Autism Project PTA Meeting by chenmeixiu


Autism Project PTA     6:00 PM
                       McKinnon School
Meeting Minutes        Note taker: Deborah Montoya

Vote to Adopt Agenda   Approved
Minutes Approved       Roseanne 1st, Lynette 2nd, approved.
Child Care             CAR was not present due to miscommunication. Two children in
                       attendance. Parent was kind enough to allow the children to remain in
                       meeting room with PTA. Child Care process to be defined. PTA needs
                       48 hours notice via email or 408/371-8709 x2. CAR needs 24-hour
                       notice. Flyer will go out to parents in backpacks to inform of free
                       childcare during PTA meetings.
Financial Reports      Auditor found variance of cents. Transferred books to QuickBooks
                       software. July 1 – Present is balanced, will be available at the next
Bills                  $167.30: Plaques, Flowers: Golf Tournament
                       $9.62: Postage, Kinko’s
                       New Payment Authorization Form, in keeping with PTA requirements.

Executive Board        Discussion: California Schools gave back unspent money to Federal
                       Government. Not Santa Clara County. Would like more feedback from
                       To meet. Several donations need to be discussed.
Budget Committee

                       Box Tops for Education. May deadline.
                       Yearbook Teacher Appreciation fund
                       City of Sunnyvale Giving Campaign. Monthly donations  PTA
                       BBQ Fundraiser, ½  PTA general fund
                       Employees Payroll Deduction: HP, City of Sunnyvale, City of San Jose

                       Add to website

                       Huge Success! A lot of people were involved, special thanks to the PTA
Golf Tournament
                       committee. Baskets were beautiful; much of success was the silent
                       auction. Each golfer got jacket, shirt, logo golf balls, Red Bull drink,
                       coupon for wedge, 60 minute phone card, stress ball, signed Jason
                       Simontacchi baseball card, tees, pass for Eagle course, Tivo doll. Puzzle
                       pins were given out, photo of each foursome. Hummer could have been
                       won by a hole in one at one hole. Thank you signs were at holes, facts
                       about autism and photos were at holes. Classroom participation baskets
                       were phenomenal. Public Service Announcements were played on radio
                       stations; “The Bear” radio station interviewed Jason. Would like to see
                       more volunteers next time. Put process in place; break down and spell
                       out tasks to encourage more volunteers. Date for next year not yet set,
                       may be moved to summer. Should allocate one year’s time to put into
                       place. Numbers still in works, looks like ~$60-65K. Thank you to the
                       Simontacchi family and to PTA volunteers who made this event happen,
                       and made it the wonderful success that it was.
Teacher Appreciation   Will meet soon.
Teacher Spending       26 requests for $150 allotment. So far 12 are eligible to receive more
                       funds. Cynthia will call each teacher again to remind them of the $150
                         donation to their classroom from the PTA, and that no further funds will
                         be available if the $150 is not spent by the deadline.
Membership               94 members; 29 classrooms are represented; 17 staff are members. One
                         must be a member for 30 days in order to vote on PTA topics.

Website                  ~470 visitors so far. CAR childcare form. Meeting minutes. URL
                         additions to resources, donations section to be added. Golf “after event”
                         to be added.

                         Donations to the PTA are tax deductible, as is the PTA membership.

Yearbook                 $300 set aside. Need deadline for photos end of April. Forms went out
                         to every parent, only five have come back. Flyer to go out.

Suggestion               Personal invitation to teachers to attend PTA meetings from board.

Flyers and Information   PHP workshops. Soccer, challenger baseball

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