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					                     The Jefferson Parent Teacher Association Meeting

Feb 28, 2008, 5:00pm
All Purpose Room, Jefferson School

Attendees: Tara Hofmann, Kate Albus, Joe Shankle, Debbie K., George Sellers, Mary Adah

Next Meeting: March 27 would be the next date but it coincides with spring break.

I. Call to Order

II. Treasurer’s Report – The JPTA account balance is $13,873.99

III. Old Business

       A. Auction 2008
       Kate provided an update on the auction scheduled for March 14, everything is going fine
       although it’s a very busy time. There is some concern about the fact that we don’t have
       the big donations that traditionally brought in a lot of money (i.e. maid brigade which
       was 10% of the income) but good donations are coming in. For example Coach
       Raymond will take two kids to the Montgomery Fair, we have received two stays at the
       Westin (one at Embassy Row and one at Alexandria), etc. There will be some changes
       this year such as no credit card function (people will be advised in advance to bring their
       check books and cash) and the elimination of the live auction is being considered.
       Auction catalogues are at the printer and will be distributed the week of March 3. As a
       means to stimulate interest and serve as a reminder about the auction date, several
       initiatives are planned: kids will go home with art project reminder, Kate is sending out
       “seeds to grow” with kids, etc. We want to not only stimulate interest of Jefferson
       parents to attend, but we want them to bring their friends and extended family members.
       On the night of the auction Penny will organize a display of the sketches from the
       landscaper for the proposed new garden which the auction funds will be used to

       B. 20 Dinners for 20 years
       Sixteen host families have confirmed their interest in hosting a dinner and we are hopeful
       that more will come in over the coming weeks. Tara plans to send out a message to hosts
       this week seeking to firm up dinner dates for May. After the auction more effort and
       attention will be placed on generating interest among parents to attend a dinner, as of
       today we only have three expressions of interest (on top of the hosts) to attend a dinner.
       We discussed and agreed to drop the idea of having people pay a nominal cost to go to a
       dinner (originally intended as a means to solidify their attendance) as we agreed it was
       not necessary. So far nobody has raised the issue of receiving any funds to help cover the
IV. New Business

       A. Montessori Annual Conference – funding conference participation by teachers and
       The estimated cost of having all teachers and assistants attend – which is Penny’s
       objective – is $8,415.00. Every five years when the conference is in D.C. the school
       makes an effort to send as many faculty members as possible. Calculations are based on:
       15 full conference early bird registrations at $325 ($4875.00) and 15 one-day early bird
       conference registrations, at $230 each ($3,540.00).

       Penny has asked the JPTA if it would like to contribute toward the cost, which would be
       very helpful.

       It was agreed that this year the JPTA would like to contribute to subsidizing the cost of
       participation of the assistants, and provide funds for teachers to purchase materials at the
       conference. It was agreed that the JPTA would contribute:
               $3,000 ($300 per class for purchasing materials at 10 classes)
               $2,000 towards participation of the assistant teachers
               $5,000 total

       B. Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-10, and the administration will host an evening
       event for the teachers on May 9. The administration will have baby picture guessing
       game with prizes and have special treats for teachers throughout the week. Traditionally
       the JPTA hosts a luncheon at some point during this week. Penny asked if the JPTA
       would like to have some help coordinating this event. In past years the lunch had been
       either catered from a Thai restaurant or a pot-luck lunch prepared by parents. Tara
       offered to contact the Room Parents to see if there was enough interest to organize a pot-
       luck lunch, if there isn’t we can again have it catered. Tara will coordinate with Penny
       and the office. It was suggested that we need 3-4 parents to help organize the luncheon
       on the day itself.

       C. Imagination Garden. The landscape architect will meet with Penny at 10;30 on
       March 3, Tara cannot attend the meeting as she originally planned but Penny will pass
       the information to the JPTA after the meeting. We were able to take a look at the
       sketches for the new garden which looks just fabulous, the whole project is very exciting.
       As mentioned in the auction update section, a display featuring the designs will be set up
       on the night of the auction.

       D.A Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast will take place sometime during the week of
       April 28-May 2. Invitations will be sent to all volunteers. The office will coordinate
       with the JPTA / Auction to make sure everyone gets an invite.

       E. Garage Sale: It was suggested that we get the yard sale on the calendar for April.
       Somebody has to agree to be in charge and we need to secure a date. This should be
       tabled for discussion at the next JPTA meeting.

       - end -

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