CONFERENCE CHECKLIST (DOC download) by wuxiangyu


Please make sure that you have accounted for all the items below

Item                                   Comments

External income                        Income from external grants or other sources

Cost of accommodation, meals, rooms,
College meeting rooms

Cost of conference dinner elsewhere

Hire of rooms                          Ring ext. 7603.

Excursions                             Include coach hire

Slide/overhead projectors, computer    May be available from the Department or the University;
OHP panels, computer projectors etc    include hire costs if applicable

Department administrative costs        @ £15.00 per participant

WWW publicity                          Time of designer

Prontaprint                            Costs of printing publicity, booking forms, delegate information
                                       packs (e.g. programme, delegate lists)

Postage                                Mailings for publicity, information requests, booking
                                       confirmation etc. Postage can be charged to a separate account
                                       by using a special stamp obtainable from Tracy.

Telephone and fax

Stationery, etc                        Envelopes, paper, notepaper, mailing labels as required. Paper
                                       or plastic folders for delegate packs.

Bad debts                              Allow for some delegates being slow to pay or not paying at all.

Any publication costs

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