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									About BISYS

BISYS Retirement Services
  Over 24,500 plans
  1.7 million eligible participants
  $35.8 billion assets under administration
  400,000 employers and 4.5 million IRA holders with document management and
  Train approximately 12,000 retirement professionals annually
  Over 1,000 professionals located in Dresher, PA, Brainerd, MN and Chennai, India
  Provide full service (bundled), TPA (unbundled) and full fee disclosure solutions

       Investment Capabilities                             Plan Capabilities
   •   Mutual Funds                               •   401(k) Plans (including Individual (k),
   •   Collective Trusts                              Roth, Safe Harbor plans)

   •   Model Portfolios                           •   403(b) ERISA

   •   Annuities                                  •   Profit Sharing

   •   Company Stock                              •   Money Purchase

   •   GICs                                       •   New Comparability

   •   Morningstar Managed Accounts               •   Age-Weighted

   •   Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts           •   SEP, SIMPLE and IRA documents

Setting the Standard for Excellence

                                            Boston         PLANSPONSOR
 Access Data
                                            Research Group Magazine
 2006 survey responses from over 2,500      In a survey of plans with less than    In 2006, BISYS won 16 Best-in-Class
 clients showed they were “highly           $5 million in assets, 2004 and 2005    awards from plans in 3 market
 satisfied” with BISYS’ services in these   findings show BISYS scoring Top 10     segments, demonstrating high quality,
 key drivers of satisfaction (6.0 and       results in the following categories:   industry-leading services in the
 higher out of 7.0 is considered “highly                                           following 8 categories:

    Overall Satisfaction          6.02         Satisfaction with Recordkeeping        Ability to Increase Participation
    Client Service                             Value for Cost                         Responsiveness to
    Representative Support        6.17                                                Problems/Inquiries
                                               Participant Web
    Internet Services             6.06                                                Sponsor Internet Services
                                               Sponsor Web
    Transaction Processing        6.14                                                Timeliness of Participant Reporting
                                               Employee Education
                                                                                      Form 5500 Accuracy
                                               Telephone Representatives
                                                                                      Participant Statements
                                                                                      Participant Call Center
                                                                                      Retiree Services/Payments

PLANSPONSOR 2006 DC Survey – 16 Cups
Best in Class by Market Size:            Participant Services

 Micro = <$5MM                          Overall participant education program

                                        Clarity of participant statements
                                        Accuracy of participant statements
 Mid=$50MM - $200MM
                                        Internet services for participants

 Large=>$200MM                          Range of investment options

                                        Reporting timeliness
Respondent Profile:
                                        Sponsor Services
Would you recommend your DC provider?
                                        Internet services for sponsor
  Yes                 93.8%
                                        Timeliness/accuracy of Form 5500s
  Not sure            4.7%
  No                  1.6%              Reporting


                                        Industry knowledge of account reps

                                        Responsiveness to problems/inquiries
Providing Choice to Financial Advisors

             BISYS Flexibility = Advisor Choice

         Fee Based                      Commissioned Based
     Investment Platform                 Investment Platform

Bundled Solution           TPA Solution                Bundled Solution

                                                    Alliance Partner Products
PrudentAdvisor      PrudentLink       LinkInsight         SingleSource

Participant Focused Solutions

Driving Plan Participation

 Total Benefit
  Total Benefit               Auto
                              Auto             Personalized
                                                Personalized        Targeted
Communications             Enrollment
                            Enrollment       Enrollment Books
                                              Enrollment Books   Communications

                  ••   Online Investment Research & Analysis
                       Online Investment Research & Analysis
                  ••   Online Educational Resources
                       Online Educational Resources
                  ••   Online Participant Investment Guidance
                       Online Participant Investment Guidance

                  ••   Online Account Management Tools
                       Online Account Management Tools
                  ••   Participant Statement
                       Participant Statement
                  ••   Call Center Support
                       Call Center Support

BISYS Education Program

 Total Benefit Communications                          (k)ruiseControl
       (a BISYS Company)                             (a BISYS service)
 • Onsite enrollment meetings                • Auto enrollment and
 • National coverage                           deferral increase program
   (700 benefit specialists)                 • Flexible program features
 • Multi-lingual capabilities                • Participant notification

    Personalized Enrollment                   Targeted Communications
           Booklets                                (a BISYS program)
         (a BISYS feature)                   • Integrated ongoing education program
 • Participant specific illustrations        • Targets select employees with custom
 • Plan summary and fund fact sheets           messaging
 • Enrollment form and key contacts              – Eligible participants not deferring
                                                 – Participants deferring below the
                                                   maximum match
                                                 – Participants with a projected
                                                   retirement savings gap

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