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					                                            W I T H                    J A N                 D E           V R I E S

                                           ‘Naturally the best since 1955’
                                                                                                       ISSUE 33 • SUMMER 2010

 Jan de Vries
 W      R      I      T     E      S      ...Medicine through the Ages, Part two
“Nobody will ever be able to Our story of Medicine through the ages continues,
deny the great achievements where we left off last issue, with the Middle ages
   of medical science. We
                                                                   Jan de Vries
 need science, however we
should never become slaves
 of science. Science should   The Middle Ages                            It existed only on the basis of old dogmas and
                                                                         there were many different sects which fought
serve humanity and not the
     other way around!”
             Jan de Vries
                                 fter the death of Galen, medicine
                                 practically came to a standstill. This
                                 status quo continued almost until the
                                                                         one another.
                                                                           Paracelsus (1493 – 1541)
                                         end of the fifteenth century. Physicians of
                                         this period had the tendency to arrange all
                                                                                             Paracelsus was the first physician who dared
                                                                                             to oppose the ruling class of rigid authorities
                                         diseases according to a systematic pattern          and medical dogmatism. He strongly protested
                                         and the treatment of these corresponded             against the exaggerated scientific approach to
                                         to specific rules. Under the semblance of            medicine, which very often prevented the right
                                         exactitude, medicine again had fallen into          curative treatment. Paracelsus travelled far;
                                                   dogmatism. Like today, medicine
                                         a rigid dogm                                        he went through all of Europe, from Turkey
                                         deviated more and more from the practical           to Sweden and from France to Poland, eagerly
                                         truth and often failed when treating patients.      collecting knowledge about many different
                                               Galen n oticed that people wanted             ways of healing from universities, physicians
                                         remedies, pha  armacology and the preparation       and folk medicine.
                                         of drugs becam ever more important. The first             The result was something completely
                                         period of the Middle Ages was called the Period     new, and – against the expectations of other
                                         of the Monks. In the year 1130 the monks were       physicians – he often accomplished real
                                         forbidden to prractice medicine, the first schools   miracle cures of diseases that the official
                                         of medicine w opened in Salerno and                 medicine of his day could not heal. This was
                                         Montpelier. Th Greek medicine was taught            possible because he used treatments similar
                                         in combinatio with the healing methods              to ones used by Hippocrates and his disciples.
                                         of the Arabs. E women were admitted to              Paracelsus used to say the following: “There,
                                         these schools. Later there were other European      where nature, somewhere in the body, produces
                                         universities where philosophy, which was            pain many toxins have accumulated, which the
                                         highly valued, became a component of medical        organism tries to get rid of.”
                                         education.                                               Paracelsus studied the course of disease.
                                               All the sa the medicine of the Middle         Only if nature could not heal a disease should
                                         Ages was still in most respects just an imitation   the physician interfere and support the efforts
                                           of medicine in the heyday of the ancient world.   of the organism to expel the toxins. Just like

         j d       h l        k
                                                                                                           realized the dangers of such a one-sided
                                                                                                            medical approach. Santorio and his followers
                                                                                                            pointed out how dangerous it is to prevent
                                                                                                             the natural secretions of the body. In that
                                                                                                              case caustic and irritating residues of
                                                                                                               metabolism can accumulate and pain
                                                                                                               will develop in the joints, the nerves, the
                                                                                                                muscles, the tendons, the eyes and the
                                                                                                                lungs, as well as inflammation, secretion
                                                                                                                 and deposits.
                                                                                                                       These toxins can also cause
                                                                                                                  degeneration in the brain and the bone
                                                                                                                   marrow. (This deserves more notice,
                                                                                                                   because even today the cause of most
                                                                                                                    diseases of the nervous system still
                                                                                                                     seems to be unknown!)

                                                                                                                        The English Hippocrates
                                                                                                                    Sydenham (1624 – 1689), an
                                                                                                  physician known as ‘The English Hippocrates’
                                                                                encouraged the excretion of superfluous body fluids. He prescribed
                                                        physicians of former    remedies to strengthen the stomach and according to him any one-sided
                                     times he supported the excretion of        diet in the long run could do more harm than good. This time was often
                        toxins by way of the skin with all possible measures.   called the Golden Age of Medicine.
He prescribed a very personal diet for each patient, as well as remedies              In the Eighteenth century physicians aspired to help their patients as
for the liver, remedies to induce vomiting, different herbs, laxatives and      well as they could in any possible practical way. Medicine reached a very
treatments, which helped the patient to perspire. He left many wonderful        high standard and was characterised by highly developed philosophical
recipes behind. According to him many physicians could ‘only write recipes,     and practical thinking. This was supported by a many-sided knowledge
but they could not heal anybody’. He fought against specialization and said,    of practical healing methods of the past, which is totally unknown by
“Some specialists can do one thing and other specialists can do something       most physicians of our time.
else, but none of them have any real knowledge, as those who only know                Doctors in this time were of the opinion that most disease was due
part of an entirety know nothing at all!”                                       to the accumulation of toxins and that these toxins always should be
      According to him one of the main causes of disease was a poor             eliminated. This ‘humoral pathology’ had the great advantage, that the
metabolism, by means of which abnormal metabolic residues and surplus           physician always could use treatments which were immediately effective,
juices accumulated in the body. A sudden reflux of such substances into the      because thereby harmful toxins could be excreted by way of the skin of
interior of the body could provoke an apoplexy or other life-endangering        the intestines. This kind of treatment will always be valuable.
illness. Another important cause of illness was the suppression of habitual       Modern Science – Organised, Obedience and Standardised
excretions like perspiration, the respiration of the skin, menstruation and       Doctrines
the bleeding of piles. Also too much mental as well as physical stress was,
according to him, very dangerous.                                               Up until about 150 years ago medicine was more an art than a science.
      Paracelsus believed in astrology and was a convinced alchemist. In his    The physician could draw up his own recipes and on the basis of his
opinion, all diseases were of a chemical nature and he tried to cure these      experiments he could adapt these recipes exactly to the requirements and
with specific substances. During his entire life he tried to find the right       reactions of his patients.
causal remedies so that with these it would be possible to cure a disease            Around 1830 in the industrial countries, a new kind of medicine
immediately. Because of him potential remedies like lead, sulphur, iron and     developed which was based on scientific research. Medicine broke away
arsenic became known.                                                           from the old-fashioned healing methods of the past and physicians were
      Although the second half of the sixteenth century was a time of many      excited about the many new therapeutic possibilities.
discoveries in the field of anatomy and physiology, and one would have                From the year 1850 on, modern educational establishments and
thought medicine would have been influenced by this in the first place,           research centres were built, where young scientists and physicians
Paracelsus nevertheless remained the greatest physician of this period.         could be instructed. Every one of these centres had its own very definite
                                                                                standards which showed the exact procedures for scientific research and
                                                                                these centres could only afford to employ collaborators, who understood
  Medicine in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century                             and submitted to their rules. In the course of time this trend developed
Only in the seventeenth century did the influence of exact science become        more and the interests of each educational centre gradually became
stronger. It was a time in which mathematics, physics and chemistry were        more important than the joy of discovery, knowledge, enthusiasm and
the dominating principles in medicine. With much enthusiasm many                tolerance.
physicians tried to make good use of the new knowledge in their practice.            At the beginning of the twentieth century there were vast numbers
However, mainly because during that period most of the traditional              of scientists who almost without exception followed exact guidelines
empirical treatments were abolished, there were frequent failures.              which were determined by the medical and pharmaceutical authorities.
     Of course, in those times there were also several physicians who           At the same times the chemical/pharmaceutical industry became more

powerful and the major part of research was promoted and supported                   As a result, analytical research and the dispersal of medicine in
by that industry. Today more than ever the objective of most research is       innumerable special branches were speeded up even more. Because
the development of new pharmaceutical products. In order to develop            of this very interesting development, the former humoral pathology
these products, the pharmaceutical industry employs young scientists           was totally edged out. While formerly the quantitative and qualitative
who today, in most cases, are employed only for a fixed period. After two       composition of the body juices, especially the blood, was the most
or three years it is decided if their achievements justify the renewal of      important cause of disease, now the cells were to blame for everything.
their contract. Although at the beginning the young scientist may have         People totally forgot that a healthy cell metabolism depends mostly on the
the feeling that it is possible to work independently without interference,    condition of the nutrients, which are supplied by the blood.
after some time it will be realized that the results of his or her research          Since this ousting of humoral pathology by the cellular pathology
are appreciated only when they comply with the wishes of the employer.         of Virchov, the healing of innumerable, especially chronic, diseases has
If, because of philanthropic reasons and love of truth, this young scientist   become problematic and often impossible. In the narrow field of this
dared to question some of the expected results, pretty soon he or she          one-sided vision it is no longer possible to grasp the deeper cause of the
would have to look for a new job.                                              different symptoms and to choose the right treatment.
      Most scientists stick to the rules, as for them this is above all a            Without a general treatment of the entire body, locally applied
question of survival. In today’s scientific community every scientist who is    healing methods, or tinkering around with the symptoms, are in the
not financially independent has to submit to patronage by authorities or        long run not only unsuccessful, but also dangerous. The very valuable
majorities. Even if a scientist because of his intelligence and his capacity   experience of former well-known physicians has been totally ignored
for work accomplishes something exceptional, this has to be within the         and in our time this has caused an immense impoverishment of healing
established borders; under these circumstances many scientists lose their      possibilities.
creative talents.                                                                    During the past hundred years there have been great achievements
      During the development of medical drugs exact threshold limits will      in the field of chemistry and technical science and many dreams have
be determined which in general have very little to do with their practical     come true. Without these achievements we would not know many of
use. These limits – which mostly derive from animal experiments –              the comforts of modern life. Conventional medicine uses innumerable
have been adjusted according to economic policies and only rarely for          technical appliances and instruments and many physicians would feel
health reasons. Established limits, which should be based on practical         completely lost without them.
experience gained with patients, have in these cases been decided in a               Treating a patient originally meant that the physician had to treat
totally unscientific manner.                                                    the patient by using his hands. We should never forget that the mere
      Although in the industrial countries the pharmaceutical industry         touch of the physician during the examination of the patient already
is subjected to very strict supervision, the authorities, as well as most      has a healing influence on the patient. This is very important. Personal
physicians, have to depend on the scientific findings of industry. They          contact between the physician and the patient will always be needed.
all know very little about microbiology and therefore are only seldom                Nevertheless many modern diagnostic procedures and technical
able to correctly assess the real dangers of a remedy. Because today’s         inventions can help us, as they can confirm our guesses and suspicions
physicians do not develop their own recipes any more, they have to             concerning certain diseases. Also modern technical appliances can
make do with the prescriptions of the pharmaceutical industry and at           back up some healing methods which have been known for thousands
university medical students get much information about all kinds of            of years in a positive way, and sometimes simplify them. However, it
pharmaceutical products. The pharmaceutical industry promotes its              should never be forgotten that these are only auxiliary measures and
products at universities to a very specific pattern. Later on, physicians       that the physicians of olden times could treat and often heal diseases
receive further training from pharmaceutical consultants, during               which now seem to be incurable without their help. Empathy, intuition
conventions and other scientific events. As the sponsors of conventions         and experience are far more important for a good physician than even
are often pharmaceutical companies, it seems logical that most of the          the best technical appliances.
professional know-how given is quite specific. Afterwards all this new
knowledge and new medication will be tried out on the patients.
      It is an interesting observation that pharmaceutical companies,
                                                                                 In this issue:
which manufacture insecticides and herbicides as well as food
                                                                                 Medicine through the ages                              Page 1-3
concentrates and additives, are all in some direct or indirect way partly
responsible for the disease which afflict so many people in today’s society.      Research News                                          Page 4
                                                                                 Focus on Quercetin                                     Page 5
  High-Tech Medicine and the Decline of Our Therapeutic
  Abilities                                                                      Food that feeds acne?                                  Page 6-7
The great progress in microscopy, physiology, pathology and                      Red meat - friend or foe?                              Page 8
pharmacology in the second half of the nineteenth century and the
beginning of the twentieth century was really admirable. More was                The Natural approach to IBS                            Page 9
constantly being learned about the human body and about many physical            Is a Vegetarian diet healthier?                        Page 10-12
processes. Rudolf Virchow (1821 – 1902) enriched medicine with his
work on leukaemia, embolism, thrombosis and many other diseases.                 Back Issues available                                  Page 13
However, his most important contribution was his discovery of cellular           Questions and Answers                                  Page 14
pathology (1858), which is still fundamental for the diagnosis and
treatment of disease. Thereby Virchow concluded that the cells are the           Letters                                                Page 15
most important units of life; for him disease was always the consequence
of a disturbance of the normal functioning of the cells of the human body.


                                                 Opening of our new shop in Shawlands

    I  t is with the greatest pleasure that I inform our readers of the opening of our new shop at 43 Kilmarnock Road, Shawlands.
              Our Manageress, Ghaz who has been working in the Health Food trade for many years, was also a trainer of A.Vogel’s Bioforce products,
       and in this regard has a wide knowledge of herbal remedies, and is on hand to offer advice.
         The shop stocks a wide variety of Health Foods, including (dairy, gluten and wheat free products), supplements, and herbal remedies, and
    a unique range of skin care products, including a new 100% natural Calendula Cosmetic range. We have treatment rooms within our shop, and
    appointments are available with our various therapists.
         It is well worth a visit to this shop. Our staff will be only too pleased to provide you with any help or advice you may require.

                                                            RESEARCH NEWS
                 Growing support for Red Yeast Rice

    B       ack in 2008 (issue 28, available as a download from our website) In Touch
            ran a feature entitled ‘What to do when Statin’s just don’t suit you’.
            Following that article we received numerous letters and emails echoing
    the problems some people had with their cholesterol lowering medication.
         Since then, there has been a considerable amount of research involving
    the use of Red Yeast Rice by those people who can’t tolerate the side effects
    from the statin group of cholesterol lowering drugs. In 2009 a paper was
    published that looked at this very issue in which the authors commented that
    muscle pain and inflammation was cited in some 1023 articles (between July
    1993 – April 2009) and affected some 10% of statin users. The onset of muscle
    pain was also noted to start from 1 week through to 48 months after starting the
    medication. The study went on to test red yeast rice (RYR) in those people who
    could not tolerate the side effects associated with their statins. Although the study
    only ran for six months the results were impressive and highlighted that, over the six
    months, the RYR supplement did not trigger muscle pains and was very well tolerated
    by those who previously endured statin related muscle pains. The RYR also had significant
    cholesterol lowering effects. In a follow up study published this year in the American Journal of
    Cardiology RYR was again used in those people who has previous adverse reactions to statins and
    again the same positive result was seen; RYR was well tolerated and achieved a comparable reduction
    of cholesterol in those previously intolerant to statins.
         As the author of both papers sums up; ‘Statin-associated myalgia (muscle pain) is an important clinical
    problem that will likely become more prevalent owing to the ever expanding indications for statin use. Although no definitive
    conclusions could be drawn, our data showed that the red yeast rice was as well tolerated as pravastatin and achieved
    similar and clinically significant levels of LDL cholesterol reduction in a population with previous statin intolerance.’

4                                                                    W I T H   J A N   D E   V R I E S
                  Focus on
Proving the saying that an ‘apple a day
keeps the doctor away!’

I   t’s ironic that when mentioning quercetin to most people you
    get a rather blank expression back in return when you consider
    that this is one of the most abundant plant compounds around.
Quercetin is chemically classified as a flavonol, closely related to
the group of plant chemicals known as flavonoids (as a group of
                                                                                 drug known as sodium
                                                                                 chromoglycate. In fact, if
                                                                                 you compare their chemical
                                                                                 structure there is a striking
                                                                                 likeness! As well as helping to prevent the release of histamine a lot of
compounds, flavonoids include both flavonols and flavanols, both                    quercetin’s effects on allergy may be down to its anti-inflammatory
of which have subtle differences but generally act as antioxidants).             actions.
      In general, flavonoids comprise a group of many different complex
compounds that are responsible for giving plants their variety of colours.         Effects on inflammation
However, being present in so many plants it’s inevitable that flavonoids          So many common health problems have inflammation as a core
form a big part of the human diet, just so long as you consume a good mix        process making a list of potential effects almost impossible. Quercetin
of fruits and vegetables that is! The compound of interest in this article,      achieves this action via its established anti-histamine actions in
quercetin, is most abundant in apples (with their skins), onions, berries        conjunction with an ability to inhibit the formation of inflammatory
(especially the dark ones), brassica’s (cabbage, Brussels, broccoli) and         chemicals known as prostaglandins and leukotrines. Significant anti-
many seeds and nuts all of which have been associated with improved heart        inflammatory actions may only be achieved by a dose in the region
health and cancer avoidance.                                                     of 500mg making supplements of quercetin the only real way of
                                                                                 obtaining this.
  The secret of its actions
There is no real secret that one of quercetin’s main features is one of anti-      Effects on heart health
oxidation. In other words the protection against the continuous damaging         It is thought that in addition to its antioxidant activity quercetin may
effects of being alive has on important structures and chemicals in our          beneficially influence the stickiness of blood platelets. The incidence
bodies. As mentioned above, all flavonoid compounds have this action but          of stroke has been found to be reduced in those eating foods high in
what sets quercetin apart from others in its family is the ability to exert an   natural quercetin but it’s difficult to say that this action is totally related
anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine like action. Quercetin helps reduce          to the quercetin content and not other lifestyle factors.
the free radical (oxidation) action on LDL cholesterol. In other words, it
helps prevent damage to the LDL molecule that triggers it to damage the            Effects on cancer risk
lining of the artery which in turn causes the narrowing that eventually          Interestingly, quercetin has been tested in the lab against cells isolated
leads to coronary artery disease. It is thought that this action is the result   from known malignant tumors derived from a variety of regions;
of quercetin protecting the vitamin E (that travels with the LDL) from           colon, ovary, breast, endometrium, stomach and lung. In all cases
becoming oxidized. Adding vitamin C to the mixture boosts this action            the quercetin has demonstrated anti-proliferative actions. In other
even further. In nature, both vitamin C and quercetin occur together but in      words, it has slowed or stopped the cancerous cells from dividing
supplements containing quercetin it’s good to take one that combines the         and reproducing. It must be understood that this is a laboratory test
two in one preparation for this very reason.                                     and not a clinical trial but all conventional drugs start this way and
Additional actions of quercetin extend to improving allergic states. Studies     it’s only lavish funding that allows progression of the lab research to
have shown that the membranes that surround the histamine containing             clinical research! So far, quercetin has exhibited impressive, albeit
cells, known as mast cells, are stabilized by the addition of quercetin. In      experimental, anti-tumor activity. What’s more, in the early 90’s two
doing this, the mast cells do not rupture when exposed to an allergen and        papers published findings suggesting that quercetin may actually
histamine is not released into the system where it can cause all the adverse     improve the effects of chemotherapeutic drugs given for ovarian cancer.
effects associated with allergy and sensitivity. This action appears to be
particularly effective in respiratory allergies such as hay fever.                 Toxicity and use
                                                                                 Quercetin looks to be very safe. There have been no worries regarding
  Effects on allergies                                                           toxicity and it has been used safely as a supplement for many years. In
The ability of quercetin to stabilize the membrane surrounding the body’s        general, doses of up to 500mg twice a day can be used safely but lower
allergy ‘bags’ known as mast cells resembles the effects of the allergy          doses may offer good over all health protection.

Can food really
feed acne?
Anyone who has suffered from acne would, at
some point, have been told to avoid sugar or
adopt some other dietar y change in an attempt to
clear their skin. Special skin diets have worked their
way in and become somewhat of an urban legend but
is there any evidence that they work and exactly how
can food be linked to spots?

   I   t has been estimated that between 80-90% of all adolescents
       will suffer from acne in some form or another. With such a
       high number of potential sufferers it’s easy to see how popular
   dietary tips become when sufferers bestow the virtues of cutting
   out a certain food group, attributing the improved skin to their
                                                                                   the level of a special protein in the blood that binds up with the excessive
                                                                                   circulating free androgens (the troublesome hormones that kick start
                                                                                   the oil production in the skin to start with) making it unavailable and so
                                                                                   unable to stimulate the oil glands. These concepts have been supported by
                                                                                   a number of studies and can now be considered a firm recommendation;
   special diet. Science is slowly catching up with the observations
   made in the clinic and reviews of published research are starting
   to firm up all the recommendations. What is becoming clear is                         Key point 1. Adopt a low GI diet and avoid
   that skin is a very food sensitive organ. That’s right, skin is an                        obvious sugar and sweet foods.
   organ and, weighing in at 8 pounds (3.6Kg) and covering some 22
   square feet (2 square metres), is considered to be the largest organ
   in the body. It is odd that such a big organ should be thought of                Dairy products
   as being just a covering and insensitive to the food we eat; but for
                                                                                   Foods based in cow’s milk have always been a keen focal point from
   years conventional medicine has neglected the requirements and
                                                                                   the naturopathic point of view but we have come in for criticism from
   sensitivities of this vital organ.
                                                                                   the Dairy Council and other pro-dairy organisations for offering advice
         Classic adolescent acne is fairly simple to explain but can be a
                                                                                   with no real evidence to support it. However, the facts are clear to see;
   nightmare to manage. Typically, the skin does what it’s told. As hormones
                                                                                   from a clinical perspective, those who reduce or cut their dairy intake
   increase during this phase of life the skin’s oil glands just do what they
                                                                                   notice an improvement in their acne! The good news is we now have
   are told; make oil. As a result the glandular regions of the skin get swollen
                                                                                   good evidence to support this recommendation. Two large scale studies
   and inflamed which can encourage bacteria to set up home and infect
                                                                                   (involving over 6,000 girls and over 4,000 boys aged between 9 and 15
   the hair follicle. This is normally seen as the classic superficial acne with
                                                                                   years old) concluded that 20% of girls and 16% of boys were more likely
   whiteheads. If the infection works deeper to infect the gland itself the
                                                                                   to develop acne if they consumed more than 2 servings of cow’s milk per
   acne takes on a different look, becoming the more troublesome cystic
                                                                                   day compared to those who consumed less than one serving per week. At
   acne. The picture research now suggests goes a long way to support many
                                                                                   the heart of this finding lies the link again between insulin and the special
   of the dietary recommendations that naturopaths have been making for
                                                                                   protein that can bind up the excessive circulating androgens. Milk and
   years with a couple of surprises.
                                                                                   milk product consumption appears to drive up insulin production. This
                                                                                   triggers an increased testosterone (one of the troublesome androgens
       High sugar foods                                                            and triggered by an increase in insulin-like growth factor 1; aka IGF-1)
   What the research suggests takes the concept of avoiding sugar to the           production with an associated decrease on the protein that binds up with
   next level. A diet that is high in sugar or high glycaemic index (high          and deactivates it known as sex hormone binding globulin, aka: SHBG.
   GI) foods contribute to the hormonal influences that trigger the acne in         Avoiding dairy reverses this situation in a similar way as we described
   the first place. It’s not that sugar causes acne, it is more likely reducing     in the section on sugar above. We can say with confidence, and with
   sugar (by following a low GI diet) improves the sensitivity of the skin to      the support of a number of studies that we can make a second firm
   insulin (the key sugar regulating hormone) which, in turn, increases            recommendation;

      Key point 2. Avoid dairy products where
      possible or limit to a very small serving.
                                                                              JDV Diary Dates
 Fatty foods
                                                                                                RADIO DATES
                                                                                          Ayr Hospital Radio: 12 noon - 12.15
While it’s wrong to say that fatty foods cause oily skin we need to look      Monday 5th July, Monday 2nd August, Monday 27th September,
a bit deeper to see why certain fats help skin’s while others appear to            Monday 22nd November, Monday 20th December
aggravate so much. In general, naturopaths advise to cut saturated fats                  U105 - Radio Belfast 2.10 - 2.45 p.m.
(animal fats derived from red meats and processed meat products) in                 Thursday 9th September, Thursday 4th November
favour of vegetable or fish derived oils. The secret can be found in the
rather clever chemistry associated with a change in fat intake. Swapping
over to the omega-3 oils is the key factor. A diet excessively high in             LECTURE/SHOP VISITS 2010
omega-6 oil is known to be pro-inflammatory and aggravating to acne.               Thursday 1st July Largs Shop, 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.
Conversely, a diet high in omega-3 is significantly anti-inflammatory.           Thursday 15th July Shawlands Shop, 2.00 p.m. - 7.00 p.m.
Again we discover the regular players are involved in this observation,        Monday 26th July Newington Shop, 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
namely IGF-1 and its androgen triggering effect. A diet high in saturated
fat boosts IGF-1 levels and androgen production. Shifting to omega-3 oils       Tuesday 27th July Preston Shop, 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
reverses this and helps clear the system of excessive irritant hormones.     Wednesday 28th July Pinner Village Hall, Pinner, 19.00 - 20.30
We can say with confidence, and with the support or a number of studies        Lecture St Lukes Hospice (Tickets available: 0208 429 1336)
that we can make a third firm recommendation;                                  Thursday 29th July Bodywise Health Foods, Pinner, Shop Visit
                                                                                       from 09.00 - 13.00 (Tel: 0208 429 1336)
     Key point 3. Avoid saturated animal fat,                                               Friday 30th July Stranraer Shop
    eat more oily fish or take flax oil or fish oil                                           Friday 6th August Dumfries Shop
            (EPA/DHA) supplements                                            Thursday 12th August, John Bell and Croyden, Wigmore Street,
                                                                                           London 3.00 p.m. - 8.00 p.m.
 What have we learnt?                                                          Tuesday, 24th August Coop Lecture Theatre, Brayford Pool,
                                                                                    Lincoln 19.00 - 20.30 Lecture Lincolnshire and
The management of acne is never easy. There is a complex relationship                         Nottingham Air Ambulance
between age, hormones, genetics, diet, environment and lifestyle. What                    (Tickets Available: 01522 524 874)
is clear is that we can’t change someone’s sex or genetics; that is fairly
                                                                                     Wednesday 25th August Greens Health Foods,
fixed! Where we can make an influence is on what raw materials enter
                                                                                      Lincoln 09.00 - 13.00 (Tel 01522 524 8740)
the body and are utilised by the massive organ known as the skin. It’s
here we can make some significant and fundamental changes without               Thursday 26th August Largs Shop, 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
too much fuss and now supported by independent research from around             Sunday 12th September Rude Health Show in Ireland
the world. Environmental effects such as climate and the controversial                    (2 talks; 12 noon and 3.00 p.m.)
influences of hormonal contamination of food and water will always be         Monday 20th September Newington Shop, 9.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m.
an issue to consider and may affect certain individuals more than others.
                                                                             Tuesday 21st September Preston Shop, 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
      In approaching acne, diet should be considered to be a cornerstone
to which one can add supplements of flax oil or marine fish oils that          Wednesday 22nd September John Bell and Croyden, Wigmore
are naturally high in omega-3’s. Additional nutritional support can be                 Street, London 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.
obtained from the more specialist supplements such as Skin Factors           Thursday 23rd September Selfridges (Lloyds Pharmacy) Oxford
(Michaels Naturopathic formulas) or DermaKlear AkneZyme (Enzymatic                      Street, London 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.
Therapy) in conjunction with the skin cleansing soap also known as
                                                                             Monday 15th November Newington Shop, 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
                                                                             Tuesday 16th November Preston Shop 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
                                                                                Wednesday 17th and Thursday, 18th November Trip to
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Red meat –
                                            friend or foe?
In an issue of In Touch that comments on saturated fats and acne and the health benefits of
vegetarian living maybe it’s only right to take a fresh look at red meat! For so long we have
demonized red meat as the bringer of ills and cause of all manner of circulatory problems.
            However, can we still take this standpoint in the light of some ground-breaking

                                                O       n the surface of it, red meat does look to be an issue when
                                                        we consider heart health as an endpoint. Eating just 50g of
                                                        processed meat per day (similar portion size as a hot-dog
                                                sausage) has been shown to increase the risk of heart disease by
                                                a massive 42% and increase your risk of diabetes, a commonly
                                                associated complication to heart disease, by 19%.
                                                      The problem with making recommendations regarding meat
                                                 intake comes from the fact that until now, processed red meat and
                                                     unprocessed red meat have all been lumped together under one
                                                        heading in studies. When we look deeper into the similarities
                                                            and differences between the processed and unprocessed
                                                              meats we find similar cholesterol levels but processed meats
                                                               had up to 50% or more preservatives such as nitrates as
                                                                unprocessed meat. Such a high preservative content looks
                                                              to be responsible for the adverse health effects associated
                                                            with processed meat products. A paper published this May
                                                            in the journal Circulation is the first of its kind to actually
                                                         separate processed from unprocessed meat consumption; the
                                                     results are fascinating. The consumption of unprocessed meat was
                                                  not associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease!
                                                      Naturally, such breaking news is not intended to prompt or stimulate
                                                a surge in unprocessed red meat consumption but should reflect the
                                                importance of a food, that’s any foods, natural state. The study clearly
                                                identifies the addition of unnatural chemicals as a trigger for the food to
                                                behave differently once inside the human body. It’s important to keep in
                                                mind that along with the added nitrates already mentioned, processed
                                                meats also contain added sodium (salt) and even extra fat. We already
                                                know that excessive dietary salt elevates blood pressure and that the
                                                addition of chemicals such as nitrates promotes atherosclerosis (fatty
                                                hardening of the blood vessels) and insulin resistance (one of the causes
                                                of type-II diabetes) so it should not be such a surprise that processed
                                                meats trigger illness!
                                                      What the study underpins is that even a little red meat will probably
                                                do you no real harm if taken in its natural state and as part of a diet rich
                                                in variety and freshness and based in fruit and vegetables, whole grains,
                                                nuts and seeds.

                                The Natural Approach to
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Did you know that an estimated one in five people in the UK suffers from Irritable Bowel
Syndrome (IBS)? This makes it one of the most common disorders around. It usually develops
in young adults and teenagers, with women being twice as commonly affected as men.

S    ymptoms include pain and discomfort, which ‘comes and
     goes’ in various parts of the abdomen. The pain usually
     eases on passing wind or a stool. The symptoms vary
from constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, abdominal cramping, or
swinging between diarrhoea and constipation. Other symptoms
                                                                               Remember to:
                                                                                    Chew food well to initiate digestion
                                                                                    Cut down on fatty foods
                                                                               •    Cut down on sugar
include back pain, muscle pain, nausea, headaches, belching, poor
                                                                               •    Cut down on large meals
appetite, and tiredness. Symptoms can vary from mild to acute.
                                                                               •    Do not drink with meals as this dilutes the action of the
No real cause for IBS has been established. The main triggers and
                                                                                    digestive juices
aggravating factors for IBS tend to be stress, lack of dietary fibre
                                                                               •    Reduce stomach irritants such as salt, sugar, coffee, alcohol
and excess fatty food, intolerance to certain foods, hormones and
                                                                                    and strong spices
                                                                               •    Incorporate digestive herbs in the diet such as peppermint tea
                                                                               •    Fibre rich diet where appropriate
 The dietary approach                                                          •    Regular meals
It is important in IBS to moderate the intake of foods that are liable to      •    Sufficient fluid intake
ferment in the bowel such as those belonging to the brassicas, pulses, and     •    Sufficient physical activity
onion family. The diet should include well-cooked root vegetables and the      •    Probiotics
fibre intake derived mainly from cooked aerial vegetables with proteins         •    Low gas inducing foods
being delivered from easy to digest white meats and non-oily fish. Fibre        •    Peppermint oil
intake can be increased slowly over time. Suddenly adding a lot of fibre        •    Relaxation techniques
in the diet at one time can cause gas and bloating.
                                                                              Key supplements
Avoid or limit the following foods:
                                                                             Acidophilus (enteric coated if possible, such as Acidophilus Pearls) – to
•    Gluten (a protein found in wheat, barley and rye)                       rebalance colonic microflora and reduce fermentation, acidifying colon
•    Wheat                                                                   contents and stimulating natural bowel movements.
•    Dairy products                                                               Fructo-Oligosaccharides (FOS) – taken as a powder mixed into
•    Alcohol                                                                 warm water first thing in the morning, this preparation can help
•    Fried foods                                                             encourage beneficial bacterial growth as well as hydrating stools and
•    Any foods high in fat                                                   encouraging regular bowel function. Care needs to be taken to start at a
•    Artificial sweeteners                                                    very low dose to avoid excessive gas production and aggravation of colic
•    Chocolate                                                               and wind. FOS powders, such as Eliminex, are pleasant tasting and easy
•    Caffeine                                                                to incorporate in to a daily plan.
•    Carbonated drinks                                                            Digestive enzymes – These can be given in vegetarian form if
•    General dietary tips for Irritable Bowel Syndrome                       needed and will require an element of trial and error to adjust the dose
                                                                             and blend of enzyme ingredients to match the individual. Where gas and
Irritable bowel syndrome responds well to include eatin small meals          bloating are concerned cellulose splitting enzymes are indicated along
       frequently because large meals can contribute to ssymptoms like       with enzymes for fat, casein and gluten. These are all contained in a well
            bloating and stomach pain. Also, eat slowly a chew your          balanced enzyme supplement called Gluten Defence.
                 food well. Eating too quickly causes you to swallow some         There are many natural remedies that can help ease the pain and
                       air, which causes gas.
                       a                                                     cramping associated with IBS. We reviewed one such herbal, called
                                                                             Clowns Mustard, in a past issue (Issue 24, available as a download from
                                                                             our website) of In Touch. 15-20 drops of this remedy can be taken in an
                                                                             egg cup of warm water 2-3 times a day or as needed. Clowns Mustard is a
                                                                             great muscle relaxant and many people find it soothes their colicky pains.

        Is a Vegetarian diet
                           a                                              l
Vegetarianism and veganism is growing in popularity. 7% of the population of the
           o               i        o
UK, approximately 5 million people, is vegetarian. This figure is growing at the rate
                i           h                                                  t
of 5,000 individuals each week, according to the UK’s Vegetarian Society. Historically,
                                p h
it tended to be religious groups that chose to forgo the consumption of meat and other
                                  r                                           n
animal products. Even, in more recent histor y, around the 1960’s, vegetarianism was
                                                                       p      w
still considered to be an unusual diet choice. So, why are so many people now tur ning
                  h                     n                                   g
vegetarian? Perhaps the most poignant reason is that the evidence is mounting to suggest
that this type of diet is actually better for our health.

  What is the difference between a Vegetarian and Vegan diet?           variety of food from the different food groups, and eating them as part

T      he Vegetarian Society defines a vegetarian as someone living       f balanced di in order to obtain optimal h l h Th should b a
                                                                        of a b l     d diet i d         b i      i l health. There h ld be
       on a diet of grains, pulses, nuts, seeds, vegetables and         balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals as well
       fruits, with or without the use of dairy products and eggs.      as fibre and water.
A vegetarian does not eat any meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish             A well-balanced vegan diet can provide most of the essential
or crustacea, or slaughter by-products. A vegan diet is one where       vitamins and minerals but eliminating all the animal products from
animal food sources including dairy, honey and eggs are completely      the diet does increase the risk of certain nutritional deficiencies. But
excluded from the diet. A vegan diet extends beyond diet, and is a      what does the scientific evidence say?
lifestyle choice where, for instance, they do not use anything from
animals such as leather for shoes.                                        Calcium and Vitamin D
                                                                        Calcium and vitamin D together are important for bone health and
There are three main classifications of vegetarian diets:
                                                                        adequate calcium intake may be a problem for vegans. Recent studies
1) Lacto-ovo vegetarian: This is the most common type where plant       of postmenopausal Asian women, who were vegetarian for religious
   foods, dairy products and eggs are included in the diet.             reasons, and had low intakes of protein and calcium showed spine or
2) Lacto-vegetarian: This is where dairy products are included but      hip bone mineral density (BMD) was significantly lower in long term
   eggs are not.                                                        vegans. An inadequate protein and low calcium intake has been shown
                                                                        to be associated with bone loss and fractures at the hip and spine in
3)    Total vegetarian or vegan: Due to animal food sources including   the elderly.
     dairy and eggs being completely excluded from the diet, the diet        Normally the best sources of calcium are considered to be bony
     may be low or inadequate in iodine, vitamin B12, iron, calcium,    fish and dairy products. For non fish and dairy eating people there
     zinc, riboflavin and vitamin D.                                     are other good sources such as dark green vegetables, tofu made
There are many reasons why people follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.    with calcium sulphate, calcium-fortified soya or rice milk, apple
It could be due to health, politics, cultural, economic reasons or a    juice, orange juice tofu, kale, tahini, almonds, okra, turnip greens,
combination.                                                            soyabeans, tempeh, almond butter, broccoli, bok choy, soya yogurt. The
                                                                        bioavailability of the calcium carbonate in the soya beverages and the
 Special Nutritional Considerations in Vegetarian and Vegan diets       calcium citrate malate in apple or orange juice is similar to that of the
A healthy diet should incorporate eating in moderation, eating a        calcium in milk.

     Vitamin D is essential for absorption of calcium from the gut.        benefits due to its higher content of fibre, folic acid, vitamins C and E,
Vitamin D is present in oily fish, eggs and dairy products in variable      potassium, magnesium and other phytochemicals. The fat content of
amounts. It is not found in plant foods. However, vegans can obtain        such diets tend to include more unsaturated fats. Vegan diets tend to
vitamin D from vegetable margarines, some soya milks and certain           contain even less saturated fat and cholesterol and have more dietary
other foods which are fortified with the vitamin or ensure an adequate      fibre. Vegans tend to be thinner, have lower serum cholesterol and
supply of sunlight.                                                        lower blood pressure which reduces their risk from heart disease,
     For vegans the form of vitamin is D2 which is substantially less      according to a recent study.
bioavailable than the animal-derived Vitamin D3.                               Research has shown vegetarians to suffer less heart disease,
                                                                           hypertension, obesity, diabetes, various cancers, diverticular disease,
  Iron                                                                     bowel disorders, gall stones, kidney stones and osteoporosis.
                                                                               According to the evidence criteria of the World Health Organisation
Absorption of iron is affected by many factors. Iron deficiency is
                                                                           and Food and Agriculture Organisation (WHO/FAO), cancer risk
believed to be fairly common in the general population and according
                                                                           reduction associated with a high intake of fruit and vegetables was
to the Vegan Society, vegans have a high dietary iron intake and
                                                                           assessed as probable or possible, risk of cardiovascular disease
although iron from plant sources is less well absorbed than that from
                                                                           (CVD) reduction as convincing, whereas lower risk of osteoporosis
meat, high levels of vitamin C in the diet enhances iron absorption.
                                                                           was assessed as probable. The evidence for a risk reducing effect of
Studies show that the iron status of vegans is usually normal, and iron
                                                                           consuming whole grains was assessed as possible for colorectal cancer
deficiency is no more common than in the general population. Sources
                                                                           and probable for type 2 diabetes and CVD. The evidence for a risk
of iron include wholegrain cereals and flours, leafy green vegetables,
                                                                           reducing effect of consuming nuts was assessed as probable for CVD.
blackstrap molasses, pulses such as lentils and kidney beans, and some
dried fruits.
                                                                             Heart Disease
  Vitamin B12                                                              Cardiovascular disease is the major cause of death in the UK
This vitamin is not present in plant foods so does pose a problem for      accounting for 50% of all deaths with the majority coming from
vegans. Vegetarians usually obtain B12 from fortified foods and free        coronary heart disease. It is known that vegetarians suffer lower
range eggs. For vegans, the best source would be foods fortified with       mortality from coronary heart disease compared to non-vegetarians.
B12 (including some plant milks, some soya products and some               This could be due to the lower blood cholesterol found in vegetarians.
breakfast cereals), yeast extract but vitamin B12 supplementation is       Vegans, compared with omnivores consume substantially greater
recommended.                                                               quantities of fruit and vegetables, which are rich in fibre, folic acid,
     Interestingly, a paper highlighted that although there is no active   antioxidants, and phytochemicals and is associated with lower blood
vitamin B12 in anything that grows out of the ground, it was found that    cholesterol concentrations, a lower incidence of stroke, and a lower
a group of Iranian vegans did not get vitamin B12 deficiency. It was        risk of mortality from stroke and ischaemic heart disease. Vegans also
discovered that the vegetables were grown in night soil (human manure).    have a higher consumption of whole grains, soya and nuts all of which
The vegetables were then eaten without being carefully washed and the      are known to provide significant cardioprotective effects. Many studies
amount of retained vitamin B12 from the manure rich soil was adequate      provide consistent results showing the low blood cholesterol levels of
to prevent vitamin B12 deficiency. The conclusion was that “strict         vegetarians compared to meat-eaters. One study found vegetarians to
vegetarians who do not practice thorough hand washing or vegetable         have cholesterol levels 10% lower than health conscious meat eaters.
cleaning may be untroubled by vitamin B12 deficiency.”
  Iodine                                                                   As a contributor to heart disease, strokes and kidney failure it is
Iodine is important for good thyroid function. In the British diet,        interesting to note that according to a number of studies, vegetarians
dairy is the primary source of iodine and some studies have indicated      have lower blood pressure than non-vegetarians and in addition
that vegans may have a low iodine intake. However, seaweeds are a          another study showed that the vegetarian diet has also been shown to
good source of iodine, and vegetables and grains can contain iodine        reduce blood pressure in hypertensive patients.
depending on the amounts in the soil. If iodine levels are found to be
low, supplementation would quickly address a low iodine level.               Obesity
                                                                           In general, vegetarians are thinner than meat-eaters. The British
  Zinc                                                                     Medical Association (1986) has stated that vegetarians have lower rates
Zinc is important for healthy skin and is essential for a healthy immune   of obesity. One study concluded that non meat eaters are thinner than
system and resistance to infection. Phytates contained in grains, seeds    meat eaters and this may be due, in part, to a higher intake of dietary
and legumes binds zinc and thereby decreases its bioavailability,          fibre, a lower intake of animal fat and only in men a lower intake of
so vegetarians are often considered to be at risk of zinc deficiency.       alcohol.
Foods rich in zinc are whole grains, legumes, soya products, beans
and lentils, yeast, nuts, seeds and wholegrain cereals. Pumpkin seeds        Gall Stones
provide one of the most concentrated vegetarian food sources of zinc.
                                                                           A study of over 750 women found the incidence of gall stones to be
                                                                           less frequent in vegetarians. 25% of non-vegetarians compared with
  Vegetarianism and health                                                 12% of vegetarians had gall stones. It is thought that this is due to
Increasing numbers of studies are showing that a vegetarian diet           vegetarians being leaner and having a diet higher in dietary fibre and
can actually benefit our health and are associated with many health         low in dietary cholesterol.

  Kidney stones                                                              showed that consumption of soya milk by vegetarians protected them
A study found the prevalence of kidney stones lower in vegetarians. A        against prostate cancer, and in other studies the use of dairy was
high intake of animal protein increases the urinary loss of calcium and      associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer .
oxalate. These are known risk factors in kidney stone formation. Meat             A vegetarian diet provides a variety of cancer-protective dietary
is also high in purines which leads to increased uric acid in the urine.     factors. In addition, obesity is a significant factor, increasing the
Urinary uric acid is also a risk factor for kidney stones.                   risk of cancer at a number of sites. Because the mean BMI of vegans
                                                                             is considerably lower than that of non-vegetarians, it may be an
  Osteoporosis                                                               important protective factor for lowering cancer risk.
Osteoporosis is the loss of calcium from bone tissue, leading to bones            Vegans consume more legumes, total fruit and vegetables,
that are brittle and liable to fracture. It is most commonly seen in         tomatoes, allium vegetables, fibre and vitamin C than omnivores. All
postmenopausal women. Some studies have suggested that vegetarians           of those foods are protective against cancer .
may be at lower risk of osteoporosis than non-vegetarians. The non-               Sir Kenneth Calman, Chief Medical Officer (1997) stated, “there
vegetarian diet generally contains higher amounts of sulphur, which          is a relationship between eating red meat and cancer.” The Oxford
is derived from animal protein. Dietary sulphur increases the acidity        Vegetarian Study found cancer mortality to be 39% lower among
of urine, which results in increased urinary calcium loss. Increased         vegetarians compared with meat-eaters. According to the Journal
urinary calcium loss is related to increased calcium loss from bone          of National Cancer Institute, vegetarians have lower rates of colon
tissue. Hip fractures associated with osteoporosis has been shown to be      cancer than non-vegetarians. Incidence of colon cancer has been
higher in countries consuming a diet high in animal protein.                 strongly linked to the consumption of meat. A study of over 88 000
      Research has shown that bone health is influenced by nutrients          women aged 34 to 59 years and found that women eating red meat
like vitamin D, vitamin K, potassium and magnesium and by foods              daily ran over twice the risk of developing colon cancer than women
such as soya and fruit and vegetables. Vegan diets do well in providing      eating red meat less than once a month.
a number of those nutrients. The maintenance of acid-base balance                 There is also evidence to suggest that a vegetarian diet is
is critical for bone health. A drop in extracellular pH stimulates bone      protective against breast cancer. This could be due to the increased
resorption because bone calcium is used to buffer the pH drop. An            fibre and reduced fat intake of vegetarian diets. Fibre is thought
acid forming diet, therefore, increases calcium excretion. A diet, such      to be protective by modifying circulating oestrogen levels. Studies
as the vegan diet, rich in fruit and vegetables that is typical of a vegan   of adolescent girls have shown age of menarche to be delayed in
diet has a positive effect on the calcium economy and markers of bone        vegetarians. Later age of menarche is believed to lower the risk of
metabolism in men and women. The high potassium and magnesium                breast cancer in adult life.
content of fruit and vegetables promotes bone resorption. Higher                  A study of the incidence of prostate cancer amongst 14,000
intakes of potassium are associated with greater bone mass density of        Seventh Day Adventists found a relationship between increased risk
the femoral neck and lumbar spine of premenopausal women.                    and increasing animal product consumption. The study also found
                                                                             pancreatic cancer to be associated with consumption of animal

                                                                             Vegeetarian diets tend to be high in complex carbohydrates and dietary
                                                                             fibre which has a beneficial effect on carbohydrate metabolism,
                                                                             loweering blood sugar levels. Other contributing factors could be
                                                                             that vegetarians are more likely to be leaner and diabetes is often
                                                                             associated with higher blood cholesterol levels and the vegetarian
                                                                             diet offers protection against this.

                                                                               Vegetarian or non vegetarian diet?
                                                                             There is evidence to show that following a well-planned vegetarian
In addition to a high intake of fruit and vegetables, vegans also tend to
                                                                             or vegan diet can be healthy and in some instances individuals
have a high intake of tofu and other soya products. Soya isoflavones are
                                                                             may enjoy better health than meat eaters. Vegans have more
suggested to have a beneficial effect on bone health in postmenopausal
                                                                             considerations in their diet due to the additional lack of eggs. In
                                                                             general, vegans are thinner, have a lower serum cholesterol and
                                                                             blood pressure and have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.
  Cancer                                                                     Vegans concerned about lacking in certain vitamins or minerals in
Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Britain, accounting           their diet, which can only be found in meat, for instance vitamin B12
for 25% of all deaths. It has been estimated that diet may be linked         can normally overcome this by supplementation.
to 30-70% of cancers. In western society, vegans consume more tofu                 Although there are studies to show that vegetarians may suffer
and other soya products than meat eaters. Consumption of isoflavone-          less from heart disease, some cancers, hypertension and type 2
containing soya products during childhood and adolescence protects           diabetes, one should also consider that often people following a
women against the risk of breast cancer in later life, whereas a high        vegetarian diet will also be more interested in their general lifestyle
childhood dairy intake has been associated with an elevated risk of          than meat eaters and therefore may not smoke and keep other dietary
colorectal cancer in adulthood according to an article in the American       principles such as not drinking to excess and keeping their fat and
Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Data from the Adventist Health Study          salt intake at a recommended level.

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                                                                                K2. Both these are easily taken once a day, at breakfast and both have a
       Can you suggest a natural remedy for swollen ankles.
                                                                                proven track record in supporting healthy bone structure and stimulating
                                                                                bone growth. You can take vitamin D3 as a single tablet (1000iu) along
                                                                                with 2 capsules of Natto K2. The vitamin D3 boosts the absorption of
                                                                                calcium from your gut while the Natto K2 stimulates the formation of
                                                                                bone proteins that is needed for the calcium to stick to. Seeing as these
Q      According to my doctor they are not bad enough for                       are easily taken in one go this should give you a convenient supplement
                                                                                option. My only word of warning regarding the K2 is that those on blood
       water tablets but I feel they are unsightly!
                                                                                thinning drugs should not take it.
There is a gentle kidney tonic formulated by Dr Vogel that combines pure
plant extracts into one convenient formula known as Solidamin Complex.                  Can you recommend a garlic preparation that is not
At the heart of this formula is Solidago that can also be taken in the form     Q       oil based. These give me dreadful heartburn. I really
of ‘Kidney tea’, also known as Golden Grass Tea. We reviewed this herb                  value garlic and am looking for a simple alternative.
back in issue 20 of In Touch (available as a back issue or download from
our website) where we highlighted the special action of this herb on the        I agree, garlic is an amazing food. It can help you fight infections,
kidneys. Unlike conventional water tablets, Solidago appears to improve         improve the quality of your blood and reduce the risk of problems related
water excretion without the loss of minerals and other vital substances         to ‘sticky’ blood, lower your blood fats and protect your lungs. However,
from the body.                                                                  there are so many more uses. Because you are looking for a replacement
                                                                                for fresh garlic oil I would suggest the one-a-day product called
                                                                                Garlinase Fresh. This is the closest you are going to get to the fresh garlic
       Can you explain the difference between a prebiotic and
Q      a probiotic. There is a lot written about products but I                 bulb in a tablet form. It contains one of the highest concentrations of
                                                                                garlic currently available and its patented Swiss manufacturing processes
       can’t find much to help me understand the difference.
                                                                                insures purity and effectiveness in just one tablet.
In a nutshell, a prebiotic helps promote the growth of friendly bacteria
whereas a probiotic actually delivers the friendly bacteria. Some people
take prebiotics to encourage the health of the bowel by creating the correct
environment for their cultivation. We use prebiotics such as Dr Vogels
Molkosan or Eliminex by Lamberts Healthcare. These simple substances                        Keep in touch with Jan de Vries
act as food for the bacteria and only really encourage the lactic acid
bacteria. These are the ones you want in your bowel! Probiotics, on the
other hand, deliver millions of the lactic acid bacteria directly to the gut
and digestive system. Those that come in coated capsules (Acidophilus
Pearls) deliver their bacteria to the lower bowel while those in regular
                                                                                  F    or a small annual fee of just £5.00 per year, secure your
                                                                                       copy of In Touch every quarter. With your subscription
                                                                                       you will be the first to receive news and views direct from
                                                                                  Jan de Vries and the world of complementary and integrated
                                                                                  medicine as well as exclusive deals and discounts on many
capsules (Probiotic factors) are more likely to help the upper gut. Either
way, boosting your gut bacteria is becoming more and more accepted                popular natural remedies, supplements, health foods and
as a good way to improve overall health and support a healthy immune              book offers. We aim to deliver new and innovative products to
system. Prebiotocs and probiotics can be used together.                           our In Touch club readers as they become available.

       Is there a natural way to reduce my risk of nasal polyps
Q      returning, I have had them removed and don’t want to
       use steroid sprays any more?
Polyps are tricky to manage but now you have gone though the procedure
and are breathing free again I appreciate your desire to avoid getting                               L           R
                                                                                         IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO WRITE TO
more. The steroid spray has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect but it
can thin the nasal membranes making them prone to bleeding. However,
                                                                                           ‘IN TOUCH WITH JAN DE VRIES’
you should not stop this spray overnight and should really chat to your                              E           T L
                                                                                            PLEA SE SEND YOUR ARTICLE
GP before doing so. In the meantime, I would recommend taking the
herbal remedy known as Cat Thyme (Marum verum). Well known as a
                                                                                                  OR LETTER TO:
great remedy for snoring, I have also found Marum verum invaluable
in reducing the swellings associated with nasal polyps and the perfect
remedy for keeping them away.
                                                                                                                               N O
                                                                                                                         JDV ‘IN TOUCH’,
Q       My problem is osteoporosis. I am very worried that,                                                                 H
                                                                                                                       SOUTHWOOD ROAD,
        like my mother, I will end up with brittle bones. I don’t
        want to take lots and lots of supplements because I                                                                       R
                                                                                                                       TROON, AYRSHIRE,
        know I will just forget, what can you suggest?                                                                         1
                                                                                                                           KA10 7EL.
While it is true that osteoporosis has a strong genetic link in some families
I feel that boosting your intake of certain nutrients will really give those
at risk the edge in preventing this potentially crippling condition. In your
case, two nutrients specifically spring to mind; vitamin D3 and vitamin

                              Letters                                                                JAN DE VRIES HEALTHCARE CENTRES
                                                                                                 Auchenkyle, Southwood Road, Troon, Ayrshire, KA10 7EL.
 Dear Mr de Vries,
                                                                                                               Telephone: 01292 311 414
                                                            for Restless Legs. What
                                    the Magnesium Oil Spray
A big thank you for putting me onto                                                                                   EDINBURGH
a difference. Great.                                                                                      45 York Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3HP .
 MD                                                                                                            Telephone: 0131 558 7000
  Dear Jan,                                                                                             116 Blythswood Street, Glasgow, G2 4EG.
We would like to thank you for your continual support at this difficult time for us since                       Telephone: 0141 572 1134
our son’s diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome.                                                                             DUBLIN
You have made a difference in all our lives especially our son who now has enough               45 Upper Drumcondra Road (corner of Home Farm Road),
confidence to go to school.                                                                                          Dublin 9, Ireland.
You have such a special gift and have certainly been a blessing in our lives.
                                                                                                                Telephone: (01) 797 8716
Best wishes                                                                                                       ABBOTTS OF LEIGH
JH                                                                                                      56 Railway Road, Leigh, Lancs, WN7 4AR.
                                                                                                               Telephone: 01942 671 766
Dear Jan,                                         and for making my nec                               JAN DE VRIES AFFILIATED CENTRES
                              dness (Monday 10am)
Thank  you again for your kin                                                                                 FRAMAR HEALTHCARE CENTRE
                        esday 12 noon).
problem 100% better (Tu                                                                            595 Lisburn Road, Belfast, BT9 7GS, Northern Ireland.
Thank you very, very mu                                                                                          Telephone: 028 90 681018
 JR                                                                                                             GRAMPIAN HEALTH FOODS
                                                                                                             34 Market Street, Aberdeen, AB11 5PL.
 Dear Mr de Vries                                                                                                 Telephone: 01224 590 886
                                                                                                           HADLEY WOOD HEALTHCARE CENTRE
Thank you so much for being such a wonderful and caring person. The world is
definitely a better place with you in it.                                                             28 Crescent West, Hadley Wood, Barnet,Herts, EN4 0EJ.
KJ                                                                                                                Telephone: 020 8441 8352
                                                                                                            WHEELTON HEALTHCARE CENTRE
                                                                                                      11A Dalton Court (just off Junction 4 of the M65)
Dear Jan,                                             my neck. It is much                                   Commercial Road, Darwen, BB3 0DG.
                                 kindness and healing
Once again  , thank you for your                                                                                       Tel: 01254 777 977
 MR                                                                                                   JAN DE VRIES HEALTH & DIET CENTRES
                                                                                                10 Church Crescent, Dumfries • Telephone: 01387 270 760
Dear ‘In Touch’                                                                                                         EDINBURGH
                                            h better I feel today. I have suffered from
I am writing to try to convey how muc                                                   rly                 39 Newington Road, Edinburgh EH9 1QW
                                          and found great help from Jan and latte
various painful conditions all my life                                           still do,
from seeing Marcus. I attended a     pain clinic on the National Health and                                         Telephone: 0131 662 0250
                                             now able to do more than I have done                                         GLASGOW
 as chronic pain rules how you live. I am                                      combined
 many years because of the care     given from Complementary medicine                         29 Clarence Drive, Glasgow, G12 9QN • Telephone: 0141 339 0345
 with mainstream.                                                                     time            43 Kilmarnock Road, Shawlands, Glasgow G41 3YN
                                            and I am in less pain than I was this
 My fibromyalgia is more manageable                                                                                Telephone: 0141 632 7429
  last year.                                                                           give
                                             to anyone with this condition, don’t                                          LARGS
  Thanks is so small a thing to say, but                   nsive.
                                              not be expe                                             1 Tron Place, Largs • Telephone: 01475 689 123
  up – there is help out there and it need
                                               ibose and Celadrin for my muscles and
   I started taking L-Carnitine, then Pror                                                                                PRESTON
   joints respectively – the difference is truly                                                         Preston Health Food Stores, 26 Guildhall Street,
   Yours faithfully                                                                                       Preston PR1 3NU • Telephone: 01772 257617
   CM                                                                                                                   PRESTWICK
                                                                                                   33 Main Street, Prestwick • Telephone: 01292 471 429
  Dear Jan,                                                                                                             STEWARTON
A word of appreciation for your book Realistic Weight Control.                                    1 Avenue Square, Stewarton • Telephone: 01560 486890
I have been trying for a long time with careful eating to lose 7 lbs. At 10st. 7lbs my                                  STRANRAER
aim was to be 10st by the time I am 65 in September.I just couldn’t seem to shift it. I          52 Hanover Street, Stranraer • Telephone: 01776 704 702
sent for your book expecting a lot of recipes and dietary advice! But no! Some straight                                    TROON
talking and three pages near the end of a very easy to follow diet plan.
In five weeks I lost the 7 lbs!!! I have since lost a further 2 lbs and aiming at 9st 7lbs            6 Church Street, Troon • Telephone: 01292 310344
now. (My daughter-in-law has several stones to lose and in a very short time has lost            
2 st.) A very big thank-you.
Yours sincerely,                                                                                     ORDER LINE: 01292 317 670
EM                                                                                                    HELPLINE: 01292 318 846

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