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					Summer Gales

“I watched positive role
 models, saw how they
 interacted, and studied
 their examples of

– Summer Gales,
  former NGYCP cadet

An illustration from les Aventures de
 Télémaque by Francois Fenelon.
                                   The Need…

 An estimated 2.5 million youth are involved in
  mentoring today.

 Nearly 15 million at-risk-youth are in need of

 Current Administration began proposing new
  federal structured mentoring programs in 2001.
                              Federal Interest

 Federal support for mentoring initiatives has
  – Mentoring Initiative for System Involved Youth
  – Federal Mentoring Council

 Two new bills concerning mentoring have been
  introduced to 110th Congress.
                The Case for Mentoring

 Extends and fortifies positive changes
 Translates lessons learned
 Fortifies program values
 Anchors reentry planning
 Assists with post residential tasks
 Extends program accountability
What does it look like?

 An illustration from les Aventures de
  Télémaque by Francois Fenelon.
                  Mentoring Typologies

 Developmental
 Prescriptive
 Social
 Instrumental
                      Mentoring Typologies

 Classic                       Long Term Relationship
  – 1:1 Adult to youth ratio     – 1:1 Adult to youth ratio
  – Structured, recognized       – Mentoring grows out of an
    relationship                   existing relationship
  – Adult as “role model”        – Characterized by reciprocity

 Friend to Friend              Group Mentoring
  – Highly gendered              – 1:>2 ratio
  – Among age peers              – Often held in a public place
  – Highly intimate              – A variation on classic
       Effective Mentoring

An illustration from les Aventures de
 Télémaque by Francois Fenelon.
                         The 5 Elements of
                       Mentoring Programs
 Recruit
  – Define eligibility, market the program, conduct
    information sessions

 Screen
  – Written applications, reference checks, face to face
    interviews, orientations

 Train
  – Overview of the program, role clarification, clarify
    roles, situational “how-to’s”
                         The 5 Elements of
                       Mentoring Programs
 Match
  – Establish criteria, ensure all parties understand and
    agree to the terms and conditions of participation

 Monitor
  – Continuing training opportunities, regular
    communication, goal setting and achievement,
    conflict resolution, documentation
            Natural Mentoring

An illustration from les Aventures de
 Télémaque by Francois Fenelon.
                            What is Natural
 Empowering youth to identify and engage
  prospective mentors

 “Friendly match mentoring”

 Programmatic innovation
                 What are the benefits?

 Minimal costs and programmatic effort
 Greater retention
 More durable
 Increased community assets
 Stronger outcomes
                       The YIM Match Process

     Youth         Youth         Youth-        Mentor        Mentor
Application   Acceptance       Initiated   Application   Acceptance
       and           and        Mentor            and           and    MATCH
 Screening    Orientation   Nominations     Screening    Orientation
                                        It works…

An illustration from les Aventures de
 Télémaque by Francois Fenelon.
  A mentoring
 success story

“Our mentor/cadet
 relationship has really
 gone beyond that to a
 friendship. Our friendship
 will continue far beyond
 the one year the
 [academy] asks.”
– Mike Nichols, mentor to Ivan Snegirev,
                  former NGYCP cadet
                         NGYCP Mission

“…to intervene in and
reclaim the lives of at-risk
youth to produce program
graduates with the values,
skills, education and
self-discipline necessary
to succeed as adults.”
                       Core Components

1.   Leadership/Followership
2.   Responsible Citizenship
3.   Service to the Community
4.   Life Coping Skills
5.   Physical Fitness
6.   Health and Hygiene
7.   Job Skills
8.   Academic Excellence
                       Program Phases

1. Pre-ChalleNGe - 2 weeks

2. Residential Phase - 5 months
3. Post-Residential Phase - 12 months
The Mentoring Program
                Mentoring Objective

      “productive placement at the
conclusion of the post-residential phase”

    Mentoring is a proven
    strategy for anchoring
      long-term success
        Embedding Mentoring

Existing Program
Key Elements
                          Signature Features

 Youth empowered to
  recruit mentors           Add photo of mentoring relationship

 Fully integrated into
  residential program

 Mentors engaged in
  transitional planning

 Leveraged case
                            YIM: A case study

Since the design of NGYCP’s youth-initiated
mentoring program:

 – NGYCP received two national mentoring awards
 – 95% of program graduates are matched with mentors at
   completion of Residential Phase
 – Over 90% of graduates are employed, furthering their
   education, or are active in the military
 – Cost of mentoring relationship is estimated at $700
                                    The Results

 90% of mentors are     100
  recruited by youth     90
 90% of those “doing    70
  well” are mentored     60
                         50                           M entor
 50% increase in post   40
  residential outcomes
 $700 per mentoring      10
  relationship                 M onth 4   M onth 12
                             Proven Results

 70,000 program graduates

 75% receive high school diplomas or GEDs

 90% continue on to higher education, military
  service or employment
                             Training and TA

 Standardized mentoring
                              (insert photo of training
 Turn-key mentoring             event or one on one
  curricula                            coaching)
 Train the trainer events
 Ongoing training and
  technical assistance
                         Can we do it in

An illustration from les Aventures de
 Télémaque by Francois Fenelon.
                       Mentoring Logic Model

Do These…         Monitor These….               Measure These…

 Program        Strong            Frequent
   Best                           Durable
                                   Durable         Positive
 Practices                      Relationship
                                Relationships      Effects

             Active Mentoring Relationships          Effects
                                         Phase One

    Research & Design   Design      Develop
                                   Durable      Implement

 Program Research                                   Effects

 Site Selection
 Program Design
 Kick off training
 Technical Assistance
                       Program Research

 February through March 2008
 Conduct organizational assessment
  – Focus groups
  – Online surveys
  – Site visits
 Determine findings and recommendations for
  customized YouthBuild mentoring program
 Publish written report
                                Site Selection

 April 2008
 Develop site selection criteria
 Select fifteen YouthBuild programs to participate
  in pilot
                           Program Design

 May through June 2008
 Convene team of national experts
 Design customized YouthBuild program model
 Identify essential program materials
 Finalize a written program model
                           Kick Off Training

 July 2008
 Conduct two days of training
 Location: Chicago, Illinois
 Objectives: Prepare YouthBuild leaders to
  implement the mentoring program
                       Kick Off Training

 Key elements:
  – What is mentoring?
  – Mentoring best practices
  – The YouthBuild mentoring model
  – Implementation action planning
                   Technical Assistance

 October to December 2008

 Monthly conference calls (2 hours)

 YouthBuild National Mentoring Coordinator on staff

 Limited offsite support

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