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									                                  Medical University of South Carolina – OCIO-IS-Information Services
                                                 McKesson Security Agreement
To protect the confidentiality, integrity and security of patient information in the electronic medical record (EMR) accessed via McKesson and
Citrix WebApps, and Portal through the use of a unique and private user identification code/username and password.
Healthcare information can be accessed by authorized persons to support patient care, peer review, quality improvement, risk management,
reimbursement claims, clinical research, education and other legitimate requests. Any unauthorized use or disclosure of patient information is
strictly prohibited. Access to various categories of patient information is based on need and defined by job title and function. OCIO-IS reserves
the right to refuse access to the electronic medical record until proof of authorization is obtained.
Authorized persons will be issued a unique user identification code and password. The username provides appropriate access levels and serves
as an electronic mechanism for tracking/auditing access and entries to the EMR. THESE ARE PRIVATE IDENTIFICATION CODES AND ARE
NOT TO BE SHARED OR MADE PUBLIC. Users must sign off or exit McKesson before leaving the workstation. If a user has any reason to
believe that his sign-on code has been shared or compromised, he must immediately change his/her McKesson password and report the
incident to his/her supervisor. Upon termination of employment with MUSC or its affiliates, the user’s sign-on code will become inactive.
ailure to abide by the above policy can result in disciplinary actions including the discontinuation of computer privileges, job termination and
criminal charges. (See Policy C-27 of the MUSC Medical Center Policy Manual)


1. Obtain a Security Agreement from a preceptor, unit educator, Information Technology Coordinator, or other designated department
coordinator. Security Agreements can be printed from the OCIO-IS web page or can be obtained by
calling the OCIO-IS Support desk at 792-9700.

2. Complete all fields of the McKesson Security Agreement, then sign and date the form. Failure to do so can result in a significant delay
in processing your request. Additional copies of this agreement can be found at the above URL or call OCIO Support Desk at 792-9700.

3. Return the completed form. Forms may be faxed to 792-8315 or sent via campus mail to OCIO-IS, Harborview Office Tower, Suite 210

4. Please direct all questions or problems, i.e., forgotten password, to the OCIO-IS Support Desk 792-9700.

5. Application Requested: ____ED Tracking Board ____ClinDoc ____Orders ____Portal ____eMeds ____AdminRx

First, Middle Initial, Last Name: _________________________________________Credentials: _________________________
                                         (PLEASE PRINT)                                  (RN, MD, CA, PCT, RT)
LAST 4 DIGITS OF YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER:_________________________________

DOB: __________________ Phone: __________________Job Title: ____________

NET ID: ______________________________ Email Alias: ____________________________

Department/Division: ______________________________________________________ Unit: __________________

Department Chair/Supervisor______________________________________________ Phone: _________________

Sponsor’s Signature (required if non-MUSC employee):___________________________________________


1. Mother’s Maiden Name? _____________________________________________________

2. Father’s Middle Name? (put first name if no middle name) __________________________

3. Town where you were born? __________________________________________________
        Your signature below indicates that you have read and agree to comply with the above policy and procedure.
Signature: _____________________________________________________ Date: ____________________________

For Office Use Only LoginID: ____________ UID: ____________ Temp Password: ____________
Date Trained: ____________ Analyst’s initials: ____________ Date Completed: ____________

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