“Mixed Race” Trouble The Performance of Racialized Identities (PowerPoint)

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					Preparing For The Job Market:
Using New Tools & Building Your E-Portfolio

             Dr. Farid Farahmand
    School of Engineering and Technology
     Central Connecticut State University
  What skills employers are looking for
  What you should learn before you graduate
  How to use your time wisely while in School
  How to build your own e-portfolio
                                                     New Times, New Capabilities!

Skills employers are looking for …
     Communications
      – Having proficiency in reading, writing, and listening
     Leadership
      – Being able to take risks
     Teamwork
      – Collaborating and working together as a team in the interests of a
        common cause
     Integrity & professionalism
      – Being reliable & acting professionally while allying to
        accomplish the task
     Diverse skills
      – Being accomplished in different areas
     Strong education
      – Knowing the fundamentals & where to find things
                                       Learn How to Learn & Think!

What to learn before you graduate
     Learning    how to think
       – Problem formulation
       – Problem solving
       – Analytical skills
     Thinking beyond common sense
     Understanding the fundamentals

 The great end of education is to discipline rather than
 furnish the mind; to train it to use its own power,
 rather than fill it with the accumulations of others" -
 Tyrone Edwards
                                                             Enjoy What You DO!
Use Your Time Wisely While in School
    Find a passion
      – Combine your passion and your skills
      – Make time for people, save time for yourself
    Practice teamwork and collaborate
      – Learn to work together
      – Learn to teach
      – Build individual skills
    Take parts in extra curriculum activities
      – Get involved in a club; start a project
    Keep yourself up-to-date
      – Continue learning new skills, tools, software, hardware
      – Subscribe to a few good literature
      – Stay on top of the technology – it is changing before you know it!
    Create a network
      – Make connections
                                  Show Your Skills!
Building an E-Portfolio
   Use available tools to express yourself and
    your skills
   Highlight your accomplishments
   Emphasize your projects
   Feature your insolvents
   Have a complete resume
Building Your E-Portfolio
     Prepare Your Web Page
    Using MS Word or FrontPage                                            Web        page contents
    Creating your web page or blog                                            –   Course Curriculum *
        – View example web page **                                             –   Club Affiliations
        – You can obtain your web space by                                     –   Resume Major
          contacting Caputo, Jennifer at 860-832-                              –   Research
        – Click here *** for instructions                                      –   Capstone Projects
        – Here are the instructions to access student                          –   Awards
          web page ***                                                         –   Scholarships Received
      A free weblog hosting                             –   Work Experience
                                                                               –   Links

      Prepare Your Web Page - Links
      Internal links                                                 External links
         – Study Areas -                                                 – - Share your links *
                             – - Broadcast yourself
           s/newgened4.html                                              – - Share your
         – Scholarships -                                                  documents ***
                             – - Google search
                                                                         – - Start a group #
         – Advising -                                             – Download MS
                                products **


(** Download the Citrix ICA®Client for Windows first:
    Assignment –
    (1) Index page
  Create your web page exactly as
  1- Use the link below
  2- Include your name
  3- Make sure the date is updated
  4- All your files must be in MyWeb
Assignment –
(2) Include links
      Add all the links (external and internal as mentioned before) on a
       separate sheet and link it to the index page.
      On a separate sheet write a brief bio about yourself and access it via a
       link on the index page.
      On a separate sheet list all MAJOR courses (name and course number)
       you have completed. Access it via a link on the index page.
      Create a account. Add two links on it. Create a
       link to your Delicious account on the index page
      Create a account. Upload a video. Create a
       link to your YouTube account on the index page – You can download
       from your cell phone!
      On a separate sheet write a brief description about one of the projects
       you have done. Include pictures and figures if you like. Access it via a
       link on the index page.
Assignment –
(3) File Structure
            You must show me your Web page with all its links.
            Submit the link to your web page through VISTA.
            10 point for each part!

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