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Mining                          Transmission
Metals Processing
                                for the
                                Material Handling
Baggage Handling                Industry
Mail Handling

Food Processing


General Manufacturing





   Boston Gear • Warner Electric • Formsprag Clutch
                         C o l f a x P o w e r Tr a n s m i s s i o n G r o u p

         brands in
power transmission         Boston Gear
    are now on the
        same team

                                Warner Electric

                                    Formsprag Clutch

               Colfax PT Group provides
               single-source convenience and
               world-class service

                      For over a century, the most important breakthroughs in power
                      transmission have been lead by Boston Gear, Warner Electric, and
                      Formsprag Clutch. These three companies, and several others, are
                      working together to lead the next century of innovations in power
                      transmission technology. This is what the Colfax Power Transmission
                      Group is all about.
                            With a full complement of mechanical and electrical solutions
                      for your material handling needs, the Colfax Power Transmission
                      Group stands alone as the industry’s most fully
                      committed supplier of power transmission solutions.
Solutions for Material Handling

In virtually every manufacturing industry today, the pressures have
never been greater to streamline work flow and move products with
extreme efficiency between processes. Colfax material handling
solutions are at the forefront of those challenges, maximizing
uptime, increasing motion control accuracy and reducing overall
MRO costs of ownership in a wide range of unique applications.

Driven by the Voice of The Customer (VOC), Colfax brings you the
competitive edge of a culture which emphasizes complete support
from initial application engineering to follow-through training and
world class customer service assistance.

            Equipment                              Procurement                         MRO Support via
                                                  Purchasing &

                                                                                      Customer Service
           Specification                         Delivery Systems                     & Technical Assist.
                                                                                                                We’re Committed to
       • Prototyping/Testing                   • On-line Order Entry               • Application Engineering    the Material Handling
     • Application Engineering               • Kan-Ban Inventory Pull                   • Global Support
   • PT Configuration Selection        • Wide Sales and Distribution Network       • Extensive Training Tools   Industry

                                                                                                                Boston Gear, Warner Electric, and
Take full advantage of extensive Colfax resources which benefit all                                             Formsprag Clutch products are reliable
areas of the material handling supply chain. Our quick ship                                                     solutions for a variety of material
programs for distributors, innovative and proven product designs for                                            handling applications:
material handling OEM's and end users, plus a comprehensive
                                                                                                                • Speed Reducers
customer service program are just some of the many ways that
Colfax is committed to delivering unsurpassed performance in power                                              • Electric Clutches and Brakes
transmission.                                                                                                   • Mechanical Clutches and Brakes
                                                                                                                • Permanent Magnet and Magnetic
                              Colfax Power Transmission Group                                                     Particle Clutches and Brakes
                            Boston Gear • Warner Electric • Formsprag Clutch
                                                                                                                • Overrunning, Indexing, and
                                                                                                                  Backstopping Clutches
                                                                                                                • Open Gearing, Couplings, and Shafts
                                                                                                                • Wrap Spring Clutches
                                                                                                                • Electric AC and DC Motors
                        ▼         ▼
                            Material                                                                            • Variable Speed Drives
                             OEM’s                                                                              • Bearings
                                                                                                                • Tension Control Clutches and Brakes
                                  ▼                        ▼        ▼               ▼       ▼
                                                                                                                • Sensors
                                   Material                Material

                                   Handling              Handling SI’s,
                                  Distributors              VARS

                                                                                                                Proud members of

                ▼       ▼         ▼                    ▼                            ▼
                                             End User Markets
               Textiles • Agriculture • Mining • Metals Processing • Semiconductors
            Baggage Handling • Mail Handling • Food Processing • Electronics • Apparel
               General Manufacturing • Pharmaceuticals • Construction • Aggregate
C o l f a x P o w e r Tr a n s m i s s i o n G r o u p

                            Material Handling
                                Material Handling
Product Functions

Speed Reduction

Speed Variability

Speed Control

Speed Increase

Torque Enhancement

Mechanical Power Transfer

Gear Reduction


Soft Start/Stop
                                      Conveyors & Conveying Systems
                                      Colfax’s proven power transmission solutions are preferred
                                      and applied in a variety of conveyor applications and harsh or
Overrunning                           special environments. Our gear reducers are robust and
                                      ideally suited for use in unit handling conveying applications
Overload Protection
                                      while our clutch/brakes provide controlled starts & stops,
Holding                               indexing, backstopping and zone control.

                                      Unit Handling: Live roller, roller, indexing, belt, accumulating
Application                                            palletizing, power & free, table-top chain, skate-wheel
                                      Bulk Handling: Inclined, aggregate, bucket, spiral, screw/auger, trough,
                                                       vibratory, metering, pneumatic
Lifting/Raising                                Other: Sortation, Sanitary (FDA), Magnetic (Chip), gravity,

Tilting                                                slat, lift & turn, overhead, under-floor












Solutions for Material Handling

                              Cranes, Hoists & Monorail Systems
                              Heavy-duty, overhead lifting and transport applications
                              are no problem. Our gear reducers provide controlled
                              lifting and lowering at the right speed and torque. Our
                              clutch/brakes ensure a safe and repeatable operation to
                              meet vertical lift and hold requirements.

                                  Cranes: Articulating, boom, bridge, cantilever, double girder, jib, mobile
                                   Hoists: Air, chain, electric, wire-rope, winches, ratchet lever, telescopic
                               Monorails: Electrified overhead, trolley, power & free, I-beam roller

                    Material Handling Automation Systems
                    We’ve been helping engineers automate plants for over 50 years.
                    Automation programs require accurate, repeatable and reliable
                    products. Our packages of reducers and clutch/brake products
                    attach to standard NEMA C-face motors. These matching packages
                    are designed for durable, high torque capacity, high cycle
                    operations. We also offer a comprehensive line of sensors, electrical
                    controls and variable speed drives.

                    MH Automation Systems: Baggage handling systems, packaged
                    automation, assembly automation, automated guide vehicles (AGV’s),
                    warehouse automation (WMS), automated storage & retrieval systems
                    (AS/RS), postal and mail package automation, robots & robotic systems
                    (linear, polar, articulated).
C o l f a x P o w e r Tr a n s m i s s i o n G r o u p

  Get it together
with the Colfax PT Group
     Team Colfax
      We make it quick and easy for you to find and get
      the products that meet your power transmission

      Check Us Out Online
      Simply visit any one of our comprehensive online
      resources to view interactive eCatalogs, download     The Driving Force:
      CAD drawings and specifications, view and print       The Colfax Business
      PDF pages, submit an RFQ and much more. Plus          System
      you can get the details regarding Warner Electric’s
                                                            All our business units subscribe to a standard of
      “Premier Delivery Service” and Boston Gear’s and
                                                            quality derived from the Colfax Business System
      Formsprag Clutch’s “Guaranteed Same Day
                                                            (CBS), a series of progressive manufacturing
      Shipment” programs.
                                                            methods designed to continuously improve power
                                                            transmission production and implemented to ensure
                                                            that we provide the consistently superior products in                                     demand from today’s industrial marketplace.

                                                            World-Class Engineering

                                                            • State-of-the-art CAD/CAM, 3D solid modeling
                                                              and analytical capabilities
      Superior Customer                                     • Web-based, electronic document management system
      Service and Application                               • Application engineering support
      Support... Worldwide                                  • ISO 9002 certified
                                                            • Six Sigma driven in engineering/manufacturing

                                                            Extensive Training
                                                            We offer a wide variety of training opportunities to
                                                            help you become familiar with all of our product
                                                            lines, specifications and typical applications.
                                                            Whether it’s in one of our facilities or at your plant
      Our teams in the field are more than salespeople...   or office, we can put the right training program
      they are experienced application specialists who      together to meet your needs.
      understand your production process and challenges
      and can recommend the right power transmission
      solution. Our customer service and tech support
      teams, located in different time zones to better
      serve customer needs, are ready to help.
Colfax PT Group

Colfax Power                     Marland Clutch
Transmission Group               Roller Ramp and Sprag Type
Quincy, MA 02171                 Overrunning Clutches
                                 and Backstops
                                 Burr Ridge, IL 60527
Warner Electric                  708-352-3330
Electromagnetic Clutches
and Brakes - USA                 Nuttall Gear and
                                 Delroyd Worm Gear
South Beloit, IL 61080
815-389-3771                     Worm Gear and
                                 Helical Speed Reducers
For application assistance:
                                 Niagara Falls, NY 14302
Electromagnetic Clutches
and Brakes - Europe              Wichita Clutch and
Allonnes, France                 Industrial Clutch
+33 (0)2 43 43 63 63             Pneumatic and Oil Immersed
                                 Clutches and Brakes - USA
Precision Electric Coils - USA   Wichita Falls, TX 76302
Columbia City, IN 46725          940-723-3400
                                 Pneumatic Clutches
Boston Gear                      and Brakes - Europe
Enclosed and Open Gearing,       Bedford, UK
Electrical and Mechanical P.T.   +44 (0)1234 350311
Quincy, MA 02171                 Ameridrives Couplings
617-328-3300                     Gear Couplings, Mill Spindles,
For Customer Service:            Universal Joints
1-888-999-9860                   Erie, PA 16512
Formsprag Clutch -
Stieber Clutch - USA             Colfax Power Transmission
Overrunning Clutches             Group - Asia Pacific
and Holdbacks                    China          852 2615 9313
Warren, MI 48089
586-758-5000                     Taiwan         886 2 2577 8156
For application assistance:      Singapore      65 487 4464
                                 Thailand       66 2 322 0481
Stieber Clutch -                 Australia      612 9894 0133
Formsprag Clutch - Europe
Overrunning Clutches
and Holdbacks
Heidelberg, Germany
+49 (0)6221 30 47 0

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