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					Promoting ASEM ICT development to enrich life through communication

                                 Qu Wenchu
                 Senior Vice President of Huawei Technologies

Distinguished Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, please allow me, on behalf of Huawei, to wish the ASEM ICT
Ministerial Meeting a great success. Hereby I would like to take this
opportunity to extend our gratitude to the Chinese and other ASEM
governments as well as colleagues in this industry for your long-term support
for the telecoms cooperation between Huawei and ASEM countries.
At the moment, the fast-growing global economy has fostered favorable
opportunity for the development to Asian and European countries as a whole,
whereas a high-growth information industry is of particular significance for
ASEM countries to grasp this historic opportunity and make positive
contributions to creating a harmonious society and bridging the digital divide.
As the information industry is quickly evolving towards enhanced mobility,
higher bandwidth, IP technology and personalized experience, our telecom and
information companies are faced with both development opportunities and
severe challenges. But at the same time, these companies are also endowed
with more social responsibilities.

Ever since our establishment, Huawei has been engaged in the R&D,
manufacture and sales of communication and information technologies and
products, committed to providing telecommunication operators with network
solutions in fields of fixed network, mobile network, data network and
value-added services. Huawei cherishes a vision of enriching people’s life
through communication, focusing on customer requirements and continuously
creating maximum values for our customers. Currently, Huawei has 44000
employees, of whom 48% are dedicated to R&D; 10% of our annual sales
revenue is earmarked for R&D, so as to ensure the total superiority of the
company in competition. Huawei has sold products to over 100 countries and
provides information and telecommunication services for one billion users.
Among the world’s top 50 operators, 28 have entered cooperative relationship
with Huawei. Of them, first-class operators in the world, like BT, VODAFONE,
and TELEFONICA, have chosen Huawei as their strategic partner. In 2005,
Huawei accomplished a global sales amount of USD8.2 billion, and the figure
is expected to be USD11 billion by the end of this year.
Huawei started business in Asia-Europe at the end of the 20th century, now we
have set up representative offices in basically all Asian and European countries.
Our products have been applied in scales in many Asian and European
countries. Good terms of cooperation have been established with our partners.

We have also established software research institutes, joint laboratories,
long-term R&D project teams and training institutions in the region of
Asia-Europe. These good cooperative relations have promoted common
development for us and for our partners alike. We are happy to see that Huawei
has entered good cooperative relationship with main operators of Asian and
European countries, and has built up local marketing and service networks of
wide coverage, to ensure quicker services of higher quality for our customers.
Currently, Huawei has over 2000 employees in Asia, and over 1500 in Europe.
The percentage of local employees is as great as 70% in both cases.

All ASEM countries have recognized that information industry has become the
pillar industry of national economy and the telecommunications serve all
industrial sectors and contribute actively to the improvement of the invest
environment, the enrichment of people’s life and acceleration of national
economy, Thanks to the exploration of us in ASEM countries, we have
gradually come to know the different requirements in different countries for the
development of the telecommunication industry and we have contributed to
them by leveraging our high-quality products, leading-edge technologies and
customized services, due to which we have gained the support and recognition
from people of the same trade and from the telecommunication administration.

During cooperation in the information and telecommunication industry with
Asian and European countries, Huawei has noted that all governments are
concerned about universal service. Huawei has rich experience in this field and
helped quite a number of countries effectively enhance their local network
coverage and service level with advanced technology, excellent solutions and
perfect service. The market share of Huawei is as big as 67%. Huawei is
willing to offer due contribution to further reducing regional digital gaps.
  With the emergence of new technologies like the Internet, 3G and IP,
communication has become an indispensable part of people’s daily life. It has
gradually yet rapidly changed people’s traditional style of life, learning, work,
trading, and so on. And the application of new technologies of information and
telecommunication, especially E-government, E-learning and remote medical
service are continuously enriching people’s life through communication.
Huawei pays much concern for and actively explores these fields. We are
willing to share our experience in these fields with all countries, so as to
promote the information development of Asia and Europe and improve
people’s life.
During the cooperation in information and telecommunication with Asian and
European countries, Huawei upholds and will always uphold the following
1. Focus on customers. All the products and solutions of Huawei are driven
    by requirements of the markets and customers. A good communication

   mechanism has been established between Huawei and operators of Asian
   and European countries. What we do is to listen to the requirements of our
   customers and make continuous innovations, so as to ensure that our
   products and solutions are really what our customers need. It is always our
   aim to ensure high quality, good service and low operating cost, to give
   priority to our customers’ requirements, to enhance our customers’
   competitiveness and profitability, and to help our customers realize
   commercial success.
2. Ensure technical leadership. As a hi-tech based company, our research
   institutes are distributed all over the globe, in countries like the USA, India,
   Sweden, Russia as well as China; every year we invest at least 10% of our
   revenue in R&D. We have always attached importance to the accumulation
   and protection of intellectual property rights. In such fields as NGN, xdsL,
   optical network, and 3G, Huawei is already world leaders, as Huawei has
   submitted applications for more than 13000 patents cumulatively and has
   become the No.1 patent applicatnt in China.
3. Establish harmonious cooperation. Huawei is a company willing to take
   responsibilities. With the objective is to establish long-term development,
   we are cooperating widely for continuous business expansion in Asian and
   European countries in a down-to-earth manner. Our high-level local
   employees and advanced service networks are capable of providing our
   customers with good and thoughtful services, and winning the trust of our

Ladies and gentlemen, the dialog mechanism created in the ASEM ICT
Ministerial Meeting is a good platform for the joint cooperation between
enterprises of Asian and European countries. At present, as the economies of
Asian and European countries are amid an extremely favorable period of
growth, the information and telecommunication industry will surely accelerate
coordinated social and economic development. Huawei will, based on market
needs, be highly flexible in its choice of investment and cooperation patterns,
will bring our strengths in technology, human resource and service into full
play as ever, and will consolidate all-round and multi-level cooperation, so as
to better serve the economic construction of Asian and European countries.

Thank you!


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