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					                                                                                                                     Vol. 3 - No. 3 — March 2011

                                                    Natural Hormone Balance
                                        Middle age women may have problems with fatigue,          you, find somebody else who will listen to you.
                                        weight gain, mood swings, menstrual irregularities,       Causes of Hormonal Imbalance: During menopause,
                                        headaches, joint and muscle pain, loss of libido, hair    the ovaries stop ovulating, and the monthly production
                                        loss, etc. Many times they had been categorized as        of natural progesterone ceases. In most cases,
                                        hypochondriacs, or referred to a psychiatrist because     Progesterone deficiency is the number one cause of
                                        their blood and hormone tests are “normal” and their      having female hormone imbalance symptoms.
                                        doctors don’t “see” anything wrong with them.
                                                                                                 Other causes of hormonal imbalance are birth control
                                        It is easy to misdiagnose and underdiagnose middle age pills, candida, stress, drug use (pain killers, etc.), stim-
                                        women’s problems because labs have different result ulants like caffeine and alcohol, lack of exercise, and
                                        levels and the “hormone range values” are too far apart. even poor nutrition. Also, environmental chemicals
                                        Women of all ages may experience hormonal imbal- such as added pesticides and hormones in our food, in
                                        ances. Hormone production decline with aging and our water and air, and other poisons found in common
                                        your body’s hormonal ranges can change daily! If you household items, these foreign substances mimic
                                        do not feel well, it is not your imagination, something estrogen once they enter the body.
                                        is going on in your body, after all, it is your body, you Risks of Hormonal Imbalance: An imbalance in the
      Dr. Donna Miller, Ph.D., CNHP     know how it is feeling. If your doctor is not helping female hormones can result in an overall cont. page 2
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decline of hormone production. Hormones                                       Male “Menopause”
play important roles throughout the body:             Men can also experience mood swings,            helps to prevent hair loss and soothe irritat-
in the heart, brain, muscles, bones, and other        depression, fatigue and sexual dysfunction      ed prostate glands.
major organs and tissues.                             as a result of decreased hormone levels
                                                                                                      Wild Yam: encourages testosterone pro-
                                                      when they hit middle age (mostly starting
Some symptoms of hormonal imbalances and                                                              duction in men, reducing frequency and
deficiencies are: fatigue, weight gain, mood          in the 40s to 50s), this condition is called
                                                                                                      severity of night sweats, depression, mood
swings, memory problems, insomnia,                    andropause. Andropause is the male ver-
                                                      sion of female menopause, with obvious          swings and lethargy or fatigue.
headaches, menstrual disorders, etc.
                                                      exceptions such as the lack of menstrua-        Dong Quai: this ancient Chinese medicinal
One common result of female hormonal                  tion. However, There are some things men        herb promotes male sex hormone produc-
imbalance is hypothyroidism, or low thyroid           can do to combat such symptoms naturally,       tion of testosterone, it increases sexual per-
function, which weakens the immune system.            such as the use of herbs supplements that       formance and enhance sperm quality.
Adrenal insufficiency often accompanies low           provide effective and healthy benefits.
thyroid function, worsening the problems of                                                       Red Clover: it may reduce hot flashes,
low energy, impaired immunity, and allergies.         Black Cohosh: it is good for anxiety, night improves circulation in the arteries. Some
                                                      sweats and depression.                      men believe that increased blood flow and
Balancing Your Hormones Naturally:
Proper nutrition is basic, a healthy body with        Saw Palmetto increases testosterone in the circulation, sexual desire and performance
a strong immune system is naturally equipped          male and also lowers levels of DHT, which is enhanced as well.
to deal with hormonal changes. Hormone
balance is influenced by nutrition (supple-         of IGF-1 are seven times more likely to         eventually wreck havoc with the hormones.
ments), diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress, emo-     develop breast cancer. Men are four times       It is well known that exercise helps regulate
tions, insomnia, age and ovulation.                 more likely to develop prostate cancer. IGF-1   hormone levels. Regular exercise strengthens
Eat a diet rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty        is implicated in lung and colon cancer.         the endocrine system.
acids. Please stop using your microwave, it         Also, consume a variety of fresh organic fruits The following are some of Nature’s Sunshine
kills the nutritional value of food by chang-       and raw vegetables (salads) daily. Soy, which   great herbs for hormonal balance: Saw
ing its cellular structure causing and array of     has naturally occurring estrogen, can help      Palmetto, Menstrual Reg, Chromium,
diseases such as cancer, and also it damages        increase estrogen levels. Too much estrogen     DHEA, Flash Ease, Natural Changes, Pro-G-
your digestive and lymphatic systems, etc.          is not healthy. High estrogen levels have been  Yam, Wild Yam, X-Action (prostate),
                                                    associated with cancer and tumor growth.        Vitamin D3, Vitamin A&D, Thyroid Support,
Do not consume meat or milk with rBGH-
treated cows, it has much higher levels of IGF-1,   If you must change your diet, do it gradually, Thyroid Activator, Super GLA Blend, Dulse
a hormone considered to be a high risk factor       drastic changes lead to hormonal imbalances. Liquid, Pregnenolone, Pantothenic Acid,
for breast, prostate, colon, lung, and other        In addition to this, consumption of dairy prod- Master Gland, MetaboStart, Collatrim,
cancers. Studies suggest that pre-menopausal        ucts and meats should also be restricted, these Cellular Energy, Breast Enhance, Men’s
women below 50 years old with high levels           products store chemicals in the body which Formula, C-X, Female Comfort, NF-X, etc.
From Adolescence to Menopause: 
   Finding Hormonal Harmony
      Judith Cobb, MH, CI, NCP
           Alberta, Canada
           Alberta, Canada
                     Judith Cobb
                     Judith Cobb
• User of NSP products since 
• Clinical practice since 1981
  Master Herbalist, Certified 
• Master Herbalist, Certified
  Iridologist, Nutritional 
  Consultant Practitioner, 
  Childbirth Educator, Certified 
  Childbirth Educator Certified
  CLEAR practitioner, mom of 7, 
  grandma of 2, wife of 1
• Half‐marathoner, Olympic‐
  distance triathlete
    Common Theme for Hormonal Harmony 
          in All Ages Is Nutrition
          i ll               ii
• Water
•   Protein
•        i &f i
    Veggies & fruits
•   Whole grains
•   Fats & oils
 From Adolescence to Menopause
 From Adolescence to Menopause
  Issues many teens 
• Issues many teens
  deal with:
  – PMS
  – Acne
 From Adolescence to Menopause
 From Adolescence to Menopause
  A complex endocrine disorder involving:
       Insulin resistance (muffin‐top waistline or 
     • Insulin resistance (muffin top waistline or
       worse at any age)
       Hormonal imbalance that affects/inhibits 
     • Hormonal imbalance that affects/inhibits
       Subsequent hormonal imbalance that inhibits 
     • Subsequent hormonal imbalance that inhibits
       menstrual cycles
Most Common Symptoms of PCOS
Most Common Symptoms of PCOS
  Irregular or absent 
• Irregular or absent
  menstrual periods
• Fertility difficulties 
  & repeat miscarriers
• Excess weight, 
  especially with bulk 
  around mid‐section
• Hirsutism
     Additional PCOS Symptoms
     Additional PCOS Symptoms
  Acne, oily skin or 
• Acne, oily skin or
• Elevated cholesterol
• Hypertension
  Male pattern baldness
• Male‐pattern baldness
• Acanthosis nigricans
  Skin tags
• Skin tags
• Pelvic pain
  Sleep apnea
• Sleep apnea
What, Exactly, Is out of Balance and Why?
What, Exactly, Is out of Balance and Why?

  Blood sugars
• Blood sugars
• Reproductive hormones
  –   FSH
  –   LH
  –   Testosterone
  –   Estrogens
  –   Sex Hormone Binding 
      Gl b li (SHBG)
      Globulin (SHBG)
• Pro‐hormone
   Other Physiological Imbalances
   Other Physiological Imbalances
  Lipid profile
• Lipid profile
   –   HDL
   –   LDL
   –   Cholesterol
   –   Triglycerides
From Adolescence to Menopause
From Adolescence to Menopause
  How to determine if ovulation is happening in 
  How to determine if ovulation is happening in
someone who has periods, even if they are irregular

  Basal Metabolic Temperature Charting
 B t b k T ki Ch             fY    F tilit
 Best book: Taking Charge of Your Fertility
From Adolescence to Menopause
From Adolescence to Menopause
          The Natural Approach
          The Natural Approach
• Exercise
• Supplements
  Weight loss through low 
• Weight loss through low
  glycemic‐index eating
                  Weight Loss & 
               l d          l
              Blood Sugar Balancing
     o d g g yce c egg es
• Avoid high‐glycemic veggies
• Eat protein: 2‐3 oz servings 
  every 2‐3 hrs
• Real fats
• Avoid coffee, tea, green 
  tea; focus on water, herbal 
  tea, coffee substitutes
  Avoid sugar in all forms, 
• Avoid sugar in all forms
  including honey & syrups; 
  avoid artificial sweeteners
                General Supplements
                General Supplements
•   Dietary fiber
•   D‐chiro‐inositol
•   Stinging Nettle
•   Nopal
    N     l
•   GTF Chromium
•   Carbo Grabbers
    Carbo Grabbers
•   Pro‐Pancreas
•   SugarReg
•   Thai‐Go
•   Milk Thistle
•   Mineral Chi Tonic
    Mineral Chi Tonic
           Supplements I Use for 
              PCOS Infertility
•   Chaste Tree Berry
    Chaste Tree Berry
•   False Unicorn Root
•   Damiana
•   Flaxseed Lignans
•   Polyunsaturated Fats –
    Polyunsaturated Fats –
    Super Omega 3 EPA
            Candida in Pregnancy
            Candida in Pregnancy
•   Probiotic Eleven
•   Silver Shield
•   Ultimate Echinacea
    Ultimate Echinacea
•   High Potency Garlic
     Common Symptoms of Pre‐ and 
        Peri‐Menopausal Years
•   Hot flashes
    Hot flashes
•   Night sweats
•   Memory issues
    Memory issues
•   Sleep problems
•   Arthritis
•   Blood pressure 
    To Tame the Menopause Monster, Build and 
           Nourish the Adrenal Glands
           N i h h Ad        l Gl d
•   Super Omega 3 EPA
    Super Omega 3 EPA
•   B Vitamins or Nutri‐Calm
•   Calcium Plus D
    Calcium Plus D
•   Adrenal Support
•   Flash Ease
    Flash Ease
           Dr. Hugo Rodier, MD
• Hugo Rodier, M.D., a board-certified family

  Clinic ̶- a leading integrative health center in
  practitioner, he is Medical Director at the Pioneer

  Draper, Utah.
• Dr. Rodier is involved in research (surveying 150
  medical journals each month), teaching (University
  of Utah, School of Medicine, College of Health, and
  Department of Nutrition).
• Dr. Rodier, is also a radio talk show host and author.
“Nature’s Secrets to Enhancing Male Vitality”

            Hugo Rodier, MD
•   20+ million men need testosterone in the USA
•   Stigma to treatment: “not manly”
•   Questions about safety of replacement
•   Questions about pharmaceutical approach
•   Loss of muscle mass
•   Compromised relationships
•   Other health problems
             What is going on?

•   Insulin resistance
•   Endocrine disruptors
•   Adrenal stress
•   Cholesterol treatment
•   Relationships
Insulin resistance
          Endocrine disruptors
•   Plastics
•   Pesticides
•   Heavy metals
•   Dioxins
•   PCBs
•   Rocket fuel
•   Cosmetics/perfumes
•   Tobacco/alcohol
Adrenal stress
Cholesterol treatment
             Solutions & NSP
• Nutrition (fiber, probiotics)
• Detoxification (cruciferous-I3C)
• Adrenal support
• Better cholesterol
• Supplementation:
  herbs & nutrients
        Men’s Formula + lycopene
• Saw palmetto = tamsulosin
  J. International Urology Nephrology, January 4th, 2007

  Saw palmetto suppresses IGF-1
  J. Endocrinology 2004;145:3205

• Pygeum > proscar
  American J. Medicine 2000;109:654 & J. Alt Med Rev 2002;7:71

• Stinging nettle
  “Stinging Nettle for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia,” J. Family Practice News, January
  2005, page 67

  Stinging nettle + saw palmetto = proscar
  J. Urologe A. 1997;36:327
       Men’s Formula + lycopene
• Gotu kola J. Herbalgram 2002;56:40
• 2 mg Lycopene after PC surgery reduced PSA
  more than control group Br. J. Urology, October 2003
• Zinc : 300+ enzymatic reactions
  “Zinc deficiency alters DNAdamage response genes in normal
  human prostate epithelial cells,” J. Nutrition 2008;138:667
  “The decrease survival of patients with age-related eye
  disorders suggests that these conditions may reflect systemic
  rather than only local processes. The improved survival in
  people taking Zinc [suggests this]” J. Arch of Ophthalm 2004;122:716
Korean Ginseng J. Skin and Allergy News, October 2006, p18
• Major active component: ginsenosides, (anti –inflammatory
    antioxidants, antiaging, anticancer agents,)
    J. Biochem Biophys Res Comm 2004;316, J. Carcinogenesis 2005;26:359
• Hepatic and skin tumors, sarcoma,
    J. Cancer Letters 1999;22:1150 & J. Ethnopharm 1998;60:71
• Antiwrinkles, J. Biochem Biophys Res Comm 2004;31:348
• Hair growth, J. Phytother Res 2003;17:797
• Aphrodisiac, J. Clin Auton Res 2001;11:303
• Anti itching, J. Phytother Res 2000;14:192
• “Pharmacogenomics and the yin/yang actions of ginseng:
  anti-tumor, angiomodulating and steoid-like activities of
  gingenosides,” J. Chinese Med 2007;2:6
• More: anti depressant and insulin sensitizer
• Stimulates testosterone release
  J. Life Science 2004;75:1051

• Protects against group A strep
  J. Med Microbiol 2005;54:695

• Strength, endurance and stamina
• Supports the upper respiratory tract
   and promotes optimal lung function
• Supports the kidneys
• Helps the body maintain proper blood viscosity
• Has properties similar to those of ginseng
•   Maca (cruciferous), J. Agric Food Chem 2002;50:5621
•   Arginine: 1998 Nobel prize
•   Saw palmetto
•   Yohimbine: now a drug
•   DHEA, J. Clinical Endocrinology 2006;91:425
•   Horny goat weed, damiana,                 ,
    muira, oat straw leaves
• “By 1990 about 80% of drugs were either natural products or
  analogs inspired by them…[but after that only] 50%.”
   “Drug Discovery and Natural Products: end of an era or an endless frontier?”
   J. Science 2009;325:161

• HERBAL J. Family Practice Recertification 2000;22:32 #9
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