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									            Market Intelligence Study from Allied Development

         U.S. Foodservice Packaging
         2009 to 2013
         Understanding the U.S. Foodservice Packaging Market

        The U.S. Foodservice Packaging Market was estimated at $6.6 billion
        in 2003 and is forecast to reach $10.8 billion by 2013 at an annual growth
          rate of 3.4%. This new study is a critical resource for participants in
                 the U.S. Foodservice Packaging Market and provides a complete
  2008-2009         understanding of the market, technology, and economic drivers
ECONOMIC that influence this industry.
DOWNTURN                 This study from Allied Development provides detailed insights
                       into the U. S. Foodservice Market and delivers exclusive data
                    and analysis of the industry, market drivers and key trends, as
             well as market forecasts to 2013, broken down by segments. With
          detailed analysis of the market and how it relates to the current economic
          conditions, this study is the essential guide to the U.S. Foodservice
          Packaging Market.

              What Sets this Study Apart?
              High End Segmentation

              In this study, Allied Development has addressed specific market
              segmentations to help gain clearer understanding of the U.S.
              Foodservice Market. All segmentations include current and projected
              consumption volumes, along with quantitative market forecasts
              in dollars. Up-to-the-minute forecasts that take into account the
              current economic conditions make this the essential study for
              everyone who wants to succeed in this growing market.
      Market Intelligence Study from Allied Development

    U.S. Foodservice Packaging
    2009 to 2013
    Understanding the U.S. Foodservice Packaging Market

   Learn About:
   > The future of the U.S. Foodservice                  Segmentations Include:
      Packaging Market with detailed segment
      forecasts to 2013                                   End-use Consumption                          Packaging Format
   > In-depth analysis of emerging trends,
                                                          Beverage (37 categories)                     Bags
      market conditions, and market drivers
                                                          Bread and Pizza (9 categories)               Bottles and Jars
   > Current dollar values and consumption
                                                          Breakfast Food (11 categories)               Cartons and Canisters
      volumes with projections to 2013
                                                          Condiments (22 categories)                   Cans
   > The latest technology developments and
                                                          Dairy (33 categories)                        Cups,trays, and tubs
      the opportunities they afford.
                                                          Dessert Products (8 categories)              Pails
   Who Should Buy This Study:                             Dry Mixes/Ingredients (16 categories         Pouches
   > Packaging Converters
                                                          Fruits and Vegetables (2 categories)         Corrugated Containers and Folding
   > Raw Material Suppliers
                                                          Meat, Poultry, and Seafood (28                   Cartons
   > Equipment and Machinery Suppliers
                                                              categories)                              Closures
   > Brand Owners and Foodservice Operators
   > Industry Analysts.
                                                          Pasta (2 categories)                         Distribution Temperature
                                                          Snacks (5 categories)                        Frozen
   What is included:                                      Soup, Sandwiches, and Sauces (16
   > Detailed analysis of the trends and drivers                                                       Refrigerated
      of this unique and challenging market
                                                              categories)                              Ambient
      with volume and dollar forecasts to 2013
                                                          Others (12 categories)
   > Over 320 pages of detailed data not                  Package Type                                 Figures & Tables
      available anywhere else                             Barrier vs. Non-barrier                      49 Figures - Graphs and Photographs
   > Details of market opportunities and                  Packaging Format                             101 Detailed Tables
      forecasts broken down by segment,                   Bulk vs. Portion Control
      product type, and end-user sector.

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 Market Intelligence Study from Allied Development
                                                                                                                  320 PAGES

U.S. Foodservice Packaging - 2009 to 2013                                                                      49 Figures
                                                                                                               101 Tables
                                                                                                              ALL IN FULL COLOR
Table of Contents
Section I:                                        5. Dessert products                            1. Beverage
  Introduction                                    6. Dairy                                       2. Bread and pizza
  A. Foodservice packaging defined                 7. Dry mixes/ingredients                       3. Breakfast food
  B. Study organization                           8. Fruits and vegetables                       4. Ketchup, condiments, and spreads
  C. Geographic regions                           9. Meat, poultry, and seafood                  5. Dessert products
  D. Methodology                                  10.Pasta                                       6. Dairy
  E. Conventions                                  11.Snacks                                      7. Dry mixes/ingredients
Section II:                                       12.Soup sandwiches and sauces                  8. Fruits and Vegetables
  Executive Summary                               13.Other                                       9. Meat, poultry, and seafood
  A. Market drivers and trends                F. Emerging packaging technology                   10.Pasta
      1. Demand for foodservice                   1. Aluminum bottle                             11.Snacks
      2. Drivers and trends in foodservice        2. Retort pouches                              12.Soups, sandwiches, and sauces
      3. Drivers and trends in foodservice        3. Cook-in packaging                           13.Other
          packaging                               4. New barrier materials                  E. Primary packaging dollars segmented by
  B. Market projections                           5. Nanotechnology                             end-use
      1. Total market                             6. Active and intelligent packaging       F. Closures, secondary packaging, and tertiary
      2. Categories of packaging              G. Emerging technology for food processing        packaging
      3. End-use                                  1. Ohmic heating                               1. Primary containers
      4. Primary packaging                        2. Ionizing radiation                          2. Closures
  C. Technology                                   3. Microwave heating                           3. Secondary packaging
      1. Food science and food processing         4. Ultra high pressure (UHP) processing        4. Tertiary packaging
      2. Packaging materials and equipment Section IV:                                      G. Dollars – closures, secondary packaging,
Section III:                                  Market Trends and Projections                     and tertiary packaging
  Technology                                  A. Foodservice industry overview                   1. Primary containers
  A. Foodservice packaging types                  1. Industry size                               2. Closures
      1. General characteristics                  2. Retail versus foodservice consumer          3. Secondary packaging
      2. Bags                                         spending                                   4. Tertiary packaging
      3. Bottles and jars                         3. Food manufacturer revenues             H. Foodservice packaging segmented by
      4. Cartons and canisters                    4. Foodservice outlets                        distribution temperature
      5. Cans                                 B. Foodservice industry drivers and trends         1. Current consumption
      6. Cups, tubs, and trays                    1. Convenience and time savings                2. Projection
      7. Pails                                    2. Disposable income                      I. Foodservice packaging by bulk versus
      8. Pouches                                  3. Food experience                            portion control
      9. Corrugated containers and folding        4. Demand for foodservice by age               1. Current consumption
          cartons                                 5. Foodservice outlet type                     2. Projection
      10.Closures                                 6. Ethnic influences                       J. Foodservice packaging segmented by
  B. Packaging materials for foodservice          7. Cost control                               barrier properties
      1. Bags                                     8. Consolidation                               1. Current consumption
      2. Bottles and jars                         9. Food quality                                2. Projection
      3. Cartons and canisters                    10. Food distribution temperature       Section V:
      4. Cans                                     11. Nutrition and health                  Appendix
      5. Cups, trays, tubs                        12. Portion sizes                         A. Primary packaging volume
      6. Pails                                                                              B. Primary packaging dollars
                                                  13. Food safety                           C. Closure volume
      7. Pouches                                  14. Expanding locations
      8. Closures                                                                           D. Closure dollars
                                                  15. Expansion of services                 E. Secondary packaging – folding carton
  C. Food processing technologies             C. Foodservice packaging drivers and trends
      1. Water activity                                                                         volume
                                                  1. Underlying demand                      F. Secondary packaging – folding carton
      2. Hot fill                                  2. Sustainability
      3. Aseptic processing                                                                     dollars
                                                  3. Barrier packaging                      G. Secondary packaging – polyethylene bag
      4. Retort                                   4. Number 10 can replacement
      5. Modified atmosphere packaging                                                           volume
                                                  5. Portion control                        H. Secondary packaging – polyethylene bag
  D. Distribution temperature                     6. Food quality and safety                    dollars
      1. Ambient                                  7. Packaging cost                         I. Tertiary packaging volume
      2. Frozen                                   8. Storage efficiency                       J. Tertiary packaging dollars
      3. Rerfrigerated                            9. Packaging graphics/labeling            K. Barrier, distribution temperature, package
  E. Packaging challenges                         10.Foodservice outlet type                    size
      1. Beverage                                 11.Distribution temperature             Section VI:
      2. Baked products                           12.Packaging to reduce shrink             Glossary
      3. Breakfast foods                      D. Primary packaging in foodservice
      4. Condiments
   Market Intelligence Study from Allied Development

U. S. Foodservice Packaging - 2009 to 2013
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