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Kindle for me as an oblate Jennifer Smith


									The Divine Office and daily Mass Readings on your Kindle

Dear Oblates,

You can now have the whole of the Divine Office and daily Mass Readings on your Kindle.

First of all, you have to have a Kindle! You can purchase one from Amazon, for example in
the UK from around £111 which enables you to download Kindle e-books from Amazon via a
Wi-Fi connection (or for around £40 pounds more also via the 3G mobile network although
you may want to check local coverage first). These books appear on your Kindle via
Whispanet in under a minute… amazing!

Books I have downloaded onto my Kindle, which might be of interest to you:

   o   The Rule of St.Benedict (the Doyle version has the daily reading allotments)

   o   Conferences of John Cassian

   o   Summa Theologiae (all of it!)

   o   The Desert Fathers

   o   The Imitation of Christ

   o   Introduction to Christianity (Ratzinger)

   o   Revelations of Divine Love

   o   The Bible in two versions:

                     Douai Rheims

                     St.James

                     There are of course many more versions, with illustrations by
                      Gustave Doré

   o   Apologia pro Vita Sua (JH Newman).

The Kindle comes with an incorporated Oxford Dictionary (an English one and an American
one – you can choose which you want to use most often), and if you highlight a word during
reading, the dictionary entry will appear, right there where you need it!

All the books above I purchased for an average of £0.70, yes, seventy pence! Some were
completely free! On a lighter note, for instance, you can have the complete Sherlock Holmes
for free. I now have over 600 books on mine, counting the “complete works” of this one and
that one… It holds about 3500 books!

Now for the downloading of the Divine Office. This you get from a website called This website, which you can use on your PC anyway, even if you
don’t have a Kindle, provides the Divine Office for each day of the year. It was created by a
Downside alumnus, so we remain in the Benedictine media! To get a registration key, after
one month free, costs are under £20, once and for all!

In a separate article, I provide full instructions for downloading Universalis to your PC, and
then to your Kindle. A fellow Ealing Oblate, Isabelle Glover, passed this information on to
me, and I am sure she doesn’t mind me sharing it with you all. She also introduced me to
the Kindle! I tell you, having the Office on the Kindle has changed my life!

Do it! And happy praying and reading!

Jennifer Smith, Ealing Oblate (please get in touch if you encounter any problems)

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