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					Creating Leaders
                   AnnuAl RepoRt 2007

for the 21st Century
              Even years after our AFS experience, we recognize the growth that
              we have achieved from it. My time in France inspired me to pursue a
              degree in International Politics, and in today’s globalized world AFS

              could not have prepared me better.
                        Jason Simmonds, B.A. Georgetown University
                     Candidate for Masters of Arts in International Affairs,
                                The Johns Hopkins University
                                    U.S. to France, 1997

                                  Forging a Path to
                                                                                 the Future
                AFS Intercultural Programs has always been dedicated to building an appreciation for
                diversity on a global scale. Our founders—ambulance drivers of the American Field
                Service—were visionaries who paved a road toward peace. Their idea required a critical
                and courageous transaction: bringing young people from different countries together, to
                grow intellectually and emotionally, and to understand the common human experience.
                Through the AFS vehicle of student exchange, Japanese and German high school
                students were living with American families as youth ambassadors soon after World War
                II. And AFS began forever redefining the meaning of ‘foreigner.’

                We celebrated the 60th anniversary of AFS in a world driven by technology, transportation,
                commerce, and communications. The information superhighway ensures that data, knowledge
                tools, videos, and instant communications are accessible to us with lightning speed. A cell phone
                call from Ghana to Singapore is not science fiction. A flight from New York to Tokyo takes less
                than 14 hours. International borders of the 21st century are increasingly intertwined through
                such advances, but the concepts and forethought of our AFS founders remain as valid today as
                they were in 1947. We need, more than ever, to invest in enlightened future leaders who know
                firsthand what it means to be citizens of the world.

                Jason Simmonds of Queens, New York, is an AFS alumnus who offers a strong testimony to
                this forward-thinking vision. In 1997, Jason received a need-based diversity scholarship for an
                AFS summer program abroad. He later earned his Bachelor’s degree in International Politics
                at Georgetown University and is now completing a Master’s degree in Bologna, Italy. Jason
                describes his life beyond AFS as “a path of opportunities that happened because AFS gave me
                the roadmap.”

                The continued growth of AFS’s outreach is critical to help young people like Jason embrace the
                personal transformations made possible through dialogue across cultures. The future of AFS
                rests in the unique journeys that our participants—students, teachers, families, and volunteers—
                will make during their AFS programs, and throughout their lives.

                We invite you to read more about the story of AFS—the expedition that our organization and
                participants make, and the giant leaps that the organization is poised to take in future years.

AFS events
                                A. Piatt Andrew,                                                                AFS ambulance
  As World War I begins,        Inspector General                                                               drivers assist in
  American Ambulance            of the ambulance                                    As World War II             liberating the Nazi
1                             1                         1                       1                           1
9 Service is founded in       9 service, renames        9 Stephen Galatti       9   begins, AFS volunteer   9   concentration camp
1 Paris in conjunction with   1 it American Field       3 becomes Director      4   ambulance service is    4   at Bergen-Belsen,
4 the American Hospital.      7 Service.                6 General of AFS.       0   reactivated.            5   Germany.

1 World War I begins.         1 U.S. enters war.    1 Paris treaties end WWI.   1 World War II begins.      1 World         1 First
9                             9                     9                           9                           9 War II        9 electronic
1                             1                     1                           3                           4 ends.         4 computer
4                             7                     9                           9                           5               6
                                                                                                                              in U.S.

Political and cultural events
                                                                             AFS INTercUlTUrAl ProGrAMS/USA            ANNUAl rePorT 2007   1
                                           It takes a courageous teenager to start off for a new country, use a
                                           new language, and be a part of a new family and school. In the years
                                           after the war, just a few hundred students per year were AFS participants.
                                           My American Field Service compatriots never dreamed that AFS student

                                           exchange would grow to be what it is today—with 13,000 participants
                                           worldwide annually and nearly 400,000 alumni.

                                                                          Ward Chamberlin
                                                    American Field Service Ambulance Driver and AFS Life Trustee

                                  To Our Contributors, Colleagues, and Friends:

                                  The ambulance drivers of the American Field Service pioneered a new cause in 1947—a
                                  volunteer-driven movement towards peace that centered upon the interaction between
                                  ordinary citizens of different cultures. AFS-USA continues to be bold in reach and
                                  programs as we adapt and change to meet new global challenges 60 years later.

                                  2008 is our first full year together as President and Chair of AFS-USA. We were both high
                                  school exchange students—and understand firsthand the transformational experience
                                  that remains at the heart of AFS exchange programs. In this annual report for 2007, we
                                  are proud to highlight many of the ways AFS brings people together—alumni, students,
                                  volunteers, educators, corporate and government leaders—to empower a corps of young
                                  leaders who will answer the most pressing questions of our times.

                                  AFS continues to show leadership where we can make the biggest impact—an effort in
                                  2007 that helped ensure that more than 4,000 students could participate in programs to
                                  and from the United States. We work with cutting-edge nonprofits and build partnerships
                                  with schools across the nation to help young people reach their potential. And, with the
                                  Department of State-sponsored Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program, we bring
                                  hundreds of students from predominantly Muslim communities to live with American
                                  families every year.

                                  In all of these efforts, our students and alumni strengthen international ties as
                                  ambassadors of peace and knowledge sharing; they learn new languages to encourage
                                  intercultural awareness; and they gain invaluable life skills and perspectives that change
                                  the trajectories of their careers. like colleges and universities, AFS relies on the support
                                  of our sponsors—alumni, individuals, companies, and foundations—who help fuel the
                                  global education and enrichment programs that are the hallmark of our organization. one
                                  of our YES alumni, a young man from Turkey, put it best:

                                  “Sometimes a bunch of kids can accomplish more than a country can achieve in decades.
                                  We students started to remove the misconceptions and initiated a movement against
                                  prejudice. We have taken a step for world peace.”

 The Presidents of AFS Intercultural Programs

                                                                                            robert Stableski
 Stephen Galatti      Stephen rhinesmith                Stephen rhinesmith                  (Acting President)                Margaret crotty
 1947-1964            1972-1981                         1987-1989                           1996-1997                         2007-present

               Art Howe       William M. Dyal, Jr. Ulric Haynes, Jr.         Jennifer Froistad                   Alex J. Plinio
               1965-1971      1981-1986            1986-1987                 1990-1996                           1997-2007

                                                                             AFS-USA, Inc. formed
AFS INTercUlTUrAl ProGrAMS/USA   ANNUAl rePorT 2007      2
           Message from the President

                                                            and the Chair

                          In this annual report, AFS features alumni and world leaders who illustrate our impact.
                          Indeed, there are many more people we could have highlighted, including the host
                          families and volunteers whose daily acts of citizen diplomacy, generosity, and concern for
                          humankind propel the AFS mission forward.

                          2007 was a time of much transition. Alex J. Plinio completed his 10-year tenure as
                          president of AFS-USA, and we are grateful for his leadership during the past decade. The
                          former presidents of AFS—beginning with our founder Stephen Galatti—are the shoulders
                          on which we stand, and their dedication to the AFS mission forms the foundation upon
                          which we will build our future.

                          our mission is as critical and relevant today as it has ever been. Perhaps no one has
                          expressed this aim more poignantly than President John F. Kennedy in a 1963 address to
                          international AFS students:

                          “The effort that has been made to bring you to the U.S. has not been made merely to give
                          you an interesting year; it has been made because a judgment has been reached that
                          you will be among the future leaders of your country, that you carry with you a sense of
                          responsibility and commitment, and that when you go home you will not be a friend of the
                          U.S., but rather a friend of peace.”

                          While AFS adapts to a constantly changing world and our students face ever-expanding
                          challenges, President Kennedy’s words ring truer than ever. We are grateful to all of
                          you, our AFS family, for helping us broaden the path of opportunity for all those who are
                          committed to making a difference. Thank you for working with AFS so that together we
                          can build a generation of leaders for the 21st century.


                          Margaret crotty                  Kim ritrievi
                          President                        Board Chair

In my ten years with AFS-USA, I have seen the organization transform.

I am proud of AFS's impact and honored to be a part of this legacy of
global enrichment and intercultural learning.
                           Alex J. Plinio
                   AFS-USA President (1997-2007)
             In the world of AFS, “leadership” is not just a concept—it’s the action
             that we can take to help change the face of our communities. My
             AFS experience in Egypt gave me perspectives about leadership that

Leadership   continue to influence my life, work, and school.
                                        Margaret Mullins
                    Georgetown University student, School of Foreign Service
             U.S. to Egypt (Arabic Language Study Program, 2006 and GL21, 2007)
            Reaching New Horizons

              Through intensive cultural immersion, AFS’s core high school exchange programs give
              students the chance to gain international perspectives, learn new language and leadership
              skills, and become citizens capable of thriving within a global marketplace.

              Investment in dynamic youth leaders has been a long-standing priority for AFS, and our
              signature Awards for Excellence merit scholarship helps students further their potential through
              participating as youth ambassadors abroad. Finalists are selected based on demonstrated
              academic achievements, service to their communities, and leadership abilities. In ten years, over
              1,000 students have benefited from Awards for Excellence honors; in 2007 alone, 120 students
              received awards that enabled them to participate in AFS exchanges to 40 different countries.

              These young people follow in the footsteps of thousands of alumni who credit AFS as a defining
              moment in their lives and a stepping stone in their careers in business and commerce, diplomacy,
              education, arts and culture, and many other fields. AFS alumni include over 60 current
              Ambassadors, as well as these remarkable individuals:

              Nicholas Fitzhugh (U.S. to Italy, 1998): The Glimpse Foundation was conceived by Fitzhugh,
              its President and Publisher, as a response to a new approach in international journalism. Now
              merged with the National Geographic Society, Glimpse fosters cross-cultural understanding by
              providing forums for sharing the experiences of young adults living and studying abroad.

              Andrea Jung (U.S. to Norway, 1974): After earning her B.A. from Princeton University, Jung
              went on to work with the leading fashion and cosmetic retailers of our time. In 1999, Jung
              became President and ceo of Avon Products, Inc., where she has revamped the business
              model and image of the Fortune 500 company.

              Alan M. Poul (U.S. to Japan, 1971): Producer Alan Poul is a veteran of both motion pictures and
              television. over his career, he has received an emmy Award®, a Golden Globe®, a Producer’s
              Guild Award, four GLAAD Awards, and three Peabody Awards. His production credits include:
              Six Feet Under; Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City, and My So Called Life.

              Catherine “Cady” Coleman, Ph.D. (U.S. to Norway, 1979): Dr. Coleman is a NASA Astronaut
              who has taken two missions into space, once as part of the team that repaired the Hubble Space
              Telescope lens. On AFS, she reflects: “At NASA, we have a very international team, and all of
              those skills I first started learning in Norway are vital.”

AFS events                                                                                              1940s: 13 AFS countries

                                                                                                    High school in elkhart, Indiana,
   1                   1                                                                          1
   9 AFS International 9                                                                          9 establishes prototype for community
   4 Scholarships      4 52 students participate in                                               4 sponsorship of AFS student
   6 established.      7 first AFS exchanges.                                                     9 exchanges.

1 United Nations       1 India and Pakistan win                 1 State of Israel established.    1 Beginning of the cold War.
9 founded.             9 independence from Britain.             9 communist takeover in eastern   9
4                      4 First super-sonic flight in the U.S.   4 european states. Ghandi         4
5                      7                                        8                                 9
                                                                  assassinated in India.

Political and cultural events
                                                                           AFS INTercUlTUrAl ProGrAMS/USA         ANNUAl rePorT 2007      5
            I have much perspective about the value of AFS programs within a
            21st century dynamic. Departments of Education should take notice
            of the incredible work that AFS does through study abroad, especially
            in countries where American students are learning Arabic, Chinese,

Education   Indic, and Turkic languages.
                                      Dr. Vishaka Desai
                                 President, The Asia Society
                                  India to U.S., 1967-1968
The AFS Global Classroom
          With over 100,000 public and private schools (K-12) in the United States, AFS sees
          enormous opportunity to open classroom doors to the wider world. The AFS global
          education framework enables schools, teachers, and administrators across the country to
          benefit from AFS’s unique intercultural learning and global enrichment.

          The AFS Global Educators Program was founded because today’s teachers inspire tomorrow’s
          leaders. In order to help young people think globally, we must lift learning out of the textbook
          and bring the global village to life. Through this program, schools across America celebrate and
          embrace the diversity of the world by welcoming international educators into their classrooms.
          Visiting teachers enliven and enrich curricula and open a window on the world to a spectrum of
          subjects, from fine arts and mathematics to geography and foreign language.

          For three decades, AFS has included Global educators in its intercultural education offerings
          and has involved over 2,000 teachers from the United States, Asia, europe, latin America, and
          the Middle east. These teachers offer dynamic intercultural resources to their host schools and
          communities and expose young people to new ideas, knowledge, and ways of life.

          The AFS Global Leadership Exchange for Administrators and Principals (Global LEAP),
          launched in 2007, widens the impact of our traditional educators program. Through this
          effort, school administrators and leaders in curricular development from ecuador, Bolivia, and
          Venezuela participated in intensive 3-week exchanges to the United States. They partnered
          with American educators to learn about pedagogy and curriculum development, focusing on
          technology integration, strategies for linking schools to the community, and management styles
          for effective organizational development. The Global leAP program pilot, sponsored by the U.S.
          Department of State, took place in Boise, Idaho. AFS was proud to partner with the Idaho Human
          rights education center and civitas International Programs, an initiative of the U.S. Department
          of education’s center for civic education.

          Marleny Rodriguez from Venezuela shared the impact of her Global LEAP learning experience:
          “one of the problems in latin America is the lack of citizens’ knowledge of rights and duties
          to transform toward a just society. The AFS Global leAP program and our work with civitas
          provided tools to help educators deepen community ties. We’re actively using this knowledge to
          build curricular content that empowers students and teachers to work in partnership to respond to
          pressing problems that help our community and our world.”

 AFS events                                                                                          1950s: 30 AFS countries
                                                               The first final meeting of students
                                                               on their way home from their
                                                               exchange experience is held at
 1                                                         1                                           1
                                                               Dobbs Ferry, New York. The event
 9                                                         9                                           9 over 1,600 students
 5 Americans Abroad                                        5   is later renamed Departure Day or       5 participate in year-long
 0 program established.                                    4   “D-Day.”                                9 programs abroad.

 1 Korean War       1 The Day the Earth Stood Still hits   1 Geneva agreement            1 civil war breaks out
 9 begins.          9 movie theaters launching a cycle     9 divides Vietnam in half.    9 in Vietnam. Soviet
 5                  5 of Hollywood films in which Cold     5                             5 launching of Sputnik.
 0                  1                                      4                             7
                      War fears are manifested through
                      scenarios of alien invasion.

 Political and cultural events
                                                                     AFS INTercUlTUrAl ProGrAMS/USA           ANNUAl rePorT 2007    7
          On my AFS program, I learned something deeper, something about

 Civil    what makes all of us unique and different, yet fundamentally the
          same. All of this was eye-opening to me and made me start thinking
          about what I wanted to do in the world.

Society                     Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad
                  Permanent U.S. Representative to the United Nations
                           Afghanistan to U.S., 1966-1967
A Movement Towards Peace

              The AFS mission is rooted in the belief that intercultural connections are at the heart of
              fostering a civil society, and AFS participants breathe life into this movement towards
              peace. In this 60th anniversary year, AFS offered many opportunities for alumni,
              volunteers, and friends to champion the cause. In the many anniversary events and
              symposia, AFS convened world leaders, educators, and citizens for a dialogue about—and
              a celebration of—the role of AFS in furthering peace in the world.

              on october 27, 2007, AFS hosted the World Peace Forum, a community education event
              exploring the impact AFS programs make across the international sectors of diplomacy,
              technology, religion, volunteerism, and education. Hundreds of people from the U.S. and around
              the world attended the all-day event at columbia University, voicing their support for seeking
              peaceful solutions to today’s global challenges. Featured guests included: Tadatoshi Akiba,
              Mayor of Hiroshima; Ken Burns, documentary filmmaker and producer (The War); Matthew
              Flaherty, founder of Kiva; Imam Arafat, founder of civilizations exchange and cooperation
              Foundation; and Nicolas de Torrente, executive Director of Doctors without Borders.

              Also in the fall of 2007, AFS-USA and AFS-egypt partnered with the U.S. Department of State
              to convene the Global Youth Leadership in the 21st Century Program (GL21). This initiative
              brought together American young people and alumni of the Youth Exchange and Study (YES)
              program from Algeria, egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, lebanon, Morocco, Palenstine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,
              Syria, and Yemen for an intensive conference about community service and cultural heritage
              preservation. The project culminated in an invitation from egypt’s First lady, Her excellency
              Suzanne Mubarak, to take part in the international youth forum, Youth Speak, We Listen.

              The 6th Annual AFS-USA Gala, Honoring the Journey, was a truly international affair with more
              than 300 guests from more than 50 countries. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, U.S. Permanent
              Representative to the United Nations (AFS alumnus, Afghanistan to the U.S.), presided as the
              keynote speaker. The event honored AFSer Dinyar S. Divitre, Senior Vice President and chief
              Financial Officer, Altria Group, Inc. (India to U.S.), and Michael J. Scully, AFS Life Trustee and
              WWII Ambulance Driver.

              In 2007, AFS also launched a Worldwide Petition for Peace at the Nobel Peace center in oslo,
              Norway to ask leaders of the world for their support in expanding youth exchange programs.
              over 100 organizations partnered to unite communities worldwide in furthering the AFS mission
              of peace, including: National Peace Corps Association, NAFSA Association of International
              educators, china Institute, Sister cities International, Asia Society, ieArN, and Save the
              children. Nearly 400,000 citizens signed the petition to be delivered to the United Nations in

 AFS events                                                                                             1960s: 34 AFS countries

                                  AFSers meet             AFS celebrates the enrollment      AFS initiates its educators
                                1                       1                                  1
                                9 President             9 of its 10,000th Americans        9 Program with china through
                                6 Kennedy.              6 Abroad student. Stephen          6 which chinese teachers
                                3                       4 Galatti dies.                    8 travel to the United States.

 1 Peace corps founded.         1 Martin luther         1 U.S. civil     1 Beginning       1 Assassination of      1 Neil Armstrong of
 9 east Germans build Berlin    9 King, Jr. “I Have A   9 rights Bill.   9 of cultural     9 Dr. Martin luther     9 U.S. is first man on
 6 Wall. South Africa becomes   6 Dream” speech.        6                6 revolution in   6 King, Jr.             6 moon.
 1                              3                       4                5                 8                       9
   independent. USSr sends                                                 china.
   first man into space.

 Political and cultural events
                                                                          AFS INTercUlTUrAl ProGrAMS/USA         ANNUAl rePorT 2007         9
            My AFS soccer camp volunteer program in Paraguay gave me a new
            perspective about the world. This experience helped me realize
            how important it is for me to be a good role model to students

            everywhere—no matter what language they speak, or how much money
            their family makes, or what neighborhood they live in.
                                        Arturo Ayala
                                  U.S. to Paraguay, 2007
                              Exploring the World

                For decades, AFS has worked to bridge opportunity gaps and build inclusion within our
                programs. Over the past ten years alone, we have made significant strides in widening
                the reach of our Americans Abroad program, and now more than 20% of our outbound
                participants represent socio-economic, racial, and cultural diversity. Our aim is to further
                grow this reach, and the AFS Faces of America Program was piloted in 2007 to launch this
                scholarship and leadership development initiative.

                Faces of America comprises a national partnership of youth organizations that work to ensure
                tomorrow’s leaders come from diverse backgrounds and communities and to equip young people
                with the knowledge and experience to excel in college and beyond. AFS partnered with nationally
                recognized nonprofits dedicated to empowering high-potential, low-income students of color:
                Bardoli Global, chess-in-the-Schools, Diversity Abroad, eagle Academy, link Unlimited, one
                World Now, Sponsors for educational opportunity, and Summer Search Foundation.

                Through Faces of America, we provide a holistic global education experience that begins with
                local mentoring and educational enrichment before the students go on their study abroad
                programs. When they return to the United States, the Faces of America scholars take advantage
                of mentoring, internships, and active volunteer service. All these efforts focus on setting and
                keeping students on a college-bound track and preparing them to excel in a global marketplace.

                Arturo Ayala, a 17-year-old Latino from KIPP Houston High School, was in the first class of
                Faces of America Scholars. In summer 2007, Arturo traveled to Paraguay where he taught at
                a soccer camp, working with inner-city students as part of an AFS community service program.
                While abroad, Arturo worked alongside two of his KIPP peers on a Bardoli Global Social
                Venture Project. These projects are specially designed so that our students use their service
                learning experiences as a training ground for developing entrepreneurial projects benefiting their

                After his AFS program, Arturo and his team participated in a week-long leadership Academy with
                Bardoli Global to create infrastructure for their volunteer project at KIPP SHINe college Prep—an
                early education and elementary charter school. During the following semester, the team led
                seminars focused on helping elementary school students learn how to deal with conflict and set
                goals for the future. For Arturo, his experiences of working with inner-city students in Paraguay
                were the impetus for this volunteer venture. “When I talk about AFS with younger students, I
                can’t help but use the soccer ball as an image of the world,” he says. “At least for me, it opened
                up a new world.”

AFS events                                                                                             1970s: 37 AFS countries

                                                                                AFS enrolls its
     First World congress is held at lake                                       50,000th Year
 1                                            1                             1
 9   Mohonk, New York. In the 25th year       9 Domestic                    9   Program student
 7   of AFS International Scholarships, the   7 Program is                  7   to the United
 1   Multinational Program is initiated.      2 initiated.                  6   States.

 1 china joins United Nations.                1 Secret U.S.-Vietnam                               1 Karol Wojtyla, cardinal-
 9 U.S. initiates policy of détente           9 peace talks in Paris pave                         9 Archbishop of cracow, Poland,
 7 with china and USSr.                       7 way for U.S. withdrawal                           7 is elected Pope, first non-Italian
 1                                            2                                                   8
                                                from Vietnam the                                    since 1522.
                                                following year.

Political and cultural events
                                                                      AFS INTercUlTUrAl ProGrAMS/USA           ANNUAl rePorT 2007        11
                                         AFS is a paragon among humanitarian institutions. Every day, this
                                         outstanding organization contributes, in very significant and practical
                                         ways, to our progress on the road toward international solidarity,
Finances                                 understanding, knowledge, and natural cooperation.
                                                               Cesar Gaviria, Latin American Statesman
                                                                 President of Colombia, 1990-1994
                                                                    Colombia to U.S., 1963-1964

Balance Sheet

ASSeTS                                                                                 2007
cash and equivalents                                                            $ 1,483,222
Accounts and other receivables                                                      130,366
contributions and government grants receivable                                   12,530,943
Prepaid expenses and other assets                                                   218,006
Investments                                                                       6,312,383
Property and equipment                                                            1,979,177
Beneficial interest in perpetual trusts                                             998,700
ToTAl ASSeTS                                                                    $23,652,797

Accounts payable and accrued expenses                                           $ 3,557,100
Deposits received in advance applicable
          to subsequent year’s programs                                           1,562,851
liability under charitable remainder trust                                           51,156
line of credit outstanding                                                          250,000
Funds held on behalf of Participating chapters                                    1,343,942
ToTAl lIABIlITIeS                                                               $ 6,765,049

General Unrestricted                                                            $   964,725
Board Designated Funds Unrestricted                                                 544,530
Temporarily restricted                                                           10,950,952
Permanently restricted                                                            4,427,541
ToTAl NeT ASSeTS                                                                $16,887,748

ToTAl lIABIlITIeS AND NeT ASSeTS                                                $23,652,797

   Where U.S. Participants traveled to in 2007                     Where AFS Participants came from in 2007
                    Sending                                                        Hosting

                                   7%    Africa/Middle east
                                                                                              2%    Africa/Middle east

                                  19%    Asia-Pacific
                                                                                              26%   Asia-Pacific

                                  40%    europe
                                                                                              55%   europe

                                  34%    The Americas
                                                                                              17%   The Americas

AFS INTercUlTUrAl ProGrAMS/USA   ANNUAl rePorT 2007      12
                                                         Assets, Revenues,
                                                                           and Expenses
Statement of Activities

reVeNUeS                                                                                 2007
Program Revenues (Net Scholarships)                                               $18,482,748
contributions received                                                             13,997,493
Interest and dividends                                                                361,606
other                                                                                 415,686
ToTAl reVeNUeS                                                                    $33,257,533

Sending and hosting programs                                                      $22,288,947
Volunteer activities                                                                2,201,035
Management and general                                                              3,483,016
Fundraising                                                                         2,182,375
ToTAl eXPeNSeS                                                                    $30,155,373

OPERATING SURPLUS (DEFICIT)                                                       $ 3,102,160

Non-recurring expenses                                                            $ (300,465)
change in the value of trusts
         and investments                                                                 38,839
Effect of accounting change                                                            (30,147)

cHANGe IN NeT ASSeTS                                                              $ 2,810,387

          Homestay: 916                  h   ool                                  Homestay: 273
          Language Studies: 196       Sc                                          Service Learning: 156
          University: 7                                                           Volunteers: 38




                                         Total: 1,586

                       Americans Abroad in 2007 by Program Type

                                                                          AFS INTercUlTUrAl ProGrAMS/USA   ANNUAl rePorT 2007   13
                                               A mission shared by UNICEF and AFS at this crossroads in the world is
                                               to stem the tide of Americans who would lower their eyes from the
                                               problems of the world-at-large to only the soil on which they stand.
   Impact                                      The brand of relief AFS supplies is relief from narrow-mindedness and
                                                                                       Hugh Downs
                                                                                   Journalist and Author

$100,000+                                           Dewitt Wallace/Youth Travel                        The Speedwell Foundation/Jenny
                                                     enrichment Fund of the                             and Michael Messner
Bardoli Global                                       New York Community Trust                          Summer Search Foundation
cargill                                             carson and Joseph Gleberman                        United States Department of State,
estate of Francois A. clarens                       oneWorld Now!                                       Bureau of educational and cultural

$25,000 - $99,999                                   Ford Motor company Fund                            Picasso Travel
                                                    Hawley central california AFS                      Dale l. Ponikvar
Altria Group, Inc.                                    endowment Fund                                   Kimberly ritrievi and Darryn
Annette Kade Fund                                   Drs. eleanor and Harry Hetz                          Tilden
The capital Group companies,                        Gail M. Inaba                                      Andrea and Kenan Sahin
  Inc.                                              Inner-city Scholarship Fund                        Jonathan J. Shakes
Dinyar S. Devitre                                   The Israelson Family Foundation                    Mr. and Mrs. Maximilian D. Stone
Naomi r. Driver                                     Katherine S. Kaufmann                              Sundar Subramaniam
eagle Academy Foundation                            link Unlimited, Inc.                               Travelzoo Foundation
Fidelity charitable Gift Fund                       Florence H. Norton                                 Victoria Foundation
candace and Bert Forbes                             erinch r. ozada                                    Susan S. and Kenneth l. Wallach

$10,000 - $24,999                                   Bernice V. Horst                                   The roy A. Hunt Foundation
                                                    The Hull Family Foundation                         Mary B. ruhl
The Abington Foundation                             richard and Priscilla Hunt                         The Samuel l. Westerman
AFS International                                   Independent charities of America                     Foundation
ross D. Ain                                         W. Wilson Jones                                    Michael J. Scully
American Turkish Society                            The linden Foundation                              Mike Sherman
BlueScope Steel                                     linda B. McKean                                    Sponsors for educational
centerview Partners                                 William G. Meserve                                   opportunity
chess-In-The-Schools                                Metlife Foundation                                 cathleen Uhl Stock and Keith
Dorothy and lewis B. cullman                        Kelly A. Moylan                                      Stock
  lBc Foundation                                    New York City Fire Department                      Sutherland, Asbil & Brennan
Dr. c. Todd cunningham                                Foundation                                       Toshiyuki Tanaka/American
Daimlerchrysler corporation Fund                    Peregrine capital Management                         embassy Scholarship Fund
David K. Ford                                         Inc. Fund of The Minneapolis                     TrUMPF, Inc.
Jack Forté Foundation                                 Foundation                                       craig l. Wilson
Goldman, Sachs & co.                                Michael Plouf and Toni robinson                    Anonymous
David Graves/Saintsbury                             The Prudential Foundation
The Guardian Weekly, Guardian                       linda S. and Herald l. ritch
  Monthly & Money observer                          ritz-carlton Istanbul
Have It Your Way Foundation                         Maureen and Mark rossi

AFS events                                                                                                         1980s: 42 AFS countries
                                                                          AFS President rhinesmith
     1                                                                1                                  1
     9 AFS enrolls 50,000th                                           9   works on program for former    9 AFS receives United Nations
     8 Americans Abroad                                               8   Warsaw Pact countries at       8 Testimony for dedicated
     3 student.                                                       7   request of President reagan.   9 service to youth.

 1 Public becomes aware of     1 Indira Ghandi is   1 Gorbachev       1 Palestinian uprising in Gaza      1 Berlin Wall is
 9 AIDS with first published   9 assassinated.      9 governs USSr.   9 spreads to West Bank.             9 dismantled.
 8 report by cDc.              8                    8                 8                                   8
 1                             4                    6                 7                                   9

Political and cultural events
AFS INTercUlTUrAl ProGrAMS/USA         ANNUAl rePorT 2007     14
                                                     2007 Donors

$1,000 - $9,999                   Donald G. calder                     robert W. Downing
                                  Woodrow W. campbell                  Mr. and Mrs. John Dubinsky
Janice M. Abraham                 Mr. and Mrs. John B. canning         carol A. Dunahoo
James Abruzzo                     caroline J. Sanders charitable       Michael B. edwards
William Ackman                      Trust                              Mr. and Mrs. Anders ekernas
Acorn Alcinda Foundation, Inc.    Till and ron cartwright              Mr. and Mrs. Stanley G. ellis
Dr. cynthia c. Amitin             Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. carvey, Jr.    Peter M. Fannon
John and Myra Anderson            Mr. and Mrs. richard P. case         elsie Fariss
richard c. Anderson               caterpillar Foundation               Michael Fascitelli
Melinda and Walter Andrews        laurent J. chaix                     Mr. and Mrs. cole M. Fauver
Melanie Thomas Armstrong          Ward B. chamberlin, Jr.              randolph H. and Susan J. Fields
Art and Martha Kaemmer Fund of    Barbara charles and robert           emily H. Fisher
   the HrK Foundation                Staples                           lillian W. Fisher
estate of Thomas Barbour          citigroup                            Heidi Francke
Katherine M. Basile               Bayard D. clarkson, MD               The Frank Pace, Jr. Foundation
Anwyl Bates                       Martha B. clifford                     Inc.
The estate of D. lane Bates       Dr. and Mrs. Augustus B.             Mr. and Mrs. richard A. Friedman
Mark e. Beck                         cochran III                       Ann l. Furr
eric D. Becker                    colgate-Palmolive company            Marie l. Gaillard
Stephen r. Beckwith               college Track                        Gannett Foundation, Inc.
Darrell W. Behnke                 Heidi H. conant                      Mr. and Mrs. Nelson F. Gibbs, Jr.
Thomas c. Benet                   Andrew J. connick                    Dr. Monroe Allen Gilbert
Dr. Janet M. Bennett              costco Wholesale corporation         Betty Dancey Godard
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Bicket       credit Suisse Securities             Donald J. Gogel
Penelope and John Biggs              (USA) LLC                         crawford Gordon
Alfred Blessing                   Dr. Kathryn D. crossland             The Greater cincinnati Foundation
Anne and James Bodnar             Margaret M. crotty                   Greater Saint louis community
Mr. and Mrs. Jan P. Bojö          Henry S. D’Auria                       Foundation
c. Hunter and Pamela T. Boll      randall Davis                        Dr. Alberto Grignolo
robert B. Bottomley               Stephen c. Dawson                    Janet M. Grout
Dr. and Mrs. charles r. Bowlus    Deborah J. de la reguera             rahiema B. Guerra
Peggy M. Boyles                   Karin and George de riszner          Dr. Katherine and richard A.
Martha and Walter Brethauer       Drs. charles De Sieyes and             Hackett
Jill M. Brethauer and David A.       carol Ward                        elaine Hadden
   Samuel                         Judith M. Dean                       Dr. Mary Ann loFrumento and
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Brock     Jane DeBevoise                         John J. Hallacy III
robert T. Brown                   Jill Dinwiddie and Bernard           Hardenbergh Foundation
Doris T. Brown                       Hargadon                          Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Harris III
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Browning        reverend James K. Donnell            Geoffrey M. Harris
Virginia V. Burgess               Amy Jo Dowd                          Dr. and Mrs. edwin Harrison

During an AFS year, you learn to love people and listen to them. You
learn resilience and determination. You discover your own potential.
                      Alfonso Menendez-Vallin
                    Olympic Gold Medalist, 1992
                      Spain to U.S., 1983-1984
                                              AFS is helping to spread the real concept of American democracy
                                              throughout the world and to create a true international understanding
   People                                     of our country.
                                                                President Eisenhower address to AFS students
                                                                        Columbia University, July 1948

Valerie Haskell and Jenni Stolarski               Suzanne D. Kellar                                  Scott A. Miller
richard W. Hausler                                Dr. Amy S. Kelley                                  Jean H. Milton
Sharon P. Haverstock                              Mr. and Mrs. leo Kelly                             Minds Matter
Walter H. Haydock                                 Dr. and Mrs. Neil Kesselman                        The Minnesota community
ruth H. Heespelink                                Jan Kleinman and Fadil Santosa                       Foundation
H. Jed Hepworth and lee                           Dr. Jeltje A. Koumans                              loretta Mockler
  Schubert                                        Kraft Foods Inc.                                   Morgan Stanley Foundation
Katherine A. Herbermann                           robert M. Kramer                                   S. A. Morton-Dimes
elisabeth Hilbink                                 James laden                                        lucia Mouat
Professor Geoffrey A. Hirt                        Patricia l. landers and John G.                    Mount Hebron High School
Dr. robert D. Hoffman                               olson                                              International club
Gertrude D. Houghton                              language & culture Worldwide,                      Karlheinz Muhr
Arthur Howe Jr.                                     llc                                              Abigail S. Muraskin
Margaret Pomeroy Hunt                             Thomas J. le Blanc                                 The Namaste Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. richard Hunter                       elizabeth leatham                                  christopher and Joyce Nelson
Bruce e. Hunter                                   Wendy lee and e. K. easton                         Stephen c. Nichols
Scott r. Hunter                                     ragsdale                                         Vigo G. Nielsen, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Hunter                    Brenda Grad levy                                   NIKe
Mary K. Husby                                     Mr. and Mrs. Stephen e. lewis                      eileen o’leary
Suzan M. Hutton and Hiro                          Dr. and Mrs. Alan lockwood                         Don S. olexa, Jr.
  Yoshihara                                       ramon and Nancy lopez                              Mr. and Mrs. chet opalka
Shelly A. Immel                                   Helen lowman                                       B. Waring Partridge
Shelley c. Inglis                                 robert ludwig                                      Mr. and Mrs. Harold e. Pennington
Mr. and Mrs. Gary N. Jacobs                       Dr. D. russell lyman                               George W. Perkins, Jr.
Michael Jakob                                     Karen l. Madson                                    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew l. Perlmutter
The James A. Macdonald                            Maine community Foundation                         Dr. and Mrs. lloyd J. Peterson
  Foundation                                      Thomas Malloy and Kathleen                         Nancy A. Petranto
John Hancock Financial Services,                    Bennett                                          Mr. and Mrs. Burton
  Inc.                                            William r. H. Martin                                 Pickard-richardson
Brooke H. Johnson                                 Mastercard International                           Mr. and Mrs. Alex J. Plinio
Suzanne N. Johnson                                Barbara Strasen Mathews                            Andrew and Sally ellis Quale
Adrian Jones                                      MBIA Foundation Inc.                               Dr. William B. Quandt
Jones Day                                         Brian S. McAuliffe                                 Mr. and Mrs. A. laurence ralph
Todd M. Joseph                                    William chichester Mcclean III                     Mr. and Mrs. robert H. ray
robert A. Kandel                                  Mr. and Mrs. Sanford N.                            Doris reuling
Professor Bernard H. Kastory                        McDonnell                                        eleanor M. revelle
Stuart Katz and Dr. Jane Martin                   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McDowell                    Jane M. rex
Sandra Kaye                                       Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Mclaughlin                    Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael l. Keiser                    Thomas G. Mendell                                    rhinesmith
Ambassador Kenton W. Keith                        Meridian International center                      Fredrica and J. Steven rice
Sharon A. Keith                                   MGM Mirage                                         Kathryn riddell

AFS events                                AFS pilots Future                                                    1990s: 52 AFS countries
                                          leaders Program
         1                              1 exchanges from former   1                                         1
         9                              9                         9 AFS establishes a                       9
         9 AFS celebrates its           9 Soviet Union to the     9 home page on the                        9 Year Program exchanges are
         2 200,000th student.           3 U.S.                    5 World Wide Web.                         7 initiated from china.

 1 Gulf War breaks out. Formal    1 civil war erupts              1 AFS alumna Dr. cady              1 NATo and UN
 9 end to apartheid in South      9 in Bosnia-                    9 coleman takes mission into       9 peacekeepers restore
 9 Africa. Germany is reunited.   9 Herzegovina.                  9 space on columbia Shuttle        9 calm to Bosnia.
 0                                2                               5                                  6
                                                                    (carrying with her the flag of
                                                                    AFS and the flag of Norway).
Political and cultural events
AFS INTercUlTUrAl ProGrAMS/USA       ANNUAl rePorT 2007    16
                                                         2007 Donors

Mr. and Mrs. charles l. ritchie, Jr.   Sandra W. Sweeney                    Iris Witkowsky
robert W. and Gladys S. Meserve        Deborah and Xavier Sztejnberg        Dr. cynthia A. Wong and lawrence
  charitable Trust                     John c. Taylor III                      A. rosenzweig
Peter M. and Kristin S. robinson       Paula A. Taylor                      Blaikie and Bob Worth
elizabeth G. robinson                  John l. Teeger                       Mr. and Mrs. loren Wyss
Thomas A. rogers                       elizabeth and Martin Terplan         Peter J. Yackel
David and Susan Gardner rowley         leslie and William Thompson          Charles F. Yeiser and Ruth
John A. rupp                           Tozer Foundation Inc.                   einstein
Judith F. Samuelson                    Mr. and Mrs. David V. Uihlein, Sr.   Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. York
Saul and Mary Sanders                  ellen Van Dorsten                    Muge Yuzuak
carlos J. Sandoval                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Van Dyke      Ms. and Mr. Wendy N.
Dr. roby B. Sawyers                    John Taylor Van Horne                   Zimmermann
Anna and Jeffrey Schaider              Polly and Floyd Van Weelden          catherine Zusy
Mr. and Mrs. charles W.                carolyn and richard Veith            Anonymous (6)
  Schellhorn                           Tanios e. Viviani
Michael and Jan Schiff                 Michael J. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. John H.                   Karen e. Waller
  Schmertmann                          The Walt Disney company
James W. Schroeder                     Paula M. Wardynski
Kenneth M. Schubert                    Jeanne and Jack Wasbro
Andrea N. Sehl                         Mary e. Weinmann
Dr. edward Seldin                      Mitch Weisburgh
robin and Phil Semas                   Bonnie A. Welch
Kathryn G. Sharber                     Wellpoint Associate Giving
Julia r. Sharpe                           campaign
George Shenk and Georgia lee           Mr. and Mrs. James Wells
Katsu Shintani                         William A. Wernecke, Jr.
Maria and John Shuck                   Amber c. Wessels
Frank V. Sica                          Jill and Thomas Wheeler
lisa Siciliani                         Adrienne White-Faines and larry
John Skillman                             Faines
Isabel H. Sloane                       claudie e. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Smith          Janet c. Williams
Heidi r. Steinberg                     J. David Willson
carl W. Stern, Jr. and Holly Hayes     James l. Wilson
Fredericka and Howard Stevenson        Mr. and Mrs. John H. T. Wilson
cynthia r. Stites and Donald l.        Patrick Windham and Arati
  Nagle                                   Prabhakar
Michael F. Stoer                       John W. Windhorst, Jr.
James M. Sulzer                        Anne A. Witkowsky

To quote Friar Lorenzo from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, “There is
a world outside Verona.” AFS helped me to discover the world—and
still at my age it inspires me.
                              Jan Eliasson
         President Emeritus, United Nations General Assembly
                     Sweden to U.S., 1957-1958
                                                        I feel fortunate that the Travelzoo Foundation is helping me realize my
                                                        dream of exploring the world. From the moment I learned about my

                                                        AFS scholarship, I knew that my life would change forever!
                                                                                     Yammi Wong
                                                                         Faces of America Scholarship Winner
                                                                               U.S. to Costa Rica, 2008
Photo: Margot Duane /
 Stephen Galatti Heritage Society
  Members of the Stephen Galatti Heritage Society make planned gifts in memory of Stephen Galatti, the
  founder of AFS Intercultural Programs.

   Mr. and Mrs. John r. Austin        M. Allen Gilbert, Driver, in         christopher B. Nelson
   John M. Bacon                        honor of his wife, Dr. Sarah       Mr. and Mrs. Wendell l.
   Fred Balderston                      Tuccelli Gilbert                     Nichols
   Kathryn S. Baltes                  robinson T. Gilbert                  Marilyn Niebergall
   Anwyl Bates                        Gilbert W. Glass                     Florence H. Norton
   James W. Bennett                   carson and Joseph Gleberman          candie oldham
   Martha and Walter Brethauer        crawford Gordon                      Virginia campbell Patterson
   Jacqueline c. Brown                Helmuth e. Graeser                   russell F. Peppett
   Monica Hyman Bullock               Alberto Grignolo                     Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H.
   luke Burnham                       larry Gulberg                          Petersen
   Michael F. Butler                  Steven c. Hall                       Dr. and Mrs. lloyd J. Peterson
   Ward B. chamberlin, Jr.            Mr. and Mrs. Norman W.               carol and Thane Pressman
   Francoise clarens                    Harris III                         William B. Quandt
   Bayard clarkson                    Nora Vitz Harrison                   Stephen H. rhinesmith
   Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. cleary       Grant Herman                         Mr. and Mrs. charles l. ritchie,
   B. Allen clutter                   Vivien Hoexter                         Jr.
   Holly and Jock cobb                Barbara Hoffstein                    Kimberly e. ritrievi
   Doris M. cohen                     Gertrude D. Houghton                 Jean P. ross
   roger e. conklin                   Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Howe, Jr.        David and Susan Gardner
   Gregg cook and Victor rosario      richard M. Hunt                        rowley
   Kimberly crichton                  Mary K. Husby                        Jonathan Shakes
   John P. curtis                     Marlou Imes                          Norman Shethar
   Nancy G. Dellmuth                  c. Paul Johnson                      Michael l. Silhol
   James H. Delman, esq.              Marlene M. Johnson                   richard c. Sinclair
   louise W. Devine                   Katherine Stone Kaufmann             Betty Shaeffer Skov
   Thomas Dolan IV                    Gladys Vig Kempe                     carolyn and Arthur Spengler
   conrad J. eberstein                carolyn l. Kortge                    c.B. Squire
   Ailsa and Jurgen eckel             Nancy and loren Kuehne               Betty Steele
   Norman c. eddy                     Sachiye Mizuki Kuwamoto              cathleen and Keith Stock
   licia S. edwards and               Mr. and Mrs. Jonas P. littman        Adele and Norman Taylor
       charles P. edwards             Mr. and Mrs. John S. ludwick,        Bud Taylor
   William e. ehlert                    Jr.                                Doris M. Terrano
   Karin eisele                       edwin r. Masback, Jr.                Stephanie c. Van D’elden
   Gertrude and ralph Findley         rufus Mathewson                      Mary Von Briesen
   David K. Ford                      Betty ehlert McManus                 Jeptha H. Wade
   John H. Forté                      Barbara Baldwin Miller               Francis W. Warren, Jr.
   Jennifer Froistad                  loretta Mockler                      Jeanne and Jack Wasbro
   Nancy Fuller and John Micek        Susan W. and William o.              Donald H. Wilson III
   Ann longwell Furr                    Morris                             linda K. Woolston
   David W. Gifford                   S.A. Morton-Dimes                    Blaikie and Bob Worth
                                      Kelly A. Moylan

AFS helped me open my eyes to a different world, to
understand that no matter the nationality, race, cultural, or
gender differences, the world is full of great people wanting to
make a contribution to others.
                       Marcelo Montero
       Business Unit Leader, Cargill Sweetness Solutions
                 Argentina to U.S., 1979-80
                                                       Every time I have to step in front of a group of people to speak about
                                                       Frontline, or every time I have to think hard about some issue that I
                                                       care about, somehow my AFS experience comes back to me.

   World                                                                                David Fanning
                                                                        Executive Producer and Creator, Frontline (PBS)
                                                                                South Africa to U.S., 1964-1965

     AFS Organizations and Programs

     AFS Partner Program Activity in Other Countries

     AFS Offices

AFS events                                                                                                             2000s: 65 AFS countries
                                             AFS Summer                     YES Program exchanges
                                         2                              2                             2
                                         0   Team Mission in            0   to U.S. from countries    0 AFS celebrates 60th Anniversary.
                                         0   Saudi Arabia for 20        0   with significant Muslim   0 Margaret crotty succeeds Alex J. Plinio as
                                         2   American students.         3   populations begins.       7 President of AFS-USA.

 2 camp David peace                  2 September 11th terrorist         2 Iraq War               2 AFS alumnus, Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad, appointed U.S.
 0 summit between Palestine          0 attacks.                         0 begins.                0 Ambassador to Iraq. Saudi Arabia holds first-ever
 0 and Israel.                       0                                  0                        0 municipal elections.
 0                                   1                                  3                        5

Political and cultural events
AFS INTercUlTUrAl ProGrAMS/USA               ANNUAl rePorT 2007    20
                           Board of Directors

                                        Board Chair
                                        Kimberly ritrievi                  Mark rossi
                                        (Finland, 1975)                    cornerstone equity Investors, llc
                                                                           (Brazil, 1973)
                                        Vice Chair
                                        Gail Inaba                         Susan rowley
                                        JPMorgan chase                     Northern Indiana cancer research
                                        Janet Bennett                      (Denmark, 1960)
                                        The Intercultural communications
                                        Institute                          carlos Sandoval
                                        (Germany, 1961)                    camino Bluff Productions, Inc.

                                        carson Gleberman                   Jeffrey Schaider
                                        (Switzerland, 1976)                cook county Hospital
                                                                           (Kenya, 1977)
                                        Stuart Israelson
                                        (Argentina, 1962)                  Jonathan Shakes
                                                                           (Malaysia, 1982)
                                        Katherine Stone Kaufmann
                                        (Pakistan, 1962)                   Mike Sherman
                                        Kenton W. Keith                    (Turkey, 1974)
                                        Meridian International center
                                                                           Sundar Subramaniam
                                        Jenny K. Messner                   cellexchange Inc.
                                        (Brazil, 1970)
                                                                           Susan Wallach
                                        Kelly A. Moylan                    (Turkey, 1963)
                                        Talamore Group, llc
                                        (France, 1972)                     Adrienne e. White
                                                                           American cancer Society – Illinois
                                        christopher B. Nelson              Division
                                        St. John's college                 (Kenya, 1977)
                                        (Netherlands, 1965)

                                        erinch r. ozada
                                        Archery capital
                                        (Turkey to U.S., 1975)

Every decade has demonstrated that there is a new generation
of AFS on the horizon—a new international dynamic in which our
organization will flourish. This is the future of AFS: creating leaders
who can respond to an ever-evolving world.
                            Kimberly Ritrievi
                          AFS-USA Board Chair
                          U.S. to Finland, 1975
                                                                 Working towards a
                                                                 more just and peaceful
                                                                 world by providing
                                                                 international and
     one Whitehall Street, 2nd Floor
                                                                 intercultural learning
     New York, NY 10004
     1 (800) 876-2376
                                                                 experiences to                                             students, families,
                                                                 schools, and
                                                                 communities through
                                                                 a global volunteer

AFS Intercultural Programs/USA has been leading international high school exchange for more
than 60 years. Through intensive cultural immersion, language study, and community service,
our programs help young people, teachers, and families achieve their potential.

our mission represents a community of global thinkers—caring volunteers, corporations,
foundations, and schools—working together to realize a common vision: to prepare tomorrow’s
leaders to excel in our modern, interconnected world. our alumni are a testament to the
learning, growth, awareness, and opportunity that come through being courageous enough to
leave the familiar of one’s own community for a year, semester, or summer—and experience
the world as AFS youth ambassadors.

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