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					  Russian Central
 Newspapers Online
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       This full-text electronic database contains more than 60 titles of
       official and independent newspapers and journals on current
       events, politics, economics, science, culture, and public life of

       Many titles have been manually scanned and digitized in-house
       and are available exclusively through East View. With archives
       going back as far as 1980, all content is legally secured by our
       long-term and established contracts with the publishers and
       suppliers of source material, guaranteed.

       Through our exclusive agreements, a number of the publications
       found on East View’s site appear before the print version is
       available. The content is 100% complete and unabridged in full
       text, with every table, graph and chart included as images. There
       are no excerpts or omissions—all content is accuracy-checked.

       The Database of Russian Central Newspapers at
       http://dlib.eastview.com is:

          ♦      cutting edge—better than print, with access to archives
          ♦      user friendly—includes Cyrillic transliteration in a
                 virtual keyboard, browse capability and easy navigation
          ♦      geared for libraries, with content updates, permanent
                 URLs, usage reports, perpetual access and direct
                 authentication for an unlimited number of patrons

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    Intended for academic libraries, government
    organizations, corporations, trade associations, and
    financial service firms:

       ♦   Foreign investors considering Russian
       ♦   Information professionals
       ♦   Faculty and students
       ♦   Marketing consultants and researchers
       ♦   Business advisors

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    The newspapers and journals found in this database are
    in Russian, with some titles in English.

    Through East View’s specially designed search engine,
    users may search by author, title, publication, etc. with
    convenient searching in Cyrillic, transliteration, or a
    virtual Cyrillic keyboard.

    Learn more
    About databases from Russian regions, Ukraine,
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