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					 International Leadership Conference
                        November 15 — 17, 2007

Got Grace?
So what does the word “Grace” mean to you? What does the Word of God have to say about
it? Is Grace present in our lives, our homes and our churches?
This year’s theme for the GCI International Leadership Conference is Establishing an Envi-
ronment of Grace. The many facets of Grace will be examined from its foundation to its func-
tion and finally its application in our lives.
Be sure that you put aside Thursday, Friday and Saturday, November 15th - 17th to explore this
life changing foundation of the Christian Faith.

 Main Session Speakers       Session #1: The Church That Grows, Grows by Grace”

 •   Michael Fletcher           The purpose here is to connect this conference with the 2005
                                conference where the 4 elements of the “Church That Grows”
 •   Jerry Daley                were presented. This will serve as an introduction to the con-
                                ference and set the theme.
 •   Dan Stanley
                             Session #2: Foundation of Grace: Justification by Faith”
 •   Michael Cotten
                             Grace flows from the doctrine of Justification by Faith. This truth
 •   Bill Fuller             was not only the cornerstone of the Reformation; it is the very
                             essence of our salvation. A true understanding of this doctrine is
                             a revelation of grace.

Session #3: Foundation of Grace: Adoption” (You are God’s favorite kid!)
 The “second” part of Justification is the doctrine of Adoption. This is the idea that we have
 been brought into the family of God Himself based solely on His living choice and the work
 of Another. The benefits of being a son or daughter of God are mind-blowing!
Session #4: Function of Grace: the Church is Permission Granting , Not a Permission Withhold-
   ing Institution
 Unfortunately, most churches and church leaders are “permission withholders” - “The minis-
 try, opportunities, and leadership of the church belong to us; you aren’t ready!” Permission
 withholding says, “You can’t do this.” Permission granting says, “How can I help you ac-
 complish this?”

Session #5: Function of Grace: The Twin Killers of Control and Performance
 People are programmed to hate those they perceive are trying to control them. Control is the
 child of pride and insecurity. Performance is the fruit of a works-oriented lifestyle and is the
 cousin of control. Controllers are driven by performance orientation. This session seeks to
 help leaders identify both control mechanisms and performance orientation in themselves and
Session #6: Look What Grace Has Done: Remembering the Harvest
 A recurring theme in each of our GCI Leadership Conferences is the calling on the church to
 become a harvest combine, bringing people into relationship with Jesus Christ. Grace is God
 doing for us what we should do for ourselves but cannot. The point of grace is to glorify God
 through the saving of the lost. This session shifts our eyes back to the harvest—the point of

                        Grace College of Divinity is offering a unique opportunity this Novem-
                        ber during the GCI International Leadership Conference. The Theme
                        of the conference is “Grace” and the college will be offering the confer-
                        ence participants the opportunity to use this conference as part of a
                        credit class called “The Doctrine of Grace”. This class will involve
                        conference attendance plus some outside work with videos and a text-
                        book. This class can be taken as an elective and is a 3 credit hour class.
                        For more information contact the GCD office at (910) 221-2224

“Defending the Root of Righteousness”                                  Workshop Speakers
  There are certain enemies of righteousness, programmed by
  darkness to attack believers and cut them off from the experi-       •   Jerry Daley
  ence of peace and connection with God that Justification is de-
  signed to produce. These enemies stem from one main root—            •   Randy Thornton
  condemnation. This workshop will expose condemnation, con-
                                                                       •   David Schmaltz
  trast it with true conviction, and equip believers to detect and
  defeat it.                                                           •   Kendrick Vinar
“The Calling of a Leader: Growing People”
  Leaders are not just called to grow ministries and churches. Leaders are called to grow peo-
  ple. What attitudes and actions are required for a person to be the type of leader that grows
“Want to See a Flake? Look in the Mirror”
  This workshop is designed to reveal the folly of holding people in the past by holding on to
  mental images of their failures, weaknesses, sins, short-comings. This workshop promotes
  the idea that we are called to view people and deal with them from the vantage point of faith.
“Feeding the Well”
  One can only give out what he lives inwardly. In order to lead with grace and establish an
  environment of grace the leader must feed on grace. This workshop concentrates on practi-
  cal helps that will enable leaders to regularly feed on the grace of God for themselves.

 Thursday, November 15, 2007              Friday, November 16, 2007
       7:00 PM – Worship/Prophesy               8:00 AM – Devotional Teaching
       7:40 PM – Interviews                     8:15 AM – Intersession for the
       8:00 PM – Speaker                            Conference
                                                8:45 AM – Break
                                                9:00 AM – Worship/Prophesy
                                                9:30 AM – Announcements
  Saturday, November 17, 2007                   9:40 AM – Speaker
        8:00 AM – Devotional Teaching           10:30 AM – Break
        8:15 AM - Intersession for the          11:00 AM – Announcements
           Conference                           11:10 AM – Speaker
        8:45 AM – Break                         12:00 PM – Lunch
        9:00 AM – Worship/Prophesy              2:00 PM – Workshops Session 1
        9:30 AM – Speaker                       3:00 PM – Mid-Afternoon Snack
        10:20 AM – Mid-Morning Snack            3:30 PM – Workshops Session 2
        11:00 AM – Speaker                      4:30 PM – Dinner
        11:50 AM – Closing Announce-            7:00 PM – Worship/Prophesy
           ments                                7:30 PM – Announcements
                                                7:40 PM – Speaker

            Where:            Manna Church, Fayetteville

How:       Register on-line at
           Early registration by November 1, 2007         $25 per person
           Registration after November 1, 2007            $30 per person
           Accommodations with Wingate Inn                $85
                  (before November 1)
                  Call 910-826-9200 to reserve room

                What else is available?

           Conference DVD                              2006 Conference
           By Nov 1    $15                             CD and Notebook
           After Nov 1 $20                                   $10

      For more information call: 910-867-6116

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