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   C T I I I

                                                              C R E AT I N G C O M M U N I T I E S T H R O U G H P E O P L E , PA R K S A N D P R O G R A M S
                                                   FALL 2011

    C O M M U N I T Y C E N T E R I N F O R M AT I O N

Ways to register
Online Registration: You can now register online
for activities at no additional cost using a Visa
or MasterCard. The mouse icon indicates which
activities are available for online registration. Please
visit and click on the online registration icon
or go to Community and Teen Centers Online Registration. You
will then be directed to the online registration program. Follow
the instructions and in minutes, from the comfort of your own
home, you will be registered for your favorite activities.

In Person: Register in person at the Community Center office,
located at 341 Heald Lane in Fallbrook. We are open weekdays,
Monday through Friday: office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Cash, check, or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) accepted.
Checks must be made payable to the County of San Diego. A
valid Drivers License will be required for all personal checks.

By Phone: Call the Community Center office (760) 728-1671 to
register using a credit card (Visa or MasterCard).
A waiver must be completed by each class participant prior to the
first class meeting.

Refunds: Fees are refunded or credit offered only if an activity is
cancelled for lack of participants.
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                                                                         by receiving our activity
Community Center Information                                           guide via email. Sign up
The Fallbrook Community Center Activity and Pro-                
gram Guide is published three times a year by County of San Di-
ego Department of Parks and Recreation, 5500 Overland Avenue,
Suite 410, San Diego, CA 92123.
Address correspondence regarding this publication to:
                                                                                TABLE            OF       CONTENTS
Fallbrook Community Center,
341 Heald Lane, Fallbrook, CA 92028.
(760) 728-1671                                                           Community Center Information ......... 3
or e-mail us at                             Special Events ......................................4-5
                                                                         Child Care/Day Camp............................ 6
                                                                         Youth Activities.. .................................7-9
                                                                         Fitness.. ................................................. 10
                                                                         Special Interests.. .............................11-12
                          The Fallbrook Community Center
                                                                         Computers.... ...................................... ..14
                                             will be closed              Reservations.....................................15-16
                                    September 5, Labor Day               Auditorium ...............................Back page
                            November 24-25, Thanksgiving
                                   December 26, Christmas
                                       January 2, New Years

2                                               W W W. S D PA R K S . O R G
                                                                                        C O M M U N I T Y C E N T E R I N F O R M AT I O N

San Diego County Local Parks Development Board County                               Foundation for Sr Care......... ........................... (760) 723-7570
Service Area 81                                                                     High School ...................................................... (760) 723-6300
CSA 81 is the local agency mandated for recreation services                         Hospital ............................................................ (760) 728-1191
in the Fallbrook, Deluz, and Rainbow areas of San Diego                             Ingold Community Sports Park ...................... (760) 451-0012
County. Its members are appointed by the S.D. County Board                          Library .............................................................. (760) 728-2373
of Supervisors. Meetings are held on the third Thursday of                          Pop Warner Football ........................................ (760) 599-8200
each month.                                                                         Red Cross .......................................................... (760) 757-5403
                                                                                    Sheriff ............................................................... (760) 451-3100
Chair:                            Sue Reed
                                                                                    Senior Center.................................................... (760) 728-4498
Members:                                                                            Traffic School.................................................... (800) 218-0013
    Neil Sternberg                             Ricardo Favela                       Youth Baseball .................................................. (760) 728-3312
    Claudia Morris                             Joe Comello                          Youth Soccer ..................................................... (760) 728-1721
    Al Gebhart                                 Wicker Gamble                        Youth La Crosse ................................................ (760) 451-1914
Fallbrook Community Center Staff:
Director:                                      Gordon Stone                                              L I V E A H E A LT H Y L I F E
Recreation Coordinator:                        Ashley Estrada                                    The “Live a Healthy Life...Recreate!” logo identifies
                                                                                                            activities, programs, and events that
Administrative Staff:                          Budd Anderson                                                     offer a health and wellness benefit
                                                                                                                     to the participant. Look for
After School Program Staff:                    Kit Leitmeyer                                                           the logo throughout the
      Eduardo Arce                             Ame Crews                                                               program guide to help you
      Susie Gonsalves                          Elisa Hernandez                                                         choose what is right for you
      Rosamaria Rosas                          Pablo Valenzuela                                                      and wellness benefit to the
                                               Jamie Nelson                                                        participant.

Preschool Teachers:                            Lisa Horner
     Sara Archambault                          Celia Cortez                                             D I R E C TO R ’ S M ESSAG E

Preschool Aide:                                Rosario Molina
                                                                                      Get Out and Play!
Building & Grounds Staff:                      Javier DeHaro
     Ken Barnes                                Abel Mojica                            Fallbrook Community Center and County Parks and
                                                                                      Recreation provide countless opportunities for kids and kids
                                                                                      at heart to play every day. All our parks offer the restorative
       Ken Rice                                Angie Rice
                                                                                      powers of the natural world that can boost mental acuity
Board of Supervisors:                                                                 and creativity while promoting health and wellness.
     Greg Cox, District 1         Dianne Jacob, District 2
                                                                                      Hiking, biking, horseback riding, camping, fishing, our just
     Pam Slater-Price, District 3 Ron Roberts, District 4
     Bill Horn, District 5                                                            splashing in the water in one of our aquatic playgrounds
                                                                                      are all within reach. We also offer camps, classes and sports
Chief Administrative Officer:                  Walter F. Ekard
                                                                                      activities from A to Z, Art to Zumba, that can make an
Department Director:                           Brian Albright
                                                                                      intense workout or learning a new skill seem like fun and
Phone Directory
Art Center at Fallbrook .................................... (760) 728-1414
Art Campus at Fallbrook ................................. (760) 728-6383              So shut down your computer, put down your cell phone,
Boys & Girls Club............................................. (760) 728-5871         turn off your TV and enjoy Fallbrook Community Center
Chamber of Commerce ................................... (760) 728-5845                and County Parks. Check out the activities in this brochure
County Parks and Recreation .......................... (858) 694-3030
                                                                                      and get some play time in your life. For complete county
Elementary School District.............................. (760) 723-7000
Family Health Clinic ........................................ (760) 728-3816          parks information log onto
Fire Protection District .................................... (760) 723-2005          Gordon Stone – Community Center Director
Food Pantry ...................................................... (760) 728-7608
FPUD Water & Sewer....................................... (760) 728-1125

                                                             W W W. S D PA R K S . O R G                                                                                 3
                       SPECIAL EVENTS

Health and Fitness Fair at La Paloma School
Saturday, October 22, 9am-1pm
The annual Fallbrook Health and Fitness Fair is an abso-
lutely free public event that includes fitness talks, demon-
strations, freebies & prizes and lots of participation to help
you get healthy and stay healthy through exercise, nutrition
and smart choices. There will be health screenings for Glu-
cose, Cholesterol, Body Mass Index (BMI) and plenty of
information on healthcare. The event also includes a vol-
untary “Weigh In”. Weights from last year’s health fair can
be compared and participants can set goals for next year’s
health fair.
This free health & fitness event is cosponsored by Fallbrook
Health Care District, County Parks / Fallbrook Community
Center and Fallbrook Elementary School District.

September 6, October 4, November 1, December 6
Calling all acoustic musicians! Take part in a fun and cre-
ative jam the first Tuesday of each month! You are welcome
to take part whether you play guitar, fiddle, banjo, mando-
lin, ukulele, upright bass, harmonica or? The format will be
casual and informal. Each player may take a turn demon-
strating and playing while others join in to accompany on
rhythm and take turns with lead parts. All styles of music
are welcome. Bring your instruments and have fun – no
electronics, please. All players, friends, family, listeners need
to pay $2 / each to cover room use.

         Who:     Acoustic Musicians And Friends
        Where:    Eucalyptus
        When:     Tuesdays 7-9pm
        Dates:    Sept 6, Oct 4, Nov 1, Dec 6
         Limit:   10-20
           Fee:   $2 per musician / Family /
                  Friend / Music Fan

    San Diego Blood Bank
    Thursday, September 8
    Thursday, December 8
    Giving blood is one of the most effective ways to help
    your community because it saves lives. Donating blood is
    a very safe and simple process. Donors are accepted from
    12:30-5:30 p.m. For an appointment call 800-479-3902
    ext. 8251.

4                                               W W W. S D PA R K S . O R G
W W W. S D PA R K S . O R G   5
                C H I L D C A R E / D AY C A M P

We Care Preschool                                                  After School Education and Safety Program
& Childcare 2.5 to 5 Years                                         Before and After School- A.S.E.S.
(License #376600524)                                               The La Paloma A.S.E.S. Program
The “We Care Preschool & Childcare” offers a half day              Do you want a safe place for your La Paloma student before
morning preschool from 6:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. as well as a        and after school? Would you like to get them homework help,
full day childcare from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. for toilet trained     improve their grades, and have fun? This program is for you.
children from 2.5 through 5 years.                                 Space is limited. Applications are available at the Commu-
                                                                   nity Center. The La Paloma A.S.E.S. After School Program is
The “We Care Preschool” program is guided by the principle         a cooperative effort of Fallbrook Union Elementary School
of developmentally appropriate practice. Our staff embraces        District and County of San Diego Parks and Recreation.
the view that each child is a unique person with an individual
pattern and timing of social, emotional, physical, and intellec-
tual development. Our center offers a “hands on” approach to
learning. This style of early childhood education is designed to
foster creativity and expanded self-expression. The “We Care       School Vacation Day Camps
Preschool” teachers teach respect for children by encouraging      Vacation Day Camps provide a safe, supervised, and fun
them to think for themselves, make decisions, work toward          place for school aged children on school holidays. Crafts,
their own solutions, and express their own ideas and feelings.     movies, games, sports, snacks, holiday parties, and other fun
                                                                   projects will be the order of the day. Supervision will be pro-
                                                                   vided by Community Center child care staff. Children need
Monthly Tuition:
                                                                   to bring a nutritious morning snack, sack lunch, and drink.
                          Full Day               Half Day
                                                                   An afternoon snack will be provided. Please register and pay
                          6:30 a.m.              6:30 a.m.
                                                                   1 week in advance. Day Camps may be cancelled due to low
                          to 6 p.m.          to 12:30 p.m.
5 days/week                 $461                     $293
4 days/week                 $411                     $272
                                                                            Who:   Boys & Girls Kindergarten - 6th grade
3 days/week                 $340                     $225
                                                                            Dates: December 19-23
2 days/week                 $259                     $170
                                                                                   $99 when paid by 12/12, $110 after 12/12
                                                                                   April 9-13
One Time Registration / Supply Fee: $40
                                                                                   $99 when paid by 4/2, $110 after 4/2
Special Discount!
                                                                            Hours: 7am-6pm
Registration / Supply Fee of $40 will not be charged for new
children starting in September & October
6                                                W W W. S D PA R K S . O R G
                 YO U T H A C T I V I T I E S

Growing Gourmets: Cooking Series for Kids!
Growing Gourmets will have the opportunity to have fun
in the kitchen and learn cooking vocabulary, techniques,
utensils, basics of nutrition, etiquette, safety and new foods!
At the end of each series students will bring home their own
cookbook they have compiled in class. Children will learn
safety and hygiene, communicate with other children, gain
confidence and new skills, and have a wonderful outlet for
creativity and fun! The skills and learning abilities developed
in these classes include sensory learning: tasting, hearing,
smelling and vision. Motor skill development: hand, eye,
and mind coordination. Mathematical concepts: counting,
measuring and following directions. Safety: using equipment
safely and developing sound hygiene habits. Social skills:
working with others, sharing, and learning to cooperate.
Language skills: lots of new words and communication
                                                                  Creative Movement & Tumbling
                                                                  Webby Dance Company’s Tumbling Class introduces basic
experiences. Children also develop time management skills
                                                                  tumbling and balancing skills, obstacle courses, and exciting
and a better understanding of nutrition.
                                                                  routines. The children will explore different gymnastics
                                                                  stations such as mini trampoline, balance beam, tunnel,
         Instructor: Mercy Visser
                                                                  tumbling mat, rhythmic ribbon, and other creative equipment.
           Session I:9/20-10/11
          Session II:10/18-11/8
                                                                           Instructor: Webby Dance Staff – Melissa Rash
               Time: Tuesdays 3-5pm
                                                                             Session I:10/5-10/26
                 Fee:$60 / 4 week session
                                                                            Session II:11/2-11/23
                     $40 material fee to instructor
                                                                            Session II:11/30-12/21
                     at first class
                                                                                 Time: Wednesdays 9:45-10:15am
                Age: 5-12
                                                                                   Fee:$44/4 week session
        Class Limit: 6-12
                                                                                       $20 to instructor at 1st class includes
                                                                                  Age: 2.5-6
Growing Gourmets: Christmas Cookie Mania                                  Class Limit: 3-12
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! Just in time for
the holidays our budding bakers will be creating all sorts of
yummy Christmas cookies to bring home and share with              Preschool Ballet
their family. Not only will each “Growing Gourmet” bring          Webby Dance Company’s Ballet class introduces children
home 2 dozen sweet treats but the fabulous recipes for the        to basic dance techniques in a fun and creative atmosphere.
entire family to make at home all season long.                    Classes are planned to develop coordination, strength,
                                                   N  EW
                                                                  imagination, self-esteem, social skills, and listening skills.
         Instructor: Mercy Visser                                 Class will focus on floor work, center, and across the floor
              Dates: 12/6 5-8 years                               ballet technique. Ballet shoes are required.
                     12/13 9-12 years
              Time: Tuesday 3-5pm                                          Instructor: Webby Dance Staff – Melissa Rash
                Fee: $15 / one day class                                     Session I:10/5-10/26
                     $10 material fee paid to instructor                    Session II:11/2-11/23
                Age: 5-12                                                   Session II:11/30-12/21
        Class Limit: 6-12                                                        Time: Wednesdays 10:15-10:45am
                                                                                   Fee:$44/4 week session
                                                                                       $20 to instructor at 1st class includes
                                                                                  Age: 2.5-6
                                                                          Class Limit: 3-12

                                                 W W W. S D PA R K S . O R G                                                     7
                                                                                    YO U T H A C T I V I T I E S

Introduction to Tennis for Kids                                   Marionettes
Bring your kids out to learn the fundamental strokes of ten-      Participants will create animal and character marionettes
nis. The class is designed to keep the kids moving and having     from recycled materials. The instructor demonstrates
fun. There will be demonstrations and guided practice on          various styles and lectures on the origins of these pup-
the forehand, backhand and volley. Teacher to student ratio       pets throughout history. Each student fabricates a movable
is 6:1. Students should bring their racquet and an unopened       sculpture that they can showcase at the culmination of the
can of tennis balls to the first class.                           workshop in a creative skit to the class. Basic drawing, fab-
                                                                  rication, and decorating will be explored in this hand on
         Instructor:    Mary Merchat                              workshop.
           Session I:   9/29-10/27
                                                                           Instructor: Daniel Martinez
              Time:     Thursdays 4-5:30pm
                                                                                Dates: 10/27-11/17
                 Fee:   $70 / 5 week session
                                                                                Time:  Thursdays 3-4:30pm
                Age:    7-14
                                                                                  Fee: $50 / 4 day session
        Class Limit:    5-12
                                                                                       $15 material fee paid to instructor at
                                                                                       first class
                                                                                  Age: 6-12      Class Limit: 8-20

                                          NEW                     This holiday workshop explores the Nativity used in the
                                                                  celebration of Christmas. Each student creates a Nativity
                                 Day of the Dead                  from various man made and organic materials. It can be
                                 Skeleton Art                     painted and adorned with an assortment of embellish-
                                 This workshop cel-               ments. Figures of Christ, animals, and other characters can
                                 ebrates the Mexican              be added to the set as they visit baby Jesus on Christmas.
                                 observance of El Dia                      Instructor: Daniel Martinez
                                 De Los Muertos, in                             Dates: 11/8-12/6
                                 which students learn                           Time:  Tuesdays 3-4:30pm
                                 the history and sym-                             Fee: $50 / 4 day session
                                 bolism of the celebra-                                $15 material fee paid to instructor at
                                 tion. Students create                                 first class
                                 a wire paper mache                               Age: 6-12      Class Limit: 8-20
skeleton that reflects a departed loved one or someone
from history. They can paint decorate, and dress the
wire sculpture to their preference. Historical and cul-           Beginning Guitar
tural icons and video of the celebration will be shown            This course introduces guitar playing to students 10 years
and discussed.                                                    and up. It’s never too early or too late to start. Guitar play-
                                                                  ing is wonderful! Our instructor, Jack Kovic, has over 30
         Instructor: Daniel Martinez                              years of teaching experience. His fun, easy introduction,
              Dates: 10/4-10/25                                   will get you started on your path to understanding what
              Time:  Tuesdays 3-4:30pm                            the joy of music is all about. This “no pressure” experience
                Fee: $50 / 4 day session                          has been hailed as “The class that has class.” Sign up today!
                     $15 material fee paid to
                     instructor at first class                     Instructor: Jack Kovic
                Age: 6-12                                           Date: 9/26-11/7 (no class on 10/31)
        Class Limit: 8-20                                           Time: Mondays 5:30-6:30pm
                                                                       Age: 10 and up
                                                                     Fee: $50 / 6 week session $5 materials fee paid to
                                                                      instructor at first class
                                                                      Class Limit: 5-10

8                                                W W W. S D PA R K S . O R G
                                                                                   YO U T H A C T I V I T I E S

America’s Youth Outreach – Tae Kwon Do                            Fallbrook Children’s Choir
America’s Youth Outreach Karate is a goal oriented self           The all new Fallbrook Children’s Choir will be an ongo-
defense and safety program designed to promote a higher           ing opportunity for children to learn good vocal health
level of self confidence, discipline, physical fitness, concen-   techniques, breath management, introductory musician-
tration, and self esteem. Advancement in rank is offered          ship and note reading, minimal choreography, attention/
from beginner to black belt. Weekly tuition is affordable         focus, creativity, and team building. Singers will establish a
with family discounts for 2nd and 3rd children. Uniforms          lifelong love of choral singing through their rehearsal and
(Gi) and equipment are available at class but are not man-        performance of a variety of music genres: classical, folk,
datory. Preregistration is not required. Students may regis-      jazz, blues, pop, rock and much more. Solo opportunities
ter at the 1st three classes each semester. Call 951 369-9700     too! Session I will culminate in an in class performance
for details                                                       on October 27 at 3:30pm. Session II will wrap up with a
                                                                  “Winter Wonderland” in class show of holiday music on
         Instructor: Saundra Valenzuela                           December 15 at 3:30pm. There may be other local public
              Dates: 9/14-12/21 14 weeks / no class 11/23         performances.
              Time: Wednesdays 5:15-5:55pm
                     New Students, 6-6:40pm Returning                      Instructor: Tokeli Baker
                     Students 5-7 yrs, 6:45-7:20pm                           Session I:9/15-10/27
                     Returning Students 8 & older                           Session II:11/3-12/15 (no class 11/24)
                Fee: $7 per week/1 child                                         Time: Thursdays 3-4:30pm
                     $6 per child/per week/2 children                              Fee:Sess I $90 / 7 weeks plus one time $15
                     $5 per child/per week/3 children                                  T-shirt fee paid to teacher
                     Prepayment discount available                                     Sess II $80 / 6 weeks plus one time
                Age: 5-18                                                              T-shirt
        Class Limit: 20-40                                                        Age: 7-12
                                                                          Class Limit: 10-28

Ballet Folklorico Citlali
Ballet Folklorico Citlali is a group that teaches and per-                                                   NEW

forms traditional Mexican Dances to a large variety of mu-        Musical Theatre Production
sic in a fun, energetic environment. New members are al-          All The World’s a Stage! This introduction to acting, sing-
ways welcome to work out while dancing, meet new people           ing and movement for musical theatre will be a dynamic
from the community, and have a great time.                        addition to your child’s artistic education. While having a
                                                                  ball putting on a fun mini-production of CATS, your chil-
         Instructor:   Miguel Trejo                               dren will be learning team building, enhancing self esteem,
               Date:   Tuesdays & Thursdays (ongoing)             responsibility, memorization and creativity. Includes the-
              Time:    6-7:30pm                                   atre games, vocal warm ups, simple dance steps, staging
                Age:   10-35                                      and choreography of scenes, culminating in a live perfor-
                Fee:   $20 / month                                mance on November 14!
        Class Limit:   10-25
                                                                           Instructor: Tokeli Baker
                                                                                Dates: 9/12-11/14 (no class on 10/31)
                                                                                Time:  Mondays 3-5pm
                                                                                  Fee: $120 / 9 weeks plus $15 production
                                                                                       material paid to teacher
                                                                                  Age: 7-12
                                                                          Class Limit: 10-28


Healing Yoga                                                     Fitness Fusion
Renew, strengthen, and heal your body. Feel centered and         Stamina+Strength+Stretch+Serenity
focused. Healing Yoga provides an approachable style of          Joyful low-impact cardio dance plus a fusion of strength
yoga for everyone. While honoring the ancient practice           training, yoga, stretch, and relaxation techniques. Our
of Hatha Yoga, Healing Yoga incorporates modern fitness          variety of music and dance cardio styles keeps it fresh with
and safety guidelines. Yoga poses are shown with multiple        country, Broadway, hip hop, and now Zumba Fridays! This
modifications so everyone will feel successful. Come enjoy       class brings together all the fun tools to encourage a healthy,
yoga in a nurturing environment.                                 whole you. Join us!

            Instructor:    Ann Wade (AFAA, YogaFit, &                         Instructor:    Ann Wade (AFAA, YogaFit, &
                           Zumba Certified, BA)                                              Zumba Certified, BA)
                 Dates:    Mondays (ongoing) No class on                           Dates:    Mon, Wed, Fri (ongoing) No
                           holidays                                                          class on holidays
                  Time:    5-6pm                                                             *New students please come in 10
                   Age:    13 and up                                                         minutes early to register
                    Fee:   $8 per class w/ purchase of 10                          Time:     8:30-9:30am
                           class card                                               Age:     13 and up
                           $10 for single class                                      Fee:    $8 per class w/ purchase of 10
           Class Limit:    10-25                                                             class card
                                                                                             $10 for single class
                                                                             Class Limit:    10-50
Yoga Fusion
Yoga Fusion is a wellness journey with a gentle, adaptable                                  Zumba Fridays
approach. We embrace the traditions of hatha yoga to                                        with Fitness Fusion!
strengthen, heal and nurture our bodies. We also allow the                                Are you ready to dance like no one
freedom to enrich our yoga practice by incorporating other                                 is watching? I’ve loved teaching
fitness methods such as using light weights to strengthen,                                 cardio dance classes for over 10
chairs to facilitate focused balancing, and other tools which                               years, so adding the exciting Latin
aid our growth. In this way, we will not limit ourselves, but                               flavor of Zumba to my ongoing
bring about a balanced, whole body fitness style for life-                                  classes was a natural. The reason
long wellness. Let’s let go of worry, flexibility concerns, or                               is simple: Every class feels
other judgments that may have kept us from enjoying a yoga                      like a party! Come join me and you’ll see
practice and just show up on our mats.                           what I mean. You don’t even have to know how to dance.
                                                                 Just move your body and follow my lead. It’s easy! 30-40
            Instructor:    Ann Wade (AFAA, YogaFit, &            minutes of Zumba cardio, followed by balance, stretch, and
                           Zumba Certified, BA)                  strengthening exercises. Feel the excitement!
                 Dates:    9/21-12/14 No class on holidays
                 Time:     Wednesdays 9:45-10:45am                            Instructor:    Ann Wade (AFAA, YogaFit, &
                  Age:     13 and up                                                         Zumba Certified, BA)
                   Fee:    $8 per class w/ purchase of 10                          Dates:    Fridays (ongoing) No class
                           class card                                                        on holidays. *New students
                           $10 for single class                                              please come in 10 minutes
           Class Limit:    15                                                                early to register
                                                                                   Time:     8:30-9:30am
Registration: Please pre-register by completing and turning                         Age:     13 and up
in County release forms and writing “Yoga Fusion” at top.                            Fee:    $8 per class w/ purchase of 10
Include your email address for confirmation.                                                 class card .$10 for single class
First Class Free with pre-registration/teacher notification by               Class Limit:    10-50
9/14/11 for new and existing students. Please bring 1-2 yoga
sticky mats. We have loaners for first time students.

10                                              W W W. S D PA R K S . O R G
                  SPECIAL INTERESTS

Beginning Yoga
Yoga truly is for everyone! Maintaining strength and
flexibility throughout our lifetime is the key to having
an enjoyable and vital life, now and in the future. Come
experience a focused exercise that will leave you feeling
energized and centered.

            Instructor:   Cheryl Lindberg
                 Dates:   Tuesdays & Thursdays Ongoing
                 Time:    9-10:15am
                   Age:   12 and up
                   Fee:   $8/class or $70/10 class card
           Class Limit:   5-20

                                                                  Ballroom Dance –
                                                                  Fox Trot & Swing / Tango & Rumba
                                                                  Do you love to watch “Dancing with the Stars”? Why not get
                                                                  off the couch and experience the fun of Ballroom dancing
                                                                  for yourself. Dancing is a great way to meet new friends as
                                                                  well as an enjoyable form of exercise. Even if you are sure you
                                                                  have two left feet these classes will show you how easy it can
                                                                  be to dance comfortably with a partner. Basic step patterns
                                                                  will be covered as well as variations and more advanced
                                                                  technique for those with dance experience. Singles, couples
                                                                  and dancers of all levels are welcome. For more information
                                                                  please visit our website at www.BallroomLessons4You.

                                                                       Instructors:    Christine Rinne and Mark Mullen
                                                                          Session I:   9/13-10/18 Fox Trot & Swing
                                                                         Session II:   10/25-11/29 Tango & Rumba
                                                                              Time:    Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm
                                                                               Age:    15 and up
                                                                                Fee:   $60 per person / 6 week session
                                                                       Class Limit:    8-60

                                                                           Instructor: Gus Poletti
    Tai Chi Chuan                                                            Session I: 9/9-9/30
   Tai Chi, also called “Meditation in Movement”, is a soft                 Session II: 10/7-10/28
   and slow way of movements that can be practiced by                      Session III: 11/4-12/2 (no class 11/25)
   people of all ages. Benefits of this exercise include stress                 Time: Fridays 10-11am
   reduction, better focus and concentration, increased                           Age: 15 and older
   flexibility, improved strength, enhanced memory,                       Class Limit: 5-25
   improved circulation, and increased coordination.                              Fee: $45 / 4 week session

                     SPECIAL INTERESTS

     Watercolor Classes
     Come and join us in experiencing this exciting painting
     medium. All levels are welcome. You will learn basic wa-
     tercolor techniques and all about the supplies used for this      Duplicate Bridge
     medium. We will also study the techniques of various art-         This game is advertised internationally by the American
     ists. Usually, two 16x20 paintings are completed per ses-         Contract Bridge League (ACBL). Anyone who can play
     sion. More advanced students who wish to work on their            bridge may attend. All levels of play are welcome. A light
     own original projects and would like some advice / critique       snack-lunch and coffee provided. For information regarding
     are also welcome in class. If you are interested in attending/    games, lessons, or partnerships please contact Debra Cam-
     registering for the class, please contact the instructor Pam      eron at (760) 468-2078 and or
     Benson at (951) 302-9879 or               Fran White at (760) 695-7885 and

             Instructor:    Pam Benson                                         Instructor:   Debra Cameron and Fran White
               Session I:   9/12-10/3                                               Dates:   Mondays and Thursdays (ongoing)
              Session II:   10/10-10/31                                             Time:    12:30-4pm
            Session III:    11/7-11/28                                                Fee:   $7 per game
             Session IV:    12/5-12/12 ($50)
                   Time:    1-4pm Mondays
                    Age:    18 and up
                     Fee:   $90 per session
            Class Limit:    5-15

 Ofrendas – El Dia De Los Muertas                                            Instructor: Daniel Martinez
 Ofrendas are small and medium size boxes (retablos) used as                      Dates: 10/7-10/28
 altars during the Day of the Dead. The Ofrendas are dedicated                    Time:  Fridays 3-5PM
 to a departed loved one; they are filled with mementos, symbols,                   Fee: $50 / 4 day session
 and stories of an individual and displayed prior to the Day of                          $15 material fee paid to instructor
 the Dead on November 1 and 2. They are painted and deco-                                at first class
 rated with an assortment of materials provided and serve as a                      Age: 15 years and older
 reminder that the individual still lives in our hearts. The history        Class Limit: 8-20
 of the Day of the Dead will also be discussed by the instructor. A
 demonstration of Sugar Skulls will also be included.
12                                                 W W W. S D PA R K S . O R G
                      SPECIAL INTEREST

                                                               Senior Lunch
Basic On-Leash Dog                                             The Fallbrook Senior Center serves a hot, nutritious lunch
Obedience Training                                             at 11:30 a.m., Monday - Friday in the community center
True freedom for your dog                                      dining room. Meals are for seniors 60+ and reservations
comes only through proper training. With a                     are not required. Meals are also delivered to homebound
firm combination of loving and patient train-                  seniors unable to attend lunch. This project is sponsored
ing methods, you and I will turn your four-                    by Fallbrook Senior Citizens Service Club, generous con-
legged friend into a well-mannered family member. Basic        tributions from friends and organizations in the com-
obedience commands will be covered such as “watch me”,         munity, and the Older Americans Act Fund through the
“sit”, “down”, “stay”, “heel”, and “come”. Together we will    County of San Diego Aging and Independent Services.
develop leadership skills for you and socialize your dog.      For more details call the Senior Center at (760) 728-4498.
Class meets rain or shine, do not bring dogs to first class.

        Instructor: Rick Williams                              Driver Education
             Dates: 9/21- 10/26                                Driver education is a California required course for
             Time:  Wednesdays 5:30pm – 6:30pm                 teens to receive a driver’s license. It is the first step that
              Age:  15 and older, dogs 5 months of age         must be taken so the teen can receive a driver’s permit.
                    minimum                                    The course includes much parental involvement and is
               Fee: $90 for 6 week session                     fun, interactive, and educational. Coursework can be
                    $8 materials fee to instructor at 1st      completed at any time of day or night. Students may
                    class                                      choose from an internet course or a home study course.
       Class Limit: 8-18                                       DMV-accepted completion certificates issued upon suc-
                                                               cessful completion of the course. Class does not include
                                                               behind-the-wheel driving.
Senior Lunch
                                                                        Instructor: All Good Drivers
                                                                              Date: Flexible
                                                                             Time:  Flexible
                                                                               Age: 14-18
                                                                               Fee: $75 for internet course
                                                                                    $90 for home study course
                                                                       Class Limit: none

                                                                Tour of Little Italy
                                                                November 16
                                                                Fallbrook Senior Center presents a tour of Little Italy
                                                                with San Diego based tour guide/documentary film-
                                                                maker/freelance writer and storyteller, Anthony Davi.
                                                                Learn the story of Italian immigrants and their arrival
                                                                in San Diego through historical photos and hidden
                                                                landmarks. Visit turn of the century homes and his-
                                                                toric grocery stores and bakeries and hear tales of the
                                                                hanging tree, organized crime, prohibition and bootleg-
                                                                ging, along with a visit to a church where magnificent
                                                                Venetian art is on display. You will have time for some
                                                                one-of-a-kind shopping and experience the hospitality
                                                                of this historic neighborhood. Round trip charter bus
                                                                transportation, guided tour and lunch for $61 per per-
                                                                son. Depart 9 a.m. / return approx 5 p.m. For informa-
                                                                tion and reservations contact Mio Haver 760 728-4498
                                                                or 760 728 6537

     Computer Basics, Please!                                   Microsoft Word: Beginning-Intermediate
     If you have little or no computer experience, this is      In this class, you’ll learn to manipulate type, change
     the class for you. You’ll get an introduction to Win-      fonts, colors, and sizes. You’ll format paragraphs for
     dows – the desktop, icons, task and toolbars, pull-down    spacing, indentation, and alignment, and you’ll learn
     menus, files and folders, saving and deleting, and more.   various keyboard shortcuts to get the tasks done.
     You’ll learn to send email and how to surf the Internet.   The class covers how to set paper size, margins, page
     In addition, you’ll also get an introduction to word       orientations, and columns, and how to use tabs,
     processing.                                                numbers, and bullets. You’ll insert photos and clipart
                                                                into a document, spell check your text, and print your
             Instructor: Sandi Weisel                           creation. A USB flash drive is recommended.
               Session I:9/23-10/7
              Session II:11/4-11/18                                     Instructor: Sandi Weisel
                   Time: Fridays 9:30am-12:30pm                           Session I:10/14-10/28
                    Age: 17 and older                                    Session II:12/2-12/16
                     Fee:$70 / $5 materials fee to instructor                 Time: Fridays 9:30am-12:30pm
                         at 1st class                                          Age: 17 and older
            Class Limit: 5-8                                                    Fee:$70 / $5 materials fee to instructor
                                                                                    at 1st class
                                                                       Class Limit: 5-8

14                                             W W W. S D PA R K S . O R G
                                                                                    R E S E R VAT I O N S


   AREA          SEATING             BBQ’S                FEES                                OTHER
      A              72          2 SMALL           $125.00
      B              60          2 SMALL           $100.00
                                                                        Food Preparation Table
      C              84          1 LARGE           $125.00
                                                                        110V Electricity: Add $25.
      D              64          1 LARGE           $100.00              Food Preparation Table
      E             108          5 SMALL           $150.00              Electricity: Add $25.
                                                                        Food Preparation Table
      F             292          1 LARGE           $275.00
                                                                        110V Electricity: Add $25.

               Dance Slab & Stage                  $50.00 Only          110V Electricity: Add $25.
  Pavilion     Weddings                            Rented With          DJ at Pavilion Only:
               & Anniversaries                     Area E or F          Add $50. No Live Music

  Electricity is turned off and DJ must end 1 hour prior to closing time
  Pavilion is only reserved with Area E or F / Live Music not permitted / $50 fee for DJ at
  Pavilion only / Additional $25 fee for each: Jumper, Pony Ride, Climbing Wall, Caterer.       760.728.1671

                                    WEDDINGS IN LIVE OAK
                      4 DIffErENt WEDDINGS PAcKAGES ArE AVAILAbLE
 PACKAGE                                             SEATING                                                BBQ’S
      1         Basic Package includes Wedding Gazebo (2 hours) & Parking                             $150.00

      2         Basic Package + Picnic Area D                                                         $200.00

      3         Basic Pkg. + Area E + Pavilion (includes electricity)                                 $325.00

      4         Basic Pkg. + Area E + Pavilion (includes electricity)                                 $325.00

      5         Basic Package + Picnic Area F + Pavilion (includes electricity)                       $450.00
                                         SEE MAP FOR LOCATION AREAS
                               To Make Reservations, Please Contact:
               Fallbrook Community Center | 341 Heald Lane, Fallbrook, CA 92028
                           (760) 728-1671 | Mon. – Fri. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
                      Please Make Checks Payable to : Live Oak Park Coalition

                                            W W W. S D PA R K S . O R G                                             15
       T H E A U D I T O R I U M AT T H E FA L L B R O O K C O M M U N I T Y C E N T E R

                           T H E P E R F E C T L O C A L S E T T I N G F O R YO U R B I G E V E N T

          WEDDINGS  bIrthDAyS  ANNIVErSArIES  bANquEtS
           Fri, Sat, Sun
                                              4032              300                       $540/100   NON PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS/   $405/ $75                        $300                              $50
                                                                                                     SCHOOLS/ONGOING RENTALS

                                                                                                                                                                         TABLE & CHAIR RENTAL FEE
                                              4032              300                        $100                                    $75                            $150                              $40
                                                                      /COMMERCIAL USERS

                                                                                                                                             REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT
          EUCALYPTUS                          528               45                          $27                                    $20
                                                                      PRIVATE FUNCTION
                             SQUARE FOOTAGE

         NORTH ROOM                           1025              90                          $55                                    $40                            $100                              $25


                                                                                           $105                                    $80

         ONLY FLAT-FEE)

   There are two picnic pavilions on the community center grounds that may be reserved. The
reservation fee is $100. per area per day. Hours are 9 a.m. to dusk. Please – no bands or DJ’s.
                                 Jumper ok at Heald Lane area.
                                                     Fallbrook St Picnic Pavilion
                                 Includes covered picnic pavilion and 4 picnic tables to seat up to 32.
                               Located next to a fenced playground, basketball court and grass play area.

                                                      Heald Lane Picnic Pavilion
       Includes covered picnic pavilion, 4 picnic tables to seat up to 32, three BBQ’s, grass play area, sand volleyball courts and
                              restrooms nearby. Electricity available for an additional $25, jumper ok.
                                                All picnic reservations must be pre-booked and pre-paid.

                                                            W W W. S D PA R K S . O R G

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