees, the Santa Clara Unified School District, its School Board, officers, agents and employees from
and against any and all liability arising out of or connected with my participation in said classes or activities and entry to and use of any facilities or equipment, even though that
liability may arise out of NEGLIGENCE or CARELESSNESS, on the part of the persons or entities mentioned above.


It is understood and agreed that this waiver, release, and assumption of risk is to be binding on my HEIRS, PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES, RELATIVES, SPOUSE and ASSIGNS and is
intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the laws of the State of California and that if any portion of this Agreement is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall,
notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect.

I have carefully READ this Agreement and fully understand its content. All participants registered in classes or activities, including minors 13-17 years of age, must sign this
Agreement. Adults participating in Parent-Child activities must sign below as adult participants in addition to the parent portion of this release Agreement.


Signature: _____________________________________________                                 Print Name: _________________________________________

Signature: _____________________________________________                                 Print Name: _________________________________________


Signature: _____________________________________________                                 Print Name: _________________________________________

Signature: _____________________________________________                                 Print Name: _________________________________________

    I have fully read this Agreement and fully understand its content. Furthermore, the significance of this release of liability and assumption of risk agreement has been

    expect City staff to contact me immediately in the event emergency medical treatment is required for said minor, but this contact is not necessary to administer emergency

    department activities for brochures or other publicity. I understand I will not receive any compensation for use of such pictures or video.

    Signature of parent or guardian: _______________________________________________________________ Date: ________________________

    Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Please indicate whether you are signing as:       Parent        Guardian

All City Picnic
Saturday, July 4

All City Picnic! The picnic will be held in beautiful Central Park from 8:00 a.m. to
5:00 p.m. Start the morning with an outdoor pancake breakfast, and relax to live
entertainment throughout the day at the Pavilion featuring Lava (classic latin rock,
salsa and merengue) and The Hitman (dance party machine). Bring a picnic lunch or

the reasonably priced activities available: carnival games and a petting zoo near the
softball field, and swimming at the International Swim Center.
The fun will continue into the evening. Bring your blankets and lawn chairs to the lawn
area near Millikin School, where there will be music and a variety of food booths,
followed by a patriotic fireworks display at 9:30 p.m. The pre-fireworks entertainment


“Wade Brummal,” “Friends of Parks & Recreation,”
and “Kiwanis Club of Santa Clara” Golf Tournament
Friday, July 10
1:00 p.m. Shot Gun Start

worthy community causes. The Wade Brummal Scholarship and the Friends of Parks                   June 17-August 23
& Recreation provide financial assistance to individuals and groups who participate in           The City of Santa Clara’s Concerts in the Park series offers free performances on two Wednesday
Santa Clara sports and activities. The Kiwanis motto is: Serving the youth of the world.         evenings and seven Sunday afternoons at Central Park Pavilion. Evening concerts are 6:30-8:00
Your entry fee will include green fee, cart rental, tee prizes, refreshments, awards,            p.m. and Sunday concerts are 2:30-4:00 p.m. The series is sponsored by the City’s Cultural
and award party at David’s Restaurant immediately following the tournament. Sign                 Advisory Commission. For more information, call (408) 615-2210.
up before July 2. Entry forms will be available at the Parks & Recreation office and             Date                      Performer                             Music Type
the Community Recreation Center. Call (408) 615-2260 or (408) 615-3140 for entry
                                                                                                 Wed, June 24             Robinson Family Band                Blues Rhythm, R&B
                                                                                                 Sun, July 12             Peter Cor and the Jazzy Devils      Jazz
 Santa Clara Indoor Sculpture                                                                    Sun, July 19
                                                                                                 Sun, July 26
                                                                                                                          The Lyra Tones
                                                                                                                          The Sparkletones
                                                                                                                                                              Big Band
 Exhibition on display at City Hall                                                              Sun, August 2
                                                                                                 Sun, August 9
                                                                                                                          The Retro Rockets
                                                                                                                          Usual Suspects
                                                                                                                                                              Rock, Blues & Motown
                                                                                                                                                              Classic Rock
 Through July 2009
 The City of Santa Clara’s Biennial Indoor Sculpture Exhibition has nearly                       Sun, August 23           The Rippin Band                     Hard Rock
 70 pieces of art on display at City Hall, located at 1500 Warburton Avenue,

 Commission selected the sculptures, which range from whimsical to                               STREET DANCE FEATURING JOE SHARINO
 beautiful to evocative. The public is encouraged to tour this exhibition and                    Friday, August 7
                                                                                                 The Franklin Square Street Dance, featuring the Joe Sharino Band, will be held on
 more information, call (408) 615-2210.                                                          Friday, August 7, 7:00-9:30 p.m. This all-star band will provide the best of pop, rock,
                                                                                                 Motown, funk, country, and swing on Jackson Street between Homestead Road and

                                                                                                 friends at this very popular, free event. Refreshments will be available for purchase,
                  City Web Address                                                               or plan to start the evening by making reservations for an early dinner at a Franklin
                  www.santaclaraca.gov                                                           Clara Cultural Advisory Commission.

Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival
Saturday and Sunday, September 19 & 20

handcrafted beer, delicious wines, and continuous live entertainment on four stages. The festival is held throughout Central Park amidst the lake, trees, and wisteria. Proceeds from this
event will benefit local charities. Festival hours are 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. For additional information call (408) 615-3140 or check out our website at: www.santaclaraartandwine.com

                                                                      41st Anniversary Season!
            Join a 41 year-old Santa Clara tradition of high quality and fun theatre training. The Junior Theatre, founded by Roberta Jones,
    stresses responsibility, poise, self-confidence, and building friendships. A limited number of scholarships are available. Call (408) 615-3161.
                                                                        Visit us on the web at: www.rjjt.org

       Junior Theatre programs are held at the Community Recreation Center,                   IMAGINE ME, IMAGINE ME, TOO!
          969 Kiely Boulevard, and Mission City CPA, 3250 Monroe Street.                      This classes are a stepping-stone for future participation in Roberta Jones Junior
                                                                                              Theatre productions. In Imagine Me, children ages 4-5 explore creativity through
ADVANCED SCENE STUDY                                                                          interactive storytelling and improvisational games. Behind the excitement and fun
In this acting class, for ages 12-18, students will improve their acting skills by learning   of acting out the adventures of classic stories are the educational benefits of this
how to analyze scripts. Great emphasis will be placed on character development,               program. The students gain self-confidence and learn to cooperate with others while
listening and responding truthfully from moment-to-moment in order to perform
acting scenes. Scenes will be performed for invited guests on the last night of the           leave their parent with ease. Imagine Me, Too!, for ages 6-8, will have more emphasis
class. Students will help choose the scenes they will work on in class. This class is an      on characterization and acting technique. Instructor - J. Thomas.
excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to improve their acting skills. Advanced           Location: Community Recreation Center.
Scene Study will be taught by RJJT Director, Kevin Cornelius.                                 No.         Age       Day Time                       Date               Res. / Non-res.
Location: Mission City CPA.
No.          Age       Day Time                       Date                Res. / Non-res.

Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr.                                                                     Junior Theatre Questions? Call (408) 615-3161
This is one of the most popular RJJT programs. Participants, ages 8-15, come to daily
Acting, Dancing, and Singing rehearsals, culminating in the production of a full-scale
stage musical. This year, we will present the exciting stage version of Schoolhouse Rock
Live Jr. Participants will be required to provide their own simple costumes, black soft-                    Backstage Crew and Technicians Needed!
soled shoes, and a lunch each day. Our production of Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr. will              Do you prefer to be behind the scenes? Would you like to learn how to build and
be showcased at the Mission City CPA on July 28, 29, and 30 at 7:00 p.m. Due to the              paint sets, hang and focus lights, and record sound cues? Are you interested
nature of this program, participants are strongly encouraged to attend every day.                in being on the running crew for a live show? We have many opportunities for
Location: Mission City CPA.                                                                      anyone ages 8-18 to be involved in the technical aspects of Junior Theatre
No.          Age       Day Time                         Date             Res. / Non-res.         productions. There is no fee to work on the Junior Theatre Crew. Call Kevin
                                                                                                 Cornelius at (408) 615-3161 for details.
* No class on July 3. Class meets 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. on July 31.

        Auditions for the next Roberta Jones Junior Theatre musical,

        Choose either Tuesday, September 1st or Wednesday,
        September 2nd from 3:30-6:30 pm.
        Performance dates: November 13, 14, 20, and 21 at 7:00 pm,
        November 15 and 22 at 2:00 pm.
        Call (408) 615-3161 for more details!
                                                                                                          The cast of RJJT’s Spring 2009 production of “The Wizard of Oz”.

        Adults & Teens                          any experience or wish a refresher in the
                                                                                                ADULT OPEN CERAMICS STUDIO
BEGINNING &                                     more advanced forms on the potter’s             Open to adults who have completed a ceramics class at the CRC or with previous
INTERMEDIATE                                    wheel. Prior wheel throwing experience          experience, who are familiar with the equipment. The Open Ceramics Studio is held at
DRAWING                                         is required. Demonstrations are given           the Community Recreation Center, 969 Kiely Boulevard, and will be open on Tuesdays,
This is an introduction for beginners as well   and individual help is stressed. Students
as an intermediate class for students that      may need to purchase a 25-pound bag of
want to take another step into the art of                                                       charged for glazing and firing. Fees are collected by the studio attendant.
drawing. We will use different approaches
and techniques such as shading, contour,        class. Bring a large towel and wear tennis
mass, negative space, and point to point.       shoes. Instructor - K. Manfredi

talent. Whether you have trouble drawing        OIL/ACRYLIC
a stick-man or need help finishing your         PAINTING
masterpiece, this is the class for you. Early   This class is for beginning and
                                                continuing students in oil or acrylic
for father-son(s) or mother-daughter(s).        painting. Students will learn basic color
Students furnish their own supplies at          principles and mixing from a limited
                                                palette. Information will be given through
list will be given at time of registration.     lectures and individualized instruction.
Instructor - J. Green                           Demonstrations begin at 6:00 p.m., but
                                                students may arrive as early as 5:30 p.m.
CERAMICS                                        Students furnish their own supplies.
Learn basic and continuing techniques           Please bring a canvas, pictures, and all
                                                art supplies to the first class. Supply list
ADV. BEG. level, instruction is geared          provided at time of registration.
toward students who have never had              Instructor - K. Manfredi

No.        Course                                       Age               Day           Time                     Start           End          Location                    Res. / Non-res.

               Children                         BIG HANDS, LITTLE                              MESSY MADNESS                                  MOMMY AND ME’S
                                                HANDS                                                                                         MESSY MADNESS
BEGINNING &                                     This arts and crafts class is a perfect way    explore working with homemade dough,
INTERMEDIATE                                    for parents and children to work together,     clay, fingerpaint and other media which        explore working with homemade dough,
DRAWING                                         creating artwork that comes to life.           aid in the development of fine motor           clay, finger paint, and other media which
This class (ages 6-8) is an introduction        Have fun with theme days and colorful,         skills. Instructor - D. Freitas                aid in the development of fine motor
to drawing for young children. Students                                                                                                       skills. Fee includes one adult and one
                                                lively class will bring out the imagination                                                   child. Instructor - D. Freitas
develop new skills, while learning to draw      in each participant - parents and children
cartoons and animated figures. The goal         alike! Fee includes one adult and one                                                              Creative Arts continues – page 10.
of the instructor is to build confidence,       child. Instructor - D. Freitas
creativity, imagination, and most of all, to
have fun doing it. The class for ages 9-12
                                                CRAFTY CORNER
is an introduction for beginners, as well       Join us for some craft making fun,
as an intermediate class for students that      learning craft ideas that can be easily
                                                recreated at home. Participants will
have some drawing experience but wish
                                                explore a new craft idea each week,
to advance. This is a semi-structured
                                                utilizing various art media. This class
class, meaning there is an outline and
                                                encourages individual creativity and
direction for the class, but students
                                                imagination. Instructor - D. Freitas
will have opportunities to work on their
                                                KID’S CERAMICS
need to bring an all-purpose drawing pad        Children will learn to work with clay
to these classes. All other supplies will
be provided for class use, and students         Instruction in a variety of hand-building
get to take them home at the end of the         techniques will be experienced in this
session. Instructor - J. Green                  class. Instructor - K. Manfredi
No.       Course                                      Age               Day        Time                        Start           End         Location                   Res. / Non-res.

       Adults & Teens                         supermarkets are bursting with best-           must attend all sessions to receive a state   strumming techniques. The ADVANCED
                                              of-the-best tomatoes. The tomato is            completion certificate. An hour lunch break   BEGINNING level offers a further study
NEW!                                          one of the most universally loved foods;       is included during class time. Students       into the fundamentals of music theory.
“EN PAPILLOTE”                                a powerhouse of antioxidants and its           should bring a sack lunch, pencil, and        Different forms of popular American
Intimidated by this French cooking            versatility in cooking is phenomenal.          paper. Information on behind-the-wheel        music such as blues, funk, and rock will
term and think it sounds difficult? Chef      Chef Suzanne is pleased to share her           instruction may be obtained from the class    also be introduced. A playable guitar
Suzanne will demonstrate that it is           appreciation for the summer’s bounty and       instructor. A DMV approved course is now      and workbook, Mel Bay’s Modern Guitar
quite the opposite. Cooking en papillote      will let the tomato star together or solo in   available online. For more information go     Method-Grade I, will be required for both
simply means to wrap food in packages         a whole range of tomato dishes to further      to: www.economicdrivingschool.com             classes. Instructor - I. Cosse
and cook briefly. This showy technique        inspire you: from soup to bread, from          Instructor - Economic Driving School
can be turned into a dinner preparation       entree to dessert, she will incorporate the
                                                                                                                                           INFANT, CHILD, AND
                                                                                             Staff, State License #2430                    ADULT CPR
that everyone can participate in. It also     tomato in every phase of the meal. Dishes
creates drama and flavor for fancy dinner     such as Gazpacho, Spanish Pipperana            NEW! EXIT                                     This course provides the necessary skills
tables. This culinary method produces         Salsa, Couscous Salad, Heirloom Tomato         STRATEGIES FOR                                to provide aid to infant, child, and adult
food that is very moist and surrounded        Salad, Sun-Dried Tomato and Olive              TODAY’S HOME                                  victims suffering from choking, bleeding,
in its own natural flavors making it fast,    Bread, Chicken Nicoise, Salmon with            SELLER                                        cardiac arrest, and more. Topics include
flavorful, healthful, and low fat, where      Oven Roasted Tomato and Goat cheese,           Learn how to sell your home for top           rescue breathing, primary assessment,
food essentially steams in the oven in its    Chocolate Tomato Pots de Creme, Walnut         dollar and keep as much of your profit as     the ABC’s of CPR, choking, control of
                                              Tomato Spice Cake and more. Class fee          possible. Topics include: legal tax saving    bleeding, and shock management. This
up. From herbed chicken breast to fish        includes recipe package. All food will         strategies offered by the IRS, Demystify      class is taught in a comfortable and low
fillets, Mediterranean vegetable medleys                                                     Proposition 60 and Proposition 90. Keep
and garlicky potatoes, to divine warm fruit   Instructor - S. Vandyck                        your property tax basis even after you        collected at class for a student manual,
desserts accompanied with ice creams                                                         move. The ins and outs of tax deferred        home emergency card, and a course
or sorbets. You will be packaging and         DRIVER EDUCATION                               exchanges, installment sales, structured      completion card, which is valid for 2
savoring your own nutritious creations in     Driver Education is a LIFE SKILL class         sales and other tax strategies will also be   years. No testing is required. This is the
class. Bring your own baking sheet, box       covering numerous topics related to being      covered. All participants will learn how      perfect class for beginning babysitters.
of parchment paper or aluminum foil to        a safe driver and pedestrian. Students         to maximize the net proceeds from every       Instructor - CPRescue
class. Class fee includes recipe package.     learn best through effective classroom         real estate sale and obtain top dollar for
Instructor - S. Vandyck                       instruction with a credentialed teacher,       their home. Instructor - B. Crane
                                              maximizing the benefits of teacher-student
NEW! COOKING WITH                             interaction, discussion, video analysis,       GUITAR, BEG., ADV.
TOMATOES                                      and instant feedback. This California State    BEG.
                                                                                             The BEGINNING class gives students
Summer is tomato season. Can anyone           course is required for ages under 18 to
deny the compelling pleasure of a                                                            an introduction to the fundamentals of
summer tomato plucked right from
                                              obtain a driver’s instruction permit. Class
                                              is 28 hours long and does not include          music, which includes reading music,           Information - page 3.
the vine? Summer farm stands and              behind-the-wheel instruction. Students         learning easy songs, and different

NEW!                                              PIANO/KEYBOARD,
INTERNATIONAL                                     LEVEL I, II
FINGER FOODS                                      Students will be taught basic piano skills
If you like to snack, if you love to travel, if   and the reading and theory of music,
you relish tidbits of legend and lore about       in addition to the principles of rhythm,
food, then you are in excellent company.          melody, harmony, and ear training. The
Cookbook author and International                 LEVEL I class is for students with no
Chef Suzanne takes you on a whirlwind
culinary tour of several countries                LEVEL II class is for students who have
renowned for snacks and appetizers such           completed one session with Noteworthy
as Turkish Boreks (herbed feta cheese             Music. Students may be regrouped based
in phyllo), Thai Spring Rolls, Mexican            on skills. Individual keyboards used in
                                                  the classroom are included in the fee.
German Zwiebel Kuchen (onion bread),              Class is limited to 8 students. Required
Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls) and so              books may be purchased in the class for
much more. Class fee includes recipe
                                                  headphones and adapter. For student to
demonstration class or taken home.                practice and progress in learning, access
Instructor - S. Vandyck                           to a piano or keyboard is recommended.
                                                  Details will be given on first day of
PEDIATRIC FIRST                                   instruction. Instructor - Noteworthy Music
AID AND CPR                                       NEW! SMART HOME
This class, taught in a comfortable and           BUYING
low stress environment, is great for
                                                  Now is the time to take advantage of                                                        NEW!
new parents, daycare providers, and                                                            ULTIMATE
                                                  today’s buyer’s market! Topics include:
babysitters. The course provides the                                                           CHOCOLATE                                      UNDERSTANDING
                                                  buying bank owned properties (REOs)
core content required for daycare center                                                       TRUFFLES                                       YOUR DIGITAL
                                                  at a discount, short sale negotiation
staff, and is approved by the Department                                                       Looking for a unique gift? Give the gift of    CAMERA
                                                  and distressed property investment.
of EMSA for the State of California.                                                           truffles! Students will be taught to make      Learn how to use your digital camera
                                                  Instructor will provide details on special
Topics include rescue breathing, primary                                                       elegant, large, dome-shaped truffles with      and all of its functions. Owners of both
                                                  financing available, lender requirements,
assessment, the ABC’s of CPR (for                                                              a variety of luscious fillings including       point and shoot and DSLR cameras are
                                                  minimizing closing costs, negotiation
infant, child, and adult), choking for                                                         white, milk, and bittersweet chocolate         welcome. This hands-on class will walk
                                                  techniques and much more. Now is the
the conscious and unconscious victim,                                                          ganaches. We will also cover how to flavor     you through practicing basic photography
                                                  time to buy! Instructor - B. Crane
control of bleeding, shock management,                                                         basic recipe ganaches with liqueurs, such      concepts including: shutter speed,
treatment for fractures, burns, medical           NEW! SUMMER PIES                             as Amaretto and Kahlua, and flavored           aperture size and depth of field. We
emergencies such as seizures, strokes,            What better way to use all of that summer    oils, such as raspberry. Students will         will review each of the features of your
                                                  fruit. Each student will make a peach pie    make and take 12 truffles, in a gift box       camera and practice using them in the
fee will be collected at class for a student      with a flaky crust, so come prepared to      (approximately 1 lb.) Participants will        park. Please bring your digital camera
manual and a course completion card,              bake. We will compare lard, vegetable        be presented with recipes and a set of         and the manual to class.
which is valid for 2 years. No testing is         fat and butter crusts and discuss how        molds. Additional molds and supplies are       Instructor - D. O’Donovan
                                                  to prepare your fruit. Class fee covers      available for purchase in class, if desired.
be collected for those requiring state            sample pies and a little pie to take home.   Instructor - K. Moore
licensing. Instructor - CPRescue                  Instructor - D. O’Donovan                                                                    Special Interest continues – page 12.

No.        Course                                         Age             Day          Time                      Start           End          Location                 Res. / Non-res.

             Children                         this course is to excite, inspire, and most   practice and progress in learning, access     you will be able to sample each of the
                                              of all have a whole lot of fun with sounds    to a piano or keyboard is recommended.        items you made. You will also create
BEGINNING TO                                  of drums in a very non-intimidating           Instructor - Noteworthy Music                 a recipe book to take home at the end
DRUM                                          environment. No musical experience is                                                       of the session so that you can make
Beginning to drum is set up for the                                                         PIANO/KEYBOARD,                               your favorite recipes again and again.
beginning student who is excited about        D. Sankus, Groove School of Percussion
                                                                                            LEVEL I, II, III                              Instructor - N. Morgan
learning to drum for the first time. Each                                                   Students will be taught basic piano
student will learn how to hold drum           IMAGINATION                                   skills, and the reading and theory of         TEACHER SEAN’S
sticks, understand how to let the drum        STATION                                       music, in addition to the principles          MUSIC FACTORY
stick bounce off the drum pad and work        Finally, a class that has it all! Each        of rhythm, melody, harmony, and ear           Discover the power of music on your
on beginning rhythms to better their                                                        training. Individual keyboards used in        child’s development in the setting Music
understanding of percussion. Students         hands-on activities including creative art    the classroom are included in the fee.        Together® provides. Music Together is an
not only learn how to drum, but will also                                                   Students must bring their own headset         internationally renowned, researched-
learn how to read and understand music.       and recreational games. Join your child       and adapter. Details will be given            based, early childhood music program
Groove School will also introduce how to      in this class that encourages individual      on first day of instruction. LEVEL I is       which has centers all over Northern
play the bells to expose students to Mallet   creativity and imagination. Fee includes                                                    California, the United States, and around
                                              one adult and one child.                      keyboard experience. Class fee includes       the world. At Teacher Sean’s Music
Participants will need to purchase 1 pair     Instructor - D. Freitas                       a Noteworthy Music Book. LEVEL II is          Factory, children ages 1 month to 5
                                                                                            for students who have completed one           years, and their caregivers, sing, move,
                                              KIDS IN THE                                   session with Noteworthy Music, and
Instructor - D. Sankus, Groove School of      KITCHEN
Percussion                                                                                  LEVEL III is for those who have completed     music-making community. Teacher Sean,
                                              Join us in the kitchen and become a Jr.       two or more sessions. A Noteworthy            who occasionally plays guitar in class,
CHESS FOR                                     Chef! In each class you will perfect your     Music Book is required. For student to        provides 45 minutes of relaxed silliness
BEGINNERS                                     cooking skills, making new and classic        practice and progress in learning, access     each week, whereby he sneaks in the
Introduce your child to this 1,500            recipes that are tasty and nutritious. At     to a piano or keyboard is recommended.        educational elements. He has taught
year-old game. If you want your children      the end of each class you will be able        Students may be regrouped based on            Music Together classes for over 6 years.
to improve their memory and verbal            to sample each of the dishes you made.        skills. Instructor - Noteworthy Music         Every semester families are provided
skills, teach them one of the world’s         You will also create a recipe book to take                                                  with a new collection of music. Teacher
oldest board games. They will also            home at the end of the session so you         NEW! SWEET TREATS                             Sean’s Music Factory is licensed by Music
learn decision making skills that can         can make your favorite recipes again and      Join us in the kitchen and create a new                       www.musictogether.com
be applied in their day-to-day living.        again. Instructor - N. Morgan                 sweet treat in each class. Participants       Note: The lab fee covers the cost of class
Here is your chance to get instruction                                                      will perfect their cooking skills, making     materials: 2 CDs, songbook, and a new
                                              MY FIRST DRUM                                 delicious treats such as candies, cookies
from an experienced chess coach from          CLASS                                                                                       parent handbook. A discount will be
Russia. Play for fun, or start playing in                                                   and other goodies that are sure to intrigue   given by the instructor if two siblings are
                                              This class is for the very beginning,         the sweet tooth. At the end of each class
tournaments! Get involved. Don’t miss         younger student who has no experience                                                       enrolled. Instructor - S. Mendelson
this opportunity! Adults are welcome, too.    with music. Groove School uses
This is a perfect opportunity for parents     instruments of different sounds, color,
and children to learn together. Details
regarding chessboards, pieces, and
                                              and shapes for each child to hold and
                                              play. The students will learn basic
                                                                                                Friends of Santa Clara Parks & Recreation
textbook required for class will be given     rhythms and develop their motor skills,                  Join the “Friends of Parks & Recreation” Team!
on the first day. Instructor - A. Veksler     and communication skills. The idea of            Get involved in the community through Friends of Parks & Recreation.
CHESS, INT./ADV.                              this course is to excite, inspire, and most      This nonprofit organization supports the Santa Clara Parks & Recreation
Develop the skills and knowledge you          of all have a whole lot of fun with sounds
                                                                                               Department by providing financial and volunteer assistance for a variety
already have in the game of chess. This       of percussion in a very non-intimidating
                                              environment. No musical experience is            of programs and city events throughout the year. Show your support and
class will help you improve your basic
                                                                                               have fun too, as a volunteer at a special event, or you may contribute a
opening, middle-game and end-game
skills, as well as increase your knowledge    D. Sankus, Groove School of Percussion           tax-deductible donation for a park, recreation program, or specific need.
of chess notation and information.            PARENT & CHILD                                     Fee assistance available through “Friends of Parks & Recreation”
Chess tournaments will be organized.          KEYBOARDING
Adults welcome, too! Details regarding        Don’t miss this chance to introduce
chessboards and pieces required for                                                            to provide financial assistance to qualifying Santa Clara residents
                                              your child to the study of piano, note
class will be given on the first day.                                                          participating in City of Santa Clara Parks & Recreation programs and
                                              reading, rhythm and melody through
Instructor - A. Veksler                       games and fun activities. Each child will        Santa Clara nonprofit youth groups requiring additional funding for
FUN WITH DRUMS                                have a keyboard for use in the class. Fee        their activities. To apply for assistance, complete a Friends of Parks &
This class is for the younger student who     includes one parent and one child, and           Recreation grant application, available at the Community Recreation
has little or no experience with music.       a parent must attend each class. LEVEL           Center, Walter E. Schmidt Youth Activity Center, Teen Center, and Parks &
Groove School uses different types of         I is for students who are new or are still       Recreation office. Individuals, age 18 or under who qualify, can receive up
hand drums and long drums for the kids        working on Book I. LEVEL II & UP is for
to play with their hands. The students will   students who have completed Book I.
learn basic rhythms and develop their         A Noteworthy Music Book is required                 For more information on “Friends of Parks & Recreation” or the
motor skills and communication skills         and may be purchased on the first day                            Grant program, call (408) 615-3140.
while playing on hand drums. The idea of

No.         Course                                         Age   Day   Time           Start      End       Location                   Res. / Non-res.

35572        Chess for Beginners 1

36292        Parent & Child Keyboarding, Level I 2
36293        Parent & Child Keyboarding, Level I 2
36290        Parent & Child Keyboarding, Level II & up 2
36291        Parent & Child Keyboarding, Level II & up 2

1 No class July 4          2 No class July 3

               It’s easy to register for classes Online or by Automated Phone using your
                              E-MAIL address, BARCODE and PIN numbers.
    Did you misplace your BARCODE and PIN numbers?
    Remember your BARCODE and PIN numbers do not change and you can use the same numbers each new session (as long as your address
    has not changed).
    Did you give us your current e-mail address last time you registered?
    Then you are in luck! There is a simple and fast way to retrieve your lost BARCODE and PIN numbers.
    Simply go to: http://santaclaraca.gov/park_recreation/pr_activities_classes.html                                                        -

    numbers. You only need your barcode and the family PIN to register the entire family online. You do need the BARCODE for each family member
    that you will register by phone.

    If you have not already done so, please call the Community Recreation Center, YAC or Teen Center to add your e-mail address to your account

       Adults & Teens                          moves, and finger cymbals patterns. We’ll       HIP HOP I, II & III                            TAP I, II
                                               incorporate finger cymbals, veil, and other     Get moving to the latest in hip hop dance.
BELLY DANCE I                                  props into dance routines.                      Each class focuses on stretching and           is designed for the beginner. Build your
Join us in a fun class learning the basics     Instructor - Kamilla                            warm-ups, then the hottest hip hop
of the ancient art of Belly Dancing.                                                           moves as seen in your favorite videos.
Develop coordination and fluidity, improve     NEW! BREAK
                                               DANCING                                         Instructor - L. Sheehy                         for students with some previous basic tap
posture and flexibility, strengthen and                                                                                                       experience. Each week will further increase
tone your body. You’ll learn basic steps       WORKSHOP                                        JAZZ II                                        your knowledge of tap dance, as you relax
and combinations while developing                                                                                                             and tap away your stresses and cares.
a routine. We’ll also introduce finger         four pillars of the Hip Hop culture. Learn      terminology through warm-ups and               Instructor - P. Sabsowitz
cymbals and veil. Instructor - Kamilla                                                         across the floor routines.
                                                                                               Instructor - L. Sheehy                         TAP II FOR SENIORS
BELLY DANCE II & III                           respected in the Hip Hop dance circles of
This class is for students who have been       the Bay Area. No experience is required.                                                       hoofers, it never went away! Come
dancing for some time or have completed        Class size is limited, so sign up early!
at least one session of Belly Dance I. With
an emphasis on technique, you’ll learn
variations to the basics, exciting new                                                                                                        required; all levels welcome.
                                                                                                                                              Instructor - P. Sabsowitz
No.       Course                                       Age               Day         Time                         Start           End         Location                   Res. / Non-res.

              Children                         BALLET                                          COMBO DANCE                                    MOMMY & ME
                                               Students will learn basic dance terms,          Young dancers will get their bodies            BALLET
Children’s dance classes are held at
                                               ballet positions, movements, patterns,          moving while developing basic skills in        This class, designed for you and your little
the Community Recreation Center,
                                               and techniques based on class level.                                                           dancer, utilizes a variety of props and age
969 Kiely Boulevard.
                                               Instructors - K. Davey (Mon., Thurs., Fri.,     ballet shoes are recommended.                  appropriate music to assist in introducing
ACROBATICS                                     Sat.), D. Jensen (Tues., 10:45 am), L.          Instructor - D. Jensen                         basic ballet skills. One adult per child
Students will learn floor routines utilizing   Sheehy (All Combination classes)                                                               must attend. Instructors - K. Davey (Fri.,
basic tumbling skills such as rolls,
                                                                                               HIP HOP                                        Sat.), L. Sheehy (Mon.)
cartwheels, and backbends. Acrobatics
                                               BALLET TECHNIQUE                                Get moving to the latest in hip hop dance.
II participants must be able to perform        This class is geared towards dancers who        This class focuses on stretching and           POINTE BALLET -
a one hand cartwheel, back bend, and           are serious about building their technique      warm-ups, then on to learn the hottest         BEGINNING
handstand roll. Acrobatics III participants    and prepared for a very concentrated            hip hop moves as seen in your favorite         This beginning pointe class is an exciting
must be able to perform a back walk-           class. They should have already mastered        videos. Instructor - L. Sheehy                 opportunity for dancers to improve their
over, front limber, and one handed                                                                                                            technical capabilities while learning what
                                               through grand battements. Participants
                                                                                               JAZZ                                           the world of classical ballet has to offer,
cartwheels on both sides.
Instructor - L. Sheehy                         will learn more advanced barre patterns,                                                       at an advanced level. Begin with ankle
                                               center floor skills, and proper body            terminology through warm-ups and across        strengthening exercises in pointe shoes,
ADVANCED BALLET                                placement. This is an advanced course;          the floor routines. Instructor - L. Sheehy     and progress into more challenging
TECHNIQUE                                      instructor approval is required before          ME & MY SHADOW                                 technical steps. Dancers will learn all
This class is geared towards the more          enrolling. Instructor - K. Davey                In this uniquely creative class, parent        about how to properly use pointe shoes,
focused dancer who has already                                                                 and child participate in a cooperative         protect their toes, and most importantly,
mastered basic ballet technique,
                                               BEGINNER BALLET                                                                                what it feels like to be a ballerina. This
                                               This class is perfect as a stepping-stone       exchange. Class activity will focus on
                                                                                               come-to-life storytelling, tap, ballet,        course should be taken in addition to a
Participants will learn to master their        from Pre-Ballet to Ballet I, or ideal for the                                                  regularly scheduled ballet class. This is
rotation and body placement at the barre,      dancer who has never taken ballet before.                                                      an advanced course; instructor approval
                                               New dancers will learn the basics so they       This class is designed to assist in
and work on advancing the difficulty of                                                        development of social skills, while building   is required before enrolling.
their center work. This is an advanced         can advance with a solid understanding                                                         Instructor - K. Davey
                                               of ballet terms, positions, and steps.          self-confidence, creative expression, and
course; instructor approval is required                                                        gross motor coordination. One adult must
before enrolling. Instructor - K. Davey        Dancers with a basic foundation will learn
                                               more terms and steps as well as master          attend with each child. Flexible clothing
                                               their positions before advancing further.       required. Tap and athletic shoes are
                                               Instructor - K. Davey                           recommended. Instructor - D. Jensen

BALLET – ADVANCED This class is for dancers who are already                              CHILDREN’S MULTIPLE DANCE STYLE/
This pointe class is an advanced class     taking another ballet class and wishing to    LEVEL CLASSES
geared at preparing the dancers for        begin pointe work in the next year or two.    Girls and boys can explore various types of dance in a recreational setting, taught
increasingly challenging steps and roles   It will entail strengthening of the ankles,   by experienced, high-energy instructors. Many sessions are held back-to-back,
in upcoming performances. Classical        calves, and upper body, so as to prepare      giving students the opportunity to improve their skills year round.
variations will be learned and the         for the technical challenges that will come
participants will be encouraged to move    with beginning pointe work.                      descriptions.
beyond more basic pointe steps as they     Instructor - K. Davey
work to master advanced technical skills
on pointe. This is an advanced course;
                                           TAP                                              PRE - preschool aged
instructor approval is required before     It’s toe tappin’ time! Through warm-
                                                                                            I - beginning
enrolling. Instructor - K. Davey           ups, across the floor routines, and
                                           other exercises, students develop basic          II - advanced beginning
                                           fundamentals and terminology of tap.             III - intermediate advanced
                                           TAP III is an advanced class; instructor         IV - advanced
                                           approval is required before enrolling.
                                           Instructors - D. Jensen (Tues., 10:45 a.m.,
                                           Fri.), L. Sheehy

No.         Course                                 Age             Time                  Start                   End             Location        Res. / Non-res.

35508       Advanced Ballet Technique 1

35530       Ballet III 1

35536       Beginner Ballet 1

35674       Pointe Ballet- Beginning 1

35691       Pre-Pointe Ballet 1

No.         Course                                 Age             Time                  Start                   End             Location        Res. / Non-res.


No.         Course                                 Age             Time                  Start                   End             Location        Res. / Non-res.

1 No class September 7

                                                                                                                                                Dance continues – page 16.

              No.          Course                        Age         Time    Start   End   Location   Res. / Non-res.

              No.          Course                        Age         Time    Start   End   Location   Res. / Non-res.
              36346        Ballet II, III 1
              35647        Mommy & Me Ballet 1

              36323        Pointe Ballet-Advanced 1
              35676        Pre-Ballet 1

              35682        Pre-Ballet 1
              36326        Tiny Tots Ballet 1

              No.          Course                        Age         Time    Start   End   Location   Res. / Non-res.

              36324        Ballet I 2

              35649        Mommy & Me Ballet 2

              35683        Pre-Ballet 2

              1 No class July 3
              2 No class July 4

           The City of Santa Clara Parks & Recreation Department reserves
           the right to photograph and/or video tape department activities
                    and participants for brochures or other publicity.

                                     DANCE CAMPS
If you like to cheer, tumble and dance you’ll love this camp! During this three day

week! Instructor - L. Sheehy
Wednesday-Friday, July 22-24
No.      Age        Day Time                                     Location   Res. / Non-res.

                          F          12:00-3:30 pm
If you like to cheer, tumble and dance you’ll love this camp! During this three day

week. Instructor - L. Sheehy
Wednesday-Friday, July 22-24
                                                                                                The Nutcracker Ballet
No.      Age        Day Time                                     Location   Res. / Non-res.     Want to be part of a treasured, holiday classic? Join us for an exciting production
                                                                                                of “The Nutcracker.” All ballerinas, get set to escape into the land of snow and
                          F          10:00-11:30 am                                             sweets. We’ll have everything from Clara and the Nutcracker Prince, to Mother
                                                                                                Ginger and the beautiful Sugarplum Fairy. The magic of “The Nutcracker” is not
PRINCESS BALLET CAMP                                                                            to be missed. Performances will be held December 11-13. Information regarding
Learn to dance like a Princess! Dress in your prettiest dance clothes, wear your                costumes, dress rehearsals, etc. will be included in the packets distributed on the
beautiful smile and bring your ballet slippers! We’ll be learning basic ballet                  first day of class.
technique and dancing around to Princess Disney & Barbie music. Each day a
                                                                                                No.        Age Day Time                     Date          Location Res. / Non-res.
the fun! Instructor - L. Sheehy
Wednesday-Friday, August 5-7
No.      Age       Day Time                                      Location   Res. / Non-res.
                                                                                                * No class November 27.
                          F          10:00-11:30 am
                                                                                                The following course contains more advanced roles and requires the participant to
                                                                                                take their regular dance class in addition to this class.
                          F          12:00-2:00 pm
                                                                                                No.        Age Day Time                     Date      Location   Res. / Non-res.
‘Ready, Set, Go’ for great summer fun dancing! Students will learn basic forms of ballet,       * No class November 27.

‘kid energy.’ Dancers will create and make their own sets and props for our end of camp
show. On Friday, August 14, camps will meet from 10:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and will
perform on the Pavilion Stage from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Don’t miss this fun and                For class and activity information:
exciting dance camp led by Tina Jensen and staff. Class fee includes T-shirt, costume
accessories, and framed picture.
                                                                                                    Community Recreation Center (408) 615-3140
Monday-Friday, August 10-14
No.       Age      Day Time                                      Location   Res. / Non-res.                  Youth Activity Center (408) 615-3760
                                                                                                                     Teen Center (408) 615-3740
Note: Both camps will meet at 10:15 a.m.-12:30 p.m. on Friday.

SANTA CLARA AQUAMAIDS                                                                         The Aquamaids are the most successful synchronized swim club in the nation, regularly

SYNCH INTO SUMMER WITH THE AQUAMAIDS!                                                         Juniors and Seniors). For specific program dates, registration information, or to register,
                                                                                              please call (408) 988-9936 or visit our website at: www.aquamaids.org
and nationally ranked coaching staff, for fun in the sun while learning beginning             Date:            June 15-July 17
synchronized swimming! Participants will have an option to compete in a local swim            Day:             M, T, W, Th
                                                                                              Time:            8:00 am-12:00 pm
the Santa Clara Aquamaids Synchronized Swim Team at the end of the session. This
program is open to swimmers who are 5-12 years old and able to swim 25 yards.

                          Registration Information                                                       ADULT LAP SWIM                                  contact the Swim Club Coaching Staff at
                                                                                                         International Swim Center, 2625 Patricia
                                                                                                         Drive, is open Monday through Friday            month plus annual membership to Pacific
                                                                                                         from Noon to 1:00 p.m. for adult lap            Association Swimming.
                                                                                                                                                         SENIOR SWIM
                                                                                                         around schedule. Swimmers must be 18            Open to adults 50 years and over, Senior
                                                                                                         years or older. No children are allowed on      Swim is held Monday through Friday,
                                                                                                         the pool deck.                                  11:00-11:45 a.m., at the International
    starting date of class.
                                                                                                         MASTERS SWIMMING                                Swim Center. Lap swimming and water
    several alternate choices.                                                                           Structured team workouts and lap                exercise are open to Santa Clara City
                                                                                                         swimming for adults, 19 years of age and        residents only. Proof of residency is
                                                                                                         over, are held at the International Swim        required. Admission is free. No children
                                                                                                         Center, 2625 Patricia Drive. The City           are allowed on the pool deck. Indoor
                                                                                                         offers the program in cooperation with          swimming is also available to seniors at
                                                                                                         the Santa Clara Swim Club. Workouts             the Senior Center. For more information,
                  Summer Public Swim Schedule                                                            are early morning and evening. For exact        contact the Santa Clara Senior Center at
                                                                                                         times and registration information,             (408) 615-3170.
                             2625 Patricia Drive, (408) 243-7727
                           Noon-1:00 pm, Mon.-Fri. (Adult Lap Swim)                                                               Swimming Instruction
                          1:15-5:00 pm, Mon.-Fri. (Recreation Swim)
                          Noon-5:00 pm, Sat., Sun. (Recreation Swim)                                     Red Cross certified instructors teach the       Level 3 - Stroke Development – Student
                                                                                                         fundamentals of swimming and water              must have a Level 2 certificate or
                             MARY GOMEZ POOL                                                             safety. Half-hour lessons are offered at        demonstrate the completion requirements
                                                                                                         Warburton, Mary Gomez, and Montague             for Level 2. Students will learn to coordinate
                        Bucher and Rebeiro Streets, (408) 243-5583                                       pools. All pools are outdoors; pool             front crawl and back crawl. Elements of the
                   1:15-4:15 pm, Mon.,Tues., Thurs., Fri. (Recreation Swim)                                                                              butterfly, fundamentals of treading water,
                           Noon-5:00 pm, Sat. (Recreation Swim)                                          conditions. Students will be tested             and headfirst entries will also be introduced.
                                    Closed Wed., Sun.                                                    at the first class to determine their           Level 4 - Stroke Improvement – Student
                                                                                                         instruction level. Children who have            must have passed a Level 3 class or
                      MONTAGUE SWIM CENTER                                                               not taken swim lessons since last               demonstrate the completion requirements
                                                                                                         summer may test into a lower level              for Level 3. Students will improve their skills
                             3750 De La Cruz Blvd., (408) 988-3202                                       than what they tested at last year.             as well as their endurance by swimming
                           1:15-4:15 pm, Tues.-Fri. (Recreation Swim)
                                                                                                                                                         the front crawl and back crawl for greater
                             Noon-5:00 pm, Sat. (Recreation Swim)                                        LEVELS OF
                                                                                                                                                         distances. The elementary backstroke,
                                       Closed Sun., Mon.                                                 INSTRUCTION
                                                                                                                                                         breaststroke and sidestroke will be
                                                                                                         Parent-Tot, Level A & Level B – The             introduced.
                    WARBURTON SWIM CENTER                                                                parent works with the child in the water
                                                                                                         while the instructor provides supervision       Level 5 - Stroke Refinement – Student
                           2250 Royal Drive, (408) 241-6465                                              and guidance. The goal of this class is to      must have passed a Level 4 class or
                 1:15-4:15 pm, Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri. (Recreation Swim)                                                                                 demonstrate the completion requirements
                         Noon-5:00 pm, Sat. (Recreation Swim)                                            and friendly environment. LEVEL A is for
                                  Closed Thurs., Sun.                                                    children 6-24 months of age who have had        coordination and refinement of strokes.
    All pools are outdoors; pool temperatures are subject to weather conditions.                         little or no previous water experience. LEVEL   Students will increase the distance they
                                                                                                         B is for children 18 months of age to 5 years   swim each stroke and flip turns will be
                                                                                                         who have had 2 or more previous sessions        introduced.
                                                                                                         in the water; submerge reluctantly or not at    Level 6 - Personal Water Safety &
                          Recreational Swimming                                                          all; require floatation support at all times;   Lifeguard Readiness – Student must have
                         Daily Swimming Pool Admission                                                   or may benefit from parental presence and       passed a Level 5 class or demonstrate
           Proof of residency required to qualify for the resident rate                                  support in the water. There must be 1 parent    the completion requirements for Level 5.
                                                                                                         per child in both levels.                       Students will refine strokes so they can
                                                                                                         Level 1 - Introduction to Water Skills –        swim with more ease, efficiency, power and
                                                                                                         This class is designed to help students feel    smoothness over greater distance. Level
                                                                                                                                                         6 is designed with 2 options: PERSONAL
  Children age 8 age under must be directly supervised by at least 16 years of age.
* Children under theand of 8 must be directly supervised by a persona person at least 16 years of age.                                                   WATER SAFETY, where students will learn
                                                                                                         water safely; there are no prerequisites.
                             Season Passes (Effective June 15)                                                                                           basic water survival skills and LIFEGUARD
                                                                                                         Level 2 - Fundamental Aquatic Skills –          READINESS, where students will learn basic
Season Passes are available to Santa Clara City residents. A pass is required per family                 Student must have passed a Level 1 class        rescue skills. This class does not certify
                                                                                                         or demonstrate the completion requirements      students to become lifeguards.
                                                                                                         in Level 1. Students will learn to float
                                                                                                         without support, explore simultaneous and
                                                                                                         alternating arm and leg actions on the front
                                                                                                         and back.

See Levels of Instruction on page 18 before choosing classes. Participants are limited to one class in a two-week period.
                                               Mary Gomez Pool (location at Bucher Ave. & Rebeiro St.)
Course                         Age                Day           Time                6/15-6/26     6/29-7/10   7/13-7/24     7/27-8/7   Res. / Non-res.

                                           MONTAGUE SWIM CENTER (location at 3750 De La Cruz Blvd.)
Course                         Age                Day           Time                6/15-6/26     6/29-7/10   7/13-7/24     7/27-8/7   Res. / Non-res.

                                              WARBURTON SWIM CENTER (location at 2250 Royal Dr.)
Course                         Age                Day           Time                6/15-6/26     6/29-7/10   7/13-7/24     7/27-8/7   Res. / Non-res.

                       Gymnastics classes are held at the                                                             Levels of Instruction
                 Gymnastics Center in Earl Carmichael Park,
                                                                                           Parent-Tot – Basic movement classes              Boy’s, Level 3-4 (Intermediate/
3445 Benton Street, located between Pomeroy Avenue and Lawrence Expressway
                                                                                           structured around gymnastics activities          Advanced) – Students are required to
The City of Santa Clara has contracted with the California Sports Center (CSC) to          for young children that are not quite            pass the skills and routine evaluations of
provide all the staffing and staff education for the gymnastics program. CSC has an        ready to go it alone. Parents are required       the previous levels, and must possess a
established reputation with many years of experience in the youth sports field in Santa    to participate and should be dressed             signed certificate showing proof of level
Clara County. CSC currently operates two facilities in San Jose, offering Nationally       appropriately for activity. No other children    before moving up to these classes.
ranked competitive programs for both boys and girls. The partnership between the           are allowed in the facility during class.        Girl’s, Level 1 (Beginner) – This class
City of Santa Clara and CSC provides enhanced instruction, improved equipment,             Tiny Tots – An introduction to all the           is designed for students that have never
continuous education for coaches, various levels of instruction at convenient times,       gymnastics apparatus will be utilized,           taken any type of gymnastics or are
and gender specific classes that follow current training practices within the sport.       with an emphasis on creative movement            currently a Level 1 student.
                                                                                           activities and organized circuit play.           Girl’s, Level 2-3 (Intermediate) – This
about CSC, call (408) 615-3199 or (408) 280-5437. You can also check the website at        Instructors will lead a warm up, then            class is designed for advanced beginners
www.calsportscenter.com, or talk to the coaches before or after class. For registration    rotate groups around events or circuits so       and intermediate students. Students
information, call the Community Recreation Center at (408) 615-3140.                       that students may learn their movements          are required to pass the skills from their
                                                                                           and positions.                                   skill cards and routine evaluations of
SUMMER GYMNASTICS CAMP                                                                     Tumble Tots – This class is similar to           the previous level and provide a signed
This summer camp will meet at Earl Carmichael Park each day, and will consist of fun       Tiny Tots, only with a higher expectation        certificate showing proof of level before
indoor and outdoor activities focused around gymnastics. The staff of the California       of the older age group. Students will be         moving up to these classes.
Sports Center will be leading the camp and all the training. Activities will include       reviewed for possible movement into an           Girl’s, Level 4 (Advanced) – Students
outdoor sports. There will be a barbecue and show on the last day of camp for the half-    upcoming team development program.               are required to pass the skills and routine
day and full day sessions. Participants in the full day camps will need to bring a lunch
                                                                                           Pre-Rec – This class, for ages 5-6, is the       evaluations of the previous levels, and must
                                                                                           equivalent of the Level 1 class. We will         possess a signed certificate showing proof
                         Summer Gymnastics Camp                                            introduce specific skills and routines for       of level before moving up to this class.
                                                                                           this younger group, to prepare them for          Girl’s, Level 4,5,6 (Advanced) – This
                                    Ages 6-14                                              higher levels sooner in their preparation.       class is designed for students who do not
                                 Gymnastics Center                                         This is a focused class that may provide         wish to do competitive gymnastics, but
No.        Day            Date                Time                     Res. / Non-res.     the opportunity for team development.            want to learn more difficult skills once
                                                                                           Boy’s, Level 1-2 (Beginner) – Classes            they have passed the skills in Level 4.
                                                                                           are designed to focus attention on the six       Coed, Level 3-4 (Advanced) – This class,
                                                                                           men’s events: floor exercise, pommel horse,      for boys and girls, will introduce students to
                                                                                           rings, vaulting, parallel bars, and horizontal   all the Olympic events, with an emphasis on
                                                                                           bar. In addition, trampoline skills, strength    the primary skills of Floor Exercise.
                                                                                           development, and flexibility will be integral    Learn to Flip, Beg. & Adv./Int. – These
                                                                                           parts of the beginner program.                   classes are designed for students who
                                                                                                                                            only want to focus on tumbling and
                                                                                                                                            the trampoline. Instructor approval is

                                                                                                                                            intermediate level.
                                                                                           CITY OF SANTA CLARA COMPETITIVE LEVEL
                                                                                           4/PRE-TEAM GYMNASTICS
                                                                                           The Competitive Level 4 class is for participants in a Level 4 class who are interested
                                                                                           in entering the competitive track. Students currently in a Level 4 class must be invited

                                                                                           Team, participants will be included in at least 3-4 inter-squads with other members
                                                                                           of the California Sports Center as well as training for Level 5 skills. This is an annual
                                                                                           commitment with a session fee. Additional non-refundable fees are required of
                                                                                           participants, including USA Gymnastics registrations and annual assessments for inter-
                                                                                           squads, competitions and team events. The maximum allowed in the class is nine.
                                                                                                            Competitive Level 4/Pre-Team Gymnastics
                                                                                                                                Age 7-18
                                                                                                              Monday & Wednesday – California Sports Center
                                                                                                                       Friday – Gymnastics Center
                       Register now for May Classes                                        No.          Day            Date                 Time                       Res. / Non-res.

                                                                                                        F                                   4:30-6:30 pm
 Guide. You may register at the Community Recreation Center, Teen Center or Walter
  E. Schmidt Youth Activity Center now. For more information, call (408) 615-3140.                      F                                   4:30-6:30 pm
                                                                                           *No class September 7

        Warm ups are essential in gymnastics. Students arriving more than 10 minutes late to class will not be allowed to participate that day.
                                                                              Session I                          Session II                Per Session
Course                      Age    Day           Time                   No.         Date                   No.        Date                Res. / Non-res.

*No class on September 7.
                                                                                                                         Gymnastics continues – page 22.

        Warm ups are essential in gymnastics. Students arriving more than 10 minutes late to class will not be allowed to participate that day.
                                                                              Session I                          Session II              Per Session
Course                   Age       Day           Time                   No.         Date                   No.        Date              Res. / Non-res.

*No class September 7.

SOFTBALL LEAGUES                                                                                BASKETBALL LEAGUES
Men’s, Women’s, and Co-Rec. Slowpitch leagues will be conducted on well-groomed
fields at award-winning facilities throughout the City. Leagues for all ability levels are      played on Monday through Thursday, with the Spring League playing on Tuesday and
offered, accommodating novice to tournament level teams. Games are scheduled for                Thursday. Game times are scheduled for 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m., and 9:00 p.m. at
6:45 p.m., 8:00 p.m., and 9:15 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday. Registration fees                Buchser Middle School. Registration fees include two referees, scorekeeper, ball, and
cover the cost of two umpires per game, balls, scorekeepers, daily field preparation,           awards. An electronic game clock is utilized.
lights, playoffs, and awards. Information packets containing registration procedures,
team priority, fees, league rules, starting dates, etc. are available at the Community
                                                                                                FREE AGENT LIST
Recreation Center office.                                                                       Individuals wishing to play basketball or softball, but do not have a team, should
                                                                                                contact Jeff Driggs at (408) 615-3160 to be placed on the Free Agent list. This list is
                                                                                                provided to team managers who need additional players to complete their roster.
 Athletic Officials
 If you are interested in officiating, either basketball or softball, have a sense of fair      LEAGUE                      REGISTRATION                 LEAGUE PLAY
 play, and a solid knowledge of the rules of the game, contact Jeff Driggs at                                               First week of March          April-August
                                                                                                Fall Softball               Fourth week of July          September-October
 desirable, but not mandatory. Here is an excellent opportunity for players to give                                         Second week of September     Third week of October-February
 back to the game. All applicants must have a proper uniform and be in good health.
                                                                                                Spring Basketball           First week of February       February-May

                                                     For league and registration information, contact Jeff Driggs at (408) 615-3160.

       Adults & Teens                           NEW! BUILD A BODY                               MONDAY MORNING                                 intervals with resistance, balance and
                                                SCULPT EXTREME                                  YOGA, SUNDAY YOGA                              flexibility training. Have a killer workout in
A.B.C. FITNESS                                  Shape, strengthen, and tone every muscle        Focus on movement and breathing                the early morning sunshine and be done
(WOMEN)                                         of your entire body in this GREAT full          techniques that will help reduce physical,     by 7:00 a.m.! All you’ll need is a mat or
Work the entire body. Strengthen, stretch       body workout. Your shoulders, legs, back,       mental, and emotional tension and              towel for core exercises, a water bottle
and energize utilizing Pilates techniques       virtually every part of you, will begin to      stress, as well as soothe your nervous         and two sets of hand weights (weight
with personal trainer, Pilates certified        take on new shape as you put in work,           system. Beginning to advanced students         specifications will be discussed in class
instructor, Jan Murphy. We concentrate          each class, with Veronica. Join today and       will experience conscious movement and         and are not required on the first day).
                                                start building your body gorgeous and           breath awareness while adding muscle           Instructor - H. Le, Hao About Fitness
workouts including toning and cardio. Hand      strong! Instructor - V. Gonzalez                strength, flexibility and cardiovascular       YOGALATES
weights required. Instructor - J. Murphy                                                        fitness. Sunday, 8:00 a.m. class is
                                                BUTZ N’ GUTZ                                                                                   A fun and invigorating workout that
BABY BOOT CAMP®                                                                                 lead at a faster pace and positions are        combines the best of both worlds: yoga and
                                                If you’ve dreamed of flat abdominals and        held for longer intervals. Beginners are
Baby Boot Camp® stroller-based fitness          tight glutes, then this is the class for you.   encouraged to sign up for the 10:00 a.m.       practices, combining basic disciplines and
classes are designed specifically to help       Shape and tone your entire lower body,          class. Instructor - K. Beeskow                 postures of yoga with the core strength and
moms get fit. Classes combine strength-         including abdominals, while increasing
training exercises with cardiovascular          cardiovascular endurance. Join us for this      POWER YOGA                                     flexibility of pilates. Instructor - J. Russum
drills. Pilates, yoga and abdominal             fun class and feel and see results quickly!     Yoga can benefit your mind and body.           ZUMBA
exercises help improve core strength.           Instructor - V. Gonzalez                        Learn strengthening and stretching
The stroller, your child, and resistance                                                        postures that emphasize correct body           dance workout that combines both Latin and
tubes are used as an integral part of the
                                                GENTLE HATHA
                                                YOGA                                            alignment and breathing and relaxation         international rhythms with cardiovascular
                                                                                                techniques for stress reduction                exercise. Anyone can do Zumba; the routines
                                                Take time out of your busy schedule
                                                                                                and increased awareness. Through               are fun and easy to follow. This aerobic
abdominals, improve posture, increase           to focus on movement and breathing
                                                techniques that will help reduce physical,      intermediate to advanced yoga postures,        workout is designed as a dynamic, exciting
                                                mental, and emotional tension and stress,       experience conscious movement and              and effective class for all fitness levels.
moms and make new friends. Class                                                                breath awareness while adding muscle           Make sure to bring a bottle of water and a
                                                as well as soothe your nervous system.
fee covers one adult and one child in a                                                         strength, flexibility and cardiovascular       towel because you’ll be sure to work up a
                                                Instructor - K. Beeskow
stroller, use of resistance tubes, and a                                                        fitness. Previous yoga experience              sweat! Instructor - M. Pisapia
Baby Boot Camp® Membership.                     HATHA YOGA, ALL                                 recommended. Instructor - K. Beeskow           NEW! ZUMBA/SCULPT
Instructor - A. Wortman                         LEVELS
                                                Learn a program of exercises that benefit       NEW! SUMMER BOOT                               This class will start with the calorie
NEW! BOLLYWOOD                                  your mind and body. Yoga postures are           CAMP                                           burning, body energizing movements of
FITNESS                                         taught for strengthening and stretching         Hao About Fitness Boot Camps are a fun
A brand new class combining fitness with        the body, with an emphasis on correct                                                          rhythms with easy to follow moves. Spend
dance. Bollywood Fitness is designed for        alignment. Breathing and relaxation             add some intensity to an existing routine.     the next 30 minutes using weights, balls,
those who want an intense workout while         techniques are taught for stress reduction      Hao’s Boot Camps have been proven              and tubing for ultimate body sculpting. A
having fun with Bollywood dance moves.          and increased awareness. Experience             to help participants reach their health        great stretch will put the finishing touches
Burn calories, tone-up and stay fit.            conscious movement and breath                   and fitness goals. After our 4-week Boot
Instructors - A. Thambu and S. Gopisetty,       awareness to enliven energy and enhance         Camp, you’ll be amazed at what your            revolution with us! Instructor - J. Russum
Jhankaar Beats                                  flexibility. Instructor - B. Lamblin-Granas     body can do. Workouts incorporate cardio                  Fitness continues – page 24.
No.          Course                                            Age             Day      Time                       Start           End         Location                 Res. / Non-res.
35503        A.B.C. Fitness (Women) 1
36347        Baby Boot Camp®
36349        Baby Boot Camp®
36287        Baby Boot Camp®
36348        Baby Boot Camp®
36288        Baby Boot Camp®
36350        Baby Boot Camp®
36351        Baby Boot Camp®
36352        Baby Boot Camp®
36487        Bollywood Fitness 2

35595        Gentle Hatha Yoga 1

35654        Monday Morning Yoga 2
35675        Power Yoga 1

35700        Sunday Yoga 1
35701        Sunday Yoga 1
35721        Yogalates 1

1 No class June 29 though July 5           2 No class July 6

Classes are held year-round at the Community Recreation Center, 969 Kiely Boulevard, and          AEROBIC DANCE                                KICKBOXING
are available to adults, 16 years of age and up. All classes are taught by certified aerobics     COMBO                                        Combines the punches and kicks
instructors. Each workout includes a warm-up segment, a cardiovascular workout, and a             Combination of low impact aerobics and       of martial arts into choreographed
cool down with stretching. Hand weights, Ultra-Toner bands, Gymnic softballs, Swiss balls,        strength segments.                           combinations that help you burn fat and
                                                                                                                                               sculpt the entire body.
Participants are encouraged to bring their own towel and sport bottle for water. Athletic shoes   CARDIO DANCE
are required on the aerobics floor (no street or black-soled shoes). Participants will not be     Class varies week to week, combining         STEP/SCULPT
admitted if arriving more than 15 minutes after class start time.                                 cardio dance with weights.                   Combines the fun of step aerobics with an
                                                                                                                                               extended sculpting segment to increase
                                                                                                  CARDIO SCULPT                                muscle definition.
Aerobic Passes are available at the Community Recreation Center in multiples of 4, up
                                                                                                  with muscle toning. Physically challenging   ZUMBA
for non-residents. Passes may be used at any aerobics class listed on the chart below,
                                                                                                  and very effective!                          Zumba is a high energy dance
and do not expire. Each individual must purchase their own aerobic pass; passes are                                                            workout that combines both Latin and
not transferable. Lost or missing passes will not be re-issued. An aerobic pass does              NEW! CARDIO STEP                             international rhythms with cardiovascular
not guarantee a space in class. A first-come, first-serve policy is employed. Individual          SCULPT                                       exercise.
                                                                                                  Combines dance and step movements
                                                                                                  which create a cardiovascular experience
Babysitting, for children 6 months and older, is available Monday through Friday,
                                                                                                  which continues into a sculpting segment.
policy is employed. Parent must be participating in a class at the CRC during the same
time to use this service.                                                                         aerobics schedule, available at the Community Recreation Center,
                                                                                                  or call (408) 615-3140 for more information.
                                         Monday                      Tuesday            Wednesday                   Thursday                     Friday                Saturday
 9:00-10:15 am                     Cardio Dance or Zumba                                 Kickboxing        Cardio Step Sculpt or Zumba
 9:15-10:30 am                                                                                                                                                         Kickboxing
 6:00-7:00 pm                           Kickboxing                                      Cardio Sculpt         Aerobic Dance Combo

        Adults & Teens                             range balls must be purchased separately      master. Self-defense, discipline, and          stop and look at these amazing marine
                                                   before each lesson for approximately          confidence will develop through their          plants. As we anchor in the kelp, we will
ADULT INTRO TO ICE                                                                               training. Test and earn belt rankings.         look for some of the many sea otters and
SKATING                                            lesson. Space is limited, so sign up early!   Uniform (Gi) is required and available for     sea lions that live off Lighthouse Point.
Get fit while learning basic skills for pleasure                                                 purchase at the first class.                   Depending of the weather, we will either
skating. Each lesson provides 30 minutes
                                                   GOLF, BEG./INT.                               Instructor - T. Janovich (8th Degree Black     pull ashore through the low surf or eat
of instruction and 30 minutes of practice          Small group lessons, taught by golf           Belt) and Staff www.kodenkan.com               lunch on the Santa Cruz pier. We will use
time. Skate rental is included in the class        professionals at Santa Clara Golf & Tennis                                                   stable, easy to paddle double kayaks
fee. Students must attend first class, as          Club. Students work at their own pace.        MONTEREY BAY                                   and have a thorough lesson before we
important safety tips will be discussed.           Beginning and intermediate players are        WHALE CRUISE                                   launch. We will learn some paddling
Instructor - Ice Center of Cupertino               welcome. Practice range balls are not         The Monterey Bay National Marine               skills, observe wildlife and have a great
                                                   included in fee and must be purchased         Sanctuary is a year-round location to          day outdoors! Participants under 18 must
NEW! AÑO NUEVO                                     separately before each lesson for             watch marine mammals. Summer is                register with and be accompanied by an
COASTAL HIKE                                                                                     the best season to see the greatest
Ano Nuevo State Reserve is a natural               for use during class.                         variety of whales and other mammals            per person is payable on the day of the
treasure on the San Mateo coast. On                                                              with less chance of rough seas. We will        trip for kayak rental, gear, and guiding
this walk we will look for wildflowers,
                                                   GOLF, INT./ADV.                               be looking for sea otters, seals, sea
                                                   Group lessons limited to 4 participants                                                      services. Instructor - G. Meyer, Great
fossils, and birds, while talking about                                                          lions, whales, dolphins and thousands          Expeditions
the history of this fascinating place. We          and designed specifically for the             of seabirds! Leaving from Monterey,
will hike nearly three miles out to a point        intermediate to advanced golfer. Lessons      our four to five hour trip will start along    SUNSET KAYAK
where we hope to see several species of            taught by golf professionals at Santa         Cannery Row where we watch otters              TRIP AT ELKHORN
marine mammals. Every year, elephant               Clara Golf & Tennis Club. Players are         and sea lions. From there we will head         SLOUGH
seals visit the reserve to spend a month           required to provide their own clubs. Range    5-15 miles offshore to look for feeding        Elkhorn Slough is one of California’s
relaxing on the beach and molting. The             balls are not included in fee and must        humpback and blue whales, which are            largest remaining coastal wetlands
adult males are present at this time and           be purchased before each lesson for           regular visitors to the central coast during   and is home to thousands of birds and
their immense size and antics make for                                                           summer. We will also search the deep           numerous harbor seals and sea otters.
entertaining wildlife watching. While we           KARATE, SHOTOKAN                              waters of the Monterey Bay Submarine           This protected salt marsh is covered
observe the seals we will discuss their            INT. OR INT./ADV.                             Canyon for smaller cetaceans such as           with unusual plants and graced with
extraordinary biology and astounding                                                             dolphins, porpoise and even killer whales.     scenic, quiet waterways. We will spend
migrations. Join us for a moderate, 6                                                            A mandatory meeting will be held on            an afternoon exploring this seven-mile
mile hike to a wonderful destination.              KODENKAN                                      Thursday, August 27, 7:00-9:00 p.m. at         long slough, getting a unique look at this
Participants under 18 must register                JUJITSU, BEG. &                               the Campbell Community Center, Room            preserve and then paddling home at
with and be accompanied by an adult.               INT./ADV.                                                                                    sunset. This trip is a great introduction to
Instructor - G. Meyer, Great Expeditions           Beginning students will be taught basic       at the evening meeting to cover the cost       kayaking and no experience is necessary.
                                                   self-defense, falling techniques, hand and    of chartering the 50 foot boat.                We will be using stable, double sea
GOLF FOR WOMEN                                                                                   Instructor - G. Meyer, Great Expeditions       kayaks equipped with rudders and
                                                   arm holds, and proper movement as they
Learn the basic skills required to play the                                                                                                     comfortable seat backs. Participants
                                                   prepare for the intermediate level. Start     NEW! SANTA CRUZ
most popular sport in the world. Class                                                                                                          under 18 must register with and be
                                                   on the road to increased self-confidence
will cover all aspects of the game for the                                                       COASTAL PADDLE                                 accompanied by an adult. Additional
                                                   and self-discipline! Gi is not required.
beginner or novice. This class is taught                                                         Santa Cruz is a wonderful place to paddle
in a comfortable class setting by PGA                                                            a kayak in the Monterey Bay National           is payable on the day of the trip for
                                                   students will learn the techniques of
                                                                                                 Marine Sanctuary. Our tour will take us        kayak rental, gear, and guiding services.
Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club. Practice                                                         through thick kelp beds where we will          Instructor - G. Meyer, Great Expeditions
No.         Course                                         Age              Day         Time                       Start           End          Location                   Res. / Non-res.

36150       Golf for Women 1





1 No class July 4
2 No class July 3
3 No class September 9                                                                                                                                      Sports continues – page 26.

             Children                          KARATE, SHOTOKAN,
BOWLING                                        This class is designed for yellow, gold,
Join this bowling program designed for
kids to have fun, learn sportsmanship,         students may attend this class. This
                                               class will include the beginner’s class
The class consists of instruction and          information and we will introduce more
league play. Fee includes instruction,
ball rental, and shoe rental. Participants     additional kicking techniques, blocking
may purchase bowling balls at a discount       combinations, and strikes.
through Moonlite Lanes.                        Instructor - M. Crawford
Instructor - Moonlite Lanes
                                               KARATE, SHOTOKAN,
BUMPER BOWLING                                 INT./ADV.
This special program, designed for             This class is designed for orange, green,
youngsters, provides bumpers along each        purple, red, brown, and black belts. New
lane to guide the ball toward the pins. Fee    adult beginners may attend this class.
includes instruction, ball rental, and shoe    Instructor - M. Crawford
rental. Instructor - Moonlite Lanes
                                               KARATE, SHOTOKAN,
ICE HOCKEY                                     JUNIORS (J1)
SKATING                                        This class is designed for beginning
Students will learn to skate in the            Juniors (J1 Class). Come learn the
controlled manner that is necessary            martial art of Shotokan Karate. Juniors
to be a hockey player. Balance, use of         will focus on manners, listening skills,
blade edges, forwards and backwards            following direction, and cooperation
skating, crossovers, and stopping will         with others. Basic skills are taught at
be taught in the first four weeks. Weeks       a developmentally appropriate level.          KODENKAN                                     LITTLE DUNKERS
five through six are dedicated to stick        Junior belt promotions are optional but       JUJITSU, BEG.                                BASKETBALL
handling; students must provide a stick        available for an additional fee, payable to   Participants will be taught basic self-      This class is designed to introduce
and helmet with a full cage by the first       instructor. Please wear loose, comfortable    defense, falling techniques, hand and        children to the fundamentals of
week of class. (This required equipment        clothing. Uniforms are available, but are     arm holds, and proper movement. The          basketball. Children will become familiar
can be expensive.) For information on          not mandatory. Instructor - Okaigan Staff     class will prepare your child to enter       with a basketball by participating in
equipment, please call the Ice Center at
                                                                                             the intermediate class, where they can       activities that teach dribbling, passing,
(408) 446-2906. Skates will be provided        KIDZ LOVE SOCCER
                                                                                             progress in their training through testing   and shooting. In this encouraging setting,
to those needing them. Practice session is     (KLS)
                                                                                             and earning various colored belt ranks.      children will work on their self-confidence
from 4:30-5:00 p.m., followed by a lesson      Kidz learn from coaches trained in
                                                                                             Start them on the road to increased self-    and social interaction skills. Emphasis is
from 5:15-5:45 p.m. Students must              the Kidz Love Soccer method; session
                                                                                             confidence and self-discipline!              on having fun and learning to play with
attend first class, as important safety tips   includes demonstrations, games, and
                                                                                             Instructor - T. Janovich (8th Degree Black   others.
will be discussed.                             scrimmages in a non-competitive,
                                                                                             Belt) and Staff www.kodenkan.com
Instructor - Ice Center of Cupertino           recreational format. TOT SOCCER (3.5-4                                                     SKATEBOARDING,
                                               yrs) - Kidz develop large motor skills        KODENKAN                                     BEG.
KARATE, SHOTOKAN,                              while running and kicking! PRE-SOCCER
BEGINNERS                                                                                    JUJITSU, INT./ADV.                           Experience skateboarding at the Santa
                                               (4-5 yrs) - Kidz learn basic techniques                                                    Clara Skate Park! Novice skateboarders
This class is designed for new students        while building self-esteem and learning                                                    will learn basic concepts, such as safety,
(however yellow belts are welcome to           to follow instructions. SOCCER 1 (5-6         and assurance while learning hand,           balance, and navigating the Skate Park.
                                               yrs) - Beginning players learn dribbling,                                                  Students will be given an opportunity
yellow belts). Come learn and practice the     passing, receiving, shooting, and defense.    methods of throwing a person, and how        to free skate at the end of each class.
martial art of Shotokan Karate! Students       Games are played at every session,            to fall. Students can test and earn the      Participants are required to supply the
will learn how to execute proper punches,      and every participant will have a ball        various colored belt ranks, while learning   proper equipment: skateboard, helmet,
blocks, kicks, and strikes. Students will      at his or her feet. Small-sided soccer        gentleness, modesty, self-discipline,        knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.
learn a kata and also be taught how            matches will be introduced. SOCCER            politeness, and resourcefulness. Uniform
to escape out of a variety of grabbing         2 (7-8 yrs) and SOCCER 3 (9-12 yrs)                                                        YOUTH INTRO TO
                                                                                             (Gi) is required, and available for
techniques. This class is designed             - Explore the real sport! Be challenged                                                    ICE SKATING
                                                                                             purchase at the first class.
to promote awareness, confidence,              by real soccer situations, venture into                                                    Students will be introduced to basic
                                                                                             Instructor - T. Janovich (8th Degree Black
                                               the fun tactical side of scrimmaging. A       Belt) and Staff www.kodenkan.com             skating skills that will provide the
Instructor - M. Crawford                       KLS youth specialist will guide players                                                    knowledge to make skating pleasurable.
                                               through the possibilities. Attack and Score                                                Each of the six lessons provides 30
                                               goals! Pace and Possession! Defense and                                                    minutes of instruction and 30 minutes
                                               Transition! Kidz Love Soccer…where the                                                     of practice time on the ice. Fee includes
                                               score is always FUN to FUN!™ Log onto                                                      skate rental. Students must attend first
                                               www.kidzlovesoccer.com for information.                                                    class, as important safety tips will be
                                                                                                                                          discussed. Instructor - Ice Center of

No.         Course                               Age   Day   Time   Start   End   Location   Res. / Non-res.

35615       Karate, Shotokan, Beginners 1
35616       Karate, Shotokan, Beginners 2
35617       Karate, Shotokan, Beginners 3
35618       Karate, Shotokan, Beginners 4
35619       Karate, Shotokan, Int. 1
35620       Karate, Shotokan, Int. 2
35621       Karate, Shotokan, Int. 3



35625       Karate, Shotokan, Juniors (J1) 1
36355       Karate, Shotokan, Juniors (J1) 1
36354       Karate, Shotokan, Juniors (J1) 2

35626       Karate, Shotokan, Juniors (J1) 3
36356       Karate, Shotokan, Juniors (J1) 3
35627       Karate, Shotokan, Juniors (J1) 4
35628       Karate, Shotokan, Juniors (J1) 4


36184       Little Dunkers Basketball 5

36185       Little Dunkers Basketball 5
36188       Skateboarding, Beg. 5
36189       Skateboarding, Beg. 5

1 No class September 7
2 No class September 7 and September 9
3 No class September 9
4 No class July 4 and September 5
5 No class July 4
                       Santa Clara Tennis Center                                            JUNIOR LEAGUE TEAM TENNIS
                                                                                            Jr. League Team Tennis provides excellent instruction, extensive practice, and exciting
                           2625 Hayward Dr.
                        Located in Central Park                                             the INTERMEDIATE to HIGH INTERMEDIATE level. Juniors, who will be 16 yrs. or older

                                                                                            U.S.T.A’s 14 or 16 yr. old divisions are ineligible. THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR NOVICE
SANTA CLARA                                    PROFESSIONAL                                 AND LOW INTERMEDIATE PLAYERS. Practice will be twice a week and match play will
TENNIS CENTER                                  STRINGING SERVICE                            be on Fridays (until approx. 3:30 pm) versus other local Bay Area teams. The season
The Tennis Center features 8 lighted           Provided by USPTA Pro John Chan. Call        culminates with the Whitlinger Cup playoffs. Includes Team Tennis shirt. Please bring
tennis courts, court reservation service,      the Tennis Center at (408) 247-0178 for      one unopened can of tennis balls to the first day of practice.
stringing service, and private and group       more information.                            Quarterfinals             Friday, August 14, 1:30-3:30 pm, Location TBA
lessons.                                                                                    Championship Rounds Saturday, August 22, 8:30 am-12:00 pm, Stanford University
                                               COURT RESERVATIONS
RESIDENT CARDS                                 A court reservation service is available,                               Junior League Team Tennis
All residents of the City of Santa Clara are   March through mid-November. City
required to use a resident identification      of Santa Clara residents can make a                               Santa Clara Tennis Center at Central Park
card when making a court reservation or        reservation up to 7 days in advance; a                                    $199 Res., $229 Non-res.
using the tennis facilities. To sign up for    resident card is required. Non-residents     No.            Level/Age          Day           Time                         Date
a Resident Card, simply bring proof of         can make a reservation up to 5 days in
residency and a photo I.D. to the Tennis       advance. Call (408) 247-0178, Monday
                                                                                                                              F             1:30-3:30 pm
Center during operating hours (listed          through Thursday, 5:00-9:30 p.m. and
                                                                                            * No class July 3
under Court Reservations).
                                               are charged for all court use during prime   YOUTH TENNIS MINI-CAMP
INDIVIDUAL LESSONS                             time hours. Non-prime time use is first
Learn new strokes or improve your old                                                       Our popular tennis camps emphasize stroke FUNdamentals with dynamic games and
                                               come, first serve.                           exciting drills. These clinics help players understand efficient stroke mechanics, match
ones through individualized lessons based
                                                          PRIME TIME HOURS                  play preparation, and basic strategy for Novice to Low Intermediate students. Two
on your needs. For all ages, beginners
to advanced. Call Jeff Driggs at the              Monday-Thursday: 5:00-10:00 p.m.          courts grouped by ability. Please sign up early!
                                                  Saturday & Sunday: 8:00 a.m.-Noon
Community Recreation Center,
                                                              Closed Friday
                                                                                                                        Youth Tennis Mini-Camp
(408) 615-3160, to arrange your first
                                                                                                                 Santa Clara Tennis Center at Central Park
                                                             COURT FEES
one hour.                                                                                                                 $70 Res., $87 Non-res.
                                                                                            No.            Level/Age          Day           Time                         Date

                            Santa Clara Tennis Club
 The Santa Clara Tennis Club is open to all residents and features
 monthly tournaments, inter-club play, USTA league play, and social
 events. The Tennis Club maintains an active ladder as well as listings
 of player availability and skill level. Call Jeff Driggs at
 (408) 615-3160 for more information.

Summer Reading @ Your Library! Sign-ups for the 2009 Summer Reading                         **PROGRAMS RUN FROM MONDAY, JUNE 22 - SATURDAY, AUGUST 1**
Program will begin on Saturday, June 6 and run through Saturday, July 18. Kick              Mondays          Multicultural Family Programs in the Park (all ages) 7:00 pm
off BE CREATIVE @ YOUR LIBRARY on Saturday, June 6, 1:00-4:00 pm. Family                                     (to be held in the Central Park Pavilion)
                                                                                            Tuesdays         School-Age Programs at 3:00 pm (going into 1st Grade-6th Grade)
programs, storytelling, movie nights, and lots and lots of reading will keep our                             Teen Programs (Grades 7-12) at 6:00 pm
community busy during the summer months! Children are encouraged to keep                    Wednesdays Family Movies at 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm
track of their summer reading and earn a free paperback book!                                                Teen Movies (Grades 7-12) at 6:00 pm
                                                                                            Thursdays        Baby Lapsit (ages 0-12 months) at 10:30 am
                                                                                                             Young 1s (ages 12-24 months) at 10:30 am
       CENTRAL PARK LIBRARY                          MISSION LIBRARY FAMILY                                  Teen Program (Grades 7-12) at 3:00 pm
         2635 Homestead Road                            READING CENTER                      Fridays          Preschool Storytime (ages 2-5) at 9:30 am & 10:30 am
         Santa Clara, CA 95051                         1098 Lexington Street                Saturdays        Family Storytime (all ages) at 10:30 am
             (408) 615-2900                            Santa Clara, CA 95050                For detailed information about our Summer Reading Programs, please come into the
     Youth Services: (408) 615-2916                        (408) 615-2964                   library during the month of May and pick up a Summer Reading schedule. All programs
                                                     www.library.santaclaraca.gov           are free of charge. Programs are subject to change.

  Summer Reading Programs are made possible by the Applied Materials Foundation, Mission City Community Fund and the Foundation & Friends of the Santa Clara City Library.

                                                                                                                             Youth Tennis
                            Tennis USA 1-2-3                                                                    Santa Clara Tennis Center at Central Park
                    Parks & Recreation Tennis Lessons                                                                    $70 Res., $87 Non-res.
                                                                                           No.            Level/Age        Day         Time                 Date

   six hours of instruction for three to eight students. Classes of two students will be
   converted into four hours of semi-private lessons. All students must provide their
   own racket.
   Note: In case of rain, contact the CRC at (408) 615-3140 within the hour before
   scheduled starting time for class status, or check with the instructor at the court.
   If at any time the instructor is absent, report to the next scheduled class for make
   up date. Make ups will be scheduled by the instructor.

   Levels of Instruction
   Tiny Tennis – Children, age five to eight, play FUN activities and games that
   enhance their eye-hand coordination, locomotion skills, and knowledge of general
   tennis concepts, in a success-oriented social environment. Small group lessons
   with only three to six students!
   Novice – Lessons for beginners and advanced beginners. Learn simple and

   tennis and continue to improve after class.
   Low Intermediate – This level is for those who can rally consistently but lack
   depth and placement. Class emphasis is on stroke fundamentals and basic
   Intermediate/High Intermediate – These lessons are designed to strengthen
   and refine your game. Basic to advanced shots, strategy, and tactics will be            * No class July 4
   introduced then reinforced through performance enhancing drills.

                                     Tiny Tennis                                                                             Adult Tennis
                     Santa Clara Tennis Center at Central Park                                                  Santa Clara Tennis Center at Central Park
                              $70 Res., $87 Non-res.                                                                     $70 Res., $87 Non-res.
No.            Level/Age           Day           Time                         Date         No.            Level/Age        Day         Time                 Date

                                                                                           * No class July 4

* No class July 4

                                                  Registration Information - page 3.
 One adult must attend with each enrolled child and sign the                                  PARTNERS IN PLAY
       adult portion of the liability release on page 6.                                      Children will develop coordination and                  Birthday Parties!
                                                                                              cooperation through active play with
                                                and develop motor skills in a colorful        parachutes, balls, puzzles, and games.          The Walter E. Schmidt Youth
SHOTOKAN,                                       and playful environment through songs,        Sing songs and play in an environment          Activity Center is now hosting
JUNIORS-PARENT &                                creative play, social time, and an            that enhances socialization and self-
ME                                                                                                                                            birthday parties for children
                                                Class for 6-12 MONTHS will stimulate          completed in class. This fun, exploratory
This class is designed for beginning                                                                                                          ages 1-4 years old! For more
                                                the natural curiosity of your child through   class involves cooperative play with the
Juniors. Come learn the martial art
                                                music, play, equipment, parachutes, and       child’s parent. All participants must wear    information, please call the YAC
of Shotokan Karate. Juniors will
                                                more. Group discussions will give you the     socks when doing activities on the mat.
focus on manners, listening skills,                                                                                                                at (408) 615-3760.
following direction and cooperation             opportunity to share ideas and advice
with others. Basic skills are taught at         with other parents. Class for 10-18
a developmentally appropriate level.            MONTHS is designed for wobbly walkers.
Junior belt promotions are optional but         Balance and motor skills are developed.
available for an additional fee, payable to     Class for 14-24 MONTHS will focus on
instructor. Please wear loose, comfortable      activities to further stimulate movement
clothing. Parent & Me class requires one        for the more confident walker. One
adult to attend with each child. Uniforms       parent may attend with two registered
are available, but are not mandatory.           participants. All participants must wear
Instructor - Okaigan Staff                      socks when doing activities on the mat.
MOMMY/DADDY & ME                                PARENT & TOT
SOCCER                                          INTRO TO ICE
Introduce yourself and your toddler to the      SKATING
                                                This is a fun experience for parent and
and your child participate in our fun, age      child to learn to ice skate together; fee
appropriate activities, your child will be      includes one adult and one child. Cost
developing their large motor skills and         includes skate rental, a 30-minute lesson,
socialization skills. A variety of activities   and a 30-minute practice time. Students
designed around the game of soccer will         must attend first class, as important
be played each week. The fun happens            safety tips will be discussed.
                                                Instructor - Ice Center of Cupertino
Soccer, you won’t have to watch from the        PARENT & TOT
sidelines. Instructor - Kidz Love Soccer        SPORTS
EXPLORATION                                     your child. Basic instruction in a variety
Movement Exploration provides parents           of activities including basketball, soccer,
and their children the opportunity to           semi-organized games, and more will be
explore their world, meet new friends,          experienced.

No.         Course                                   Age                 Day          Time                      Start          End         Location              Res. / Non-res.
36358       Karate, Shotokan, Juniors- Parent & Me 1

36199       Movement Exploration 2

36200       Movement Exploration 2

36201       Parent & Tot Sports 2
36370       Parent & Tot Sports 2

1 No class September 9
2 No class July 4

                    Tiny Timbers & Day Camp                                                                                   Lick Mill Park:
TWO LOCATIONS:                                                                                                     4750 Lick Mill Boulevard,
LICK MILL PARK & MAYWOOD PARK                                                                     between Montague Expressway and Tasman Drive in Santa Clara.
Two fabulous programs, two different sites…ONE great experience! Located in North
and South Santa Clara, these two programs are guaranteed to offer your child a                                                Maywood Park
summer they’ll always remember.
With energetic and creative staff, children are sure to have a blast participating in                                    3330 Pruneridge Avenue,
outrageous games, crazy songs, unusual arts and crafts, entertaining special guests,                      off Cronin Drive near Pomeroy Avenue in Santa Clara.
exhilarating Thursday field trips (check out our new destinations) and Friday swimming
(except for Maywood AM Tiny Timbers). On Fridays, we’ll also have a potluck barbecue                           Lick Mill and Maywood Tiny Timbers
where campers and their families come together to foster healthy relationships while
                                                                                                                                Ages 5-7
fee includes supervision (8:1), arts and crafts supplies, swim admission (where                                          Monday-Friday, 9 am-4 pm
applicable), field trip admission, bus transportation, and one camp T-shirt per session.
Campers are required to provide their own sack lunch and beverage Monday-Thursday            Date             Field Trip                     Lick Mill Park         Maywood Park
(unless otherwise stated). A newsletter, listing the weekly activities and field trip        June 22-26       Chuck E. Cheese                   35743                  35783
information, will be distributed on the first day of each session.                           June 29-July 2   Pump It Up & AMC Mercado          35744                  35784
                                                                                             July 6-10        The Jungle Island                 35745                  35785
                          Extended Day Camp                                                  July 13-17       Gilroy Gardens                    35746                  35786
                                                                                             July 20-24       Children’s Discovery Museum       35747                  35787
LICK MILL PARK & MAYWOOD PARK                                                                July 27-31       Aqua Adventure Waterpark          35748                  35788
                                                                                             August 3-7       California Academy of Sciences    35749                  35789
Need to be at work by 8:00 a.m. and drop your child at camp? Do you have a late
meeting after work, or an extra errand you need to run before picking up your child from     August 10-14     Oakland Zoo                       35750                  35790
camp? Not to worry, that’s what Extended Camp is for. Participants enrolled in Tiny
Timbers or Day Camp at Lick Mill or Maywood are eligible to register for this program.                           Lick Mill and Maywood Day Camp
Extended Camp is held at both campsites and offers participants the opportunity to play
awesome games, make cool arts & crafts, and have supervised free play. PM snack                                                 Ages 8-10
                                                                                                                         Monday-Friday, 9 am-4 pm
late drop off, or children participating less than five days per week. Pre-registration is
                                                                                             Date             Field Trip                       Lick Mill Park       Maywood Park
           Maywood AM Tiny Timbers/AM Extended Camp                                          June 22-26       Golfland Emerald Hills                35727               35767
                                                                                             June 29-July 2   Sky High Sports & AMC Mercado        35728               35768
                               Ages 5-7
                                                                                             July 6-10        Boomers                              35729               35769
  AM Tiny Timbers: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9 am-1 pm
                                                                                             July 13-17       Laser Quest & Century                35730               35770
                 Thursday (Field Trip day), 9 am-4 pm
                                                                                                               Cinemas at Shoreline
                                                                                             July 20-24       Cupertino Square, Strike Bowling     35731                 35771
                 AM Extended Camp: Monday-Friday, 7:30-9 am                                                    & AMC Theater
                                                                                             July 27-31       Waterworld California                35732                 35772
                                                       AM                    AM              August 3-7       Great America                        35733                 35773
Date            Field Trip                       Tiny Timbers         Extended Camp          August 10-14     Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk           35734                 35774
June 22-26      Chuck E. Cheese                       35759                 35751
June 29-July 2 Pump It Up & AMC Mercado               35760                 35752
                                                                                                              Lick Mill and Maywood Extended Camp
July 6-10       The Jungle Island                     35761                 35753
July 13-17      Gilroy Gardens                        35762                 35754                                             Ages 5-10
July 20-24      Children’s Discovery Museum           35763                 35755                                 Monday-Friday, 7:30-9 am and 4-6 pm
July 27-31      Aqua Adventure Waterpark              35764                 35756
August 3-7      California Academy of Sciences        35765                 35757            Date                                  Lick Mill Park                Maywood Park
August 10-14 Oakland Zoo                              35766                 35758            June 22-26                                  35735                          35775
                                                                                             June 29-July 2                              35736                          35776
Participants must be registered in AM Tiny Timbers to register for AM Extended Camp.
                                                                                             July 6-10                                   35737                          35777
                                                                                             July 13-17                                  35738                          35778
                                                                                             July 20-24                                  35739                          35779
                                                                                             July 27-31                                  35740                          35780
       Camp fee includes cost of field trip admission.                                       August 3-7                                  35741                          35781
        Individual or family season passes will not be                                       August 10-14                                35742                          35782
                                                                                             Participants must be registered in the all day Tiny Timbers or Day Camp to register for
       accepted for ticket or financial reimbursement.                                       Extended Camp.

   FACE meets at Millikin School, 2720 Sonoma Place, off Benton Street.                                                        FACE – Millikin School
FACE (Fine Arts Camp Extraordinaire) – FACE Camp is a unique camp that focuses
on art, dance, and drama. The camp includes exciting weekly field trips, swimming
at International Swim Center, and recreational games. This seven-week camp                     No.           Program              Date                             Res. / Non-res.

will feature a different theme; get ready for ‘Wacky Week’ or ‘Sports Olympics’...             * No camp July 3.
anything goes. Campers will be the ‘Stars of the Show’ at the camp performance on
the evening of August 6. The Show is a wonderful opportunity for parents to see their          FACE AM/PM Care – Extended care will be available at Millikin School prior to, and
inspiring actors in an original show, complete with costumes, handmade sets and                after camp. AM Care is 7:30-9:00 a.m. each day. PM Care is 3:00-6:00 p.m. on
props, and an art display. Registration fee includes bus transportation to field trip          Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and 4:00-6:00 p.m. on Wednesday. Activities
destinations, trip admission fees, arts and crafts supplies, a camp T-shirt, supplies,
and supervision (10:1).
Trips include: Boomers, Great America, Moonlite Lanes and Pump It Up, Raging                   Pre-registration is required.
Waters, Laser Quest and Sky High Sports, Sea Cliff Beach BBQ and the San Jose                  No.         Program                Date                             Res. / Non-res.

                                                                                               * No extended care July 3.
              FACE Camp questions? Call (408) 615-3140

Just4Kicks, inc. will conduct developmentally appropriate instructional soccer camps
developing skills required for the game of soccer. Each day will focus on a particular
aspect of the game of soccer utilizing specifically designated activities. Each activity
varies according to age and ability, and is structured to provide every child the
opportunity to express themselves and grow at their own rate. The emphasis is on
learning and having fun, not winning. Every participant receives a soccer ball, T-shirt,

each day.
Coach Tom Vischer and staff bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and
understanding of the game of soccer to Just4Kicks, inc. In addition, he has thirteen
years experience in teaching youth soccer players in the bay area. Coach Tom holds an

local youth teams in the area.
Over the 5-day camp, players will experience all the fun and excitement soccer has                                          Just4Kicks Soccer Camps
to offer. Running, dribbling, kicking their ball; all with expert guidance and instruction     No.      Camp          Age                Time                    Res. / Non-res.
from Just4Kicks, inc. staff coach. Every day ends with a small-sided scrimmage                 Monday-Friday, June 15-19 – Youth Activity Center, 2450 Cabrillo Ave.

mimics the feel of a tournament for the younger kickers.
Over the 5-day camp, players will experience all the fun and excitement soccer has
to offer. Running, dribbling, kicking their ball; all with expert guidance and instruction
                                                                                               Monday-Friday, July 20-24 – Soccer Park, 5049 Centennial Blvd.
from a Just4Kicks, inc. staff coach. Emphasis still remains on the basic soccer skills
utilizing fun soccer activities. Team concepts are presented in small-sided scrimmages

Over the 5-day camp, players will experience all the fun and excitement soccer has to
offer. Running, dribbling, kicking their ball; all with expert guidance and instruction from   Monday-Friday, August 17-21 – Youth Activity Center, 2450 Cabrillo Ave.
a Just4Kicks, inc. staff coach. Individual and team skills are of equal importance at
this level. Expectations of each position in a small-sided game format are explained
and developed for a truly exceptional soccer experience. Team concepts are presented

                                                                                               Sport Escape – Come hang out at the YAC! Sport Escape is designed specifically for
   Sports Camps are held at the Walter E. Schmidt Youth Activity Center                        teens. All summer long we’ll be playing challenging games and sports, swimming at
    (YAC), located at 2450 Cabrillo Avenue near San Tomas Expressway.                          the International Swim Center, making new friends, and going on cool teen trips. Your
Sport Adventure Camp – Join us for fun-filled days of sports, weekly field trips,              summer will be packed from beginning to end with outrageous fun. Participants will
                                                                                               meet each day at the Youth Activity Center. Participants are required to wear athletic
participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of basketball and soccer, along            shoes and bring a sack lunch daily. Registration fee includes transportation to field trip
with lots of recreation games. Campers will meet each day at the Youth Activity                destination, craft supplies, trip admission fees, a camp T-shirt, and supervision (10:1).
Center. Participants are required to wear athletic shoes and bring a sack lunch daily.                                            Sport Escape
Registration fee includes bus transportation to field trip destination, trip admission fees,
craft supplies, a camp T-shirt, and supervision (8:1).                                                                          Ages 11-13
                                                                                                                         Monday-Friday, 9 am-4 pm
                             Sport Adventure Camp                                                                         $148 Res., $178 Non-res.
                                   Ages 5-7                                                                      Week of June 29 – $128 Res., $157 Non-res.
                          Monday-Friday, 9 am-4 pm                                             No.        Date                           Trip
                           $148 Res., $178 Non-res.                                            35806      June 22-26                     Raging Waters
                  Week of June 29 – $128 Res., $157 Non-res.                                   35807      June 29-July 2                 Great America
No.         Date                           Trip                                                35808      July 6-10                      Laser Quest & Movies
35798       June 22-26                     Jungle Island                                       35809      July 13-17                     Cupertino Square, Ice Center & Strike Bowling
35799       June 29-July 2                 AMC Mercado Movies                                  35810      July 20-24                     Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
35800       July 6-10                      Children’s Discovery Museum                         35811      July 27-31                     S.F. Giants vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
35801       July 13-17                     Bounce-A-Rama & Live Oak Park
                                                                                               35812      August 3-7                     U-Wink Restaurant & Golfland
35802       July 20-24                     Gilroy Gardens
                                                                                               35813      August 10-14                   Discovery Kingdom
35803       July 27-31                     Chuck E. Cheese
35804       August 3-7                     Pump It Up & Fremont Park                               Camp fee includes cost of field trip admission. Individual or family season
35805       August 10-14                   Great America - Kidsville
                                                                                                      passes will not be accepted for ticket or financial reimbursement.

Sports Jam – Experience action-packed summer days filled with sports and
                                                                                               Sports Camp Extended Care – An extended camp at the Youth Activity Center will
and making new friends. Sports Jam encourages everybody to participate and                     be available to participants in Sport Adventure Camp, Sports Jam, Sport Escape and
emphasizes sportsmanship and fun! Campers will meet each day at the Youth Activity             Teen Breakaway. Sports Camp Extended Care will provide participants with organized
Center. Participants are required to wear athletic shoes and bring a sack lunch daily.         passive games, and supervised free play. Fees are set and pre-registration is required;
Registration fee includes bus transportation to field trip destination, trip admission fees,
arts and crafts supplies, a camp T-shirt, and supervision (10:1).                              days per week. For after camp care, see our open gym monthly schedule. Call
                                                                                               (408) 615-3760 for more information.
                                     Sports Jam
                                  Ages 8-10
                                                                                                                        Sports Camp Extended Care
                          Monday-Friday, 9 am-4 pm                                                                                Ages 5-14
                           $148 Res., $178 Non-res.                                                                       Monday-Friday, 7:30-9 am
                  Week of June 29 – $128 Res., $157 Non-res.                                                                $40 Res., $51 Non-res.
No.         Date                           Trip                                                                    Week of June 29 – $29 Res., $38 Non-res.
35822       June 22-26                     Great America                                       No.        Date
35823       June 29-July 2                 Raging Waters                                       35814      June 22-26
35824       July 6-10                      AMC Mercado Movies & Roller Skating                 35815      June 29-July 2
35825       July 13-17                     Malibu Fun Center                                   35816      July 6-10
35826       July 20-24                     Oakland A’s vs. Minnesota Twins                     35817      July 13-17
35827       July 27-31                     Pump It Up & Cold Stone Creamery                    35818      July 20-24
35828       August 3-7                     Aqua Adventure Waterpark                            35819      July 27-31
35829       August 10-14                   Santa Cruz Beach                                    35820      August 3-7
                                                                                               35821      August 10-14

  The YAC offers free supervised activities each day after camp to those                               Camp Destination information
  enrolled in Sports Camp. A Resident Youth Card is not required. The
  After Camp Program is also open to youth who have a current Resident
                                                                                                            on pages 34 & 35.
  Youth Card. Activities include organized games inside the gymnasium.                                   Sports Camp questions?
  Please check the YAC’s monthly calendar for program plans and times.
  Call (408) 615-3760 for more information.                                                                Call (408) 615-3760
               Camp fee includes cost of field trip admission. Individual or family season passes will not be accepted for ticket or financial reimbursement.
AMC/CENTURY                                    CALIFORNIA                                                                                   JUNGLE ISLAND/THE
CINEMA THEATERS                                ACADEMY OF                                    50 years old, one-of-a-kind Circus Trees       JUNGLE
Retreat from the heat and catch a              SCIENCES                                      rescued from Scotts Valley, California.        (www.thejunglefun.com)
summer blockbuster at a local theater!         (calacademy.org)                              Campers can visit Monarch Garden,              Two of the West’s premier indoor
Don’t miss out! Movie selections are           Visit the newly remodeled Academy of          a greenhouse so large that a train, a          family entertainment centers, with play
                                               Sciences in San Francisco’s Golden Gate       monorail, and a river runs through it!         structures, and skill games all in a fun-
and final MPAA ratings.                        Park! It’s the only place on the planet       GOLFLAND USA,
AQUA ADVENTURE                                 with an aquarium, a planetarium, a            SUNNYVALE/
                                               natural history museum, and a four-story
                                                                                                                                            LASER QUEST,
WATERPARK                                                                                    GOLFLAND                                       MT. VIEW
                                               rainforest…all under one roof!                EMERALD HILLS,
(www.goaquaadventure.com)                                                                                                                   (www.laserquest.com)
                                                                                             SAN JOSE
The City of Fremont’s premiere family          CENTRAL PARK/ISC                                                                             Laser Quest combines the classic games
water park! Aqua Adventure offers a            (www.santaclaraca.gov/park_recreation)        (www.golfland.com)
                                                                                                                                            of tag and hide & seek, with a high-tech
variety of activities suitable for all ages!   Have fun in the sun at a favorite Santa       Golfland USA has two mini-golf courses         twist. Donning the most sophisticated
Expect a full day of fun, whether you                                                        and arcade games for all ages. It’s            laser tag equipment available, the game
make a splash in our refreshing pool, take     International Swim Center.                    where all of us can putt like Tiger Woods.     is played in a large, multi-level arena
a thrilling ride down Fortress of Fun water                                                  Golfland Emerald Hills is full of fun! We      featuring specialty lighting, swirling fog,
                                               CHILDREN’S                                    have Miniature Golf, a great arcade, and       and heart-pounding music. Questors
Aqua Adventure has four acres of wet and       DISCOVERY MUSEUM                              slippery water slides!                         use their lasers to score as many points
wild attractions, with something fun for       (www.cdm.org)                                 GREAT AMERICA &                                as possible by tagging the sensors on
everyone!                                      The Children’s Discovery Museum in San        KIDSVILLE                                      their opponent’s equipment. This is the
BASEBALL                                                                                     (cagreatamerica.com)                           ultimate in interactive entertainment!
                                               150 interactive exhibits and programs
                                               that provide children an opportunity          Get ready to laugh and shout all day!          LIVE OAK PARK
root for our Bay Area teams:                   to touch, explore, and investigate the        Experience Fire Fall, a new thrill ride that   (www.santaclaraca.gov/park_recreation)
S.F. Giants at AT&T Park in San Francisco      exhibits that they see around them. With      takes brave riders to a height of 60 feet,     Live Oak Park is Santa Clara’s 30th
(www.sanfrancisco.giants.mlb.com)              broad themes of community, connections,       then 360 degree vertical arcs as they          municipal park. The 11 acre park
Oakland A’s at McAfee Coliseum in              and creativity, the exhibits invite self-     twist, turn and spin through both fire and     includes a children’s playground, picnic
Oakland (www.coliseum.com)                     directed, open-ended explorations.            water effects. Great America in Santa          area, benches, pathways, restroom,
                                                                                             Clara offers rides and attractions for all     parking lot and a large grass area open
BOOMERS                                        CHUCK E. CHEESE                               interests and excitement levels!               for play and picnics. Four live oak trees
(www.boomersparks.com)                         (www.chuckecheese.com)                        GREAT MALL OF                                  that are more than 100 years old, and
At Boomers in Livermore, guests will                                                         MILPITAS                                       were moved to the park from the former
                                               pizza at Chuck E. Cheese.                     (www.greatmallbayarea.com)                     Agnews State Hospital grounds, surround
Tag. Don’t forget about the Game room,                                                                                                      the playground and provide a beautiful
where guests can choose from a variety
                                               COLD STONE                                    Find all your shopping needs from brand
                                               CREAMERY                                      name outlets and satisfy your hunger at        canopy for park users. Live Oak park is
of the hottest, state-of-the-art games, to
the traditional Skee-Ball, where you can       (www.coldstonecreamery.com)                   an international food court. Shopping has
                                                                                             never been so easy.                            grades K-8.
win all kinds of prizes. There is something
for everyone.                                  at a favorite local ice cream shop.
                                                                ICE CENTER OF                                                               MALIBU FUN
                                                                                                                                            CENTER, REDWOOD
BOUNCE-A-RAMA,                                 CUPERTINO SQUARE CUPERTINO                                                                   CITY
MILPITAS                                       MALL             (www.icecenter.net)
(www.bounce-a-rama.com)                        (www.cupertinosquare.com)                     Take a break from the heat and glide on ice
                                                                                             for the afternoon. It’s the only time you’ll   Ride go-carts and play arcade games at a
Where fun is in the air! Bounce-A-Rama         Formerly Vallco Fashion Park. Come shop,                                                     favorite spot in the area.
is a themed indoor inflatable playground       eat, and see the heart of Cupertino be        need a sweater and gloves for the summer.
with many attractions all under one roof.      reborn!
exciting arcade area, it’s the Bay Area        KINGDOM MARINE
premier party place for kids!                  WORLD, VALLEJO
BOWLING                                        (www.sixflags.com)
Moonlite Lanes, Santa Clara                    Wild animals, thrilling rides and great          Activities or packages on the websites may differ from the
(www.amf.com/moonlitlanes)                     family shows, all in one place! It’s
Strike Bowling Alley, Cupertino                an amusement park for all ages and               actual camp package. Call if you have questions.
(www.bowlatstrike.com)                         adventure levels.                                Lick Mill / Maywood Camps – (408) 615-3740
                                               GILROY GARDENS
                                                                                                Sports Camps – (408) 615-3760
                                               Gilroy Gardens includes rides, attractions,      Teen Breakaway – (408) 615-3740
                                               theme gardens, food concessions, an
                                               Events Plaza, and more. Plus, main

OAKLAND ZOO                                   SAN FRANCISCO
(www.oaklandzoo.org)                          ZOO
Oakland Zoo is home to more than 440          (www.sfzoo.org)
native and exotic animals. Explore and        It’s Northern California’s largest
view the birds, mammals, reptiles,            zoological park and conservation center.
amphibians, and arthropods. You will be       This urban oasis, nestled against the
able to see the animals in the natural        Pacific Ocean, provides a comfortable
settings of the African Savannah, Rain        climate all year round. We know you’ll
Forest, and Children’s Zoo with over four
acres of fun and learning!                    species in naturalistic surroundings and
                                              our many Zoo activities and events.
SUNNYVALE                                     SAN JOSE
(www.pumpitupparty.com)                       CHILDREN’S
                                              MUSICAL THEATER
                                              Witty and hilarious, but also deeply
party with giant interactive inflatable       moving, Honk! promises to be the family         SKY HIGH SPORTS                                 WATERWORLD
play structures. Jump ‘til you drop in        favorite of our summer series. Based            (www.jumpskyhigh.com)                           CALIFORNIA
the Bounce House, test your skill on the      on Hans Christian Anderson’s famous             Sky High Sports is a unique trampoline          (www.waterworldcalifornia.com)
Obstacle Course, take a ride down the         story of the Ugly Duckling, Honk! is full of    fun center, right here in Santa Clara. This     Guests in search of wet and wild
Giant Slide, or try the Giant Jousting.       charm, and delivers a special message of        facility has been designed and created for      excitement can find it at Waterworld
                                              tolerance and self confidence for all.          one purpose: to have FUN! Whether you flip
RAGING WATERS,                                                                                forward or flip backward, you will definitely   Wild Water Kingdom, the Big Kahuna,
SAN JOSE                                      SANTA CRUZ BEACH/                               flip out for Sky High Sports! You can free-     Honolulu Halfpipe, Breaker Beach Wave
(www.ragingwaters.com)                        BOARDWALK                                       bounce and do tricks all day, or you can        Pool, Typhoon Slide Complex, and much
Feel the rage! Waterslides, a wave pool,      (www.beachboardwalk.com)                                                                        more. Over a million gallons of beat-the-
and kiddie areas for all to have fun in       Everything you need for a fun-filled day at                                                     heat fun awaits guests of all ages.
the sun.                                      the beach is right here at the Boardwalk.       U-WINK RESTAURANT,
                                              Build sandcastles, play in the water, or        MT. VIEW           WESTFIELD’S
ROLLER SKATING                                buy a pass for unlimited Boardwalk rides.       (www.uwink.com)    VALLEY FAIR MALL
(www.calskatemilpitas.com)                    Those brave enough to keep their eyes open      Touchscreen terminal’s adorn each table         (www.westfield.com/valleyfair)
Can you do a figure eight on skates? Give     during the thrills can check out Double Shot,   delivering you all the information you          For the past 50 years, Valley Fair has been
it a try at Cal Skate of Milpitas!            Logger’s Revenge, Typhoon, Hurricane,           could need to know about your food and          the South Bay’s leading destination for the
                                              or the Giant Dipper. If you’re looking for      its ingredients, and you select what you        latest fashion trends, good restaurants,
FISHERMAN’S                                                                                   would like to eat. Games and other media        and getting together with friends.
                                              Whale, Jet Copters, Red Baron, or the           novelties will amuse you while you wait
WHARF & PIER 39                               Rugged Buggies might be more your speed.        for your food.
(www.pier39.com)                              SHARKS ICE AT SAN                               WARBURTON PARK &
Play tourist for a day and have fun           JOSE                                            SWIM CENTER
exploring a favorite area in the City.        (www.sharksiceatsanjose.com)                    (www.santaclaraca.gov/park_recreation)
                                              Formerly Logitech Ice Center. Ice skate
                                              where the NHL’s San Jose Sharks                 splash at the pool.

The City of Santa Clara Parks & Recreation Department schedules classes and activities for all ages and interests. Refer to the City of Santa Clara Recreation Activities Guide for a
listing of the programs being offered each session.

ONLINE BEGINNING AUGUST 12                                                                           Online, Phone-In, Mail-In, and Walk-In Registration
To access the guide online, go to: www.santaclaraca.gov and click on Activities and
                                                                                                      Resident Online and Automated Phone-In Registration begins August 26
                                                                                                                Resident Mail-In Registration deadline is August 26
GUIDE AT CITY FACILITIES BEGINNING                                                                               Resident Walk-In Registration begins September 2
AUGUST 13                                                                                                          Non-resident Registration begins September 3
Pick up copies at the Community Recreation Center, Walter E. Schmidt Youth Activity
                                                                                                           Call (408) 615-3140 for guide or registration information.
Center, Teen Center, Santa Clara Senior Center, City Hall, Central Park Library, and
Mission Library Family Reading Center.

                                     FALL SESSION BEGINS THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 21.
                                                                                           TEEN BREAKAWAY
                                  Teen Center                                              Teen Breakaway is a camp designed by teens for teens! San Francisco, Santa Cruz,
           Located at 2446 Cabrillo Avenue near San Tomas Expressway.
                 Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m.                        weekly. Take a look below, have your teen pick their favorite week(s) and sign-up.
                                                                                           THIS CAMP WILL SELL OUT! Each day Teen Breakaway will depart from and return
              Drop-In Program Hours: Monday - Friday, 2:30-6:30 p.m.                       to the Santa Clara Teen Center. The registration fee includes supervision (10:1),
                              Phone: (408) 615-3740                                        admission, and bus transportation (via Santa Clara Unified School District, City Transit,
                www.santaclaraca.gov/park_recreation/pr_teens.html                         or Charter Bus).
                                                                                                                                      Teen Breakaway
                        WEEKLY ACTIVITIES
Please see the Teen Center calendar for a complete schedule of activities throughout
                                                                                           No.          Date                      Day                     Trip
the month. Calendars are available at the Teen Center or online at
                                                                                           35791        June 22-26                M                       Sharks Ice at San Jose
                                                                                                                                  T                       Cupertino Square & AMC Theaters
                                                                                                                                  W                       Teen Center Day & Warburton Pool
                                                                                                                                  Th                      Pier 39 & Fisherman’s Wharf
             Not sure what to do this summer?                                                                                     F                       Great America
 Spend your summer with us, at the Santa Clara Teen Center                                 36510        June 29-July 2            M                       Cupertino Square Mall & Strike Bowling
Whether you like to play video games, ping pong or billiards. Whether you want to hang                                            T                       Central Park & ISC Pool
out with friends or chat with them online. Whether you want to watch TV or listen to                                              W                       Laser Quest & Century 20 Theaters
your IPod…the Teen Center has something for everyone.                                                                             Th                      Waterworld California
Graduates from 8th grade through 12th grade and who live in Santa Clara or attend a        35792        July 6-10                 M                       Golfland USA, Sunnyvale
school in the Santa Clara Unified School District are welcome to hang out at the Teen                                             T                       Central Park & ISC Pool
Center, where dedicated staff provide a safe, positive, fun and friendly environment for                                          W                       S.F. Giants vs. Florida Marlins
you and your friends to hang out.                                                                                                 Th                      AMC Mercado Theaters
Guests are welcomed, but a Guest Participation application must be completed and                                                  F                       Santa Cruz Beach
returned to the Teen Center prior to attending; certain restrictions apply. If you are     35793        July 13-17                M                       Moonlite Lanes Bowling
interested in finding out more about the Teen Center, come by for a tour or call                                                  T                       Great Mall & Century Theaters
(408) 615-3740 for more information.                                                                                              W                       Teen Center Day & Warburton Pool
SPECIAL NOTICE FOR TEEN BREAKAWAY                                                                                                 Th                      Santa Cruz Beach
AND SPORTS ESCAPE                                                                                                                 F                       Discovery Kingdom
Participants enrolled in Teen Breakaway or Sports Escape during the summer are             35794        July 20-24                M                       Cupertino Square Mall & Ice Center
welcome at the Teen Center during the weeks they are enrolled. For more information,                                              T                       Laser Quest & Century 16 Theatres
call (408) 615-3740.                                                                                                              W                       Teen Center Day & Warburton Pool
                                                                                                                                  Th                      Pier 39 & Fisherman’s Wharf
                                                                                                                                  F                       Raging Waters
                        SPECIAL ACTIVITIES                                                 35795        July 27-31                M                       Golfland USA, Sunnyvale
“JOLT” BENEFIT FASHION SHOW                                                                                                       T                       Sky High & AMC Mercado Theaters
The Youth Commission sponsored event will be held on May 2, from 7:00-10:00 pm,                                                   W                       Central Park & ISC Pool
at the Santa Clara Teen Center will be an evening of fashion, food and fun. During the                                            Th                      Great America
                                                                                                                                  F                       Santa Cruz Beach
                                                                                           35796        August 3-7                M                       Cupertino Square Mall, Strike Bowling
                                                                                                                                  T                       Valley Fair Mall & Century 22 Theaters
at (408) 615-3740.                                                                                                                W                       Teen Center Day & Warburton Pool
                                                                                                                                  Th                      Oakland A’s vs. Texas Rangers
DRIVERS EDUCATION                                                                                                                 F                       Raging Waters
We’re offering two weeks of Drivers Education this summer, so check out the dates and      36521        August 10-14              M                       Cupertino Square Mall, Ice Center
pick the one that works for you. Sign up early…spaces are limited and they fill up fast.                                          T                       AMC Mercado Theaters
See page 10 for detailed class information and page 3 for registration information.                                               W                       Central Park & ISC Pool
ONLINE DRIVER EDUCATION COURSE                                                                                                    Th                      S.F. Pier 39 & Fisherman’s Wharf
This online course is approved by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. For                                                F                       Waterworld California
information and to register, go to: www.economicdrivingschool.com/online/                  Note: Teen Breakaway fee includes cost of field trip admission. Individual or family season passes will not be
                                                                                           accepted for ticket or financial reimbursement
When registering, please complete the question that says: How did you hear about us?
Choose: Activity Guide. Enter code: 3740
                                                                                           HANG OUT AT THE TC AFTER TEEN
SKATE COMPETITION                                                                          BREAKAWAY!
Don’t miss our annual Skate Competition in June, at the Santa Clara Skate Park. Call       Teen Breakaway camp participants are welcomed to stay at the Teen Center after camp
the Teen Center at (408) 615-3740 for more information.                                    ends the weeks they are enrolled; a Youth Participation Card is not required. Experienced
                                                                                           Teen Center staff will provide a safe setting filled with fun activities: computer games,

                                                                                           purchased. The FREE drop-in program is held 2:30-6:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

                 Walter E. Schmidt Youth Activity Center                                                                     SKATE PARK
           Located at 2450 Cabrillo Avenue near San Tomas Expressway.                      The Skate Park is located at the corner of Cabrillo Avenue and San Tomas Expressway.
                                                                                           The Skate Park is monitored by Parks & Recreation Department staff and is open to City
                                     Office Hours                                          of Santa Clara residents.
                         Monday-Thursday, 9:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.                              During the summer, the Skate Park will open as follows:
                             Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
                            Saturday, 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m
                                                                                           Park closes one half-hour before sunset. Check the YAC’s monthly calendar for exact times.
                             Phone: (408) 615-3760
                                                                                           GUIDELINES FOR USE OF THE SKATE PARK:
                                                                                              Skate Park Card; grades K-12, Resident Youth Card; over 18 years, driver’s license or
The Walter E. Schmidt Youth Activity Center (YAC) offers active recreation                    identification card.
programs for babies, toddlers, preschool age, and students in elementary
school, middle school and high school. Activities include sports and special
interest classes, an after school program, special events, and summer sports                  liability form on file.
camps. Detailed program information is available in the Sports, Special
Interest, Parent and Child Activities, and Sports Camp sections of this
activities guide or at the YAC.                                                               required for all roller bladers.

                     RESIDENT YOUTH CARD                                                   Each City of Santa Clara resident is allowed two Skate Park guests per month. Those
                                                                                           who skate are required to have emergency information and a signed liability form on
Resident Youth Cards are required to           the beginning of each school year. The      file. For guests under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign the form. Forms
participate in the free programs offered                                                   may be obtained and turned in at the YAC office. To download or print a guest liability
at the YAC, Skate Park, and Teen Center.                                                   form, go to: www.santaclaraca.gov/park_recreation/pr_yac.html
Participants registered in Sports Camps this
summer may participate in the After Camp       fourth, etc.
Program without a Resident Youth Card.
To obtain a card the following residency
                                                                                                            Skate Park: (408) 615-3191
                                               Resident Youth Card Procedures
requirements must be met:
                                               1. Obtain a Resident Youth Card
                                                  Registration packet from the YAC,
   Santa Clara, or within the Santa Clara         Teen Center, or online at: www.
   Unified School District boundaries, or          santaclaraca.gov/park_recreation/
   attends a SCUSD school.                        pr_yac.html

   elementary, middle, or high school.         2. Parents review the Behavior Standard
   Participants are eligible for a resident       and Discipline Plan with their child.
   youth card until graduation from high          Parent signs the liability release and
   school.                                        behavioral agreement. All participants
                                                  sign the behavioral agreement, and
   or high school, who have a parent              those older than 13 also sign the
   or grandparent residing in the City            liability release.
   of Santa Clara, are also considered         3. Application is submitted in person
   residents.                                     at the YAC with proof of Santa Clara
   Santa Clara residency is required.          4. Once the appropriate fee is paid, the
Resident Youth Cards are valid for one            participant’s photo is taken and a
year, September through the following             Resident Youth Card is issued.
August. Cards must be renewed at

  The YAC offers free supervised activities each day after camp to those
  enrolled in Sports Camp. A Resident Youth Card is not required. The                       Check the YAC Calendar for Schedule of Free Programs
  After Camp Program is also open to youth who have a current Resident                      The monthly activity calendar provides a complete listing of the free programs
  Youth Card. Activities include organized games inside the gymnasium.                      offered at the YAC. Calendars are available at the Walter E. Schmidt Youth Activity
  Please check the YAC’s monthly calendar for program plans and times.                      Center and online at: www.santaclaraca.gov/park_recreation/pr_yac.html; click
  Call (408) 615-3760 for more information.

 The Senior Center, located at 1303     NEWCOMERS
 Fremont Street in Santa Clara,
 offers a variety of programs,          Newcomers are invited to a social
 services, and activities for           on the third Thursday of each month,
 individuals 50 years of age or         10:30 a.m. at the Senior Center.
 above. For more information,           There you will learn about the
 please call the Senior Center          many tours, classes, and services
 Office at (408) 615-3170.              available to seniors.
 The facility hours are:                          SERVICES
 Mon.-Thurs. 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.        VOLUNTEER
 Friday         7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.     PROGRAMS
 Saturday       9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.     The Senior Center recruits and trains
 Sunday         Closed                  volunteers for almost every program      HEALTH &                                   appointment with one of the program
 Note: The Senior Center Office,        and service provided by the Senior       WELLNESS                                   nurses. Let the staff know what type
 Fitness Room and Natatorium            Center. Call for an interview.           PROGRAM                                    of service you need for scheduling
                                        SERVICES                                                                            purposes.
 closing time of the Senior Center.                                              taking care of your body, mind,
                                        Registered Nurses specializing in                                                   HOME-CARE
                                                                                 emotions and spirit. The H & W
                                        Geriatrics, a Case Manager, Paralegal                                               REFERRAL SERVICE
THE FACILITY                                                                     program at the Senior Center is            If you or your family lives or works
INCLUDES:                               Services, Monday-Friday Nutrition
                                                                                 designed to help seniors learn about       in the City of Santa Clara, the
                                        program, basic tax preparation, and
                                                                                 and apply health promotion activities      Senior Center Office can provide
                                                                                 to enrich their daily lives. The H & W     you with names of individuals who
                                        a few of the services offered through
                                                                                 nurses offer individual functional and     can help with personal care, light
                                        the Senior Center.
                                                                                 illness risk assessments and ongoing       housekeeping, meal preparation,
                                        FREE CELL PHONES                         individual visits to minimize stress
                                        FOR EMERGENCY
                                        CALLS ONLY                               related to life transitions, family care   transportation. Workers are hired
   Showers                                                                       giving and managing chronic illness.       directly by you, and can provide
                                        The Senior Center Office has free cell
                                                                                 Other services include individual          references upon request. They
                                        phones for seniors and any person
                                                                                 and group health education, support
                                        with a disability. These cell phones
                                                                                 groups, special programs such as           minimum service of 3 hours, twice
                                        are to be used ONLY for getting
                                                                                 Walk and Talk, flu shot clinics and        a month. Live-in care is available
                                        emergency help. To obtain a free cell
                                                                                 medication drop off, and chronic
                                        phone, battery and charger, you will
                                                                                 disease risk factor assessment in          This registry is a referral service only
                                        need to come in to fill out a waiver
                                                                                 the form of blood pressure checks          and is made possible by generous
                                        release and get instructions on how
                                                                                 and blood glucose finger sticks. If        donations. The City of Santa Clara
                                        to use the cell phone. Contact the
                                                                                 you have developed a chronic illness       and the Senior Center assume no
       Y                                office for more information.
AVAILABLE                                                                        the nurses can help you understand         responsibility.
                                        CASE MANAGEMENT                          the components of your medical
The Senior Center Newsletter lists      PROGRAM                                                                             NUTRITION MEAL
the programs and services available                                              management, communicate your               PROGRAM
                                        Our goal is to assist the elderly to     needs to the medical professionals
to seniors and is available beginning                                                                                       Through funding from Santa Clara
                                        remain safe and independent in           involved in your care, manage and
on the last Friday of each month.                                                                                           County and the Federal Government,
                                        their homes, and to give support to      understand your medications, find
Pick up a copy at the Senior Center                                                                                         a meal is served every weekday,
                                        caregivers, by utilizing the services    resources to assist you with your care
or the Parks & Recreation Office, or                                                                                        11:30 a.m., at the Senior Center to
                                        of local agencies. This service is       and develop strategies for continuing
access it online at:                                                                                                        people 60 years of age or over for a
                                        for Santa Clara residents and is         to live independently for as long as
                                        designed to aid seniors and their        possible. We work closely with the
recreation/pr_seniors.html                                                                                                  Reservations are required and
                                        families in coping with changes that     case manager and in-home help
                                        occur with aging.                                                                   should be made at least two days in
                                                                                 resource specialist to assist home
                                                                                                                            advance by calling the Nutrition Staff
                                                                                 bound seniors access care services.
                                                                                                                            at (408) 615-3174, between 10:30
                                                                                 Please call the Senior Center at
   Senior Services Information, call (408) 615-3170                                                                         a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
                                                                                 (408) 615-3170 to schedule an
                                          SENIOR CENTER TOUR PROGRAM – AGES 50 PLUS
CLASSES &                                 Try it! We think you’ll like it. The Senior Center Tour Program offers a wide variety of options for travelers 50 years and
ACTIVITIES                                up. Embark on day trips to different locations throughout California each month. Explore new, exciting destinations
                                          in the United States or abroad on extended tours offered throughout the year. A monthly travel newsletter, travel
A variety of programs and classes
                                          brochures, detailed itineraries, and registration information are available at the Senior Center. Drop by the monthly Tour
are available through the Senior
                                                                                                                                             Call (408) 615-3170 for
Center. Activities include Senior
                                          more information.
Swim, fitness and special interest
classes. Workshops are held               Sign up now for these day/overnight tours:
periodically, with topics ranging from
health concerns and nutrition, to
financial and legal issues. Various
programs offered through Santa
Clara Adult Education are also held
at the Senior Center.
The Fitness Center is equipped with
37 specialized pieces of equipment,
some of which include treadmills,
exercise bikes, rowing machines,
a multi-gym weight machine, free
weights, an upper-body exerciser,                                             Senior Center Fitness/Aquatics Card
                                         Users of the Fitness Center and Natatorium must possess and present a photo identification card issued by the
for seniors. Knowledgeable room          Santa Clara Senior Center.
attendants are available to answer       Four types of cards are issued:
questions about the equipment.           1. A Santa Clara Senior Resident Card is issued to citizens at least 50 years of age who live in the City of Santa
Registration forms are available            Clara.
at the Senior Center Office. The         2. An ID FIT Card is issued to citizens who have special needs and meet the criteria of an approved disability. ID
Fitness Center is open Monday               FIT participants must be at least 18 years of age. Supervisor approval is required before a card is issued.
through Thursday, 7:00 a.m.-6:30         3. A Personal Care Attendant Card is issued to citizens who accompany a Santa Clara senior resident or an ID FIT
p.m.; Friday, 7:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.;          participant to assist them in their exercise regimen.
Saturday, 9:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m.;           4. A Volunteer Card is issued to those who are currently serving the Santa Clara Senior Center. Supervisor approval
closed on Sunday.                           is required before a card is issued.
TUESDAY &                                Fitness/Aquatics Card Procedures
BALLROOM DANCES                             Center or online at http://santaclaraca.gov/park_recreation/pr_seniors.html
The evening dances are held at
the Senior Center on Tuesday and         2. Review and sign the Guidelines of Use and Liability Release.
Thursday evenings, 7:30 p.m.-10:30       3. Application must be submitted in person at the Senior Center along with proof of Santa Clara residency. Proof of
p.m., except on holidays. On the            residency may be demonstrated by a valid and current California Drivers License or ID issued by the Department
evenings a live band plays, the cost        of Motor Vehicles, a current utility bill, check with imprinted name, address, and phone number, or business mail
                                            received within the last 30 days.

                                            Card is issued.
lessons are offered on Tuesday and
Thursday evenings from 6:30 p.m.-        Please note:
7:30 p.m. with your paid admission.

                                                                                                            Junior Golf program and travel team
                                                                                               available and in full swing at the Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club

                                                                                             The program begins in February and is open to boys and girls, age 8-17.
                                                                                             Registration begins in January.
                                                                                             The program is ideal for kids, offering:

                  Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club
     5155 Stars & Stripes Drive, Located near Great America
   The Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club offers you 18 Championship Golf Holes designed         Based on select times. Call the Pro Shop for more details.
   by Robert Muir Graves, 6 lighted tennis courts, driving range, practice putting green,
   Golf & Tennis Pro Shop, locker room and shower facilities, and David’s restaurant.
   Resident rates are available. Call (408) 980-9515 for more information.
                                                                                             The program encourages parent participation with an end-of-summer

                                        Tennis                                               Kids can take advantage of free range and golf privileges at the course
Play Tennis at Santa Clara Golf &               Court Fees:                                  every day into early December. Santa Clara City residents receive priority
Tennis Club                                                                                  registration and assistance is available to those in need.
The Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club                                                           Junior Golf instruction is conducted by Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club
features 6 lighted courts, court                Individual Lessons: Learn new                Professionals, PGA & LPGA Pros. Call (408) 980-9515 for more information.
reservation service, stringing service, ball    strokes or improve old ones through
machine rental, and private and group           individualized lessons based on
lessons.                                        your needs. For all ages, beginner to
Court Reservations: Reservations for            advanced. Call (415) 298-7900 or (408)
court use may be made up to 8 days              980-9515 to arrange your first lesson
in advance for residents and 7 days in
advance for non-residents. Call (408)
                                                with USPTA Professionals, John Chan or
                                                                                                           The GEAR Fund
980-9515, Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m.-             Professional Stringing Service
9:00 p.m. or Saturday and Sunday,               Call the Golf Pro Shop at (408) 980-9515;
7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.                             John Chan at (415) 298-7900; or Theo
Reservation Hours:                              Leung at (650) 533-3167 for more
Monday-Friday: 7:00 am-9:00 pm                  information.                                 cost of supplies or materials needed for any Parks and Recreation
Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays: 7:00 am
until Dusk                                                                                   Programs.

                                           Golf                                                                          Who is Eligible?
Golf Pro Shop & Reservations:                   Golf Resident Cards required for Santa
(408) 980-9515                                  Clara Resident Rate                             (San Francisco to Gilroy)
Course Hours: Dawn until Dusk                   Resident golf cards are available and
Range Hours:                                    required for residents living in the
sunrise except on Tuesdays, 9:00 a.m.           boundaries of the City of Santa Clara and
Closes Mondays at 6:00 p.m., April              business owners. Residents must bring
                                                proof of residency to the Santa Clara Golf      fee waiver program, or through the sponsor statement on the
through Mid-October and at 4:00 p.m.,
Mid-October through March. The course           & Tennis Club before a resident card can        application
is a challenging layout for all skill levels.   be issued. Proof of residency: Current
It is a championship 18-hole golf course.       (hard copy) California Driver’s License
Par 72, 6704 yards, 72.4 rating and 118         with Santa Clara City address. Property
slope. The course was constructed on a          tax records (most current statement)                         Where can I get more information?
sanitary landfill and uses reclaimed water                                                       Applications are available at the Community Recreation Center,
for irrigation. Call the course for green       be submitted to the Parks & Recreation
fee rates, bucket pricing, and cart rental      Department at City Hall for approval.             Teen Center, and Youth Activity Center. For more information,
information.                                    Resident privileges include preferential
                                                green fee rates and 8-day advance                                     call (408) 615-3740.
                                                reservations. Non-resident reservations
                                                may be made 7 days in advance. Call
                                                                                                           Sponsored by CPRS District IV Youth and
                                                (408) 980-9515 or (408) 615-2260 for                             Teen Recreation Services.
                                                more information.

Two outstanding preschool programs are offered during the school year. The curriculum of            PRESCHOOL PROGRAM POLICIES
each program is carefully designed to meet the developing needs of three and four year
old children. Two qualified instructors per class provide a student-teacher ratio of 12:1.
Registration for the Fall program includes a Preschool Adventures in Learning T-shirt.
                                                                                                       you are unable to work, it is your responsibility to send a representative or contact
PRESCHOOL                                              PRE-KINDERGARTEN                                another parent in the class and trade workdays.
Classes are held at Westwood Oaks Park,                Classes are held at the Community
460 La Herran Drive. Each day consists of              Recreation Center, 969 Kiely Boulevard.         of class.
circle time, sharing, physical and mental              Each day begins with an activity created
warm-ups, crafts, songs, stories, indoor               to get the mind and body ready for
and outdoor play, and much more. Weekly                learning and exploring. Weekly themes
themes provide the basis for learning                  are designed to introduce concepts in        REGISTRATION PROCEDURES
and helping each child to feel more                    language, math, science, and social          Online, Phone-In, Mail-In, or Walk-In to Register
comfortable in a school setting and with               studies. Emphasis is on development
                                                                                                    1. Follow the Registration instructions on page 3 of this brochure.
cooperative play. Children enrolling must              of large and small motor skills, along
be age 3 on or before December 2 of                    with appropriate social and listening        2. Due to the popularity of the program, Santa Clara residents are encouraged to
the current year. Participants enrolled in             skills. Activities include music, arts and
the Preschool program are given priority               crafts, free play, number concepts, and
to register for the Pre-Kindergarten                   much more. Children enrolling must be        3. If spaces are still available, residents may register in person at the Community
program.                                               age 4 on or before December 2 of the            Recreation Center beginning May 19.
                                                       current year. Program is not for children
                                                                                                    4. Non-residents may register on or after May 20 for any remaining spaces.
                                                       attending Kindergarten.
                                                                                                    5. Registrants are limited to one class only and may not switch to another at any time
                                                                                                       during the school year.
                                                                                                    6. Once classes are full, a waiting list will be established. Those who are waitlisted will
                                                                                                       be called as openings occur. Note: Mail-In registrants will be placed on a waiting list
                                                                                                       for their first choice class, if all their choices are full. Beginning May 20, you may
                                                                                                       call (408) 615-3140 to be placed on a waiting list for additional classes.

                                                                                                       prior to the end of the session.

                                                                                                                                Preschool Parent Meeting
                                                                                                                                 Preschool – CRC, August 25
                                                                                                                              Pre-Kindergarten – CRC, August 26
                                                                                                     Parents with children registered in the Fall Preschool Adventures in Learning
                                                                                                     program are required to attend a mandatory parent meeting. The Preschool meeting
                                                                                                     will be on August 25 at the Community Recreation Center. The Pre-Kindergarten
                                      Open House                                                     meeting will be on August 26 at the Community Recreation Center. Beginning at
                          Preschool – Westwood Oaks, April 20                                        5:00 p.m., come to meet with the Preschool staff, get your questions answered, and
                                                                                                     complete the necessary paperwork. A formal meeting will be held 5:30-6:30 p.m.
                            Pre-Kindergarten – CRC, April 22
                                                                                                     This meeting is for adults only. Please make other arrangements for your children.
 There will be an Open House for the Preschool Adventures In Learning classes. The
                                                                                                     The following will be required at the Parent Meeting:
 Open House for the 3 year old program at Westwood Oaks will be held on Monday,
 April 20 at the Westwood Oaks classroom. The Pre-Kindergarten Open House will                       1. Proof of Santa Clara residency
 be held on Wednesday, April 22 at the Community Recreation Center. This is a great                  2. Proof of child’s age (i.e. birth certificate)
 time for you and your child to come see the classroom and meet the teachers. The

                                           Call Nicole Young at (408) 615-3153 or the Community Recreation Center at (408) 615-3140
                                                        if you have questions regarding the Preschool Program or Meeting.
No.         Course                                     Age            Day                   Time                      Start           End         Location                    Res. / Non-res.

Note: No classes October 12, November 11, and November 23-27.

Recreation and leisure services for individuals with disabilities. All activities are positive, non-failure, and non-competitive.
Programs are designed to give   activities designed to help foster and THE “SOCIAL-LITES” cardio and strength training. Safe
each participant the opportunity to           promote overall wellness through               (Ages 21 and up) Are you home                 training along with proper technique
                                              leisure. Emphasis will be placed on            alone on Friday night with nothing            and usage of the various pieces of
his or her own level of functioning.          developing appropriate social skills,                                                        fitness equipment and free weights
Activities are planned to enhance             leisure awareness, decision-making             club for you! Start steppin’ out on           will be emphasized during each class.
physical, perceptual, and motor               skills, increased independence, peer           Friday evenings! Spend time with              If that’s not enough, you’ll learn what
                                              interaction, creativity, and self-             friends; organize group outings,              you can do at home to maintain the
increased independence, personal              expression. All activities will take           activities, and special events;               level of fitness you want.
development, social competence,               place in a positive and supportive             explore recreational opportunities            “GOTTA DANCE”
and self-confidence. Disabilities             recreational setting, and may include          within your community. This club is           (Ages 13 and up) Do you find
served include, but are not limited           arts and crafts, role-playing, games,          geared towards the independent,               yourself toe tapping, head bopping,
to, developmental disabilities,               music, dancing, exercise, community            higher functioning individual who             and finger snapping when you hear
aphasia, neurological disabilities,           outings, and much more. Individuals            is able to attend with minimal
                                              registering for the CapABILITIES               supervision. Please contact                   class for you. Class will focus on
                                              Club must be able to attend a                  Therapeutic Recreation Services               gross motor coordination, balance,
difficulties, and learning disabilities.      social gathering with limited                  prior to registration if you have             directionality, self-expression, body
Pre-registration is a must for all            supervision, or attend with an                 any questions or concerns. (1:12              awareness, creativity, memorization,
social clubs and classes.                     Aide. (1:8 ratio provided)                     ratio provided)                               and sequencing. Participants will
ADULT SOCIAL CLUB                             CHILDREN’S
(Ages 18 and up) The Adult                    RECREATION                                        SPECIAL INTEREST                           steps, and combinations.
Social Club is designed to provide            (Ages 4-12) Older participants may                    CLASSES
                                                                                                                                           “GOTTA DANCE
participants the opportunity for              be accepted if appropriate for the             The Therapeutic Recreation Special            MORE”
socialization and recreation in a             program. Activities may include                Interest Class Program has been               (Ages 16 and up) This is a
relaxed environment. The program              music, arts and crafts, creative               designed to offer a diversity of              continuing dance class for those
will emphasize group process,                 dramatics, skill development games,            experiences that will enhance daily           more independent participants
community awareness, and leisure              movement exploration, tactile,                 living and leisure skills. The carry          who have been participating in
education through a variety of                sensory and water play, special                over value of self-expression cannot
recreational activities. Activities           events, and much more. Specific                be emphasized enough. By allowing             had basic dance class experience.
may include music, arts and crafts,           activities are designed to develop             parameters to fall and boundaries to          Class will focus on gross motor
creative dramatics, small group               skills such as hand-eye and foot-eye           be challenged, our special interest           coordination, balance, directionality,
discussions, cooking, dances,                 coordination, balance, strength,               classes provide an opportunity for            self-expression, body awareness,
community outings, and much                   self-confidence, body and spatial              self-growth and exploration. Please           creativity, memorization, and
more. Individuals registering                 awareness, etc. Please send your               feel free to contact us if you have           sequencing. Participants will learn
for the Adult Social Club must                child with an appropriate healthy              any ideas for a special interest class.
be capable of attending a large               snack each week. (1:5 ratio                    Individuals registering for Special           and combinations.
social gathering with minimal                 provided)                                      Interest classes must be capable
supervision. (1:12 ratio provided)            TEEN CLUB                                      of attending a class with minimal             SWIMMING
                                                                                             supervision. (1:12 ratio provided)            LESSONS
CAPABILITIES CLUB                             (Ages 13 and up) The Teen Club is                                                            (Ages 4-65 and up) Classes are
(Ages 25 and up) This social                  designed to develop group process,             “GETTIN’ FIT”                                 designed to promote self-esteem,
recreation club has been designed to          decision-making skills, community              (Ages 13 and up) Have you wanted
meet the needs of those individuals           awareness, social competence,                  to get in shape, drop a few pounds,
who require additional assistance in          and leisure education. All activities                                                        is emphasized through challenging
communication, conflict resolution            will take place in a recreational              conditioning and health? Well then,
                                              setting. Activities may include music,         this class was designed with YOU              instruction. Classes are structured to
activity. Participants will have the          organized sports, arts and crafts,                                                           meet the needs of each participant
opportunity to develop and enhance            games, dances, field trips, special                                                          in a positive, non-threatening indoor
their abilities through a variety of          events, and much more. (1:8 ratio              company of friends. Each week you’ll          environment.
                                              provided)                                      get a total body workout, utilizing both

AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT (ADA) – In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Santa Clara will ensure that all existing facilities will be made

disabilities should contact the City’s ADA office at (408) 615-2260 to discuss meeting accessibility. In order to allow participation by such individuals, please do not wear scented
products to activities at City facilities.

                                                                                   AT THE SENIOR CENTER
                                                                                   The redesigned Senior Center is wheelchair accessible and was constructed
(Ages 13 and up) Dances are sponsored cooperatively by the cities of               especially to meet the needs of all Santa Clara seniors (ages 50 and up)
Cupertino, Santa Clara, San Jose, and Sunnyvale. Purchase your tickets             and individuals with disabilities. We are currently accepting applications
at the door on the evening of each scheduled dance
person. Dance hours are 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.             medical condition for participation in the ID Fit Program (the current open
Dance Schedule 2009/2010:

                                                                                   the Senior Center to pick up an informational flyer. Application packets for

“SPECIAL OLYMPICS”                                                                 and the Community Recreation Center (front office or Therapeutic Recreation
The Santa Clara Parks & Recreation Department supports the efforts of the          Services).
Special Olympics Silicon Valley Region in providing year-round athletic training   The Senior Center houses a state of the art Fitness Center, with over 40
for qualified individuals. If you are interested in getting involved in sports     pieces of specialized user friendly equipment, free weights, rubberized floor
or need a schedule of training, meets, tournaments, etc. please contact the        and three televisions, as well as, a Natatorium with three indoor heated pools
Special Olympics Silicon Valley Region office at (408) 392-0170.                   (lap, warm water, and whirl pools). If you haven’t seen the facility yet, drop
                                                                                   by during business hours and have a look around! Call TRS (615-3140) or
               Therapeutic Recreation News                                         the Senior Center (615-3170) with questions, hours of operation, and current
If you know of anyone who could benefit from Therapeutic Recreation Services       open-swim and fitness room hours.
but may need assistance with paying registration fees, etc. please contact
TRS for scholarship information.
Therapeutic Recreation Services appreciates your continuous support and
feedback. If you have any suggestions or ideas for new classes or programs,           TO REGISTER FOR THERAPEUTIC
please drop us a line or give us a call. TRS is dedicated to serving individuals       PROGRAMS, PLEASE CONTACT
who have special needs.
                                                                                    THERAPEUTIC RECREATION SERVICES.
                       Please address your thoughts to:
                        Therapeutic Recreation Services                                  Call (408) 615-3140 and ask for Therapeutic Recreation Services.
                              969 Kiely Boulevard
                             Santa Clara, CA 95051
Remember to pre-register for TRS programs. Walk-ins may not be accepted, as space is limited. Appropriate participants may register for Adult Social Club,
CapABILITIES Club or The “Social-Lites;” limit of one club per person. Pre-registration is a must for all social clubs and classes.
Course                                   Age          Day                 Time                  Start         End            Location            Res. / Non-res.


1 No class July 3

The following organizations offer programs for youth residing in the City of Santa Clara.
For information about their programs, activities, and schedules, please call them direct.                                                                                                 SAN TA
                                                                                                                  SANTA CLARA POLICE ACTIVITIES LEAGUE                                    CLARA

AQUATICS                                                                                                          601 El Camino Real, Suite 311, Santa Clara, CA 95050
Santa Clara Aquamaids – Chris Carver .......................................... (408) 988-9936                    Telephone: (408) 615-4880 Fax: (408) 296-1346
Santa Clara Diving Club – Mark Butcher ........................................ (408) 628-7899                                                                                               P. A . L .

Santa Clara Swim Club – John Bitter .............................................. (408) 246-5050                 PROGRAM / CONTACT                 AGES              SIGN-UPS              SEASON
BASEBALL/SOFTBALL                                                                                                 BMX Bicycle Moto X                4 up              Continuous          Year round
Santa Clara Pony Baseball
                                            ................................................... (408) 984-6116    Bowling                           4-18              Sep.-Oct.           Oct.-Mar.
Santa Clara Briarwood/El Camino Little League
Baseball, ages 6-12 .........................................................................(408) 243-BASE       Boxing                            10 up             Continuous          Year round
Santa Clara Homestead Little League
                              .................................................... (408) 247-1995                 Judo                              5 up              Continuous          Year round
Santa Clara PAL Softball
Girls’ Softball, ages 5-16 ................................................................. (408) 615-4880
                                                                                                                  PAL-GAL Softball                  5-16              January             Mar.-Aug.
Santa Clara Westside Little League
Baseball, ages 6-12 ........................................................................ (408) 249-1289       Police Explorers                  15-18             Continuous          Year round
Santa Clara Lions Football                                                                                        Soccer - Fall                     4-17              Apr.-Jun.           Aug.-Dec.
                                               ................................................ (408) 248-5002

SOCCER                                                                                                            Wrestling - Winter/Spring         5-18              Feb.-Mar.           Mar.-Apr.
Santa Clara Youth Soccer
Soccer, ages 5-18.................................................................. www.scyouthsoccer.org         Wrestling - Summer                5-18              Jun.-Jul.           Jul.-Aug.
Santa Clara PAL Soccer
Soccer, ages 4-17.............................................................................(408) 615-4880

                                                                       WADE BRUMMAL SCHOLARSHIP/GRANT PROGRAM
  Wade Brummal was a long-time Santa Clara resident and teacher. He was an active supporter of youth sports. In his memory, family and friends have established

  should contact the Community Recreation Center at (408) 615-3140 for additional information.

DOG TRAINING                                            SANTA CLARA LAWN                                         SANTA CLARA                                  SANTA CLARA
The Mission City Dog Training School, in                BOWLS CLUB                                               CRICKET CLUB                                 TENNIS CLUB
cooperation with the Santa Clara Parks                  Looking for a new type of activity? Try your             The Santa Clara Cricket Club, founded        Calling all tennis players! Have you been
& Recreation Department, offers dog                     hand at lawn bowling. It’s a great way to                in 1987, provides residents of Santa         thinking about exercising and do you
obedience and puppy training classes on                 get in shape, make new friends, and have                 Clara the opportunity to experience one
Saturdays at Maywood Park. The program                                                                           of the world’s most popular sports.
is held throughout the year, and is open to             to a free lesson and see for yourself. For               Club matches are played on Sundays at
residents and non-residents. For complete               lesson information, call the instructor at               Wilson Adult Education Center, located
information on classes, contact Walt at                 (408) 448-7439. The Santa Clara Lawn                     at 1840 Benton Street. This organization
(831) 465-1491 or online at:                            Bowls Club is located in Central Park                    is recognized as one of the outstanding      a monthly newsletter, membership list
wenagle@yahoo.com.                                      on Patricia Drive, between the Central                   clubs in The Northern California Cricket     with phone numbers, local tournaments,
                                                        Park Library and the International Swim                  Association. For more information, contact   socials, drop-ins, inter-club tennis,
                                                        Center. Open on Wednesdays and Fridays                   the Santa Clara Cricket Club at P.O. Box
                                                        at 1:30 p.m., Saturdays at 12:45 p.m.,                   3589, Santa Clara, CA 95055 or online at:    end-of-the-year banquet in November.
                                                        and Sundays at 1:00 p.m. During Daylight                 http://www.santaclaracc.org
                                                        Saving Time, try evening bowling on
                                                        Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:00 p.m.                                                                   Clara Tennis Club, P.O. Box 2645, Santa
                                                        Come out and play!                                                                                    Clara, CA 95054. Call Bob Hughes at
                                                                                                                                                              (408) 296-1271 for more information.

                                                                                                                   Facility Use Eligibility
                                                                                          Private Use:
                                                                                             City of Santa Clara and be present at the event.

                                                                                             Santa Clara.

                                                                                             agreement, or any other document that establishes residency.
                                                                                          Company Use:
                                                                                             Clara address on the permit.

                                                                                             meetings, workshops, etc.)

                                                                                          Organizational Use:
                                                                                          This category includes youth groups, churches, and non-profit clubs.
City of Santa Clara residents or qualifying resident groups may reserve specific Park
facilities for receptions and parties on a space available basis. All reservations are       of Santa Clara or must have 51%, or more, membership living in the City of Santa
accepted in person at the Community Recreation Center up to 4 months in advance              Clara. (Roster must be provided.)
and no less than 7 days in advance. No reservations by phone. For more information,
call (408) 615-3140 or check online at:
                                                                                             raising. (S.C. Youth groups use the facilities for meetings for free. Adult groups pay

            Reservable Facilities / Rental Fees                                           School Use:
Picnic Areas*
Central Park Arbor and Pavilion
                                                                                             (Reservations may be made beginning the first Monday in April.)

   No more than 3 areas may be rented by one group.                                          for children. If the event is for, or includes adults, a rental fee is charged.

   fee is due with the paperwork. (This permit can be made at a different time than the
   use permit, but no less than 7 days in advance.) Groups renting less than 3 sections   For park locations and features, see page 46 and 47.
   are not allowed amplified music.

   Clara park except in the Central Park Pavilion or Arbor, and only with an advance

    are limited to City of Santa Clara residents only. Call (408) 615-3140 for more
*All rental fees are due at the time of application. (Fees subject to change July 1.
Call the Community Recreation Center for details.)
Park Buildings* (60 people maximum)
Agnew, Bowers, Machado, Maywood, and Montague Park Buildings

Lick Mill Park Building

*Rental time must include set-up and clean-up time. Park building users must be
cleaned up and out of the building by 10:00 p.m. There is no alcohol or amplified
sound allowed in the park buildings.

                                               1. Agnew Park
                                               2. Agnews Historic Cemetery
                                               3. Agnews Historic Park, Mansion & Auditorium
                                               4. Bowers Park
                                               5. Bracher Park
                                               6. Buchser Middle School
                                               7. Cabrillo Middle School

                                                  Green & Softball Fields
                                               9. Central Park Library
                                               10. City Hall
                                               11. City Plaza Park & Gazebo
                                               12. Civic Center Park
                                               13. Community Recreation Center
                                               14. Curtis School
                                               15. Earl R. Carmichael Park
                                               16. Elmer Johnson Ballfield
                                               17. Everett Alvarez Jr. Park
                                               18. Fairway Glen Park
                                               19. Fremont Park
                                               20. Fuller Street Park
                                               21. Geof Goodfellow Sesquicentennial Park
                                               22. George F. Haines International Swim Center
                                               23. Great America
                                               24. Gymnastics Center
                                               25. Henry Schmidt Park
                                               26. Homeridge Park
                                               27. Jenny Strand Park
                                               28. Larry J. Marsalli Park
                                               29. Lick Mill Park
                                               30. Live Oak Park
                                               31. Lou Vierra Baseball Field
                                               32. Machado Park
                                               33. Mary Gomez Park & Pool
                                               34. Maywood Park
                                               35. Memorial Cross Park
                                               36. Millikin School
                                               37. Mission City Center for Performing Arts
                                               38. Mission City Memorial Park (Cemetery)
                                               39. Mission College & Sports Complex
                                               40. Mission Library Family Reading Center
                                               41. Montague Park & Pool
                                               42. Parkway Park
                                               43. Reed Street Dog Park
                                               44. Rotary Park
                                               45. Santa Clara Convention Center
                                               46. Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club
                                               47. Santa Clara High School
                                               48. Santa Clara Senior Center
                                               49. Santa Clara Tennis Center
                                               50. Santa Clara Unified School District
                                               51. Santa Clara University
                                               52. Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park
                                               53. Steve Carli Park
                                               54. Thamien Park

                                               56. Triton Museum of Art
                                               57. Ulistac Natural Area
                                               58. Walter E. Schmidt Youth Activity Center,
                                                   Skate Park, & Teen Center
                                               59. Warburton Park & Pool
                                               60. Washington Park Baseball Field
                                               61. Westwood Oaks Park
                                               62. Wilcox High School
                        Map is not to scale.

Agnews Historic Auditorium                Reed Street Dog Park                    Santa Clara Unified School District                         Triton Museum of Art
4030 Sellon Circle                        888 Reed St.                            1889 Lawrence Rd.                                           1505 Warburton Dr.
Agnews Historic Cemetery                  Santa Clara Convention Center           (408) 423-2000                                              (408) 247-3754
1250 Hope Dr.                             5001 Great America Parkway              Santa Clara University                                      Walter E. Schmidt Youth Activity Center
Agnews Historic Park & Mansion            (408) 748-7000                          500 El Camino Real                                          2450 Cabrillo Ave.
4030 Lafayette St.                        Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club          Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park                               (408) 615-3760
Arbor & Pavilion Picnic Areas             5155 Stars and Stripes Dr.              5049 Centennial Blvd.                                       Warburton Swim Center
Central Park, 909 Kiely Blvd.             (408) 980-9515                          Skate Park                                                  2250 Royal Dr.
Buchser Middle School                     Santa Clara High School                 2440 Cabrillo Ave.                                          (408) 241-6465
1111 Bellomy St.                          3000 Benton St.                         (408) 615-3191                                              Washington Park
Community Recreation Center               Santa Clara Senior Center               Teen Center                                                 270 Washington St. on Buchser campus
969 Kiely Blvd.                           1303 Fremont St.                        2446 Cabrillo Ave.                                          (lighted baseball)
(408) 615-3140                            (408) 615-3170                          (408) 615-3740                                              Wilcox High School
Cabrillo Middle School                    Santa Clara Tennis Center               Townsend Football Field/Handball                            3250 Monroe St.
2550 Cabrillo Ave.                        2625 Hayward Dr.                        Courts                                                      Wilson School/Adult Education Center
Central Park Library                      (408) 247-0178 (8 lighted courts)       1111 Bellomy St. on Buchser campus                          1840 Benton St.
2635 Homestead Road

                                                                                                             PICNIC AREA



                                                                                                                                                                                            PLAY AREA
(408) 615-2900



City Hall

1500 Warburton Ave.                       PARKS                               Night-Lighted
(408) 615-2200
Curtis School                                                                                    ◆           ◆                    ◆                         ◆                               ◆
890 Pomeroy Ave.                                                                                 ◆           ◆             ◆      ◆                                                         ◆
Elmer Johnson Ballfield                                                                                      ◆             ◆      ◆                         ◆                               ◆
Poplar St. & Monroe St. on Buchser                                                               ◆           ◆             ◆      ◆              ◆                       ●         ●        ◆
campus (lighted softball)
George F. Haines International Swim
2625 Patricia Dr.                                                                                            ◆             ◆      ◆                         ◆                      ●        ◆
(408) 243-7727                                                                                               ◆                    ◆                         ◆                               ◆
Great America
4701 Great America Parkway                                                                                   ◆             ◆                                ◆                      ◆        ◆
(408) 988-1776                                                                                                                                                                              ◆
Gymnastics Center                                                                                            ◆             ◆      ◆                                                         ◆
3445 Benton St.
(408) 615-3199
Lawn Bowling Green
                                                                                                 ◆           ◆             ◆      ◆                         ◆            ◆         ●        ◆
2625 Patricia Dr.                                                                                            ◆             ◆      ◆                         ◆                               ◆
Lou Vierra Baseball Field                                                                                    ◆             ◆      ◆                         ◆                      ◆        ◆
Ravizza Ave. & Raggio Ave.                                                                                   ◆             ◆      ◆                                      ●                  ◆
Mary Gomez Pool
Bucher Ave. & Rebeiro St.
                                                                                                 ◆           ◆             ◆      ◆                         ◆                      ◆        ◆
(408) 243-5583                                                                                               ◆             ◆      ◆                                                         ◆
Millikin School                                                                                  ◆           ◆             ◆      ◆                         ◆                               ◆
2720 Sonoma Pl.                                                                                              ◆             ◆      ◆              ◆          ◆                      ◆        ◆
Mission City Center for Performing Arts
3250 Monroe St.,
                                                                                                 ◆           ◆             ◆      ◆                                                ●        ◆
on Wilcox High School campus
Mission City Memorial Park (Cemetery)                                                            ◆           ◆             ◆      ◆              ◆          ◆                      ◆        ◆
420 N. Winchester Blvd.                                                                                      ◆             ◆      ◆                                                         ◆
(408) 615-3790
                                                                                                             ◆             ◆                                                                ◆
Mission College & Sports Complex
3000 Mission College Blvd. (3 lighted                                                                        ◆             ◆                                                                ◆
softball, 1 baseball)                                                                                                             ◆                         ◆                               ◆
Mission Library Family Reading Center                                                                        ◆             ◆      ◆                         ◆                      ◆        ◆
1098 Lexington St.
(408) 615-2964
Montague Swim Center                                                                                         ◆                    ◆                                                         ◆
3750 De La Cruz Blvd.                                                                                        ◆             ◆      ◆              ◆          ◆                               ◆
(408) 988-3202                                                                                   ◆           ◆                    ◆                         ◆                               ◆
Santa Clara Unified School District                                                                                        Non-Profit Org.
1889 Lawrence Road                                                                                                         U.S. Postage
Santa Clara, CA 95051                                                                                                          PAID
                                                                                                                          Santa Clara, CA
                                                                                                                          Permit No. 124


                                          RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMER

 Success stories SANTA CLARA
Santa Clara Unified School District has identified eight components
of coordinated school health that contribute to student academic
1. Nutrition Services that promotes and teaches healthy eating
2. Physical education that provides students with the skills to be
   active for life;
3. Healthy school environment which provides a safe environment
   for learning;
4. Health promotion for staff to keep our teachers healthy;
5. Psychological and Counseling services that focus on cognitive,
   emotional, behavioral and social needs of our students;
6. Health services that provide emergency and preventative services for our students;
7. Health education to provide classroom instruction on all healthy components; and,
8. Family and Community involvement of our partners and parents to maximize resources and expertise in supporting the health of our

Community partners take an active role in providing access to healthy activities and health information to our schools. For example, the
City of Santa Clara provides many opportunities to exercise and play through after-school activities, including the Youth Activity Center
located on the Cabrillo Middle School campus; the San Francisco 49ers provided a fully equipped exercise room at Buchser Middle
School; Kaiser Permanente, through the direct involvement of their doctors, provides health information at many of our schools. Over
thirty partners and community organizations were on display at the SCUSD Health Fair which was held at the Youth Activity Center last
January. The Health Fair provided parents an opportunity to learn about healthy life styles and eating choices and to talk to health care
providers. Healthy students make healthy learners.

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