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									                                                                         APPENDIX 1
                          ,MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF
                           ASFORDBY PARISH COUNCIL
                          THURSDAY 17 FEBRUARY 2011


                         Councillors: M. Sheldon (Chairman),
                         P. Ainge, R. Cates, S. Fotheringham,
                          G. Leak, T. Moncrieff, C. Sheldon,
                               B. Turner, F. Williamson

                                     P.C. J. Scott
                                   PSCO L. Haynes

                                      Parish Clerk


         (a)    Wind Farm Planning Application
         (b)    Policing in the Parish
         (c)    Solar Farm at Kirby Bellars/Asfordby Hill
         (d)    Local Crime Statistics

         (i)     The Chairman advised that a special meeting of the parish council
         would be held on Tuesday 22 February 2011 to discuss the wind farm
         application. Notices had been circulated to households in Asfordby Hill and
         Asfordby Valley and public notices had been placed on all parish notice

         (ii)   PC J Scott reported that so far as he was aware there were no proposals
         to cut the number of beat officer hours for the parish but that his and his
         colleagues were responsible for other areas as well as Asfordby Parish.

         (iii) The Chairman reminded Members of the public exhibition regarding
         the proposals for the Asfordby Mine site on 23 February 2011 at The Stute,
         Welby Road, Asfordby Hill.

         (iv)   PSCO Haynes reported on the crime statistics for the parish.


         Apologies for absence were received from Councillors M. Hollingworth and J.


         Councillors T. Moncrieff and M. Sheldon advised that as they were members
         of Melton Borough Council’s Development Committee he would not be taking
         any part in any discussions relating to item 7 of the agenda.

                                                                           APPENDIX 1
4/2/11   MINUTES

         The Minutes of the Meeting held on 20 January 2011 were confirmed as being
         a true record and authorised to be signed by the Chairman.


         The Clerk submitted Leicestershire County Council’s Leicestershire and
         Leicester Waste Development Framework Site Allocations consultation
         document (copies of which had previously been circulated to Members) for
         consideration and making appropriate representations on the inclusion of the
         Asfordby Mine Site.

         RESOLVED that Leicestershire County Council be advised that

         (a) the Parish Council objects to the inclusion of Asfordby Mine as a potential
         waste site in its Waste Development Framework for the following reasons:-

         (i) the current road infrastructure is inadequate to cope with the anticipated
         number of vehicles using a minor road.
         (ii) the proximity of Welby Brook to the site because the brook feeds into the
         main water supply concerns were raised about potential health hazards should
         any spillage occur and seepage into the water course.
         (iii) the proposed site has a history of flooding.
         (iv) the cumulative effect on the site and its surrounding environment as the
         site is already the subject of a 9 turbine wind farm planning application and a
         potential solar farm planning application.

         (b) if it was minded to include the site in spite of the objections listed above,
         the parish council requested the following:

         (i)     the highway network be upgraded to appropriate standards
         (ii)    the transportation of waste be conducted by rail
         (iii)   details of how to mitigate any smell coming from the site
         (iv)    the establishment of a community fund for the parish
         (v)     a road traffic census be undertaken for vehicles using the A6006
                 between Asfordby Valley and Asfordby Hill.

         (c) the parish council would favour the re-location of the Lake Terrace waste
         to this site.


         Further to the meeting held on 2 February 2011, the Clerk reported that the
         Council’s application to the Vanguard Scheme under the Localism Bill had
         been sent to Melton Borough Council for onward transmission to the
         appropriate ministry for consideration and as soon as any decision was made,
         this would be reported to the Council at the earliest opportunity.

         RESOLVED that the report be noted.

                                                                             APPENDIX 1


          (i)     Application 10/00961/COU and 10/00962LBC – Red Lodge Farm,
          Hoby Road, Asfordby – Section of existing outbuildings to be demolished and
          re-built with a change of use from domestic storage to office use (B1A).

          (ii)  Application 11/00066/FUL – 21 Dwyers Close, Asfordby – Proposed
          new conservatory

          (iii) Application 11/00082/FUL – 39 Melton Road, Asfordby Hill –
          Proposed new three bedroomed detached house.

          RESOLVED that

          (i)    no objections be raised to application 11/00066/FUL;

         (ii)    no objections be raised to applications 10/00961/COU and
         10/00962/LBC subject to the applicant being able to overcome the objections
         by the Highways Authority;

         (iii)   no objections be raised to application 11/0082/FUL subject to:
                 (a) the whole development being contained within the village
                 (b) all parking to be accommodated within the application site to
                     avoid on-street parking
                 (c) no objections from the Highway Authority in view of the location
                     of the proposed access to an existing traffic island and traffic
                     calming measures.


          The Clerk reported that the following cheques had been drawn in payment of
          the accounts during the period 13 January 2011 to 10 February 2011:

         Vou     Cheq     Code   Name                      Description                Amount
         557     100832   86     Grange Garden Centre      Christmas Tree                £26.99
         558     100833   103    Danwood Group             Computer Maintenance         £176.25
         559     100833   103    Danwood Group             Photocopier toner              £9.99
         560     100834   41     Severn Trent Water        Water Chrages                £128.83
         5651    100835   21     Northumberland Theatre    Panto Performance            £323.13
         562     100836   115    HM Revenue & Customs      NI & Tax                   £3,134.63
         563     100837   86     Pear Technology           Computer Supplies          £2,232.51
         564     100838   15     Southern Electric         Electricity Charges          £166.51
         565     100839   92     Mrs T Angrave             Magazine Delivery            £120.00
         566     100840   17     Drain Scan                Cleaning Drains               £85.56
         567     DD       17     British Gas Businescare   Boiler Maint Contract         £47.00
         568     100841   160    Summerland Contractors    Gritting Services            £175.00
         569     100841   406    Summerland Contractors    Tree Maintenance             £200.00
         570     100841   91     Summerland Contractors    Christmas Tree, etc           £30.00
         571     100841   61     Summerland Contractors    Cemetery Maintenance          £50.00
         572     100841   60     Summerland Contractors    Mowing – Burial              £100.00
         573     100841   66     Summerland Contractors    Mowing – Churchyard           £60.00
                                                                                APPENDIX 1
          574   100841    404    Summerland Contractors      Mowing – Recreation              £165.00
          575   100841    242    Summerland Contractors      Mowing – GJP                     £165.00
          576   DD        100    Talk Talk                   Broadband Charges                 £19.99
          577   DD        100    XLN Telecom                 Telephone Charges                 £19.72
          582   100842    86     Rosswins Coaches            Coach Hire                       £245.00
          583   100843    104    Danwood Group               Photocopier Maint Quarterly      £119.03
          584   100844    61     Garden Crafts & Services    Cemetery Maintenance             £240.00
          585   100844    91     Garden Crafts & Services    Gardening                         £33.90
          586   100845    406    Dura-Sport                  Upgrade Play Area              £8,988.00
          587   100847    103    Danwood Group               Photocopier Toner                 £10.20
          588   100847    103    Danwood Group               Photocopier Toner                 £10.20
          589   BACS      105    Clerk                       Salary                         £2005.07
          590   BACS      105    Handyman                    Salary                           £150.37
          591   BACS      105    Premises Officer            Salary                           £681.99
          592   BACS      105    Street Cleaning Operative   Salary                           £358.29
          654   100848    81     Harrison Packaging          Poop Scoop Bags                  £176.39
          655   100849    17     Melton Borough Council      Waste Collection Charges       £1,080.00
          656   100850    87     SLCC                        Training Course                  £237.60
          657   100851    61     Summerland Contractors      Cemetery Maintenance             £830.00
          658   100851    40     Summerland Contractors      Allotment Maintenance            £310.00
          659   100851    60     Summerland Contractors      Mowing – Burial                  £100.00
          660   100851    66     Summerland Contractors      Mowing – Churchyard               £60.00
          661   100851    404    Summerland Contractors      Mowing – Recreation              £165.00
          662   100851    242    Summerland Contractors      Mowing – GJP                     £165.00
          663   DD        103    Danwood Group               Photocopier Rental (Quarter)     £534.54

          RESOLVED that the actions and expenditure be approved and their effects on
          the Council’s reserves and balances be noted.


          The Clerk submitted a request from the Secretary of the Mowbray Rangers
          Football Club to support the international football festival by waiving the cost
          of the hire of the parish hall on Saturday 11 June 2011 (copies of which had
          previously been circulated to Members).

          RESOLVED that the cost of the hire of the parish hall on Saturday 11 June
          2011 be discounted by 50%.


          The Clerk reported on the latest position regarding the access at the Mill Lane
          Public Footpath and the latest proposals to prevent the use of the footpath by
          motor cycles, etc.

          RESOLVED that Leicestershire County Council be advised that the parish
          council cannot support the installation of a motor cycle eliminator barrier, but
          would support an appropriate bollard arrangement.


          The Clerk

                                                                         APPENDIX 1

          (a) submitted a letter dated 7 February 2011 from Melton Borough Council
          requesting nominations to the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge (copies of
          which had previously been circulated to Members)

          (b) submitted, for information, a letter from Lady Gretton regarding Diamond
          Jubilee Beacons (copies of which had previously been circulated to Members).

          RESOLVED that the letter received from Melton Borough Council be
          referred to the Council’s Recreation Working Party for consideration and that
          the contents of the letter from Lady Gretton be noted.

12/2/11   SPEED SURVEY          –   STATION      LANE/LOUGHBOROUGH              ROAD,

          The Clerk reported that the police undertook a covert speed survey during 19
          to 26 January 2011 on Station Lane and Loughborough Road in Asfordby. On
          Station Lane only 8% of vehicles exceeded the speed limit but on
          Loughborough Road 32% of vehicles exceeded the speed limit. In view of
          this the police had requested that Loughborough Road was visited by the
          Local Roads Policing Unit to undertake speed enforcement duties.

The meeting concluded at 8.00 pm.



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