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					             Term Three Number Two                                                                         Tuesday 26 July, 2005

                                                   parliament. At the time of the meeting we had      High Distinction award, 16 Distinctions, and
 ASPLEY STATE SCHOOL VISION:                       not received any notification and we requested     11 Credits. The school report shows that, for
                                                   that the P and C follow this up.                   all Year levels, our students collectively
        QUALITY OUTCOMES                                                                              performed better than the State mean. This
                                                   As of today I have been advised that the grant     result is especially significant in that our
            through building                       has been approved and we will begin meetings       school encourage all students to participate
      QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS,                       on the 9th August with Smart Schools people,       regardless of their ability. Congratulations to
  and developing responsible and caring            Project Services and the school to commence        all! Parents and students, and the school, are
         SELF-MANAGEMENT                           planning to expend this money.                     provided with certificates and detailed reports
                                                                                                      to    support     on-going     learning    and
            HONOUR BOARD                           We are expecting to revamp the Library             improvement.
                                                   Information Technology area, complete the
Athletics - North District                         modification of A1 and A2 as our first             Enrolment Procedure for 2006:
Storm Watson                                       computer laboratory and revamp A3 and A4           We look forward to welcoming prospective
Fraser Thompson                                    into our second laboratory.                        new families to our Enrolment and
Corey Eriksen                                                                                         Information Program this Thursday morning.
Rachel Higgins                                     This is a significant step for the school and I    The Enrolment Process for any family looking
Sheldyn Cotton                                     would like to extend our thanks to David           to enrol from 2006, or to make inquiries about
Harrison Baker                                     Smith for the original submission and to our P     the school, includes:
Clint Merrin                                       and C for their support. Also, our Labor            Our Enrolment & Information Program to
                                                   Government and our local member of                 be held this Thursday in the school hall, from
North District Softball                            parliament, Bonny Barry for her support and        9.00 to 10.30am;
Alex Forsyth                                       assistance.                                         Enrolment packs (including enrolment
Stephanie Jeston                                                                                      form) which can be collected from the school
                                                   Champions of the Week                              office, or from the Program on Thursday;
North District Athletics                           Chelsea Daniels brought her ribbons up to me        Enrolment interviews and tour of the
Congratulations to the Aspley District             from her dressage. Chelsea received a first and    school; and
Athletics Team that competed at the North          second place ribbon from the Caboolture P A         Completing an Enrolment Form which
District Championships on 14th and 15th July       and    I    Association     dressage      event.   must be completed for any child new to the
at Bowden Park. Seven of our students were         Congratulations, Chelsea on a terrific result.     school (or re-enrolling) or not already
selected to compete at Met North. Thank you                                                           attending our Preschool.
to the Aspley mothers led by Sharon Doyle          Chelsea also told me a story about pretending
who ran the canteen at this carnival. Great        to be racing on her horse and winning the          Interviews: Even though our Enrolment packs
food and service!                                  Melbourne Cup – what a super imagination –         and Information Program are designed to be as
                                                   who knows, Chelsea may do it.                      helpful as possible, we find that the interviews
Science Competition                                                                                   are a richer way of inform prospective parents
               High Distinction                    Congratulations to Lachlan Feng who has been       about the school and also to begin establishing
                  Anita Rai                        selected to represent Queensland in the            a quality relationship so essential to the
Distinction                                        Synchronized Skating Division at the 2005          ultimate success of your child. For parents of
Noah MacQueen         Mark Timmins                 Australian Figure Skating Championships to         current Aspley Preschoolers, arrangements
Matthew Newman        Benjamin O‟Sullivan          be held in Perth in August. Good luck, Lachlan     will be able to be made through the Preschool.
Sarah Ong             Thomas Perrau                in your quest for excellence.                      Otherwise, arrangements can be made at any
Lachlan Peat          Michael Delaney                                                                 time through the school office, but will be
Adam Xiang            Vikram Goonawardena          Science Competition:                               offered on a booking basis from September.
Jacinta Deacon        George Jiang                 Earlier this year, 52 Aspley students from
Cameron Forsyth       Sheela Rai                   across Years 3-7 opted to participate in the       Expression of Interest to Enrol: A register will
Anita Nahuysen        Sophie Cox                   2005      Australasian      Schools    Science     be set up at the Admin. Help Desk in the hall
                                                   Competition (organised through the University      on Thursday to enable parents to record their
                                                   of NSW). The competition is conducted              contact details and their child‟s name and date
       From the Administration Team                annually across Australia and 12 other             of birth.
                                                   countries. Skills assessed included observing
                                                   and measuring, interpreting and evaluating         It is important that we start gathering solid
Dear Families                                      data, drawing conclusions and inferences,          information about our anticipated numbers for
                                                   making predictions, experimental design,           2006 so that we can more confidently inform
At the recent P and C meeting we discussed, as
                                                   reasoning and problem solving. All                 Education Queensland about our staffing and
part of our Administration report, our desire to   participating students are to be commended for
see some follow up on our Smart Schools                                                               accommodation requirements for the new
                                                   having a go, and for taking the initiative to      school year.
Renewal Grant. This amount ($460 000) was
                                                   improve their learning. Both individual and
promised to us during the life of this
                                                   school-wide results were exceptional with 1        Kids are our Focus!
At the risk of stating the obvious, our students    Extra Funding to Enhance Facilities:                this message with their children. For a limited
need to be central to all that we do here at        We have recently received advice that the           period of time after school finishes, school
school. We are proud of our Aspley kids, and        school will receive an additional $88,000           personnel will be deployed to provide
so it is most appropriate that they be proudly      (approx.) this financial year (2005-06) to help     supervision at the shed adjacent to the car
and prominently featured in our Enrolment and       upgrade our facilities: Funding will be directed    park, and also at the main entrance on
Information Program. This year, our current         toward:                                             Maundrell Terrace. This supervision ordinarily
Senior Leaders, aspiring Senior Leaders (Year            Planning to provide a major upgrade of        concludes at around 3.15pm
6‟s), Junior Choir and Boys‟ Choir members,         our library (resource centre) so that we can
and Year 1‟s will be involved as a „welcoming       better access information and communication         Public Holiday & Pupil Free Day, RNA
committee‟ to greet visitors as they arrive at      technologies (ICT) – an additional computer         “Ekka”:
the school entrances; to entertain our visitors,    lab.                                                Please note that children will not be attending
to model our school uniform, and to conduct              Repainting      (specifically     targeted    school on the following days, in connection
guided tours.                                       facilities)                                         with the Brisbane Exhibition:
                                                         Upgrading the playground (which may            Wednesday 17 August – Public Holiday
“Friends”:                                          include replacing our basketball structures).        Thursday 18 August – Pupil Free Day
Our Learning Support Teacher, Mrs Jeanette
McKenzie, and Guidance Officer, Mrs Lisa            Our „High-Tech‟, Environmentally Friendly           Regards
Healy, are currently trialling a FRIENDS            Pool:                                                              Peter Scriven pscri3@eq.edu.au
course with a group of Year 6 students on           Our Swimming Club (a sub-group of the P &                         David Smith dsmit52@eq.edu.au
Friday afternoon. FRIENDS is a resilience           C Association) has shown tremendous vision
training program which focuses on the               with the installation last term of an „Anti-Bio‟                       C.A.R.E.
development of coping skills related to             system to manage water quality in the pool.
managing new and difficult life situations.         Without going into the technology, a number
This has been offered as part of the leadership     of advantages and benefits are already evident.
training program in our school.                     The total cost of the installation is around
                                                    $5,000, however the financial and human
“Education on Show”:                                resource savings will have significant impact
As of late last week, 54 entries have been          into the future. Benefits already evident
submitted from children across all Years for        include:
this year‟s “Education on Show” section of the          Backwash time reduced by 50%, saving
2005 RNA Brisbane Exhibition (the „Ekka‟).          around 170,000 litres of water per year, plus                        THIS WEEK
Work samples and projects represent a diverse       enabling Richard, our hard working
cross-section of the curriculum, and including                                                            “Managing Feelings – Brave Talk”
                                                    groundsman, to spend more of his time on            We all need to be able to assert ourselves. This
application        of      Information        and   other jobs;
Communications Technology (ICT) eg.                                                                     doesn‟t mean being rude or insulting but
                                                        Chlorine usage has reduced by 60%;             asserting ourselves is when we say what we
Powerpoint       presentations.   Each      entry       Alum (chemical involved in water
represents an enormous investment of time by                                                            want and how we feel. It is important that we
                                                    „cleaning‟) is no longer used;                      make others understand how we feel.
our kids, each of whom is to be commended           
for their initiative. If you have the chance,
                                                         Improved water clarity;                        Children benefit from rehearsal of “brave talk”
                                                        Persistent algae present in the shallow        so that when it is necessary to assert
check out the display when you visit the Ekka
                                                    end of the pool has disappeared.                    themselves they have the confidence and the
in a couple of weeks. Mrs Elvery has done a
fantastic job in coordinating our participation!                                                        “words at their fingertips” to respond
                                                    Years 3-7 Playground „Learnscaping‟                 appropriately.
Juniors Learn about the Harp:
                                                    Our landscaping consultant, Mark Davis has                          NEXT WEEK
Our Years 1 and 2 children and Preschoolers
will have the opportunity to learn more about
                                                    provided us with some steps to getting our           “My Needs Drive My Behaviour Car”
                                                    „learnscaping‟ project underway. These steps        To help us understand how our needs affect
the harp at their assembly this week, on
                                                    will provide the agenda for a series of working     our choices and behaviour, we use Dr
Wednesday 27 July at 12.30pm in the hall. We
                                                    bees. Each successive working bee will have a       Glasser‟s metaphor of a car. The Total
are hosting a visit by Mr Sebastian Lipman,
                                                    specific focus:                                     Behaviour Car is a front wheel drive car, the
Lecturer in Harp Studies at the Queensland
                                                     Clear the garden sites of weeds and grass;        front wheels being our “Thinking” and
Conservatorium Griffith University who will
be presenting a short recital and demonstration      Apply gypsum to help improve soil                 “Doing”. These wheels control the back
of the harp for the children. Parents are           structure;                                          wheels “Feeling” and “Body”.
welcome to attend also. The visit is part of the     Rotary hoe all garden beds;                       We can control our thinking and doing and
Young Beginner Harp Program which is the             Add to and enrich the existing soil with          steer where we want to be. (Diagram)
result of a partnership between the                 premium garden soil and organic matter eg           We will feel better emotionally and physically
Conservatorium and Education Queensland,            manure;                                             when we are thinking and doing well.
and is designed to expose young children to an
instrument they may not be familiar with. For       And then the real fun begins!                                       Library News
further information about the Program and            Planting; mulching and watering in.
scholarships which are on offer, you might like
                                                                                                        Reader‟ Cup
to contact the Conservatorium  3875 6375           Look for further information in coming weeks
                                                                                                        Congratulations to our Team of four students,
or          via          email:         young-      about how you can become involved.
                                                                                                        Alina Alam, Ashley Doyle, Dylan Murray and
conservatorium@griffith.edu.au .                                                                        Ben O‟Sullivan who represented the school in
                                                    After 3.00pm:
                                                    The children have been reminded that they are       the first Heat of the Regional Readers Cup.
“Brave Hearts” Presentation to Years 1-7,                                                               With only about 2 weeks to read the list and
Friday 12 August:                                   not to remain at school after 3.00pm, unless
                                                    they are in the care of their parents, or waiting   work together as a team, they were narrowly
A presentation will be offered to all children,                                                         beaten by Boys Grammar into second place.
Years 1-7, in the hall on Friday 12 August by       at a pre-arranged point for collection, or are
                                                    attending the after-school-care program at the      Congratulations and well done team. We did
the Brainstorm Theatre Company. The                                                                     not stay for the morning tea as all team
program supports our social skills CARE             hall. Under no circumstances are they to play
                                                    around the school or on the playground              members were keen to get back to school to
program. A cost of $4 per child applies. A                                                              compete for their houses in the Interhouse
dedicated notice with payment advice will be        equipment unless they are directly supervised
                                                    by their parent. Parents are asked to reinforce     Sports.
sent home soon.
All agreed that they had a great time and          Good luck to everyone – have an enjoyable               11-20 August – Ekka 2005
recommended that we participate                    and memorable time.
                                                                                                                                        Lily Elvery
MS READATHON                                       JUNIOR MUSIC CAMP                                                           Parent – Coordinator
Well done to those students who participated       The Junior Music Camp is open to all students
in the MS Readathon, More than 50 students         that started a woodwind/brass or percussion
                                                                                                         Is Your Child Eligible for Prep In 2007?
participated this year.                            instrument in 2005 and any string students
                                                   who started in 2004. Nominations are due back
Reading finished on 20 July, so now please         to the office now.                                All Queensland children will have access to a
start collecting your sponsorship money and                                                          full-time preparatory year of education before
send it to the MS Society…instruction for          Aspley SS and Craigslea SS will be running a      starting Year 1. This non-compulsory year will
this will be in the Information pack that you      shuttle bus to and from the camp each day         be offered to all children of the correct age in
received from the Society.                         (except Thursday afternoon) to make the           all state primary schools. There will be no
                                                   transport easier for everyone.                    waiting lists. Children born 1 Jan – 30 June
Book Week                                                                                            2002 will be eligible for the first intake in
The theme this year is Reading Rocks!!. We         If you have any questions about Junior Camp,      2007. The „Prep‟ year will replace the existing
are planning displays that focus on the            please contact the music department.              part-time state preschool system. If your child
geologists and archaeologists “reading rocks”                                                        does not meet the stated age requirements,
and also the “Rock” aspect in relation to          AMEB EXAMS                                        preschool programs prior to the preparatory
Music, as well as the colloquial use of the term   Congratulations to one of our music captains,     year will only be offered through
„rocks‟                                            Callum Beutel now attaining a Credit in his       kindergartens and other childcare providers.
                                                   Grade 2 Trumpet exam held recently. This was
We are already at the stage when displays are      Callum‟s first exam and by the sound of it,       What year can my child attend a PREP class?
being organised. There is a display featuring      there will be many more. He aims to do one a      Children born on or after 1 January, 2002 will
Rock Climbing gear that students can try on        year. Good Luck Callum!                           be eligible for the new preparatory year of
and find out a bit more about and we also hope                                                       schooling starting in 2007. All children need to
to have a Fossil Pit.                                                               Christine Jabs   be five by June 30 in the year they start in the
 We are looking for fabrics in “Rock” colours                                 Instrumental Music     preparatory class.
(browns, greys etc) in large pieces suitable for                                                     BIRTHDATE                Eligible     Eligible
backdrops that could be painted, as well as        JUNIOR CHOIR & BOYS‟ CHOIR                        Child born               for Prep for Year1
large styrofoam sheets that we can cut into        It has been a wonderful start to Term Three                                Year in:     In:
various shapes and large pieces of triple wall     with both choirs rehearsing new music for         1 Jan 2002 – 30 June 2007             2008
cardboard or foam coreboard, if you have any       upcoming concerts. The children are singing       2002
of these items or similar and you no longer        beautifully and working on many aspects of        1 July 2002 – 30 2008                 2009
need them we would be pleased to recycle           singing in a choir. Our next upcoming concert     June 2003
them for displays. Please phone the library if     is this Thursday, 28th July, for the Aspley       1 July 2003 – 30 2009                 2010
you can help us.                                   State School Enrolment and Information            June 2004
                                                   Program. Both the Junior & Boys Choir will        1 July 2004 – 30 2010                 2011
                                 Hope Francis      be performing at 9.00am. Children are asked       June 2005
                                Kim Benvenuti      to meet Miss Robson at 8.30am up in the hall
                                  Rynel Evans      to assemble and have a quick rehearsal of our     Children born between 1 January and 31
                                                   songs for the performance. All children have      December 2001, including those who complete
         Newsletter On The Web                     received a note to take home regarding the        preschool in 2006 will enrol in Year 1 in 2007.
                                                   performance. We are looking forward to a
                                                   wonderful performance. See you all there          All enquiries: Aspley Preschool Ph: 32636587
For those who have access to the internet at       choral singers!
home you may have noticed that the school
web page is currently being updated and                                        Briony Robson         Enrolment & Information Program: 2005-
improved.                                              Classroom Music Teacher & Choir Leader                         2006

Each newsletter for the year is available from                                                       Our annual Enrolment and Information
www.aspleyss.eq.edu.au Just click on the                    Education on Show 2005
                                                                                                     Program will be held in the hall on Thursday
Newsletters Link and go from there.                                                                  28 July from 9.00-10.30am. Included with the
                                                   Volunteers will be needed to assist our           general information about the school, we will
Soon we will make available a service where        volunteer coordinator, Mrs Lily Elvery, and       also be providing an insight into the Prep
we will email the newsletter to those families     our school‟s participation. Volunteers can help   Year, which will be introduced here,
who wish to receive it by email instead of on      to:                                               commencing in 2007. As well as the
paper. In the long run this will save us paper         Liaise with classes and teachers;            Information Program, we will be seeking to set
and printing costs and you will be guaranteed          Follow up notices with classes, teachers     up a booking schedule for enrolment
that the newsletter won‟t get lost in Johnny‟s     and students;                                     interviews which can be arranged at any time,
school bag. Stay posted for more details.              Assist in preparing school nomination        but will be held throughout term 4 in
                                                   records;                                          particular. Further details will be provided
                Music News                             Collect and label projects ready for         closer to the time.
                                                   transport to the RNA grounds;
                                                       Transporting the projects to and from the
MUSIC TOUR                                         RNA grounds;
Not long now until we farewell our 90                  Returning projects to students.
musicians and 11 staff on the Music Tour to
the Fraser Coast. Our Gala Concert is this         Please contact David Smith if you would like
Friday night at Craigslea High starting at 7pm.    to assist.
Everyone is welcome.
                                                   For further information, you can access the
Students will be receiving one final notice        „Ekka‟ website: http://www.ekka.com.au
regarding times & reminders.
                                                                                                    Speaker: Dr John Ryan M.B., B.S.(Qld),
     Aspley Speaks Out Speaking                                 Dental Clinic                       F.R.A.C.G.P., M.A.I.M.,
             Competition                                                                            D.C.H.(R.C.P&S.Irel.), M.R.C.G.P.(UK),
                                                 The Aspley School Dental Clinic is now             M.Sc Nutrition (London), F.I.C.A.N.(USA),
This is a public speaking competition that       closed. Thank you to all staff, parents and        F.A.M.A.S. (Acupuncture), F.A.C.E.M. (Envr.
involves all students in Years 5-7. Topics are   students for your co-operation during our visit.   Med.), F.A.C.N.E.M., M.I.C.G.P. (Ireland)
chosen by the students. We hope your child is    For emergency treatment or any enquiries
currently writing, rewriting and practising      while the clinic is closed, staff can be                        7:00pm for 7:15 start
his/her speech to wow classmates, teachers       contacted at the Bracken Ridge School Dental                     $8:00 non-members
and judges.                                      Clinic on Ph 3869 2896.                                       $5:00 QAGTC members
Semi-finals are on August 29 for Year 5s,                                                                 R.S.V.P.: email: north@qagtc.org. au
                                                             Fathers’ Day Stall
August 30 for Year 6s and August 31 for Year                                                                         Ph: 3264 2783
7s.                                                                                                      QAGTC activities, see www.qagtc.org.au
The final is on September 5 at 7.00 pm in our    There will be a card making morning on
Hall.                                            Monday, 1st August for the Fathers‟ Day Stall
                                                 at Sharyn Doyle‟s home at 9 Chipala Place,                      Calendar of Events
                                                 Aspley. Please call if you can make it and
             Bookshop News                       bring a small plate of food. If many are           July
                                                 interested, we may transfer to the school hall.    27         Young Beginner Harp Program presents
I have one (1) Size 6 Polar Fleece jumper for    BOXES ARE IN CLASSROOMS FOR                                   to Junior Assembly, 12.30pm, hall
sale at the bookshop. Cost $22.00.               GIFTS NOW.                                         27         Yr 5P “Getting to Know Your Creek”
                                                                                   Sharyn Doyle                Program
            Bookshop Hours                                                        (H) 3862 7127     28         Enrolment & Information Program
        Monday, Wednesday, Friday                                                                              (2005-06), 9.00-10.30am
                                                                                                    29         Combined Schools (Aspley & Craigslea)
           8.30 am – 9.00 am                       List of Letters/Notices Sent Home                           Music Tour 2005 Gala Concert,
                                                                                                               Craigslea SHS hall, 7.00pm
                             Narelle Anstiss
                                                 18.07.05 Choir      Upcoming Boys Choir            August
                         Bookshop Convenor                                                          2          Yrs 2BL & 2MR visit to Science Centre
                                                 18.07.05 Yr 7       Challenge Day
         Ph: 3863 0047 or Mob: 0411 488 353                                                         3          Yrs 2C & 2L visit to Science Centre
                                                 20.07.05 5C,5P,5E Bunyaville Env Excursion
                                                 21.07.05 Yr 7 Girls “Scoliosis” information        3          Preschool Sports Day (Mon-Wed
Y‟s School Uniform Shop is having a sale         21.07.05 Youngest in family -                                 Groups), 9.00-10.45am
from 18/07 till 30/07. There will be 20% off              Fathers Day/Special Male Stall            3          Yrs 5C & 5E “Getting to Know Your
current stock. No orders or lay-buys.            25.07.05 5P & 2 students in 5C –                              Creek” Program
                                                          5P excursion date change to 27/7/05       3-5        Combined Aspley-Craigslea SS‟s Music
       Second-hand Uniform Shop                                                                     4          Australian Maths Competition (Westpac
                                                              Community News                                   Awards), Yr 7‟s
                                                 Queensland Association for Gifted and              5          Preschool Sports Day (Wed-Fr Groups),
Shop will now be open Monday, Wednesday                                                                        9.00-10.45am
and Friday from 8.30 - 9.00am                    Talented Children - Brisbane North Branch          9          P & C meeting, 7.30pm
                                                 Information Nights for Parents and Teachers        12         “Brave Hearts”, Yrs 1-7
                           Mary Anne Wright                                                         15         Craigslea SHS Music Ensembles
                                                              North Lakes College                              performing, Aspley school hall, 9.00am
                                                               Memorial Drive                       17         RNA Ekka Public Holiday
             School Banking                                      North Lakes                        18         Pupil Free Day
                                                                                                    19         Yrs 1-2 Sports Day
Don‟t forget banking day is tomorrow 27 July.    Thursday 28 July                                   24         Fathers Day Stall
Please also mark your calendars for 10 August    * Characteristics of giftedness                    22-26      Statewide Testing Program, Aspects
and 24 August.                                   * Pre-school children                                         of Literacy & Numeracy, Yrs 3, 5 &
                                                 Speaker: Carol Braunack – Kindergarten             29         Aspley Speaks Out, semi-finals, Yr 5‟s,
Narelle Anstiss  0411 488 353 or
Jane Ryan  3359-5457 or                         Director
                                                                                                    29         Whole School Assembly, 2.15pm
Julie Deacon  3263-3558                                                                                       (featuring Junior Choir)
                                                 Thursday 4 August                                  30         Year 3 visit to Australian
                                                 * Managing in a formal school environment                     Woolshed (Ferny Grove)
             Tuckshop News                                                                          30         Aspley Speaks Out, semi-finals, Yr 6‟s,
                                                 Speaker: Ken Imison - Structure Of the                        9.00-11.00am
Due to a few changes on the Roster,              Intellect, Educational consultant                  31         Aspley Speaks Out, semi-finals, Yr 7‟s,
Wednesdays and Fridays now need some new                                                                       9.00-11.00am
                                                                                                    31         “Step into Spring” Concert,
volunteers. Please let me know if you can        Thursday 25th August                                          Yrs 1-2 and parents, 4-6.30pm
help.                                            * Social and emotional issues related to           October
                                                 giftedness; emotional intensity, perfectionism,    17-21      Oktoberfest (week of activities –
Included with the newsletter is an order form
                                                 peer relationships...                                         children)
for a Nestle Show Bag for $3.00. This Show
                                                                                                    22         Oktoberfest – culminating activities
Bag will be offered on Wednesday 10 and
                                                 Speaker: Michele Juratowitch - Parent of                      afternoon (children and families)
Thursday 11 August 2005 only. If your child
                                                 gifted children, qualifications in counseling,     29         Oktoberfest – celebration and social
is keen, please send back the form and money
                                                 gifted education, 20 years counseling                         program (adults)
by Monday, 1 August indicating which day it
                                                 experience with gifted children, Churchill
is required for.
                            Wendy Whatley
                         Tuckshop Convenor       Thursday 1st September
               3263 6585 (H) 3263 1452 (W)       * "The Syndrome of the Strong Reactor" -
                                                 Treating the Physiologically Alive
                       TUCKSHOP SHOW BAG ORDER FORM

WEDNESDAY 10 AUGUST             OR          THURSDAY 11 AUGUST



SHOW BAG    $3.00

                    TOMATO SAUCE SACHET
                    COOL BLUE POP TOP (DRINK)
                    KIT KAT
                    LOLLY POP
                    NOVELTY TOY

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