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									MARSHALL’S SEPTIC INSPECTION ORDER FORM                                PLEASE PRINT
Marshall’s Septic Tank Cleaning Service, Inc      Phone: 540-898-0779 Fax: 540-891-1311
4610 Overview Drive                                  E-mail:
Fredericksburg, VA 22408-8774
       We can not inspect a system without pumping the septic tank.
       Water and electric needs to be on to test the system.
       Inspections are good for thirty days.
       On all foreclosures and short sales, payment is required at the time.
       On all foreclosures and short sales form of payment is to be cashiers check, certified check,
        money order, or cash. No personal checks.
       Payment is to be rendered regardless of closing status.
       Should the property not be settled at the listed time of closing, call ASAP with status.

Ordered by____________________________________________________Phone:__________________
Company name ________________________________________________ Fax: ___________________
Company address______________________________________________________________________
City_________________________________________ State____________ Zip Code________________
Circle: Sale or Refinance
                                   Property Information
Seller’s Name___________________________________________ Phone: _______________________
Address of Sale Property_________________________________________________________________
City__________________________________________ State______________ Zip Code_____________

Age of Home_______ Number of Bedrooms __________ Last Time Pumped ______________________
                                        Closing Information
Closing Attorney or Title Company__________________________________________________________
City_______________________________ State__________________ Zip Code____________________
Fax________________________ Phone __________________Closing Date_______________________
                                              Type of loan
VDHA (HUD)______ date of survey (if HUD) ________________
If a HUD loan and it has been surveyed please send a copy of survey.
                                    Agent Information
Agent _______________________________________________ Phone: _________________________
Address __________________________________________ Fax: ______________________________


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