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									To:    Terminating Tweeter Employees

Date: October 31, 2008

As has been communicated recently, the cash position of Tweeter is a major issue
affecting the future of the organization. Today we are conducting a significant
reduction in our workforce and your position is directly affected by this reduction. We
apologize that our current financial situation did not allow for advance notice.

Your last day with Tweeter will be today. You will receive your paycheck representing
work for this week, including today. You will receive this check via express mail by
tomorrow. If you had accrued, but unused vacation, you have also been paid for that
amount. You have already received your regular payroll check for the prior two
weeks’ work.

You have been provided with a handout covering how to apply for unemployment and
the continuation of applicable benefits. If you have any questions, please contact
Kristen Gallagher, Benefits Manager, at (781) 830 – 3205.

Our lack of cash has precluded us from offering a severance package. It is possible
that we will be able to offer one in the future, but this is not guaranteed.

We ask that you gather your personal belongings and vacate the building as quickly as
practical. Should you have personal effects too large or too numerous to take with
you today, you can call me to set up a time to come back.

We will need to collect your access card, company credit card(s), laptop, blackberry,
keys and any other company property before you leave.

I realize that this is a difficult day for you and there is little comfort in knowing you’re
not alone. The Company is grateful for your service and dedication during a period
that has been difficult at best. Your energy and contributions are appreciated.


Craig Boucher
Chief Restructuring Officer

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