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					Music and Emotions: How it
Effects Babies, Teenagers,
        and Adults

        Kelley Logan
             What is Music?

 An artistic form of auditory communication
  incorporating instrumental or vocal tones
  in a structured and continuous manner.
 Any agreeable (pleasing and harmonious)
 Punishment for one's actions; "you have
  to face the music"; "take your medicine"
    Emotions: What Are They?
 Emotions are a mental and physical state
  associated with a wide variety of feelings
  thoughts, and behavior.
 We feel them in our bodies as tingles, hot
  spots, and muscular tension.
 These are our responses to a feeling.
 Examples are: greed, hope, envy, desire,
  and love.
            How Music Affects Babies

   Most children have a natural
    love for music.
   It nurtures their self-esteem
    while encouraging creativity,
    self-confidence, and curiosity.
   Having children listen to music
    at an early age stimulates their
    overall intelligence and
    emotional development.
   It has increased overall
    intelligence by shaping the
    types of attitudes, interests,
    and discipline within children.
Music and Its Affect on Teenagers

                  For years people have tried to
                   debate whether music has had
                   negative or positive affect on
                  Parents suggest that music is to
                   blame for all of teens violent ways
                   and behaviors.

                    Music is extremely important to
                     most teenagers; it's a way to get
                     out of life’s problems.

                  The basic stereotype is that rap
                   and hip hop music is responsible
                   for all the crimes murders.
                   Rock is responsible for giving
                   teens dark images and thoughts in
                   their minds; such as suicide.
         How Music Affects Adults
   Music has been known to
    improve sleep quality in
    older adults.
   While undergoing
    surgery, it has been
    successfully used in
    hospital settings.
   It has been used to relax
    patients and encourage
    them to get better and
    regain strength.
How Music Has Affected and Shaped
           Our Society

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