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									                                                                                         Issue No. 10 Page 1

   NASSCOM               TM

   NASSCOM/ MEM - 72 / 2002 - 03
   14 August 2002                                            Market Intelligence Service
                                                             Geography      :   Global
                                                             Service Line   :   Technical Software (PLM)

   For more information, please contact
   National Association of Software and Services Companies

   We are pleased to release the tenth issue                 Indian software companies have been providing
   of NASSCOM Market Intelligence Service.                   services     that  addresses    the     entire
                                                             manufacturing continuum that includes
   This week, we focus on Technical Software                 conceptual design, handling of legacy data,
   (PLM) globally.                                           industrial and mechanical engineering design,
                                                             analysis, prototyping and manufacturing
   We sincerely hope that the service is                     process and assembly line optimization.
   able to meet its objectives. In order
   to do so, we need your feedback. Do                       They have focused on providing engineering
   tell us whether it is useful, ways to                     services in the field of CAD (Computer Aided
   improve relevance and other topics to                     Design), CAE (Computer Aided Engineering),
   cover in order to enable us to tailor-                    PDM (Product Data Management) and PLM
   make this for your needs. To subscribe                    (Product Lifecycle Management).
   to this service, please send an email to
   research@nasscom.org                                      Among the areas where solutions are provided
                                                             are :
   Thanks and looking forward to serving you                 l    Conversion and translation of legacy data
   better.                                                       (largest focus area)

   With warm regards                                         l   Industrial design
                                                             l   Mechanical engineering design
                                                             l   Engineering change modeling and detailing
                                                             l   CAE analysis
   Sunil Mehta
                                                             l   Prototyping, design of test rig and design
   Vice President - Research and Knowledge Management
                                                             l   Process and systems design

                                                             Two significant changes are taking place in
                                                             the CAD/CAE solutions market

                                                             l   One, the core CAD market has begun to
                                                                 mature, volume growth has slowed, while

www.nasscom.org                                                         NASSCOM’s Market Intelligence Service
                                                                                      Issue No. 10 Page 2

   NASSCOM            TM
                                                                                                          Issue No. 10
       pricing    pressure      has     intensified.      through role-based portals, consoles, or
       Independent estimates suggest that the             dashboards.
       revenues of Parametric and Autodesk from
       core products are likely to decline by upto        The promise of PLM solutions, to both product
       10% per year for the next three years.             vendors and customers, is that they combine
       Volume growth is being supported by                mature applications into a seamless
       ongoing upgrades, platform upgrades from           environment and gain a way to closely link
       generic 2-D offerings to vertical-specific 3-D     different technologies and data sources into a
       offerings, and entirely new functionalities        coherent information network that is secure;
       sold into the installed base.                      scalable; and easy to navigate, customize, and
                                                          localize for international users.
   l   Two, new product initiatives are likely to
       drive revenue growth – PLM and mid-range
                                                          While this sounds great, it’s not that simple.
       3-D design offerings.
                                                          End-user needs for specific PLM features and
       ¨   PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)             functions differ among companies for whom
           offers a significant growth opportunity,       success depends on operational efficiencies or
           enabling the leveraging of the original        on product design, engineering capabilities, and
           design data downstream throughout              rapid innovation. These mission-critical goals
           the product lifecycle. Specifically, PLM       should determine which PLM vendors offer the
           solutions unify and enable the                 best fit: those with expertise in ERP, in CRM, or
           collaboration and process control              in CPD (Collaborative Product Development).
           throughout the product lifecycle, from
           concept, to design, manufacturing and          In IDC’s opinion, PLM is a holistic approach to
           after-market support.                          product development and product management
                                                          from cradle to grave (i.e., from product
       ¨   Mid-range 3-D and model-based
                                                          conception through product retirement). As
           solutions are designed to drive an
                                                          such, it straddles a wide range of functions and
           upgrade cycle from generic 2-D
                                                          users, starting with product designers and
           solutions. The most significant
                                                          engineers, leading through manufacturing and
           opportunity in the CAD business is the
                                                          logistics to sales and customer support,
           opportunity to upgrade existing 2-D
                                                          maintenance, and ultimately decommissioning.
           (drawing production) design tools to 3-
           D (solid modeling) and model-based
                                                          Application software vendors are drawn to this
           design tools.
                                                          market space simply because all applications
                                                          required for a complete PLM solution are
   PLM - Definition
                                                          available and well understood and many of them
   PLM refers to enterprise software applications         have reached the cusp of their value curve.
   that integrate a number of functions required          Therefore, the best way to increase revenue
   to develop, model, track, manage, and control          from these mostly mature applications is to
   the products that companies offer and to               increase the user base by integrating them in
   manufacture, sell, maintain, and, finally, retire      an extended solutions offering. What makes
   these products at the end of their useful lives.       PLM so exciting is that we now have the
   IDC forecasts explosive growth for this market,        technology to create a seamless environment
   from $1.05 billion in 2001 to $5.67 billion in 2005,   in which to exchange and track product
   a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of                information in real time across a number of sites
   almost 45%.                                            and to store disparate data from a great variety
                                                          of sources in data warehouses for long-term
   This software must straddle a wide range of            trend analysis at a level of granularity that
   functions and users, starting with product             simply was not feasible before.
   designers and engineers and leading through
   manufacturing and logistics to sales, customer         PLM applications are the following :
   support, and maintenance. The success of PLM
                                                          n   Actively involved in enabling at least some
   applications rests on their capability to provide
                                                              of the PLM functions described in the
   users with easy and intuitive access to data

NASSCOM’s Market Intelligence Service                                                      www.nasscom.org
                                                                                   Issue No. 10 Page 3

   NASSCOM           TM

       following bulleted list                             especially for team collaboration.

   n   Sold into product-supply-chain industries       l   Maintenance management software. This
       (i.e., manufacturing and retail/wholesale           would be for repair and overhaul to track
       distribution)                                       product quality and perform failure
   n   Integrated out of the box to allow for data
       exchange and collaboration among                l   Business performance measurement
       employees with a range of different                 software. This would be to analyze cost
       responsibilities and with outside partners          efficiencies and search for process
   PLM applications are not the following:
                                                       l   In addition, depending on their roles, users
   n   Tools for application development/                  should have access to a variety of detailed
       deployment or infrastructure software               product information used in the following:

   n   Applications (e.g., standalone PIM,             l   Project management
       marketing      automation,      messaging,
                                                       l   Accounting and human resources
       collaborative or content management
       applications) that could be used for PLM but    l   Manufacturing resource planning
       that were not designed specifically for PLM
                                                       l   Logistics such as transportation planning
   n   Sold into service industries (i.e., financial       and management and warehousing as well
       services, insurance, and healthcare)                as return logistics
   n   Standalone applications                         l   Retail and wholesale distribution
                                                       l   Content and document management is an
   PLM Functions
                                                           application that plays an important role as
   A PLM application software should offer any of          an underlying enabler that more or less
   the following core functions:                           touches the entire chain of PLM activities
   l   Engineering software or some access to it.          outlined in Figure 1. Content and document
       This includes mechanical computer-aided             management software serves to organize
       design (MCAD), computer-aided engineering           and maintain information and includes
       (CAE), and computer-aided manufacturing             workflow tools for tracking documents and
       (CAM) or at least one of the three, or              changes, keeping records, auditing, and
       electronic design automation (EDA)                  logging; indexing tools and document access
       software.                                           tools such as search engines; and browsing
                                                           tools, among others.
   l   Product information management (PIM).
       This has two subsegments, namely product
                                                       The Opportunities
       data management (PDM) and component
       and supplier management (CSM).                  As defined by IDC, PLM applications are still in
   l   Materials management software. This             the early stages of development. This does not
       includes order management and purchasing        mean that its component features and functions
       as well as inventory management for raw         are, in themselves, new. The challenge to users
       materials, work in process and finished         and providers is to closely link these different
       goods.                                          technologies and data sources into a coherent
                                                       information network that is secure, scalable, and
   l   Customer relationship management
                                                       easy to navigate, customize, and localize for
       software. This software includes customer
                                                       international users.
       and sales support and sales configuration.
                                                       At this relatively early date in PLM adoption,
   Beyond these features that form the core of         users are most likely large corporations or
   PLM software, a comprehensive PLM application       divisions that have taken the hurdles of ERP and
   should also include the following:                  probably CRM integration and whose business
                                                       depends on rapid development and introduction
   l   Collaboration software. This would be

www.nasscom.org                                                    NASSCOM’s Market Intelligence Service
                                                                                     Issue No. 10 Page 4

   NASSCOM           TM
                                                                                                        Issue No. 10
   of high-value products in discrete and process        succeed in the near term with relatively
   manufacturing. Primary vertical markets at this       complete offerings, what will be needed to
   time are high technology, industrial machinery,       support their growth, and will there be
   automotive, aerospace, and shipbuilding.              opportunities   for   start-ups   to  add
                                                         complementary capabilities?
   These markets share certain characteristics that
   justify the overhead of PLM. They are the             CPD offers two core components of the PLM
   following:                                            solution, product development and engineering
                                                         software (MCAD/CAE/CAM) and PIM software,
   l    High-value products that - particularly in the   which traditionally has been sold to engineering
       case of high tech and automotive - suffer         departments and divisions. As the market for
       from rapid value depreciation                     MCAD/CAE/CAM has matured and growth rates
                                                         have dropped close to zero, PIM, with its
   l    Engineered-to-order or made-to-order
                                                         subsegments of product data management and
       products that have a long life cycle with
                                                         component and supplier management, has
       complex maintenance and overhaul
                                                         become the ticket to new sales and faster
                                                         revenue growth. For most of the CPD players,
   l   Developed, manufactured, distributed, and         PIM is not a recent effort; they have invested
       maintained through a complex network of           many years in working with their customers and
       globally    dispersed      development,           developing features and functions that reflect
       manufacturing, transportation, sales, and         the way engineering departments work and
       service organizations that can be internal        share data. The limiting factor in these
       and external to the enterprise                    applications has been that they were targeted
   l    Users in discrete manufacturing are              at company-internal use and even more
       currently leading in the adoption of PLM.         specifically at engineering department use. We
       However, process manufacturing also can           are just now witnessing the opening of these
       benefit from PLM software solutions. These        silos to include company-external development
       offerings include basically the same              groups, component suppliers, and outsourced
       functions as for discrete manufacturing but       manufacturers and service providers.
       also include recipe management, support
       for chemical analysis or nutritional analysis,    By contrast, ERP/CRM products have a business
       and composition calculations.                     process focus. Functions address a wide range
                                                         of business activities, such as accounting, HR/
   In addition, adoption of the PLM concept              payroll, materials management, manufacturing
   requires corporate management that is willing         planning, and execution, sales, customer
   to take on a leadership role in developing and        support,     and     business     performance
   implementing new extended interaction and             measurement. The core functions that they
   information sharing within company families,          bring to PLM are materials management and
   departments, and divisions, as well as external       CRM, including sales and customer support.
   partners in the supply chain, and with end users.     Their strengths are a process-oriented
   PLM may succeed in the areas ERP has failed,          architecture and data integration.
   namely, to bring an end to design and
   engineering as a functional silo or power center      A third group of PLM solutions providers is
   and to integrate it more closely with                 expected to arise out of partnerships between
   manufacturing, purchasing, and sales.                 engineering, ERP, or CRM software providers
                                                         with complementary standalone application
   PLM Players                                           software vendors. Standalone application
                                                         providers are the document management and
   There is little doubt among enterprise                collaboration software providers, among others.
   applications software providers that PLM is           These partner-based PLM solutions could be
   becoming a hot market, succeeding ERP and             made available as hosted services, either by
   CRM as the next opportunity for revenue               the vendors themselves or by ASPs. PLM
   growth. The questions are, then, which types          solutions may also become a valuable offering
   of vendors will have good opportunities to            by private exchanges that can support their

NASSCOM’s Market Intelligence Service                                                    www.nasscom.org
                                                                                     Issue No. 10 Page 5

   NASSCOM           TM

   subscribers by offering the exchange as a                 optimize products. i2 also offers operational
   collaboration hub for PLM.                                procurement capabilities that are based on
                                                             procurement strategies and demand inputs.
   There is no doubt that as PLM gains in                l   EDS/UGS/SDRC : A vendor that is now in
   momentum, there will be opportunities for                 a leading position for PLM coming from the
   small point solution providers that offer                 engineering side is UGS. The EDS-owned
   functionality that is not market-critical to the          merger of SDRC and Unigraphics resulted in
   larger solutions providers but that                       a company with two high-end and one
   nevertheless provides desirable capabilities.             midrange collaborative product design
   These applications will possibly include                  offerings and two PIM solutions, plus a
   product     development        management                 project management product, Innovia. The
   functionality, analytical capabilities,                   company recently positioned itself as the
   manufacturing data collection and analysis,               PLM solutions line of business of EDS. EDS
   diagnostic      systems      embedded         in          is now focusing its AT Kearney management
   manufacturing-critical machinery, and quality             consulting and esolutions integration group
   control for the pharmaceutical industry,                  on the PLM market opportunity. This
   among others.                                             collaboration will derive particular strength
                                                             from SDRC’s and UGS/EDS’s being significant
   PLM Software Vendors                                      players in the automotive industry and from
   l   SAP : SAP is making a strong play in the              SDRC’s PIM offering, Metaphase, having long
       PLM market space with its mySAP PLM                   been the market leader, with installations
       product. This solution includes project               in a number of large corporations, one of
       management, configuration management,                 which is Boeing.
       engineering       change      management,         l   PTC (Parametric) : PTC is also positioning
       document and knowledge management,                    itself as a contender in the PLM software
       and workflow. Although the company does               solutions space. The company is building on
       not offer any engineering software itself, it         the strength of its engineering software and
       has developed links to the leading MCAD/              its Windchill PIM product that is gaining in
       CAE/CAM products, Pro/Engineer, CATIA, I-             market momentum. PTC is currently
       DEAS, SolidEdge, and AutoCAD. SAP’s                   introducing packaged applications, including
       particular strengths are its process-oriented         project collaboration (Windchill, Pro/
       architecture, its extremely broad range of            COLLABORATE, ProjectLink), interactive
       business applications, its focus on data              product catalogs (PartsLink), and design-to-
       integration,     and    its    collaborative          order collaboration with customers
       environment. SAP is also addressing PLM in            (DynamicDesignLink). Future offerings will
       the process industry. There is no doubt that          support engineers’ collaboration and easier
       SAP is a formidable competitor when it comes          interaction with outsourced manufacturers
       to selling to corporate management.                   and field service networks. PTC is partnering
       However, it seems to be less successful               with Accenture and other Big 5 systems
       when      it  addresses      customers     in         integrators for its push into PLM.
       engineering divisions. SAP can draw on close
                                                         l   Dassault Systemes : Dassault Systemes
       partnerships with Big 5 systems integrators,
                                                             also has joined the PLM market from the
       which are keen on repeating their earlier
                                                             engineering and manufacturing side. The
       success with its R/3 ERP solution.
                                                             company is offering its Catia MCAD/CAE/CAM
   l   i2 : i2 is entering the PLM market based on           software, which is widely accepted among
       its strength in component and supplier                automotive and aerospace manufacturers
       management (CSM), the former Aspect                   in combination with its Enovia life cycle
       Technologies product line that the company            applications offering. The systems
       now calls i2 Product Sourcing. This product           integrator for these offerings is IBM.
       line offers strategic sourcing to define global
                                                         l   Oracle : In mid-2001, Oracle introduced its
       sourcing strategies for each commodity and
                                                             product development offering. This Internet-
       supplier. Its product sourcing capability helps
                                                             based line of product information
       procurement and sourcing engineers to

www.nasscom.org                                                      NASSCOM’s Market Intelligence Service
                                                                                      Issue No. 10 Page 6

   NASSCOM           TM
                                                                                                          Issue No. 10
       management capabilities is not a complete        that ERP/CRM and CPD software applications
       PLM offering, but the company is definitely      providers will have their fair share of
       heading toward that goal. Its current            opportunities: ERP/CRM vendors will sell their
       offering focuses on its database of product,     PLM applications into customer sites where
       project, document, and people information        product development and engineering data do
       for product management, including its            not represent the company’s crown jewels.
       support for manufacturing and engineering        However, at companies whose primary value lies
       bills of material, project collaboration,        in the know-how of its design and engineering
       document management, Internet-based              staff or that have a complex product offering of
       collaboration, and access to Oracle’s            custom-designed products, designers and
       Exchange Marketplace for product                 engineers will not accept a PLM solution that
       development portals. In addition, the            would take away their control of the BOM.
       company recently acquired Assentive,
       whose CAD technology will be integrated          This state of affairs could open the door to an
       into the OPDX solution.                          obvious solution: Rather than extending sales
   l   Agile Software : Agile addresses the PLM         cycles and raising sales expenses for all
       market (referring to it as the product chain     software providers involved by competing at all
       management market) with a set of product         cost for the complete PLM solution at each
       solutions organized into three key areas:        customer site, ERP/CRM and CPD software
       product collaboration, product sourcing, and     application providers could partner in sales
       product service and improvement. Product         opportunities in which there is a high value on
       collaboration enables communication and          product design and engineering capabilities and
       collaboration internally and with supplier       product information is success-critical. In
       networks about new or changing product           opportunities in which the primary value of PLM
       information. Product sourcing is a new set       lies in operational efficiency, ERP/CRM vendors
       of solutions for strategic sourcing and cost     will most likely dominate the sales situation and
       management of direct materials. Product          satisfy customer needs by offering CPD
       service and improvement solutions unify          capabilities through APIs. In short, the PLM
       product development with customer                market would benefit from intelligent
       management to facilitate the product             partnership agreements between ERP/CRM
       improvement process.                             players and CPD players.

   l   Sequencia : Sequencia is focused on PLM
                                                        CASE STUDY
       solutions for the process industry, such as
       specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, food and
       beverage, and consumer packaged goods
       industries. Its Web-based processPoint           While car lovers lavished their attention on sleek
       software provides the management of              concept cars at last week’s New York
       product definitions, project costing and         International Auto Show, No. 4 carmaker Toyota
       scheduling visibility by integration with SCM    Motor Corp. put the pedal to the metal on plans
       and ERP, cross-company project tracking,         to build an IT system that will let it fabricate
       project       management,            portfolio   digitally designed cars and build them in digitally
       management, and partner management.              designed factories, a milestone on the road to
       Sequencia’s traditional focus on recipe          cutting months and years out of the time it takes
       management and integration with                  to turn dream cars into street iron. In a deal
       production has been expanded to include          that defies recession-sensitive, pinchpenny
       packaging, formulation, and quality and          logic, the Japanese car company signed a
       marketing support. processPoint is also          contract worth an estimated $800 million to $1.2
       being used for cross-company collaboration       billion for software, hardware, and services.
       in the chemical industry to coordinate new       Toyota intends to model every aspect of car
       product development between companies            production, from the automobile’s look to the
       and contact manufacturing organizations.         parts that make it run, from the sequence in
                                                        which components are assembled to the design
   From today’s vantage point, it appears likely        of the factory itself.

NASSCOM’s Market Intelligence Service                                                     www.nasscom.org
                                                                                      Issue No. 10 Page 7

   NASSCOM           TM

   The deal is easily one of the largest ever for       communicate design changes to suppliers and
   the installation of a single suite of software       get back required changes, Terrell say s .
   tools, AMR Research automotive analyst Kevin         DaimlerChrysler is using the tools to design all
   Prouty says. The software is Dassault Systèmes       of its 2004 models.
   S.A.’s 3D Product Lifecycle Management suite,
   an integrated offering that includes design          The software will let To yota’s designers
   collaboration, product-life-cycle management         collaborate with each other and with far-flung
   (PLM), and production-support applications. The      suppliers that are also design partners, using
   implementation includes hardware, middleware,        Catia’s 3-D CAD/ CAM capabilities. Automated
   and services from Dassault partner IBM.              Catia tools will test digital designs for
   Deployment is expected to take three to five         “manufacturability”—whether the design of
   years and will link Toyota’s 56 plants in 25         individual parts and assemblies of parts makes
   countries and its 1,000-plus suppliers. The          them easy to install in the car as it rolls down
   system will replace Toyota’s proprietary CAD         the assembly line. Toyota will be the first
   platform, Togo, and its homegrown product            manufacturer to globally deploy software that
   data-management system.                              automatically         tests    designs        for
                                                        manufacturability, AMR’s Prouty says. Other
   Toyota’s selection of Dassault and IBM is            manufacturers use such tools in isolated
   significant beyond the size of the deal in a down    processes, such as testing the fit of precision
   economy. First, it suggests the system is            parts in a critical assembly.
   becoming the industry’s default standard. Last
   month, Sweden’s Volvo Group disclosed a              Toyota is aiming at young drivers with its Scion
   multiyear, multimillion-dollar software and          brand; it hopes the deal with Dassault will cut
   hardware contract with the same two vendors;         time to market for cars like the Concept Coupe
   DaimlerChrysler AG and 21 other automotive           Crossover
   companies also use at least some part of the
   Dassault suite. Second, Toyota is revered for        Toyota plans to use the Catia tools in another
   quality and efficiency. The fact that Toyota chose   unique way. Rather than having engineers
   third-party software to replace its much-praised,    decide the details of the design of a car, down
   much-studied proprietary production system           to the last part, in advance of sending the
   indicates a sharp focus on core competence           prototype to production, many parts not
   combined with a strong desire to stay ahead of       affecting the car’s styling will be created later in
   the car-market curve.                                the process by production engineers. Etienne
                                                        Droit, a Dassault executive VP, says letting
   Toyota officials declined to talk about the          production engineers design parts such as
   specifics of the deal or how the technology will     alternators was a key point for To yota
   be used. But Dassault and IBM are privy to some      executives who adhere to a philosophy of
   of the company’s plans, and even a competitor        converse engineering. “Instead of going from
   has insight into Toyota’s strategy.                  concept and design and speaking of
                                                        downstream processes like manufacturing,
   During the two-year period when Toyota was           Toyota starts with the idea of manufacturing
   considering replacing its proprietary production     efficiency and works back toward the concept
   system, its executives and engineers met with        and design,” Droit says.
   their counterparts at DaimlerChrysler to see the
   Dassault software in action, says Karenann           The Catia deployment also will let Toyota reuse
   Terrell, director of E-connect, the business-to-     designs for parts, such as a hood, in a process
   business       infrastructure      group       for   known as “morphing.” Toyota engineers will be
   DaimlerChrysler. “They were particularly             able to search a library of existing hoods, use
   interested in how DaimlerChrysler was pulling        the tools to make changes to the shape and
   suppliers into the design process using our PLM      contours of a design, and automatically test it
   tools,” she says. Dassault’s design-collaboration    for manufacturability. That way, the carmaker
   software, called Catia, and its product-life-cycle   can use the hood’s current supplier for the part.
   management tool, Enovia, cut 60% to 90% off          As design and production engineers work on
   the time DaimlerChrysler needed to                   the look of a new car model, the production-

www.nasscom.org                                                      NASSCOM’s Market Intelligence Service
                                                                                     Issue No. 10 Page 8

   NASSCOM           TM
                                                                                                         Issue No. 10
   support software, called Delmia, will let            consumers want into real cars that can take to
   separate engineering teams use design and            the road within weeks. Industry insiders say
   manufacturability data to create a plan that         Toyota has already cut the time required to bring
   specifies the order in which parts are to be         some updated car models, such as the Corolla,
   installed in a car as it moves down the              to market from three or four years to one.
   production line. That plan ultimately will be used   Toyota execs want the company’s new design-
   to digitally model the entire factory                collaboration and PLM tools to help them do that
   environment, specifying step by step what’s          on more models and to cut time to market to 10
   done at each stop in the production process;         months. Toyota will be able to produce its first
   which tools, supplies, and parts will be used;       new car model using the digital modeling system
   how many people will be stationed at each            within three years, Dassault Systèmes’ Charles
   assembly stop; and exactly what they will do.        says.
   Toyota already uses Delmia software on a limited
   basis in some plants to model the production         The new system could give Toyota an edge in
   line, says Dassault Systèmes’ president Bernard      realizing the ultimate prize for automakers: the
   Charles.                                             ability to build a car to customer specifications
                                                        and deliver it within days. That’s a marketing
   Only after all the pieces fit together—the design,   model that would appeal to buyers of all ages,
   the production plan, and the factory-floor           Prouty says.
   strategy—will Toyota roll the specs for the new
   car model into its production and supply-chain       DaimlerChrysler is working toward the same
   management systems, says analyst Prouty. The         goal, Terrell says. The next step for
   integration of digital design and digital            DaimlerChrysler is adding the software Toyota
   manufacturing will let Toyota speed new models       saw as its starting point—software for digital
   to market in months, rather than years, Prouty       production and factory-floor modeling. Ronald
   says. That’s increasingly important because cars     Bienkowski, director of technical computing for
   have become as much fashion statements as            DaimlerChrysler, says the company is adding
   transportation, especially with young people,        Dassault’s Delmia production-support tools to
   who buy cars such as the Chrysler PT Cruiser         its mix of design-collaboration and product-life-
   or the Volkswagen Beetle, relying on many of         cycle management applications. Different
   the same impulses that guide the way they buy        divisions of DaimlerChrysler are at various
   clothes or electronics.                              stages of deploying the software. Use is most
                                                        widespread at Mercedes and DaimlerChrysler’s
   And Toyota faces challenges in the fashion-car       commercial-vehicle unit, where it’s used to model
   market. The average Toyota buyer’s age has           the production process; the Chrysler Group is
   crept up to 45 in recent years, according to         deploying the software.
   Toyota execs, and the company is trying to
   counter that. At last week’s auto show, Toyota       Such automated tools make sense, Bienkowski
   unveiled a new brand, Scion, that will be aimed      says, considering that a typical DaimlerChrysler
   at younger buyers and heavily marketed on the        assembly plant produces 250,000 vehicles a
   Internet. This follows on the heels of an earlier    year, often producing one per minute. That
   youth-oriented model, the Prius, which also          means the smallest bottleneck in a factory line
   reaches its youthful target market over the          is expensive. “It’s a good thing to automate
   Internet. “Scion will target consumers who are       the design of a car,” Bienkowski says. “But it’s a
   well aware of, and may even covet, Toyota’s          real good thing to automate design and
   strong heritage of quality,” says Jim Lentz, VP      planning of the production process and tooling
   of Scion at Toyota Motor Sales. “But they’re also    and equipment
   consumers who require unique product concepts
   that are high in personal expression that can        HCL Technologies
   be accessed and purchased on their own terms.”
                                                        Our client is the market leader in enterprise
   Internet marketing may work as a short-term
                                                        production PDM solutions. These applications
   strategy, but AMR’s Prouty says Toyota, like
                                                        enable companies of all sizes to address the
   other automakers, needs to be more nimble to
                                                        critical business issues associated with product
   turn marketing information about what young
                                                        lifecycle management.

NASSCOM’s Market Intelligence Service                                                     www.nasscom.org
                                                                                    Issue No. 10 Page 9

   NASSCOM          TM

   Business Requirement                                    Desktop and a PDM package. The product
   The client had to address a potential situation         enables a convenient transfer and
   of shrinking revenues from the core product as          management (storage, retrieval and control)
   it could run only on select platforms. Hence they       of data between AutoCAD/MDT and PDM
   needed to port the product to newer platforms           software.
   as quickly as possible. In addition, the client
   had to reduce turnaround time for new version       ¨   PDM to Pro/Engineer Integration
   releases.                                               Development of Pro/Engineer integrator for
                                                           a PDM, a tightly integrated application using
   Solution                                                the Pro/Engineer API toolkit and PDM
   The business model between HCL and the client           solution internal API. The integration allows
   included offshore development, US-based                 full control of Pro/Engineer complex data
   development,      onsite  consulting,    and            from within the PDM solution and vice-versa.
   professional services.
                                                       ¨   PDM to Helix-CAD Integration
   Among the offshore services provided to the             Development of PDM interfaces with Helix-
   client were the following:                              CAD. Involvement in the entire development
                                                           cycle including specification, pseudo-code,
   l   Engineering Product enhancements :                  coding, testing and maintenance.
       Rehosting of server from Ingres to Oracle,
       Multi-Write Server, Database Federation         ¨   PDM to SolidWorks Integration
       using Ingres and Oracle replication,
                                                           Development of PDM interfaces with
       foundation class definition and integration
                                                           SolidWorks. Invo l ved in the entire
       with OLE/CORBA, integrated product
                                                           development cycle including specification,
       development application, integration with
                                                           pseudo-code,    coding,    testing    and
       other applications, etc.
   l   Maintenance : Code merge, bug fixes,
       response center, etc.                           ¨   PDM API Development
                                                           Development of API in ‘C’ and ‘C++’ flavor
   l   Porting Services: Primary and secondary             to enable the end user with a quick
       platforms (UNIX) (GUI porting was done              customization capability of PDM software to
       onsite)                                             suit the relevant business needs. This API
                                                           is presently being used for development of
   Benefits                                                a web client. This would also enable users
   The client is able to rollout products for new          to write C/C++ clients.
   platforms quickly, and thus overcome any
   possibility of losing market share in its core      ¨   COM Interface with PDM
   product segment. Products can now be released           Implementation of the COM interfaces,
   simultaneously in more than six platforms. Also,        which supports automation for the PDM
   turnaround time improvements of over 100%               software. This will enable the user to quickly
   (from a cycle of 82 days to 35 days for server          write a client program using these COM
   products and from 55 days to 28 days for client         interfaces in any interpreted language such
   products) were achieved. The development                as Visual Basic to interact with PDM
   centers can operate on a 24-hour basis, on              software.
   specific demands.
                                                       ¨   Address Management with OODB
   Geometric Software
                                                           Developed an address management module
   Some of our Successes in CAD-PDM Integration:           for the civil engineering software. The
   ¨   PDM to AutoCAD/MDT Integration                      module provides access to a core database
                                                           and you can build different temporary
       Complete development of an integration
                                                           databases from it, as per requirement. This
       product between AutoCAD Mechanical

www.nasscom.org                                                    NASSCOM’s Market Intelligence Service
                                                                                      Issue No. 10 Page 10

   NASSCOM           TM
                                                                                                           Issue No. 10
       is done through windows dialogues as the             management (storage, retrieval and
       front-end and ObjectStore object database            control) of data between AutoCAD/MDT and
       as the back-end database engine.                     PDM software.

   ¨   PDM to AutoCAD/MDT Integration                   (This is an indicative list based on information
       Complete development of an integration           available with NASSCOM. Any company who is
       product between AutoCAD Mechanical               doing work in this space is welcome to share
       Desktop and a PDM package. The product           such information with NASSCOM at the
       enables a convenient transfer and                earliest.)

   Disclaimer : This report is published by NASSCOM for the exclusive use of its members. This
   report has been prepared using sources believed to be reliable and accurate. NASSCOM does not
   accept any liability for any direct or consequential use of this report or its contents. The information
   and opinions contained in this report are subject to change without notice. The contents of this
   report may be reproduced only after prior permission from NASSCOM.

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