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     ( Technical       and scientific works )

    Vladimir Gel ( Hel by Ukraine style)
  PhD doctorate course in Computer science, Kiev, Ukraine
Valued IEEE and IEEE Computer society member for 10 years.

    Public profile
                                Curriculum Vitae
                                   Gel Vladimir

              Address: 21027                             E-mail:
              Vinnitsa-27 P.O.B 2903            
              Ukraine                                    Mobile +38 067 230 9515

               IT regional business consultant in Ukraine
                “MOBRIO”- London, Kiev,

               IT projects development consultant
                “” – internet technology solution, Vinnitsa,

1982 – 1984    Kiev Institute of Cybernetic
               Specialization: Computer Science

1977-1982      Vinnitsa State Technical University,
                Specialization: Computer Science

                Programming languages/Tools/Frameworks
                  Java 2 (JDBC, Java-Servlet), ASP, JavaScript, HTML
                  Basic knowledge C/C++
                  SQL, PL/ SQL
                  Power Builder
                  PHP
                DBMS:
                  Oracle 8.0/8.i
                  MS SQL
                  MySQL
                CASE:
                  Sybase Power Designer
                OS/Platforms:
                  - Windows 2000/XP
                Project management tools:
                  Microsoft Visual Source Safe
                  Microsoft Project Plan
May 2002 –      Entrepreneur,
Current time    IT consultant, CEO.

May, 2000 -    “Andromeda -Ukraine Ltd”
Aipril,2002    Position : Project manager / software developer
                 Projects conceptual design
                 Projects estimating, task schedules proceeding
                 Functional and Technical specification development
                 Technical negotiating
                 Database (Oracle 8i, MS SQL 7/2000) administrating/development
                 Software (Java-Servlet, ASP, HTML) design and development
                 Projects supervising
                Projects: Web-Sites developing: ,
                 EXOD – DEMO. ( Third levels client-server system for remote passing
                examination without supervisor, through internet was developed– Java server
                , Win32 client, ASP web site, web cam analyzing system was created. ),

April, 1996    Join Stock Electric Power Company “VinnitsaOblEnergo”,
April, 2000    Position: Senior programmer of Information Technology Department
                Projects conceptual design
                Functional and Technical specification development
                Database (Oracle 8.0.5, MS SQL 7.1) administrating/development
                Software ( Power Builder 6.5, Borland Delphi 3.0-4.0) design and
               Projects: Pilot project “Information System for Electric Power Enterprises in
               Ukraine” by assistant Kiev BKS company and Japan PCI company.

June, 1991     Private enterprise “ Firma VLADMA”
April 1996     Position : System Analytic/ scientist
                Projects conceptual design
                Functional and Technical specification development
                System theoretical analysis
                Computer modeling
                Development and researching

               Project: “Neural net method development for multistage image processing ”.
               Three articles in England, French and Czech were published.

October 1985   Vinnitsa State Technical University,
Maj 1991        Position : Research engineer /scientist
                Duties: Researching work deals with development of the
               image processing techniques.
July 1984              Military service
October 1985           Kharkov region, №11753, special forces.

October 1982           PhD course
July 1984              Institute of Cybernetics, Kiev

There are 15 inventions deal with of the optoelectrinics and image processing techniques.
There is a silver medal award from State Exhibition Committee of the former USSR.
There are 3 articles published in England, French and Czech Republic referred to the system-
theoretical analyze in IT.
There are certificates of Power Builder and Power Designer courses from Sybase company.


Valued IEEE and IEEE Computer Society member for 8 years, USA. Member N 41245084.

Russian, Ukraine, Technical and spoken English .

Date of birth 16/09/1960.
Communicable, sociable, leader experienced.

Music – Jazz, Soul.
Playing in guitar, piano.
Sports – swimming, tennis, trainers.
Poetry, History and Philosophy.
Public profile
                             The main projects
Web projects:

1. ( On-line casino. Client-, London,
   UK. Reference from client is attached. )

2. (Long-term project- 2002-2009. Social network for South
   Africa expats. SA – people community and dating services, client “Dynamic mink
   ltd”, London, UK. Reference from client is attached.)

3. (Long-term project- 2003-2009. Social
   network for SNG people. It’s a demo-version for nowadays. Portal worked till 2009
   while Facebook had became the number one on the market . Joinfriends,
   London. UK. Enter to the Demo-admin system is available under request.
   Reference from client is attached. ).

4. ( magazines exchanging service, Client – Tower
   Partnership, London, UK , 2008 )

5. ( social networks media service, Client - NetProspex, Inc.

6. (online environment by which consumers who are in the latter
   stages of the product purchase cycle, have at their finger tips, a plethora of
   comparison based product information to help them make their final decision. Client
   – Head2Head, Inc. 2011 )

7. (designed and developed by offer of the Episcopate of the
   Ukraine Orthodox Church, Ukraine, 2003. Client’s reference is attached. )

8. ( back-end , CMS, 1S-bridge, DBMS were redeveloped as part of
   partnership works with “Team” company, Ukraine, 2005 )

9. ( travel companies service. Client – , Australia, 2009)

10. (login/pwd – vlad/vlad. Intranet CRM
    system, Ukraine, Kiev 2010)

11. (local searching service, Private client, Ukraine 2010-2011 )

12. (corporative site, Ukraine, Vinnitsa, 2010 )

13. (e-commerce, Russia)
Win32 and other projects:

   14. Exam on Demand – EXoD (2001-2002, prototyping works )
       ( Client – London, UK )

   Project summary.

Exam on Demand (EXoD) is a start up company that has embarked on an initiative to
create a unique system that will allow any examination to be taken without invigilation at a
workstation. By using web cam technology an Internet based examination facility can be
created. These virtual examination centres will free potential candidates to sit
examinations whenever and wherever they choose. In addition, a central database of
results and qualifications will be accessible for immediate CV verification by any company
in the world.
The aim of EXoD is “to provide a system to support globally verifiable certification in order
to underpin an individual’s life long learning experience”.
The Exam on Demand system has the added advantage of saving time and money, with the
demand for such a service being almost unlimited. There has been immediate interest from
companies and organisations that certify people to work in certain environments where
qualifications have to be verified promptly. Interested parties also include the UK
Government through the Department of Education and Skills, the Health and Hygiene
markets and the TUC for its lifetime learning initiative.

   Below is a high-level representation of the entire EXoD process:
                                                                              HIGH-LEVEL EXoD PROCESS OVERVIEW


                                                                                                                                                  Offline         Online

  Examining Body
                                                       EXoD captures              Examining Body          EXoD captures exams
  phones EXoD to
                                                      Examining Body's          sends EXoD all exam        and course material
register as an online
                                                    details into the system      and course material         into the system
   exam provider               Application

Exam Centre phones              rejected                                        EXoD captures Exam
                                                                                                           EXoD links Exam
EXoD to become an                                   EXoD representatives        Centre's details online
                                                                                                             Centres and
  approved Exam                                      visits Exam Centre         and sets up approved
                                                                                                           Examining Bodies
      Centre                                                                         computers


                             Examining Body
                           captures Candidate's
                          details into the system

                                                                                Examining Body refers
 Candidate phones                                   Examining Body gives
                                                                                 candidate to nearest       Candidate phones       Exam Centre books              Candidate pays the
 Examining Body to                                   Candidate access to
                                                                                   Exam Centre that       relevant Exam Centre      the exam for the              Exam Centre for the
 request to take an                                    course material if
                                                                                  provides requested          to book exam             Candidate                        Exam
       exam                                         requested and paid for

                           Candidate captures
                           own details into the

                                                                                                                                   Candidate writes the           Exam Centre verifies
                                                                                Certificate is produced   Results information is
                                                                                                                                   exam at the booked             Candidate's ID upon
                                                                                     (if applicable)       given and printed
                                                                                                                                          time                     arrival for the exam

                15.“Unicorn” project ( Web mail application for LAMP-based servers ) – 2005-2006
                    Client - www.mobrio company. Project was accomplished in partnership with
                    Mirotel ltd company, Ukraine –

                Project summary.

         The purpose of this system is to provide a feature rich universal user interface for e-mail
         systems. System will be available through web browsers over fixed and mobile Internet.
         Receiving of e-mail will be supported from IMAP4 and POP3 servers over usual and SSL
         connection. Sending of e-mail – through SMTP server or local «sendmail»-like mailer. The
         concept of system is:
                       Customization and configuration – wide range of settings and configuration features,
                        such as different setup variations, special setup utility , locales, UI themes, etc.
                       Integration and extensibility – easy deployment and integration, software structure
                        should be designed in terms of future extension of functionality, database engine
                        should be used through special abstract layer to unify access to different databases.
      Efficient operation – server part is optimized for faster work and lower hardware /
       bandwidth requirements and users' part is designed with state of the art rules of UI

   16.“Bloomberg grabber ” project ( Win32 application are based on the data streams
   proceeding and converting , Client – Bondrumour ltd, London, UK).

Project summary.

Bloomberg L.P. ( is a world leading provider of financial
information. Bloomberg Professional Application provides real time and historical data
feeds delivering indicative, calculated, historical pricing and corporate-action securities

Grabber application is intended for extracting securities information displayed by
Bloomberg application, processing and converting this information according to customer
preferences and storing it into Excel spreadsheet. Without any user interaction grabber
application emulates mouse and keyboard input into Bloomberg application to make
Bloomberg application display windows with required information. Data extraction is
achieved by intercepting and decoding all textual output that Bloomberg application
renders on screen.
Grabber application highlights:
   1) Captures data from two different windows of Bloomberg application.
   2) Recognizes and extracts textual data from more than 10 different window layouts,
       including "Security Description", "Involved Parties", "Fees/Restrictions" and "Yield
       Analysis" screens.
   3) Simulates several types of Bloomberg commands (such as "CORP", "YA", etc) to
       make Bloomberg application display required data.
   4) Filters extracted information so that only data matching user criteria is stored (for
       example, only securities having issue size of 10 million $ or above are stored).
   5) Exports obtained securities information into Excel spreadsheet.
   6) Automatically updates data in Excel spreadsheet if corresponding data has changed
       in Bloomberg.
   7) Data capturing process is fully automated – no user interaction is required.

Grabber application can be customized to:
  1) Simulate all kinds of mouse and keyboard input into any window of Bloomberg
  2) Capture any textual data displayed by Bloomberg application in any of its window.
  3) Perform arbitrary processing of captured data before it is being stored.
  4) Store obtained data in many different file or database formats.
Basic Introduction to the screens we will be referencing:

New Issues (NIM 1) Window
This window display pages 1 to 99 of the last New Issues. An report date is displayed on a daily basis and this
date should be used as the date the issue was reported. The issue date will be taken from Security Description
Screen (1-Bloomberg).

Security Description (1-Bloomberg)
When clicking on each New Issue in the NIM 1 window we can check whether the security is a BOND or
CONVERTIBLE. The bond and convertible data needs to be captured and stored in separate spreadsheets.
More detailed explanation of these will be shown in separate documents.

17. Magazine project. Have a look at the point 4,
(Client – Tower Partnership. London. UK. 2008)

Proposed idea. Start of wireframe and Magazine data for UK. US and other countries data also available.
The idea started because people like to read magazines like Wired, National Georgraphic, Focus, GQ etc. but
it is too expensive to buy all the magazines they like.
Also, they don't like throwing them away and wish to could give them to someone who could also enjoy

Because we are in credit crunch and also trying to save the environment it would make a lot of sense if one
could register the magazines that will buy and then exchange them with someone on a regular basis with the
magazines that would be like.

Basically, there are an average > 85 million magazines printed in UK only every month. How many of those
can be swapped once, twice, three, four times and then go to a school and then recycling. It would make a
huge difference to people.

Revenue model of the site would be to partner with subscriptions of magazines (like and
also perhaps (after a FREE period of membership) people can buy SwapMag Pro membership to be able to be
prioritized when selecting to swap magazines.

It can be a complex mathematical problem if you think that Person A reads magazines 1,2,3 looking for
magazines 4,5,6 and Person B reads magazines 4,5,6 and looking for 1,2,3 means that Person A and Person B
would be perfect partners for doing a swap.

Also, we could look at prioritizing people by Area so if they can swap with someone living close to them it
would be preferable rather than using the post.

It could be created a database of Magazines with an API that we can allow other websites to use.

18. Supporting services ( company. Australia. 2005 – current
time. Technology used: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, XML, DHTML,
Joomla. )

19. SAR 2.0 social network site modification ( based on SAR 1.0. Have a look at the
point 2, )

                   Future plans and additional current activities.

    1. IT consulting referred to the new business arrangement of the company in Ukraine.
    2. Social networks development and investigation in terms of Web 3.0 conception
International activity
Scientific activity
Patents ( inventions )
Дополнительная информация

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