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									             Paxton Access
             August 2009

Think Big, Think Net2



                           Net2 can now handle up to                                      Net2 systems can now secure up
                           50,000 users per site                                          to 500 doors

                           Paxton Access has developed                           5
                                                                                      6   We can develop Net2 software to
Smart Card

draC tramS
                           its own Mifare reader               1
                                                                   2 14

                                                                                          meet your customers’ requirements
                                                                   2              1

                                 See inside for more details on Net2 for large projects...

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Win large projects with Paxton Access
At Paxton Access we offer installers a wide range of access control solutions for many different situations. Our latest product
developments mean that our market leading Net2 software can now support much larger sites. Our dedicated Large Projects team
can assist you through the entire process.

   50,000 users                                                           500 doors
   A combination of the new Net2 software and the Net2 plus               Using any of the Net2 control units, 500 doors can now be
   control unit now allows up to 50,000 users per Net2 system. This       secured on any one Net2 system. Call us to discuss your system’s
   development enables Paxton Access to rival more expensive              individual architecture.
   enterprise level manufacturers.

   Paxton Access Mifare reader Tailor-made software
   Paxton Access has developed                                            Net2 has all the features that
   its own Mifare reader. It reads                                        most sites need. However,
   the serial number from a                                               Paxton Access can also tailor
   Mifare token.                                                          Net2 software to a company’s
                                                                          specific needs.
   As the reader is multi-format it
   can also be used with EM4100                                           Call us today and see how we
   and Paxton Access tokens.                                              can help.

With all the same exclusive Paxton Access benefits...
Our standard Net2 software is free. Not only this, but any future         size of the site you are working on, Paxton Access has a straight
upgrades are free and expanding your site will not cost extra. The        through, UK technical support team waiting to assist you.
software can be used on as many PC’s as needed. You will not be
hit with extra charges for using it on more than one machine. There       We can keep your costs down and increase your margins by
are no nasty surprises.                                                   offering high quality, reasonably priced products; helping you win
                                                                          larger tenders.
We have the best technical support in the industry. No matter the

       If you want more information on any of
        these features, call our Large Projects
             team on 01273 811011 today!

Paxton Access equipment
  Sales Code               Description                                                                                          Retail Price
  353-467                  PROXIMITY P50 Mifare reader                                                                               £120.00
 Other related products to be used with the PROXIMITY P50 Mifare reader
 930-001                    Net2 standard software                                                                                      FREE
  514-483                  Net2 desktop reader USB, Mifare                                                                            £55.00
  514-326                  Net2 desktop reader USB                                                                                    £55.00

     Want to know more? Contact Paxton Access today: Tel: 01273 811011 / Email:
Conquest Hospital case study
Based on a gently sloping site in Hastings, the Conquest
Hospital is a modern District General Hospital. Built over four
levels, the hospital opened 16 years ago and in 2002 merged
with Eastbourne Hospital to form East Sussex Hospitals NHS
Trust serving the population of East Sussex.
The Trust employs over 5000 staff and is an extremely busy hospital
trust. In the last year 3835 babies were delivered; 95,393 people were
treated as inpatients and day cases and a total of 115,147 patients were
treated in their two emergency departments.

In 2007, the access control system at the Conquest Hospital failed and
could not be recovered. Installation of a new system by the current
provider was not a realistic option because of the cost that had been
quoted to them. John Kirk, the Security Manager, decided to investigate
installing a Net2 networked access control system from Paxton
Access as their Eastbourne Hospital was already secured using the
Net2 system.

Vistec Systems of Crawley were approached to tender for the installation and won the project. The Net2 system is now working across
all of their sites. This includes the main hospital in Hastings, Bexhill Hospital, the Irvine Unit, St Anne’s and the Woodlands Unit.
                                                                           A total of 6500 user cards are now issued and 83 doors are controlled
                                                                           by a Net2 System. The Security Team Leader, Steve Edwards, controls
                                                                           all of this from one PC at Conquest Hospital. He believes the main
                                                                           advantage of Net2 is how easy he finds it to use. “Despite the huge
                                                                           numbers of staff, Net2 is still simple and user friendly because the
                                                                           software is very intuitive. The Windows interface means that training
                                                                           other staff to use Net2 takes less than an hour.”

                                                                           Using 11 TCP/IP Ethernet interfaces, the remote sites are controlled
                                                                           via the hospital’s IT network. Dean Hawkins of Vistec says: “Instead of
                                                                           hardwiring between floors we decided to use the TCP/IP interfaces
                                                                           as they were so much more convenient and cost effective.” Steve
                                                                           compares the Paxton Access Net2 system to the system that they
                                                                           had previously: “The instant nature of Net2 is much more reliable and
                                                                           reassuring. The previous system sometimes took days to register or

cancel a card meaning that security was compromised. The moment a
card is registered on the Net2 system, it becomes live and appropriate
access levels are in place.”

Steve says: “Our staff are very happy to have the system in place. The
transition was also really smooth because we were able to use all of our
existing HiCode cards. This saved both time and money.”

John and Steve have been so impressed with Net2 that it will be integrated
with their fire alarm and extended across their remaining remote sites. John
says: “We would certainly recommend the system; we are more than happy
with it. Compared with our earlier access control system it is far superior. This
is the best period of security stability we have enjoyed in a long time.”

                                                                                                                                       Tech tip
  Did you know...?
   Net2 software includes image verification
   If a photo is added to a user’s record in Net2, this picture is automatically shown in the software when they present their token
   at a door. This ensures that tokens are only used by those authorised. Tokens cannot be shared.

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Where to buy
Our six UK distributors are listed below. We regularly review their stock and make sure that it is up-to-date, correctly stored and free from defects.
If there is a product recall, we manage this only with these franchised distributors. We authorise our distributors to sell to professional security
installers who will supply and fit our products. Unauthorised selling of our products voids all manufacturer’s warranties. To ensure the quality of
your Paxton Access system, we advise that you purchase only through a franchised distributor. Also, please check that the void label is present and
sealed on the box before you accept the goods.

ADI Global Distribution                                         Advanced Access Ltd
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              SYSTEMS LTD
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01912 716344                                                     South: 0118 9125000                                   01704 502800                                          

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                       Extremely helpful service, friendly and accurate. Wish other support
                                            companies were as good!
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