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					                                                  ESCROW DISBURSEMENT AGREEMENT
Escrow/Commitment Number: ________________                                                   Dated: ______________
Property Address: ___________________________________________
To: Premier Title:
1       The undersigned Seller(s) and Buyer(s)/Borrower(s) hereby authorize and direct Premier Title to make
disbursements for the above noted transaction pursuant to the HUD-1 Settlement Statement / Disbursement Statement.

2        The undersigned understand and agree that for the purpose of this closing, Premier Title is acting only as an
agent of the lending institution, and does not represent either the Seller(s) or the Buyer(s)/Borrower(s) as an attorney or
in an other capacity. If Premier Title's representation of the lending institution gives rise to an apparent conflict of
interest the parties consent to and waive said conflict of interest. The parties understand and agree that all
representation made to Premier Title by the Buyer(s)/Borrower(s) and/or Seller(s) may be made known to the lender
and all documents executed and delivered to Premier Title may be made known and delivered to the lender at any time
hereafter, notwithstanding any rights that the Borrower(s) may have to rescind the transaction. The undersigned parties
attest that they have received a complete set of their closing documents and executed settlement statement and
understand and agree that any subsequent requests for same will result in a fee.

3       The undersigned understand that if an attorney signs this agreement on behalf of the Seller(s) or
Buyer(s)/Borrower(s), the attorney affirmatively warrants that he/she has the authority to execute any and all documents
and to receive copies of the HUD-1 Settlement Statement / Disbursement Statement. Delivery of the HUD-1 Settlement
Statement / Disbursement Statement to the attorney constitutes delivery to his/her client.

4        The undersigned direct Premier Title to make such disbursements only when Premier Title is in position to issue
its usual form of owners and/or mortgage policy insuring title to the property above subject only to:

                      General real estate taxes not yet due and payable.
                      Customary Schedule B exceptions.
                      The mortgage/security instrument made by the borrower(s) recorded/filed hereunder.

and Premier Title is prepared to comply with the terms and provisions of the lender’s instructions, and additional
instructions, if any.

5        Buyer(s)/Borrower(s) and Seller(s) hereby agree to reimburse Premier Title for ANY additional fees including,
but not limited to the following fees required by the existing lender to obtain the release of any current mortgage; any
and all fees and charges allocable to Buyer(s)/Borrower(s) and/or Seller(s) which may have to be corrected after
closing, including but not limited to errors in tax prorations, survey bills, and errors in broker commissions computations;
funds necessary to satisfy any shortfall regarding the Lender's Closing Instructions, the Disbursement Statement and/or
the HUD-1 Settlement Statement.

6        Buyer(s)/Borrower(s) agree to pay $____________ and the Seller(s) agree to pay $____________for this

7      Premier Title shall not be under any duty to invest or reinvest any funds held by them under this agreement.
Premier Title shall have the full right, power, and authority to commingle any deposits or part thereof with its other
escrow deposits. All income derived from any use that Premier Title may make of these deposits shall belong to
Premier Title or its appointee as the case may be.

8      The parties, if requested by Premier Title, will promptly cooperate to correct clerical errors in any documents
executed as part of this transaction.

                                                                   Initial _______________       Initial ____________
                                                                            Buyer/borrower                   Seller

                                                                   Initial _______________       Initial ____________
                                                                            Buyer/borrower                   Seller

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9        The undersigned agree(s) that the Recording Fees, Release Status Verification Fee and Delivery Handling Fee
(collectively known as "fees") reflected on the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Settlement
Statement for this transaction will be paid to the Recorder of Deeds and/or outside vendors or will be retained as a
handling charge by Premier Title for services that it provides in connection with the recording of documents and/or the
delivery of the payment of liens. If these fees are insufficient to record a release or other documents for the closing
and/or deliver a payment of a lien, neither the Seller(s) nor the Borrower(s)/Buyer(s) will be liable for the additional cost
to record the document(s) and/or deliver the payment of the lien. Therefore, the undersigned, in consideration of the
forbearance by Premier Title as described in the previous sentence, and other good and valuable consideration,
expressly waive(s) any right or claim of right recognized in law or equity or by any federal, state, or local statute to
obtain a refund of these fees and, concomitantly, any right or claim or right to sue that could have been asserted under
any legal, equitable, or statutory cause of action, including but not limited to the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act
and its governing regulations and the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act, against Premier
Title or any of its officers, agents, directors, subsidiaries, or assigns arising for the payment of the fees.

10        Buyer(s)/Borrower(s) has(have) not acquired any interest in the Property to be insured prior to the Closing Date,
if the transaction is represented to be a purchase transaction, or Borrower(s) has(have) acquired title to the property
prior to the Closing Date, if the transaction is represented to be a refinance transaction.

11      The undersigned Seller(s) and/or Buyer(s)/Borrower(s) hereby authorize Premier Title to receive Pay Off and/or
Balance information on any and all liens relative to the above-captioned Property and Title Commitment. If this
transaction is related to the pay-off of a Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit, the Seller(s) and/or Borrower(s) authorize
Premier Title to close any account related to the Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit.

________________________________                                        ______________________________________
     Buyer/Borrower Signature                                                      Seller Signature

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