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					                                                       DECEMBER 2010

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      Table of Contents                                                In-the-Paint with Brian Albright
    In-the-Paint with Brian Albright ............... 02                                       As I write this we are mid-week in a blitz of staff
                                                                                              workshops and public meetings with GreenPlay. The
    Flume Trail Acquisition ............................ 02                                   “roadshow” has given me an opportunity to catch up
                                                                                              with many of you that work in field locations (which,
    Events for December .............................. 03                                     as you know, is where I would like to be most of the
                                                                                              time!). Many of you have had some interesting ex-
    One. Awesome. Basket. .......................... 04                                       periences recently -- so interesting that I have de-
                                                                                              cided to dedicate my monthly column to you.
    Featured Facility: Spring Valley Community
                                                                                              In the spirit of the holiday season, I have to chosen
    Center ................................................... 05                             to share those experiences in the form of a popular
                                                                                              holiday song. I know you’ll be able to relate be-
    A chip off the old log .............................. 06                                  cause, after all, parks and recreation is the occupa-
                                                                                              tional true love for all of us. If you have a tough
    Volunteer Corner .................................... 06                                  time keeping the melody as you read this, don’t
                                                                    worry. I’ve arranged for Yogi and the Picnic Baskets to sing it at the awards
    In Case You Missed It! ............................ 07
    Park Society News .................................. 08
                                                                    On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
    Energy Tips ............................................ 08     Twelve rangers ranging,
                                                                    Eleven pigs pillaging,
    Health and Wellness ............................... 09          Ten trails eroding,
                                                                    Nine folkloricos dancing,
    Meet Bill Lopowcan ................................. 09         Eight campers bilking,
                                                                    Seven teens a-swimming,
    News-to-Use .......................................... 10       Six geese a-dying,
                                                                    Five golden eagles,
    County Employee LED Holiday Light                               Four falling hikers,
                                                                    Three French tourists,
    Exchange ............................................... 10     Two turtle candies,
                                                                    And a flycatcher in a Tamarisk tree!
    Kudos! ................................................... 11
                                                                    As always, thank you to all of you for making our County a great place to live,
    Tips for Savings ...................................... 11      work and play. Happy Holidays!
    December Birthdays................................ 11           Brian
    Kudos! Nomination Form ......................... 11

                                                        Flume Trail Acquisition
                                               2.5 miles of historic Flume Trail acquired

The San Diego Flume was built by the San Diego Flume Company in the late 1800’s to supply water to Lakeside
and further west until the 1920’s. During the last 40 years, Blossom Valley and El Monte Valley residents have
been utilizing and maintaining the San Diego Flume as an informal riding and hiking trail. On Wednesday Novem-
ber 17th, the County Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) purchased 2.5 miles (19 acres) of the historic
Flume Trail for $19,000. This property will now be designated as a formal trail alignment and incorporated into
the County’s Trail Program.

Staff from DPR, General Service’s Real Estate Services Division (RES),
County Counsel and the County Assessor’s Office, worked together
diligently during the last two years to make this acquisition happen.
Special thanks to Maryanne Vancio (DPR), Bill Ring and Tom Harring-
ton (RES), Karen Landers of County Counsel and Alejandro Llamas
and King Ackermann of the County Assessor’s Office. Their coordi-
nated efforts – including title research and land surveys – resulted in
the creation of a prized recreational amenity for County residents.

                                          December Events


    Snakes Encounter.
    Saturday, December 11th, 2010 9:30am – 10:30am
    Do you like snakes? Would you like to see them close up? Join park
    staff and learn all there is to know about our local species of snakes
    found right here in San Diego. Space is limited to 50 so please
    call (858) 513-4737 for reservations.

    Jr. Ranger for a Day.
    Saturday, December 18th, 2010 9:00am – 11:00am
    Are you a child who dreams of being a Park Ranger when you grow
    up? Do you want to see what a ranger does while at work? Just want
    the chance to spend a day with a real Park Ranger? Here is your
    chance. Space is limited to 30 so please call (858)513-4737
    for reservations.

One. Awesome. Basket.

Featured Facility:
                                                     Please describe your park/facility in one sentence or less.

                                                     The Spring Valley Community Center is an extremely diverse facility where we help
                                                     create community through people, parks and programs.

    Spring Valley Community Center                   Anything new going on?

By: Charles “Renell” Nailon, Recreation Supervisor   A good first impression makes a difference, and the first annual “Open House” at
                                                     the community center gave instructors a chance to showcase and promote the wide
                                                     variety of programs and activities offered at the center. It also allowed instructors
                                                     an opportunity to make a personal connection with our customers and establish
                                                     ways for continued communication and support throughout the many sessions to

                                                     What can the public expect this time of the year?

                                                     The public can expect to feel the holiday spirit at the Spring Valley Community
                                                     Center because Santa Claus is coming to town… on December 18th children and
                                                     their families can enjoy a special morning with Santa Claus. Activities include an ‘all
                                                     you can eat’ pancake breakfast prepared by the Spring Valley Kiwanis Club, caroling
                                                     and a visit with Santa.

                                                     In addition, parents who are concerned that their children will spend their winter
                                                     break sitting on the couch playing video games can have them enjoy two weeks of
                                                     fun during the holiday break. Staring December 20th our annual Winter Camp for
                                                     children ages 5 to 14 consists of games, holiday crafts and much, much more.

                                                     Any new features?

                                                     We officially opened a new preschool and childcare center. This new 2500 square
                                                     foot facility complete with play equipment will serve up to 40 children. As part of
                                                     the project, the community center was remodeled and will include a learning center
                                                     with eight computers for public use. The project also included a new marquee and
                                                     flag pole as well as a new solar electrical system to reduce energy cost.

                                                     What projects are you currently working on?

                                                     We are currently working on providing a warm Spring Valley Community Center
                                                     welcome to the new licensed preschool and child care providers.

                                                     We are also collaborating with the Spring Valley Kiwanis, Mount Miguel Avid Club,
                                                     and Spring Valley Chamber of Commerce for our upcoming special event Breakfast
                                                     with Santa.

                                                     Are there any new programs for the public?

                                                     The new Spring Valley Children’s Universal Language Orchestra is a collaborative
                                                     program focusing on creative expression through music and the related arts.
                                                     Graduate students from UCSD are sharing their passion for music and working with
                                                     groups of elementary school age children.

                                                     The 29 participants are building instruments out of everyday objects and learning
                                                     how to make music as a group. And they are collectively creating a unique musical
                                                     performance on December 10th for the public.

                                                     Any unusual fact or tidbits about your park/facility.

                                                     After many years of not having a flagpole, when requested, we can finally put our
                                                     flag at half staff. Also, the new marquee has been a real asset in promoting
                                                     programs and activities at the center.

                                                     This is your chance to brag about your park/facility…please do!

                                                     As we move forward …the Spring Valley Community Center can be described has an
                                                     Intergenerational Cultural Arts Community Center.
                                                     The community center staff is committed and dedicated to creating a safe and
                                                     friendly environment for all of our visitors as well as incorporating county initiatives;
                                                     kids, environment, safe and livable communities.

                                                     The center offers a wide variety of activities and programs in support of the above
                                                     mentioned county initiatives. Look for our upcoming winter/spring activity and
                                                     program guide for details. Lastly, on behalf of the Spring Valley Community Center
                                                     staff, we send our Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season to you all!

By Ardyth Shaw, Marketing Services Specialist

“I WANT US IN THAT               Chuck Tucker was telling me
2011 CALENDAR!!!”…               in the break room one            When I saw that photo of          We couldn’t vote for our own
                                 morning about a photo of his     Wyatt, it had the perfect         entries so I was prohibited
                                 grandson and son-in-law          backdrop of the woods,            from stacking the deck with a
BRIAN SENT TO ME                 sawing logs together in their    Wyatt’s dad diligently focused    get-out-the-vote request. I
SEPTEMBER 21, 2010.              backyard which connects to       on sawing logs and little         just had to wait patiently a
                                 William Heise park. Chuck        Wyatt…in serious sawing           few days after the deadline,
He was talking about winning     said his grandson, Wyatt, was    stance, camouflage pants and      November 1, for the winning
a spot in the 2011 National                                                                         phone call. It came on
Parks and Recreation                                                                                November 8, 2010, that “A
Association national photo                                                                          Chip Off The Old Log,” would
contest calendar page. When                                                                         be the featured photo for
you’re new on the job (10                                                                           October in the National Parks
days) and you don’t know                                                                            and Recreation Association
chicken pie from chicken                                                                            2011 Calendar.
feathers, and your first
request from El Jefe has three                                                                      America’s Backyard is a
exclamation points at the                                                                           program of the National
end, you’re going to need to                                                                        Recreation and Park
know people. So I started                                                                           Association which is a non-
hanging out in the break                                                                            profit organization. All
room.                                                                                               proceeds of the calendar will
                                                                                                    go to help support and create
Since the rules said photos                                                                         awareness of parks and
could be submitted by anyone                                                                        recreation around the nation.
showing people enjoying
America’s Backyard, I sent a     3 years old and his parents      work-shirt-ready—with that
                                                                                                    To order your calendar please
staff email, asking for photo    had bought him a toy power       proud grin on his little face,
                                                                                                    go here.
submissions of their favorite    saw…a replica of his dad’s big   no one could tell this kid that
outdoor activity photos.         saw and that Wyatt’s mom,        his saw wasn’t doing any less
                                                                                                    You can view all of the
Specifically they wanted         Shawna, had taken that photo     damage to his log than his
                                                                                                    winners here.
photos that represent how        and a few others in Heise that   dad’s. It was a winner in my
“America’s backyard”             he’d like to submit for          eyes the moment I saw it!
connects you to your             consideration. I told him to     This photograph embraced
community.                       send them and I’d take a         everything the contest
                                 look.                            entailed.

Volunteer Corner

Tom and Kim Avery became park hosts at Sweetwater Lane Sports
Park in July of 2009. Although they both hold jobs outside the park,
they quickly got a handle on the daily chores necessary to keep
this Spring Valley park looking its best, from trash collection to
graffiti removal. After doing a great job for about a year, an
opportunity came up to transfer to Eucalyptus Park, also in
Spring Valley. As with Sweetwater Lane, they have cheerfully
taken on the daily tasks , assisting staff in keeping this popular
day-use park a great place for families and other park patrons to

In Case You Missed It!
Recaps and Updates
    Discovery Kit Training at       Recreation hosted a can-food         (with trampoline), dance              with County Parks information
          Stelzer Park              drive at the First                   competition, and the main event       as well as information on
                                    Annual Thanksgiving Day Run/         a Dodgeball Tournament. Great         SDG&E’s energy efficiency
Ranger Sean Flynn (Stelzer                                               fun was had by all.                   programs and services. This
Park) provided Discovery Kit                                                                                   event is a direct result of the
Training last Saturday to                                                 Clean-Up at El Monte Park            Local Government Partnership
elementary school teachers                                                                                     with SDG&E whose focus is to
and park rangers. The 3-                                                 San Diego River Park                  promote and educate the public
hour training included a                                                 Foundation Program                    on energy efficiency.
hike, interpretive training,                                             Coordinator, Shannon Quigley-
and specific information                                                 Raymond extends his thanks to          RANCHO GUAJOME ADOBE
relating to San Diego                                                    all the terrific crowd of                HOSTS 14TH ANNUAL
County schools getting              Walk. Over 500 participants          sponsorship volunteers who               RANCHO CHRISTMAS
reimbursed for field-trips to       raced a course featured the 4S       used El Monte Park as a staging
Stelzer Park.                       Ranch Sports Park and HOA            area to clean along El Monte          The Department of Parks and
                                    trails. This event was a             Road and the riverbed on              Recreation and the San Diego
For more information please         collaboration                        Saturday, November 13,                County Parks Society sponsored
contact Sean Flynn 619-787-         between the                                                 2010. He       the 14th annual Rancho
2810                                County of San                                               estimates      Christmas on November 28 and
                                    Diego and two non                                           63             29, at Rancho Guajome Adobe
 Spring Valley and Lakeside         -profits, the 4S                                            volunteers     County Park in Vista. The two-
   teens hit the trail for a        Ranch-Del Sur                                               collected      day event featured children’s
   wilderness experience            Community                                                   more than      holiday activities such as making
                                    Foundation &                                                2,000 lbs of   candles, cornhusk dolls and
On the third weekend of             Helen’s Closet                                              trash and      caramel apples. Families took
October, teens from the Spring      (which is affiliated with the ALS                           debris and     tractor draw wagon rides
Valley REC Club took the Palm       Association of Greater San           more than 350 lbs of recyclable       around the rancho and also
Springs Aerial Tram entering the    Diego Chapter). All proceeds         glass, aluminum and plastic           enjoyed Native American
San Jacinto                                         from the event       bottles from the river habitat.
Wilderness where                                    went to
their journey                                       benefit Helen's      Participants in the cigarette butt
began. The teens                                    Closet via the ALS   contest removed over 2,000
hiked along a small                                 Association          with the winner removing 226
mountain creek                                      Greater San          by himself. The Most Unusual
ultimately camping                                  Diego Chapter as     Item was a Happy Baptism
over 9,000 feet.                                    well as the 4S       Mylar balloon, and the most
During the second                                   Ranch-Del Sur        beverage containers contest
week in November,                                   Community            winner collected 91 bottles and       storytelling in the Victorian
Lakeside teens took advantage       Foundation. All can-food             cans.                                 Garden. Entertainment included
of having time off from school      collected went towards the                                                 traditional Mexican dance
to explore the high desert of       Lakeside and Spring Valley Rec       LED Holiday Light Exchange            performances by Tierra Caliente
Joshua Tree National Park.          Club’s annual Ring and Run            at the Oceanside Farmers             Ballet Folklorico and roaming
These outdoor adventures            service project.                               Market                      minstrels. An all ladies
kicked off a new program                                                                                       equestrian drill team,
initiative focusing on              For more information on the          On November 18, 2010, the             “Escaramuza Las Golandrinas,”
environmental ethics and            First Annual Thanksgiving            Department of Parks and               wowed the crowds with their
ecosystems. This was the first      Day Run/Walk, please click           Recreation sponsored one of the       side saddle riding
backpacking trip for all of the     here.                                seven LED Holiday Light               demonstrations. On Saturday,
teens, and for some, it was their                                        exchanges at the Oceanside            the festivities culminated with
first time camping at all. These     Dodgeball Tournament at             Farmers Market. 460 customers         caroling in the adobe’s inner-
experiences give our youth a            the Spring Valley                exchanged 1,365 holiday light                          courtyard.
new perspective on what is                Gymnasium                      strands for                                            Throughout both
possible and how wilderness can                                          energy efficient                                       days over 1,500
impact our lives.                   The Spring Valley Gymnasium          LED ones at the                                        people attended
                                    and the San Diego State              County                                                 the event which
 1st Annual Thanksgiving            University Recreation 107            sponsored event.                                       was also
Day Run/Walk at 4S Ranch            students teamed up to put on a       The Department                                         featured in local
                                    class act event. Over 100 youth      of Parks and                                           print and
The County of San Diego             participated in several events       Recreation                                             television media.
Department of Parks and             from a basketball dunk contest       hosted a booth

Park Society News
As an introduction to members of the San Diego County Parks Society, a logical place to start is with the DPR’s
own Cheryl Wegner, who, in addition to her duties as Volunteer Coordinator, serves as the liaison between the
DPR and the Parks Society. Cheryl strives to ensure that relations between the DPR and the Parks Society remain
cordial and mutually helpful. The board has great confidence in her advice.

Grace Aspiras has been working with the Parks Society since 2008. Immensely talented, she is superbly
organized and highly meticulous, providing the kind of assistance that a disparate group of private citizens need
most. A graduate of UC Davis, Grace has had a rich and varied work history, including eighteen years with an
educational software company and time as a personal trainer. She currently is part of the Basic Writing Program
at UCSD, where she is much beloved by students and instructors alike.

Ralph Strahm, board vice president, once worked with the DPR for many years as volunteer coordinator, and as
a District Park Manager, holding the liaison position with the Parks Society that Cheryl Wegner now occupies. His
son, Ron, is currently a ranger at Flinn Springs County Park. Ralph’s background includes service with the Peace
Corps in Malaysia, time as a faculty member at the University of Michigan, and many years as a fundraiser, mostly
in the service of library construction and medical research. Ralph supplies the Parks Society with much of its
institutional memory, with a keen ability to provide valuable insight during discussions.

Remaining Park Society members will be introduced in next month’s newsletter.

On behalf of the San Diego County Parks Society, Happy Holidays!

Energy Tips
BY: Johanna Salomon, Special Events and Community Outreach Coordinator

    Did you know that and average of 75 percent of your electric bill during the holiday season can be
    attributed to your holiday lighting and heating costs?

    So save some energy (and money) this holiday season by doing the

    1. Use LED holiday lights. They cost more upfront but in the long run they
       save up to 90 percent of energy costs.

    2. Lower your thermostat and wear socks and a sweater indoors. Lowering
       your thermostat by one degree Fahrenheit can reduce energy use by 3

    3. Weatherstrip and caulk windows. Check window frames for cracks and fill
       them with caulk that contains silicon. This can help save up to 5 percent on
       your energy bill.

    Health and Wellness
    Submitted By: Daniel Trautner, Recreation Program Manager
Live like a Champion tour stops at Lindo Lake in Lakeside CA.

The Anthem Blue Cross “Live like a Champion” tour sponsored by the California Governor’s Council on physical
fitness and sports brings interactive games and challenging sports-themed activities to underserved communities
to help children bring out their “inner champion.” The Lakeside REC Club in partnership with the Lakeside
Community Center hosted this energetic event on Wednesday November 24th, 2010 in the Lindo Lake North
parking lot. The tour brought with it sports themed inflatable activities that included the Jerry Rice “Pass like a
Champion”, Lisa Leslie’s “Dunk like a Champion” and pro surfer Bobby Martinez “Surf like a Champion”. Over 75
youth and adults from the Lakeside community enjoyed the fun filled afternoon that included friendly competition
for prizes that ranged from a free poster or jump rope to T-shirts and gift cards.

Thank you to Randy Ford and Maryjane Ortiz for their support of this last minute event!

Meet Bill Lipowcan
Senior Park Ranger
                                                  like a grass covered water bed. It turned out   I grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh Pa.       the beaten path, do some trekking and hang
                                                  a water line broke below the turf had           where it’s cold in the winter and hot in the     out with the locals. Some of my best travel
                                                  created a layer of water between the sod        summer. I still have family and friends in       memories are sharing food and drink with
                                                  and hard sub soil.                              the Burg and try to visit twice a year. In the   people who are difficult to communicate
                                                                                                  summer I enjoy playing golf with my high         with or impossible to communicate with. It
                                                  What's your favorite thing to do on             school buddy and eating the local produce, I     doesn’t matter that we don’t share the same
                                                  your days off?                                  especially like the tomatoes and corn. Over      language, we get by, we get along, and
                                                                                                  the Christmas holiday it’s great to be with      sometimes we become friends. That is what
                                                  I have a fun group I play golf with every       my mom, brother, sisters, nieces and             makes travel so rewarding for me.
                                                  week. We’re competitive enough to make it       nephews. I do make time to visit my favorite
                                                  challenging, but not enough to really p…        restaurants and taverns.                         How have parks made your life better?
                                                  each other off. I also enjoy throwing my
                                                  bike in the back of my pickup truck and         Favorite restaurant?                             I have enjoyed parks since I was a kid.
                                                  heading for the beach for a leisurely ride                                                       Growing up, I was fortunate to live next to a
                                                  along the boardwalk.                            A place called Dorrito’s near where I grew       park. The neighborhood kids would get
                                                                                                  up in Pittsburgh. It’s nothing fancy, a          together and play baseball or football for
How long have you been with the                   What's your favorite sport to play or           breaded fish sandwich, fries and a cold Iron     hours. We’d go hiking in the woods, build
county?                                           watch?                                          City beer. It is more the memories than the      tree houses, collect walnuts and pick black
                                                                                                  food. For lunch it’s hard to beat Jalisco’s, I   raspberries. No wonder I enjoy the early
I started my career 29 years ago at Agua          I enjoy my weekly golf game and have            prefer the one on Palm Ave. over the Bonita      Andy Griffith shows so much.
Caliente. From Agua I transferred to San          recently tried to revive my tennis game.        location.
Dieguito and then on to supervising a             Football is my favorite sport to watch, I’m a                                                    County Parks have given me the opportunity
Barrett Honor Camp work crew. After a             Charger’s and Steeler’s fan.                    Favorite music?                                  to live in the desert, hike where no one has
couple of years with the inmates, I was                                                                                                            hiked before, see incredible sites and work
reassigned to the Open Space crew building        What's your favorite TV show?                   I’m stuck in the 1960s- great music. I enjoy     with some really good people. Working
staging areas and trails. I did a stint at Lake                                                   the Beatles, Doors and am a big Neil Young       outdoors in our beautiful parks has been a
Jennings and then on to my current                I enjoy the Discovery, Travel and National      fan. Listening to Reggae or Jimmy Buffet         tremendous experience. I would be remiss if
assignment at Otay Lakes/Otay Valley              Geographic Channels and keep an eye on          makes for good travel music.                     I didn’t mention what a blessing living in the
Regional Park.                                    CNBC. Most recently I’ve been watching a                                                         County Park has been. In addition to a great
                                                  show called Deadliest Journey’s on Current      Favorite vacation spot?                          place to live, it has afforded me the
What is the funniest thing that has               TV. For my old time favorites, it’s hard to                                                      opportunity to travel and save for
happened to you on the job?                       beat Andy Griffith and Get Smart.               I’m hooked on Asia. My last four trips have      retirement.
                                                                                                  been to that part of the world. I have visited
I have a few that can’t be printed, so I’ll go    Did you ever have a nickname?                   Malaysia, Borneo, Singapore, Vietnam,            Anything else you would like to add?
with the sod story. When I got to work one                                                        Thailand, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Laos and
day I noticed a 10 foot diameter bubble           Not one that I care to divulge. Sometimes       China. The people are very kind, the             It’s hard for me to imagine a better or more
under the turf. Very odd looking, the turf        these things are better left in the past.       scenery is beautiful and the food is exotic.     rewarding job than the one I have. So far, it
was raised about two feet. I stepped on the                                                       After the initial cost of getting there, one     has been a great ride. I wish the same for
grass and it created a small wave, it was a       Where did you grow up?                          can travel very reasonably. I try to get off     all of you.

 Keeping up the Momentum                            possible, away from “the office” (whether it is
                                                    in a cubicle, under an oak tree or beside a
 In November’s Dispatch we discussed how            lake).
 changing our perspective supports our ability
 to stay motivated. As we now enter                 How are you staying motivated at work? Have
 December, and the holiday season comes             you had a situation where making a work/life
                                                    shift made a difference? Let us know by
 in full swing, it’s a great time to consider
                                                    sending an email to Dawn.
 the role balance between work and life
 plays in our motivation. Do we live to work        HR Announcements                                  you work a full day on a holiday 8 hours is
 or do we work to live? The answer to this                                                            added to this balance and you may carry no
 question depends on our individual priorities,                                                       more than 40 hours at any time. With so many
                                                    Tax Information
 but for each of us there should be a                                                                 holidays in November, December and January
 comfortable balance between how we spend                                                             please be sure to work with your supervisor to
                                                    Have you moved this year? If so, be sure to
 our time on the clock and off. We commit                                                             schedule time off to offset the hours that you
                                                    double check your address on file in Employee
 much of our time in pursuit of our careers; the                                                      will accrue. It’s a use them or lose them
                                                    Self Service. W-2 Tax documents will be
 hours we spend physically at work, the time                                                          situation!
                                                    prepared soon, and it is imperative your
 we spend preparing for the day and
                                                    address is on file in December is correct to
 commuting are all contributors. For some, this                                                       Important Reminder to Supervisors
                                                    receive these documents promptly in the new
 can add up to more than 12 hours in a day.
                                                    year. This is also an excellent time to update
 After factoring in sleep, this can leave little                                                      Santa brings many things in his bag, but
                                                    any withholding changes you may have for
 time to tend to personal responsibilities and                                                        deferment on performance evaluations is not
                                                    2011. If you will be claiming exempt status,
 enjoyment; which can cause us to be                                                                  one of them! As we approach the holidays and
                                                    you will need to complete a new tax card
 distracted or unmotivated with regards to                                                            supervisors, managers and employees
                                                    dated on or after 1/1/2011, contact Mary
 work. Making time for these other pursuits                                                           schedule time off, remember to plan the
                                                    Taylor to obtain a card.
 contributes to our overall sense of fulfillment                                                      completion of performance evaluations
 and happiness. This is why it is so important to                                                     accordingly. This means ensuring you draft
 plan time off, away from our work. Time off        Non-FLSA Comp Time
                                                                                                      them, your reviewer is available to review
 provides us the opportunity to recover from                                                          them and your staff is present to sign. Any
 illness, tend to our families and personal         Working on the holidays? If you are a
                                                                                                      performance evaluations due during scheduled
 business or to recreate and relax. When we         permanent employee working on the many
                                                                                                      time off is still due and must be completed
 find these needs met, we are better positioned     holidays this season be sure to keep an eye on
                                                                                                      before you leave.
 to focus on our work when we are there. So as      your Non- FLSA comp time balance in Kronos.
 we enter this festive season, take a little time   This can be found by clicking on the “accruals”
 to enjoy time with friends, family and, if         tab at the bottom of your timecard. Each time

 Kudos from Chuck Tucker & Bill Saumier to Ms. Melanie Casey
                                                                                                     December Birthdays
 Kudos to Melanie Casey who has been coming over to temporarily help DPR with GIS Analyst
 needs. Melanie has stepped up and is fulfilling on a temporary basis the ongoing needs for
 GIS Services for grant applications, project mapping etc. that DPR staff incurs on a regular
 basis - Melanie is doing great work in an attempt to keep things flowing in the absence of a
 GIS analyst at DPR Headquarters.

 Kudos from Ardyth Shaw to Johanna Salomon

 Mucho kudos to Johanna Salomon for her support in helping me learn my way around my new               2 Renell Nailon
 job here at DPR. She is “da bomb!” …always with a willing smile – efficient, competent and
                                                                                                     4 Joseph Cobarrubias
 congenial. She’s all that AND a bag of chips! Thanks, Johanna.
                                                                                                       4 Mario Nava
                                                                                                     6 Stephanie Horning
                                                                                                       7 Brendan Prevel
                                                                                                       8 Oliver Cameron
                                                                                                     9 Amanda Ingraham
                                                                                                     10 Aaron Coronado
                                                                                                        14 Ramon Bilbao
                                                                                                        15 Kevin Benson
                                                                                                       15 Rosario Molina
                                                                                                         18 Heidi Cross
                                           Tips for Savings
                                                                                                     19 Christine Lafontant
                                            By Roger Covalt
                                                                                                       22 Barbara Nunez
       Ask other units who they use for a vendor. Example, I was looking for a vendor to service       26 Sabrina Powell
       Heise’s Fire Extinguishers. I was given the contact information for an approved vendor, but
        decided to give Marla at Dos Picos a call. Her source happened to be a BPA vendor thru          29 Amber Sunde
                         General Services which saved DPR $250 on this servicing.                       30 Stanley Miller
                Don’t forget to send me your tips for saving money for the Department!

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