Time Management - Six Most Important Things List

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					Time Management - Six Most Important Things List
The single most valuable resource we have is TIME! Effective Time Management.begins with your 6 Most Important Things

May Kay encourages everyone to take time at the end of each day to create our 6 Most Important Things List for the following
day. As we all work to juggle the different roles we play each day, here’s one way to organize your list.

(This will fit in your Focus Folder, I use the regular notebook paper size)Use a spiral notebook about the size of your datebook
for your to-do’s list. Every single to do goes into this book. Use the facing page each day to record phone messages so that you
have a full snapshot of your day at all times. No more lost sticky notes and pieces of paper jammed into your wallet!

Don’t be surprised if, by doing your 6 Most Important Things List each day, you find yourself eliminating tasks that are not in
support of your goals and even more fun – delegating tasks that can easily be done by someone else!

Across the top of your page, write out your single most important Mary Kay goal for the week. What we think about is what does
come about!

First Heading: Mary Kay Consultant (Booking – Selling – Recruiting)
1. …..
2. …..
3. …..
4. …..
5. …..
6. …..
Second Heading: Your J.O.B whether that job is inside or outside the home
1. …..
2. …..
3. …..
4. …..
5. …..
6. …..
Third Heading: Personal (Here is where we list the errands, the appointments, the deadlines that we cannot afford to miss!)
1. …..
2. …..
3. …..
4. …..
5. …..
6. …..

I also Track The people I need to call, And Notes I need to send out for the week At the bottom of the sheet.

Put an A next to the to-do that must be done by you and only you that day. A B if it should be done by you that day (these may
slip onto to the next day list) and a C if it would be nice if you could do it that day (these are the ones to delegate)

In The Back of my Spiral notebook in the Back Page:
Supplies you may need to order from MK:
Section One
Section Two
Supplies you need to get- Maybe at the office Supply Store
Have a copy of your PCP list in your Folder

Weekly Plan Sheet I paper clip this to the front of my spiral notebook
Color Code: Pink MK Time, Green MK Selling Time, Purple-Personal Time, Blue-Spiritual Time, Yellow-Family Time
Black-Other Job
Make Several Copies of the plan sheet-I have one with me, one on the refrigerator and one in the car.
On The Back Side I have our meals planned out and out grocery list is on the back. so as we run out of things in the
house we just write it on the list.
Weekly Accomplishment Sheet & Weekly Plan Sheet are both HUGE Team Building Materials for me. Share copies of
sheets with sister consultants so that you can have different consultants backgrounds that may be closer to her
I have 5 Tote Bags, One for each day of the week-So When I make Deliveries I put that reorder in that bag for that day. Keeps
me so organized.
Have plenty of Hostess Packets made up ahead of time 25,50,100 at a time
Have Team Building Packets made up ahead of time 25,50,100 at a time.
Have Team building cassettes, CD, and Videos in mass quantity think BIG!

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