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									                       THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS
                     OF THE COUNTY OF STANISLAUS
                          STATE OF CALIFORNIA

Regular Session                 Tuesday               January 25, 1994
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
All Supervisors Present

Commendation presented to Kathleen Boudreaux, President of Stanislaus
 County Chapter of the National Eligilibilty Workers Association

Employee Suggestion awards were given to Silvia Martinez from the
Department of Social Services and Joan Slayter and Susan Goularte from

B/P unan. Adopted the consent calendar
     Approved minutes of 1/18/94                  94-89
     Proclaimed Vocational Education Week in Stanislaus County on
          2/20-26/94                              94-90 M-33-AD-31
     Reappointed Fred E. Beltran and Thomas Castle to the Oak Flat
          Water District                          94-91 DW-12-15
     Reappointed Roy Schmidt and Robert Welty to the Hospital Water
          District                                94-92 DW-5-13
     Reappointed Gene Bays and Earl Sutherland to the Kern Canon Water
          District                                94-93 DW-3-15
     Reappointed Lauren Campbell and Peter Lucich to the Del Puerto
          Water District                          94-94 DW-4-14
     Reappointed Fred Vogel, Jon Maring and Henry Gnesa to the Salado
          Water District                          94-95 DW-2-15
     Reappointed Pete Dompe, John Beltran and Fred Vogel to the
          Sunflower Water District                94-96 DW-8-15
     Reappointed Pete Dompe and John Beltran to the Orestimba Water
          District                                94-97 DW-6-15
     Reappointed Larry Lerno, Eugene Boone and Ken Roos to the
          Foothill Water District                 94-98 DW-9-14
     Reappointed Aubrey Hamlow and Tom Dompe to the Davis Water
          District                                94-99 DW-7-14
     Reappointed Tony Bravo, Sr. to the Westley Community Services
          District                                94-100 DCS-6-17
     Appointed Roy B. Hirschkorn, Mark R. Palmer, Robert Donovan, Mark
          P. Lockwood and Ralph Harpster to the Emergency Medical Care
          Committee                               94-101 BD-19-A-22
     Canceled direct assessments - City of Riverbank   94-102 S-1-C-3
     Approved 1994 Board Committee Assignments    94-103 M-23-E-8
     Authorized the Chair to sign contract for amended Fiscal Year
          1993/94 State Egg Quality Control Contract - Agricultural
          Commissioner                            94-104 S-28-E-2
     Authorized increase of appropriations for the Medi-Cal
          Enhancement (SB855) Program and directed the Auditor/
          Controller to increase appropriations by $177,267 in budget
          index #500025 – CEO           94-105 S-17-AE-28, S-12-LM-13
     Approved proposed change 034 and proposed change 100 and
          authorized the CEO to sign PC 100 and PC 034 to incorporate
          the changes into the Social Services Complex Project
                                                  94-106 M-65-B-6

Approved the County Health Services Plan/Budget For FY 1993-1994
     and an agreement with the State Department of Health
     Services regarding the use of Tobacco Tax Revenue and
     authorized Chair to sign the agreement and the County Health
     Services Plan and budget – CEO           94-107 S-10-T-1
Implemented PIC Policy #23, "Deobligation of Unexpended Funds" -
     Employment and Training                  94-108 M-36-U-2
Approved funding of Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) programs
     for case management, assessment, and adult and youth
     training under Titles II-A 78% and II-A 77% and authorized
     the Director of Employment and Training to sign contracts
     pertaining to these allocations and any subsequent
     modifications which do not exceed the original allocations -
     Employment and Training                  94-109 M-36-U-3
Approved modification of PIC policy #20, "Performance and
     Progress Payments"-Employment and Training
                                              94-110 M-36-U-4
Implement PIC policy #24, "Extension of Initial Training Period
     for Training Contracts and Individual Referral Agreements" -
      Employment and Training                 94-111 M-36-U-5
Approved the contract with the State of California Department of
     Boating and Waterways to purchase a replacement boat and
     appointed William R. Gregory, Director of Parks as agent of
     Stanislaus County, working with the Purchasing Division, to
     conduct all negotiations and execute and submit all
     documents including, but not limited to, contracts,
     certifications, payment requests, and any subsequent
     amendments which may be needed, not to exceed the amount
     approved in the current fiscal year budget - Parks
     Department                               94-112 S-32-U-13
Approved agreement between DSS and Modesto City Schools for
     provision of vocational assessment services during the
     period 3/1/94 through 9/30/94; and authorized the Director
     of Social Services or her Deputy Director designee to sign
     agreement and any amendments not to exceed the original
     amount of $157,500                       94-113 S-27-W-2
Approved agreement #B13008 with the California Department of
     Social Services for provision of an employee to act as
     associate Governmental Program Analyst to the CW/CMS
     Development Team through 6/30/95 and authorized the Director
     of Social Services or her Deputy Director designee to sign
     the agreement and any amendments not to exceed $161,601 -
     Social Services                          94-114 S-27-W-3
Approved out of state provider agreements to allow reimbursement
     to SMC for Medi-Caid Services and authorized SMC's CEO to
     sign and execute Medi-Caid (Medi-Cal) provider enrollment
     and agreements - Social Services         94-115 S-12-LM-14
Approved plans and specifications for Dodds Road at SSJID main
     canal and Reinway Avenue at MID main canal 94-116 CON-365-2
Approved plans and specifications for River Road at Orestimba
     Creek                                    94-117 CON-372-2
Approved contract CO #2 for Fink Road Landfill for Construction
     Cell #2 in Landfill #2 and Cell #2 in Landfill #3
                                              94-118 CON-368-8
Approved final map for Starlite Place Unit #6
                                              94-119 M-27-F-2

     Approved Williamson Act contract #93-4277 for Vain V. Bird
                                                  94-120 M-19-XX-9
     Approved contract with Valley Planning Consultants for the Shell
          Agricultural Development Company EIR    94-121 S-18-VV-5

C/P unan. Authorized the Mental Health Director to sign an agreement
with the Center for Human Services to provide school-based Mental
Health Services to Modesto City Schools; authorized the Mental Health
Director to sign an agreement with Modesto Behavioral Health and
Counseling Center to provide school-based Mental Health services to
Modesto City Schools; and authorized the Auditor to make the necessary
adjustments on the departmental transfer request form - SMC
                                              94-122 S-17-AE-29(1-287

P/B unan. Authorized and directed the Personnel Director to amend the
Salary and Position Allocation list to transfer 3 positions from the
Department of Mental Health, Index 402115, to the Department of Social
Services, Index 501015, and add 5 additional positions to the
Department of Social Services, Index 501015, as detailed in the
staffing impact section and authorized and directed the Auditor/-
Controller to make the appropriation and estimated revenue increases
as detailed in the departmental financial transaction form - Mental
Health                                        94-123 S-27-W-4 (1-421

B/C unan. Authorized and directed the Purchasing Agent to buy the
necessary systems furniture and other necessary equipment for
occupancy of the new Department of Social Services building;
authorized and directed the Purchasing Agent to buy necessary data
processing equipment for the Department of Social Services; authorized
and directed the CEO as Personnel Director to increase the Position
and Salary Allocations for the Department of Social Services by 15
positions as detailed in the staffing impact statement; authorized and
directed the Purchasing Agent to buy one cargo van and one eight
passenger van for the Department of Social Services; and authorized
and directed the Auditor/Controller to increase Index 501015
appropriations and estimated revenues in the departmental financial
transactions form - Social Services           94-124 S-27-W-5 (1-627

Recessed at 10:40 a.m.

Reconvened at 10:50 a.m.

Accepted report on SMC 1992-93 year end audited finances       (3-183

B/C unan. Approved SMC fixed asset request for 1993/94 as modified
from FY 1992/93 as presented and directed the Auditor/Controller to
transfer revenue from AB75 Trust Fund (Index 171249) of $117,144 and
$50,000 from budget Index 514661 to SMC 809004 to fund in part the
fixed asset request                          94-125 S-12-LM-16 (3-476

B/C unan. Authorized the purchase and installation of a Centrex
telephone system for SMC; authorized the purchase of equipment for a
Centrex telephone system as presented; and approved SMC entering into
a 36 month lease/purchase agreement with Pacific Bell for $6,522 per
month to purchase the Centrex telephone equipment
                                             94-126 S-12-LM-17(2-489

B/C unan. Approved R 93-08 and adopted C.S.-549 - Matthew Bruno
                       94-127 & 94-128 S-30-AD-10 & ORD-48-12 (2-4897

Acknowledged receipt, referred to Risk Management the following
claims: Jeanette America Edwards, Salvador Del Rio and Vonda Walls.

CEO reported request from Los Angeles County for assistance from our
Public Health nurses, Environmental Resourses staff and Mental Health

Adjourned to Closed Session to consider: Personnel - Government Code
Section 54957, Labor Relations - Government Code Section 54957.6,
Litigation - Existing Litigation Government Code Section 54956.9
County of Stanislaus vs. PG&E Government Code Section 54956.9 and Real
Property Transaction - Government Code Section 54956.8 at 11:27 a.m.
Adjourned at 11:55 a.m.

          of the Board of Supervisors
          of the County of Stanislaus.
          State of California

      BY: CHRISTINE FERRARO, Deputy Clerk

(The above is a summary of the minutes of the Board of Supervisors.
Complete minutes are available from the Clerk of the Board's office.)


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