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Hadco Distributing


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         Bay Area Hood Manufacturer Attains 100 Percent Nationwide Distribution Coverage

    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 17, 2004— ZEPHYR VENTILATION, a leading manufacturer of
high-end ventilation hoods, today announced a distribution partnership with HADCO Distributing,
headquartered in Suwanee, Ga. HADCO is proven to be a top leader in the distribution industry with its
continuous market growth and strong customer relationships and will help ZEPHYR attain complete
distribution coverage in the Southeast United States.

    HADCO Distributing covers the territories of Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina,
South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida and has been carrying ZEPHYR ventilation hoods in its
showrooms since April. ZEPHYR, who has partnered with major distributors that cover key locations
throughout the United States, believes that HADCO’s support will complete its distribution coverage
while increasing sales on the East Coast.

    “HADCO’s representation in the industry is extremely impressive,” said Jack Stemmy, executive
director corporate sales for ZEPHYR. “Their commitment to customer satisfaction and strength in the
market place has proven to be a perfect fit for ZEPHYR.”

    ZEPHYR’s product line will be strategically displayed throughout the five showrooms owned and
operated by HADCO Distributing. The partnership with HADCO will not only expand ZEPHYR’s
distribution territory, but will also allow ZEPHYR to be backed by a company whose mission is integrity,
consistency and complete customer satisfaction.

    ZEPHYR’s singular focus on melding stunning European design with cutting-edge technology, as
well as the company’s commitment to “Design the way you like it,” has made ZEPHYR a leader in the
ventilation hood category. For complete information about ZEPHYR’s national distributors, contact
ZEPHYR VENTILATION at (888) 880-VENT (8368), or visit www.zephyronline.com
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