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					Multimedia ITS services through digital radio
High quality information about your
journey as well as news reports, weather
updates and other services, when you
need it when you are on the move.

Terminals that are built into the bus,
tram, train or into your car, public kiosks
and portable devices - these will all
deliver DIAMOND services.
Intelligent transport systems already aid a              location specific services as well as GSM
great deal of our travel today: they provide             to support personalised services. This
up-to-the-minute information about traffic               powerful combination means delivering
jams, can guide us from door-to-door using               multimedia information with interference-
automatic navigation systems and can tell                free reception in real time, even at high
us when and where the next bus, tram                     speeds.
or train is arriving. They can alert us to
                                                         Europe leads the world in mobile commu-
accidents ahead and provide us with an
                                                         nications and DIAMOND is putting together
alternative route, tell us what the weather
                                                         the best technologies to deliver intelligent
will be like, help us plan our journey, even
                                                         transport systems to people wherever they
when we are already on route, book a hotel
                                                         are. This is a potentially very big market. A
or restaurant and find the nearest open
                                                         joint European Commission/ERTICO study
                                                         estimated that the European potential for
This new world of information relies on eff-             advanced traveller information services,
icient communication between the traveller               such as in-car navigation and traffic infor-
asking for information and those providing               mation is 26 billion EURO per annum.
the services. A wide range of services can
be successfully delivered using the digital              DIAMOND will make sure that people can
radio (DAB) standardised technology bring-               access this exciting new world no matter
ing numerous benefits to the traveller.                  where they go. New terminals are being
The high capacity allows transmission of                 developed for integration into the car, for
text and images (including television                    public kiosks, for integration into the PC
programmes) when travelling at very high                 and for mobile use. As an added bonus,
speed; it is no longer necessary to change               DIAMOND receivers will be able to access
stations when driving abroad and traffic                 the Internet and download valuable infor-
news, weather reports and news headlines                 mation such as digital maps.
can be displayed in real time on a screen.               There will be demonstrations of DIAMOND
The DIAMOND project will develop and                     in Hanover during EXPO 2000, in Paris, in
improve DAB-based ITS Services. It will                  Turin during the ITS World Congress, and in
prove the technical and commercial feasi-                South Germany based in Munich. These
bility of traffic, travel and tourist services           demonstrations will fine-tune DIAMOND so
using DAB. In addition to DAB, DIAMOND                   that full commercial services will roll out
will integrate positioning technology for                between 2003 and 2005.

                                           DAB NETWORK                                   SATELLITE NAVIGATION

        DATA              SERVICE CENTER                 GSM NETWORK          VEHICLES

                             THE DIAMOND INFRASTRUCTURE
    DIAMOND is providing the technological
    basis to show that DAB is particularly suited
    for ITS applications: it offers mobile rece-
    ption, it is digital and vehicle manufacturers
    are now developing multimedia applications
    for future products. DIAMOND will therefore:

                    OPTIMISE THE

(                      PLATFORM
    The communications technology platform is
    being optimised for intelligent transport
                                                     ASSESS THE
                                                     QUALITY OF
    systems. A wide range of ITS services for
    use in the vehicle, at home, in the office
    and at kiosks using DAB with or without
    GSM and GPS will be created. Appropriate
    exchange formats are being developed to
    ensure the easy insertion of services.
                                                     THE SERVICES
                                                    By assessing the impact and the quality
                                                    of services in the demonstration sites,
                                                    appropriate remedial measures can be
                                                    devised. These assessments will include
    The specification and harmonisation of a
                                                    the user acceptance and how services
    Human Machine Interface for intelligent
                                                    affect users' behaviour. Service quality
    transport systems is an important part of
                                                    assessment will show that services meet a
    the work so that the public can safely and
                                                    minimum of quality in the demonstration
    effectively use terminals. Industry will be
    supplied with a technical architecture and
    guidelines on their interpretation and
    application to make sure all terminals will      DEVELOP A
    work with all services. These requirements

    feed all the other major activities of the
    project.                                         MODEL
                             IDENTIFY               Project results will be disseminated in
                                                    order to provide convincing evidence of the

                                                    benefits of DIAMOND. At the same time
                             SERVICES               DIAMOND will support market develop-
                                                    ment and the creation of business chains
                                                    with the car industry, the       equipment
    The project will identify those services that
                                                    suppliers and the service providers as main
    are most likely to emerge as winners. User
                                                    actors. Through a better regulatory frame-
    needs are being identified and quantified in
                                                    work the profile could be raised of data
    order to establish key criteria for the
                                                    services compared to audio services - this
    success of future commercial services.
                                                    will provide evidence to regulators to make
    A service architecture is the basis for the
                                                    appropriate additional frequencies avai-
    demonstration sites to develop consistent
    services.    Operational      and     quality
    procedures for the commercial services are
    being developed and fine-tuned in the
    demonstration sites. A Services Guidebook
    will ensure easy understanding and
    exploitation of the results.

(                     SERVICES
    The improved DAB-based ITS services
    will be tested at four demonstration
                                                    Each demonstration site gathers all the
                                                    companies necessary to operate a service.
                                                    The service architecture is incorporating
                                                    local infrastructure constraints and quality
    Hanover                                         management requirements are being
                                                    adapted together with any specific terminal
    Paris                                           requirements for local needs.
    Turin                                           A marketing plan is being developed for
                                                    each demonstration site with a separate
    South Germany                                   strategy to identify the transition from
    The aims of these demonstration sites are:      demonstration to commercial operation.
                                                    Socio-economic evaluation is being
    • to act as a proving ground for the overall
                                                    undertaken using classic methods to
      concepts and to provide the other sites
                                                    estimate the net economic benefits of
      with valuable information for fine-tuning
                                                    services against the existing situation. The
      their activities
                                                    demonstration sites come together regularly
    early demonstration site at Hanover
                                                    to identify and act on key common issues.
    • to ensure that the data is relevant at the    We believe that when launching new
      European level and that different modes       services the general public demands only
      of transport (road, rail, bus, tram, metro,   those services they have actually been
      air), different services and applications,    "confronted" with and used. If you had
      and different operational cultures can be     made a survey 10 years ago of how many
      incorporated                                  people would actually pay extra money for
    a number of main demonstration sites in         a phone they could carry with them and
    Paris, South Germany, Hanover again and         be reached at all times, you would
    Turin that provide comparable data but with     have received a disappointingly negative
    specific differences                            response. That is why we believe that the
    • to provide publicity for the concepts at      demonstration sites are important: they
      the highest and widest levels                 will create public demand in a fashion no
    a showcase demonstration site in Turin          market survey or business model can.

                                                    HANOVER   PARIS   SOUTH GERMANY   TURIN

              Announcements                                    •           •
              Video images                             •
              Maps                                     •
              Traffic Message Channel                  •       •           •           •
              Information and Guidance                 •                               •
              Maps                                     •       •           •           •
              Events                                   •       •           •           •
              Points of Interest                       •       •           •           •
              Dynamic navigation                       •       •
              Announcements                                                •
              Dynamic information                      •       (•)                     •
              Multi/Inter modal planning               •                               •
              Broadcast web site                       •                   •
              Software download                                •                       •
              Digital maps download                    •       •
              Infotainment                                     •
    dGPS (differential Global Positioning System)
              dGPS                                                         •           •

    During EXPO 2000 (duration 150 days) 500 test users:
      • 1000 existing digital radio testers in Saxony-Anhalt
      • 5-10 fully equipped demonstration cars
    Two six month long trials involving up to 360 users:
      • first trial
        240 testers in 40 vehicles for a period of one month each
      • second trial
        120 new testers in 20 vehicles for one month each, plus extension
        of first trial to some users in the other 20 vehicles
    Existing equipped testers and new testers:
       • Audio
         1000 existing adapted
       • Monochrome display
         500 existing adapted
       • 1/4 VGA colour
         500 existing adapted plus 20 new
       • High resolution handheld/integrated in a car
         20 new
       • PC based
         100 existing plus 10 new
    Up to 7000 users (attending ITS World Congress in Turin) using:
      • multimedia kiosks - at least 10
      • at least one prototype in-car
      • at least one prototype new generation bus stop display
      • displays installed on-board shuttle buses
                                    Some of Europe's best known companies, including car makers, service
                                    providers, equipment suppliers and content providers have come together to
                                    work in DIAMOND during 2000 and 2001. Valuable financial and strategic
                                    support has been secured from the Information Society Technologies
                                    Programme of the European Union.

                                                                 is supported by:

                                                              Consortium Members

                                                              and is co-ordinated by
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